ATWT Update Tuesday 11/8/05

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 11/8/05


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Boo

Proofread by Angie

Iris and Gwen are talking in Iris’s living room. Iris offers to make Gwen some pancakes, but she is not hungry. Iris prods her a little, but Gwen isn’t interested in having breakfast with her mother. They talk again about what Iris said to Will. Iris doesn’t want Gwen to hold a grudge; she was just trying to make it so Will would never hurt her again. Gwen thinks Iris is mad because Carly showed her the light regarding her. Iris snaps back that Gwen should not be naive enough to assume Carly did this but doesn’t want to gain anything from it. Gwen understands that everyone in her life seems to have an agenda. Iris pretends that she does the things she does because she only wants better for Gwen than she had. She asks Gwen if she wants to grab breakfast out, but Gwen passes. Iris tells her she will be at Al’s Diner and will be back soon. Iris reminds Gwen that no matter what lies Carly tells, she wants it to be her and her Gwennie against the world. Gwen mumbles something sarcastic, and Iris suggests that she lose the attitude by the time she gets home. A few moments after Iris leaves there is a knock, and Gwen assumes it is her mother, locked out. She comes to the door mumbling something agitated. It is not Iris, but Will.

Jack is at WOAK watching a recording of Lily asking for help in finding a kidney for Luke. Kim walks into the room where Jack is and he inquires as to whether they have found any matches. Kim admits that, despite the large turnout, unfortunately they still have not found any matches. Jack sheepishly mentions that the reason he is there now seems shallow—he is there because he needs a job.

Elsewhere at WOAK, B.J. is talking to someone who appears to be a production assistant. He wants to know why he can’t gain access to Katie’s travel itinerary. He has planned this trip for her, B.J. snaps. The production assistant informs him that all inquiries about this need to go through Kim. After the assistant leaves, B.J. gets out his cell phone and makes a call as he mutters to himself that Katie can run but not hide.

Mike is talking to the front-desk employee at the Lakeview. He is there to meet with the manager. The confused employee explains that the manager is away this week on vacation. Mike is adamant that the manager needs some renovations done before a big convention, but the desk clerk says there was undoubtedly a miscommunication. Mike excuses himself, just as confused. He paces around the lobby. He walks right by a person with a newspaper up, hiding his face. The mystery person lowers it and we see it is Henry, but he then pulls it back up so Mike can’t see him. However, Mike turns around and grabs the newspaper out of Henry’s hand. Was Henry doing B.J.’s dirty work again or was Henry pretending to be the manager all by himself? Henry gives Mike a big-eyed “Who, me?” look. Mike grabs him and threatens to break him in two if he doesn’t come clean.

Back to B.J., who is talking on the phone with the travel agency that books WOAK trips. He is again agitated, obviously because he is not getting an answer on Katie’s itinerary from this person either. He threatens: he is half-owner of the station. When that doesn’t work he angrily informs the person that WOAK will not be using their services in the future; he is fired. Maddie, who has just walked into the room, overhears B.J.’s side of the conversation. She tries to walk away unnoticed, but B.J. has slammed his cell phone shut and spotted her. He grabs her by the arm; she is coming with him. Casey walks up and light-heartedly tells B.J. he can’t take Maddie anywhere because he needs her.. Relief washes over Maddie’s face.

Lily is sitting at Luke’s hospital bedside. She recalls the conversation she had with Keith about their ‘deal.’ She shakes the thought off and turns her attention to Luke. She pleads with him to hold on a little longer. Holden comes in; he seems beaten. It has been over 24 hours. Chances of finding a match are . . . . His voice trails off. Lily is determined; they will find a match, she knows it. Holden continues painfully, saying he is so weak, though. A determined Lily declares that she will not lose her son; she will not let him die. Just then Susan enters the room. A smile slowly spreads over her face; they have found a match for Luke.

Gwen apologizes to Will; she thought he was her mother. Will is unsure whether Gwen wants him there, but when she jumps at the chance to talk to him he feels better. Will mentions that he talked to Carly yesterday. He didn’t know if he should believe what she had to say, but he had to come here and talk to her himself. Gwen says she saw Carly last night as well. She jokes that she felt the same way about whether she could believe her. Will comes right out and asks if Gwen wanted her mother to give back the baby jacket. Gwen is definite in her answer: no! She would never want her to do that, or for her to tell Will to stay out of her life. She apologizes on behalf of her mother. Did Iris really go after him as Carly told her? Will laughs as he admits that she did. She could kill her mother for hurting him like that. She had no right to lie to him about her feelings. Will mutters that it seems that everybody lies. Gwen is adamant: everyone does not lie. Since they are talking about lies, she apologizes again for teaming up with Paul. Will shrugs it off. He is happy now that Carly came to get him, as is Gwen. Gwen knows that Carly wants her sympathy, but she isn’t sure she could get the charges dropped even if she wanted to. Then Gwen’s walls come back up. She and Billy are just dragging him down. Will thinks that is Iris and Barbara talking. Gwen thinks that without them around, he could go to college and make other friends without the baggage. A determined Will declares that he can decide his own future. Furthermore, he should pick his friends without crazy moms. Will laughs as he reminds her that she could do the same thing. They both get a chuckle out of that. Will continues, saying if she walks away now then her mother wins. Gwen wonders if she is destined to be a loser, essentially. Gwen is trying to give him an out, but he doesn’t want to take it; he pulls her in and kisses her.

Casey tells B.J. that he needs help on a physics lab. B.J. tells Casey they are supposed to be working when at the station, not doing homework. Casey jokes that his grandmother, Kim, could be real tough on him if he didn’t do well in school. B.J. lets them leave when Kim approaches B.J. and wants to introduce him to Jack. She explains that he is here to see about a job in security at the station, but she had explained that B.J. had already taken care of that. However, if he knew of any friends who could help Jack then he would be appreciative. The production assistant is looking for Kim and so she excuses herself. B.J. and Jack continue their conversation. B.J. tells him that his timing is perfect. He could cover some of his special assignments. Would Jack be willing to use physical force? Then he adds that that would be as a last resort. Jack stares at him, now intrigued.

Henry admits he is guilty; he paid someone to get Mike down there. Mike is incensed. Henry covers, saying he wants to explain; he never thought Mike would come if he called personally. He wanted to apologize for what happened at the Halloween party. He admits that B.J. can be a couple of kilobytes short of a desktop, but he is harmless. Mike shoots back that he sold out his best friend. Henry counters that a harmless crush from high school is not a crime. Mike snaps back that the rape that could have occurred if Mike hadn’t shown up when he did would have been a crime. Henry doesn’t want to hear that. He never would have put Bubbles at risk. Mike shakes his head; he doesn’t know what Henry wants anymore. Then he seems to have a revelation. He glares at Henry: unless he wants revenge. Does he want to hurt him? Mike demands. "Is it because I hurt you, so now you want to hurt me?" Mike asks.

Susan tells an ecstatic Holden and Lily that the kidney is coming from El Paso through the national registry. They do not know the details yet. They walk outside; this is good news, but Luke is still critical. The infection has ravaged his body and immune system. They are going to prep for surgery right now though. After Susan leaves, Holden asks Lily why it seemed that she was not surprised by the news. Lily stammers: it is not that she wasn’t surprised. Holden interrupts; he understands. She never gave up hope that Luke would make it; she always had faith. He is ashamed that he was preparing to let go. Lily comforts him; she understands. She is just sad that someone else’s family has had to lose someone in order for them to have saved Luke. Holden is now sure that as long as they stick together there is nothing they couldn’t get through.

Henry scoffs at Mike’s remarks. If he were hellbent on revenge it would be pistols at dawn or a quick hit from a Jersey boy named Knuckles. Mike wants to know why he locked him in the wine cellar, then, so B.J. could be alone with Katie. Henry answers that he was just taking orders; he felt it was harmless. B.J. was just supposed to reveal his true identity to Katie. He agrees that he will probably never get over Katie, but it is his problem, because she was never his to have. Katie was always Mike’s. Mike tells Henry that he needs to quit. Henry panics because B.J.. is his meal ticket. He thinks staying is the best scenario. If B.J. tries something again, he will have an in to find out anything they will need. Mike glares bitterly at him. He tells Henry that he is a sell-out, and he is happy that Katie is not here to see this. Henry watches after him. He queries to himself why he got out of bed that morning.

B.J. covers with Jack when he realizes what he said. Physical force would only be used as a last resort. Jack feigns understanding where B.J. is coming from. He tells B.J. that he is sure, as a multimillionaire, he has made many enemies. B.J. continues: would he do as he were asked even if he didn’t agree? Jack explains that he is getting paid to get the job done, and not to have an opinion. B.J. questions Jack’s background and Jack decides it is best to be upfront. He used to work as a detective on the Oakdale Police Department. B.J. quickly changes his mind. He apologizes, but he can no longer use Jack’s help.

Maddie and Casey are at Java. Maddie recalls the conversation with B.J. about his subtle threat. They start to talk about how he got her out of the situation at WOAK. He jokes that he really wants her to help him with his physics. He did notice B.J.’s demeanor and how afraid Maddie looked, though. She doesn’t know what he is talking about, but she thanks him. She lies and tells Casey that B.J. was angry because she lost a memo. Casey thinks there is more to it than she is letting on, and if she doesn’t tell him he will make her buy the coffees. He jokes that he had to keep up the jerk image. The conversation changes to Gwen. Casey asks her why she is trying to ruin the moment. He wants to drop the subject, but Maddie persists. Just because the court found that he is not the father of Gwen’s baby doesn’t negate the fact that he slept with her. Why won’t he just admit it?

Gwen apologizes to Will for believing her mom, but she was glad that Carly knocked her down a few levels. Will is not ready to forgive Carly, but in this case, he is glad she was there. He thinks none of this would have happened if they hadn’t had that fight about Paul. They make a pact that they will never keep any more secrets. He tells her to stay there and he will be right back. Gwen waits on the porch, and Will comes back with Billy’s little leather coat. They agree that the best times of their lives have been with each other. They kiss again as Iris walks up. She demands to know what the hell they are doing.

Outside Luke’s hospital room, Holden sees Susan. Has there been any word on if the kidney is there yet? Susan tells him that it will be a little while longer. The surgical team is waiting, and they are hopeful. They need to be realistic, though; there is still a chance that Luke’s body will reject the kidney.

Meanwhile, Lily is sitting in the hospital chapel. She is talking to God. She doesn’t know how to justify her choice. She just couldn’t let her son die. She wants to pray for the family who lost its child in order for Luke to live. She pleads with God not to let Luke pay for her mistakes. She had nowhere to turn. There is a hand on her shoulder, and there stands Keith. They did the right thing—for both of them, he states. Lily wants to know what he is doing there.

He explains that he thought it would be a good place to ride out Luke’s surgery in private. He is no fool, he tells her. He knows now that Lily has gotten Luke a kidney she can pull out of their agreement. Lily tells him that she gave him her word. He apologizes for making her believe he was bartering with Luke’s life. He believes wholeheartedly that Holden is no good for her. He left and cheated on her. Lily can’t listen to this right now. Lily doesn’t want Holden to know anything about their deal yet, so she asks him to not say anything. Keith apologizes; he believes that Lily will stick to their deal, though, because deep down in her heart she loves him, and if she gives herself time, she will realize she loves him more than she ever loved Holden. They hear Holden’s voice outside asking if anyone has seen his wife.

Gwen remarks that it didn’t take Iris long to get home; then she bitterly asks if the bars were closed. Iris bitingly responds that if she doesn’t lose the attitude she will be on the street. Will assures her that he wouldn’t let that happen. Iris tells Will to “can it, hero!” Gwen tells her that she is just angry because Carly blew her cover, and that she did something nice without needing money. Iris mimics Gwen and mumbles in a baby voice that Carly did it because she is so sweet. Gwen tells her that they are going to check on Billy. Iris tells Gwen that she is sure that Will is not interested in Billy; he only wants one thing from her at his age. Will assures Iris that she knows nothing about him. Iris replies that they could just call and talk to some of the inmates at the hospital where he was incarcerated. Will responds that if she knew anything about him, she would be worried. Then Iris backs down; she claims she is just jealous that Will is getting in the way of her and Gwen becoming a real family again. Her mouth sometimes gets her in trouble. Gwen gets in Iris’s face as she bitterly asks her if she knows anything about being a real family. Gwen admits that the only thing she knows about families is what she watches on TV. In three months, she and Billy are out the door, and then Iris can pour herself a drink as she waits for another meal ticket to walk through the door. Iris walks inside in a huff.

Jack persists: why would that change his mind? Does he have problems with cops? B.J. admits that in his old life he did. Jack wants him to tell him why, so maybe they can work it out. He continues: all he would have to do is check around for 5 minutes and he could find out. B.J. explains that he would learn the facts but not know the real story. Then he tells Jack the cops gunned down his father right before his ninth birthday; it took him 4 minutes to die—he knows this because he timed it. Jack stares at him sympathetically for a moment before he walks by him and out the door. After Jack leaves, B.J. is in a fog when Mike taps him on the shoulder, surprising him. B.J. snaps, “What?” He then asks what Mike is doing there. Mike answers that he is working. B.J. tells him that he doesn’t work there anymore after he broke his contract with him at Fairwinds. Mike is going to honor his commitment at the station, though. He reminds B.J. that he can’t have him fired without Kim agreeing to it, and he knows Kim would not agree to that. Fine, but B.J. wants him to stay out of his way. Mike suggests the same for B.J., and also for him to stay away from Katie, or he will kill him.

Will and Gwen are standing on her mother’s porch. He is sorry for how her mom acts. Gwen doesn’t want him to feel bad. She secretly has a calendar in her room and she is marking off the days until she and Billy can move out. She has decided to no longer get the judge involved. She doesn’t need anyone from Child Services showing up and creating waves. Will gets a call from his mother, and Gwen tells him she is going to check on Billy and she will see him later. Just as Will is about to leave, Iris comes back out. She glowers at Will as she threatens that he has messed with the wrong person. She will make his mother look like Mother Teresa.

Maddie comments on how much Casey eats. He is a growing boy, after all. Maddie adds, "Whose parents think he is an angel." He remarks that is what helps them sleep at night. Maddie reminds him that he is lying to them. They are lying to themselves, Casey corrects her. Casey wonders if Maddie has ever told a white lie, even though she knew it was wrong. Maddie recalls seeing B.J. destroying the disco ball with a bat. She mutters that she needs to take her own advice, as she hurries out.

Jack meets up with his FBI contact. He tells him what happened with B.J.. and how cops killed his father. He knows the contact knew about B.J.’s father being killed, though. The contact admits he knew he had issues, but he wanted to know how deep they ran. He knew that B.J. would have done his own background check anyway, so he would have found out about Jack. The FBI thinks that is that with the Jack/B.J. connection, but Jack will not be deterred. He will find another way. The contact wants to be assured it will be on the up-and-up. Jack assures him it will be, and he will be in touch with him when he regains control of the situation with B.J. After the agent leaves, Jack tries to think of a plan; then he sees Henry walk in. He mumbles to himself that some days you just are lucky.

B.J. tries to explain to Mike that he was just trying to recreate a special time for Katie, which is not a crime. Mike snaps that was because he stopped him before any crime could happen. He doesn’t care how many fat jokes B.J. has heard or if he didn’t get enough love from his mommy and daddy, or if he didn’t get a puppy; he wants him to stay away from Katie because he was never even anything to Katie to begin with. Mike starts to walk away, and an infuriated B.J. stops him by telling him that he does not control him. He cannot tell him what to do. He could destroy Mike a thousand different ways and he would never see it coming.. B.J. seems to be coming unraveled, and Mike just smiles at him. He doesn’t want B.J. to think he has any fear of him.

Holden finds Lily outside the chapel doors. Susan is checking on Luke in the OR, but everything is okay. He knows that is why Lily is there. He should join her to say a prayer. She thinks they should go back upstairs. She is trying to divert Holden from walking into the chapel where Keith is. Holden hears a door close and he wonders if someone was in there with her.

Iris tells Will that she has waited a long time to have her daughter under the same roof as her, and she won’t let him screw it up. Will remarks that if the baby didn’t have a trust fund, she would have already had the locks changed. Iris angrily answers that she got rid of Gwen’s loser dad and she can get rid of him. Will thinks that when people feel threatened they are mean, and so that must mean that he threatens Iris.

B.J. suddenly wants them to be reasonable. They all work together. Nothing will be accomplished by starting a war. Katie is a beautiful woman and he gave it a shot. Hasn't Mike ever done that before—say, to Henry? Mike looks away. Mike answers that he never stalked her. B.J. adds that he lied and cheated, perhaps. Remember, he is pretty handy with a computer and doing research. Mike assures him that he has never hurt or harmed Katie, though. He guarantees that B.J. will feel severe pain if he goes near Katie. Mike leaves and B.J. picks up his cell phone and calls a person whom he needs the services of, saying it can’t wait.

Mike bumps into Maddie right after he leaves the office where he had his confrontation with B.J. Maddie grabs Mike and tells him that there is something she needs to tell him—something about Katie. It is about something she saw, and she would never forgive herself if she didn’t tell him. Her look is one of desperation, and that concerns Mike.

Holden is sure he thought he heard someone in the chapel. Lily doesn’t think they should disturb the people inside, but Holden really wants to say a prayer. As Lily directs him away from the chapel, they see Susan, who has an update from the OR. The surgery is going really well, but they won’t know the real story until the anesthesia wears off. She feels confident, though, that she will be receiving an invitation for a welcome-home party for Luke. Holden and Lily smile and breathe a sigh of relief. Holden hugs Lily. Their son is going to be fine, and they will finally be a family again. He hugs Lily tightly as she guiltily watches Keith over his shoulder.

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