ATWT Update Monday 11/7/05

As the World Turns Update Monday 11/7/05


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Boo

Proofread by Angie

Carly is at Iris’s house. Iris wants her to get lost. Carly threateningly says that she knows what Iris is trying to do. Iris demands that she doesn’t need to take this in her own house. Carly admits that she told Gwen about Iris’s meeting with Will. Iris explains that she was civil with Will, although he didn’t deserve her kindness. Carly wants Gwen to see that this is a perfect example of how she will lie right to her face. Carly tells Iris that she saw her tear into Will, and she saw Will’s heartbroken face after. Iris tells Gwen that Carly is the one who is trying to break someone’s heart. Gwen stares at her; did she go to Will and tell him that she never wanted to see him again?

Jen and Will are at the Street Jeans office. They are talking about the trip they are going to take to look at colleges Will might be interested in. They joke that it would have to be some place that doesn’t know anything about him or Barbara. They are trying to narrow it down. Jen knows he wants to reinvent himself. Will is glad she gets it; why doesn’t Paul? Jen wants Will to give him another chance; he meant well. Will reminds her that he is resembling Barbara more and more. Jen is sure that Paul is nothing like Barbara. Will thinks that he may be a closer match to her than they thought. He manipulated the situation with Gwen and the baby and didn’t give Will a second thought, all to get what he wanted.

Meg and Dusty are at the Lakeview, and he is trying to flirt with her. She seems to be playing hard to get. She claims to just be concerned with what happens next; the last time she was here Dusty left her to go be with Jen. Dusty assures her it won't happen this time. Meg asks if it is because he doesn’t want to be with Jen, or because she sent him away.

Holden is with Luke at his hospital room. Holden is trying to keep him awake per doctor’s orders. However, it seems as if it is inevitable that Luke is going to nod off. Holden tries to tell him stories and remind him that there are so many people out there who are doing everything in their power to help him. They are sending him their thoughts, prayers, cards and flowers. Luke mumbles about being tired and his eyes slowly blink. Holden turns to show him a letter from a friend from school, and suddenly Luke falls unconscious. Holden yells his name, hoping that he has not passed away.

AT WOAK, Keith and Lily are talking. Lily is overwhelmed with emotion from fighting for Luke’s life. Keith reminds her gently that he has done something for her, and now he would like her to do something for him. He declares that he wants her to marry him. Lily stares at him, stunned. Then anger takes over. She yells that her son’s life is on the line and he dares to blackmail her at a time like this because he has the power. Her son needs a new kidney, and she doesn’t have time for this stupidity. Nothing on earth would make her marry him. Keith is adamant that it is not as bad as it definitely seems; he loves her. He tries to hold on to her as Lily angrily pulls away. He would do anything to save Luke’s life, and he has, but he wants to save her life as well. She says she doesn’t need to be saved. Keith reminds her that she had let herself go when she was with him. She was being whom she wanted to be and not whom society thought she should be. Lily replies that is not how she sees it. She is taking care of her family, with Lucinda’s cancer and now Luke’s kidney transplant. Keith is sure there is more to it than she wants to admit. No, Lily answers, she just doesn’t go for people who lie to her and buy and sell illegal organs on the black market. Keith answers curtly that that was true until she needed one of her own. Lily stares at him. Keith apologizes for saying that. Keith reminds her of how close they got. He thinks she panicked and is now pulling away. Lily wants Keith to understand that there were many other reasons, in the end, that they did not work. It is not, as Keith says, because she is hiding from her true self. Blackmail is not helping. keith says Holden’s interfering is making it impossible for Lily to see things straight. Lily remarks that he sounds more desperate than she does at the moment. He is desperate, he admits. He is trying to hold on to the best thing that has ever happened to him. Holden is in the way, Keith angrily declares.

As a nurse reads Luke’s vitals, which are steadily declining, the doctor tells a frantic Holden that Luke is now unresponsive. He is in the next stage. He is in a uremic coma. They will try to make him as comfortable as possible, but he needs to find his wife because they have some important decisions to make.

Dusty sarcastically responds to Meg that she knows how to kill a mood. Meg assures him that this is not fun for her either. Is it over with Jen? Meg asks. Dusty answers a definite yes vocally, but his mannerisms say otherwise. Jen barely even speaks to him. Meg knows it is Jen’s choices that have made things how they are, and not that Dusty has moved on. He reminds her that he is here with her. Again Meg pushes: is it because he is here with her by default? Dusty wants to know why she is asking all these questions. Meg continues, saying she wants to know what she is up against. When he closes his eyes, whom is he envisioning kissing? Dusty is getting irate at all the questions at this point. He mutters that she is being unbelievable. Meg counters that she finds it amusing that he would be surprised by her insecurity, considering everything that happened. Dusty asks again why she is pushing this tonight. Meg answers pointedly that she wants to know where they stand.

At the Street Jeans office, Paul has shown up where Will and Jen are talking. Will doesn’t want anything to do with him. He starts to get up. He will call Jen later about mapping out their route. Paul wants to know where they are going, and she tells him they are looking at colleges. Paul then asks him if he is interested in hearing his side of the story. Will blocks him out. He raises his voice as he tells Paul that they are done. Jen steps in and reminds them that they are siblings; they will never be done with each other. They have been through so much together, much more than most, and much more than others could understand. Will counters that that is not an excuse for Paul to manipulate him like their mother would have done. It is worse, because Paul has been through it with him while she did it to all of them, so then for him to turn around and do it to him is unforgivable.

Carly is blasting Iris for what she did to Gwen with Will. Gwen whips around and asks again if Iris gave the gift that Will brought for Billy back to him. Iris tries to get herself out of the question, but Carly screams that she should stop lying and answer the question. Iris changes the subject by asking Carly what right she had to spy on her and Will. Gwen won’t be deterred; is it true? Iris wants to know what business it is of Carly’s. She thinks she is trying to get close to Gwen to manipulate her. Carly explains that Will is a good kid and that whoever is around Gwen is around the baby. She wants him to be surrounded by love. Iris sarcastically boo-hoo’s that statement and tells Gwen to get her a hanky. Carly spits that she doesn’t want the baby around someone like her. She wants Gwen to understand that her mother is clearly in it for the money. Iris interrupts her; she doesn’t want Gwen to listen to someone who drugged and framed her. Furthermore, Iris yells that Carly is there simply to save her own derriere from being sent to jail. Gwen looks from her mother to Carly, getting more worked up. She then turns back to Iris and asks again if she did that to Will. Finally Iris admits to it. Gwen is angry; how could she do that to her? Will was her best friend. Iris didn’t think it looked that way when he made her cry and then walked out. Gwen is blubbering a bit as she explains to her mother, who knew better, that it was just a fight. Iris looks at her with big puppy-dog eyes as she says she was just trying to help. Carly explains further that her words are phony. She threw the jacket back in Will’s face and told him that Gwen has had enough of his abuse. Iris tries to deny that, but Carly screeches that she was there and heard everything; she can’t lie her way out of this one. Iris wants to know why Carly is playing Gwen’s new best friend. She suddenly wants a family. Carly replies that she certainly doesn’t want anything from Iris, but Gwen is her sister. Suddenly, Iris is on the attack. Why is Carly really there? She keeps bringing up the money; why is that? Is it because suddenly her hubby is without a job, and she is desperate for cash? Gwen, who is completely fed up, yells for them both to "shut up!"

Jen excuses herself so Paul and Will can talk by saying she is going to start looking to book their trip for Will online. Paul is surprised to hear that Will is considering leaving town to go to college. Will snaps that there is nothing here for him now. Paul wants to explain why he tried to make Gwen go away. Paul continues; Will is not the only one with problems. He was worried about Jen and her unhealthy attachment to Gwen’s baby. Then there was him; every time he saw the baby he saw Rosanna wanting to start a family with Craig, and then he would see Rosanna unconscious on the side of the road. He admits to acting selfishly. Will is amazed that he wouldn’t even think twice about getting rid of his best friend. It was a necessary evil, Paul says. Very convenient!

Dusty doesn’t know why Meg keeps pressing him to talk about Jen. Meg just wants him to talk about his feelings in general. He wants her (Meg), and she normally makes him feel good… just not tonight. Meg apologizes because she changed the rules and didn’t tell him. Dusty tries again to cozy up beside her, shamelessly flirting, but Meg backs off again. She doesn’t want to be a warm body for him. She has done too much and made too many sacrifices and bargains— She stops herself, but it's too late, and Dusty asks her what she has done. She quietly answers nothing.

Lily is amazed that Keith could be blaming Holden when he has been taking care of her and everyone while their son is lying close to death in a hospital bed. Lily admonishes Keith for bargaining with her son’s life. Keith knows that Luke’s life can be saved with an operation, but what about her life? Keith thinks she is just running back to her life with Holden where she had been in a rut. He knows that she is no longer in love with Holden. She had the courage before to leave him and she can do it again, if she lets him help her. If she says yes, he will make the call. Just then, Lily gets a call from Holden, who is desperate for her to come to the hospital. Lily asks frantically what is wrong and learns that Luke has slipped into a coma. It is not good. Lily hangs up quickly and starts to leave when Keith inquires as to what is wrong. Lily tells him of Luke’s condition. She tells him that if he has any shred of decency he will help—please, she says as she runs out.

Dusty doesn’t want Meg to ever have to give up anything for him. He would never ask her that. He chuckles as he wonders if she made a deal with the devil. What did she mean? Meg contemplates before answering. She covers; she gave up her self-respect. The minute he came to town and she looked into his eyes, she fell for him. Dusty assures her that they both fell. Meg corrects him; they did not fall in the same way. She is obsessed with him. Where they were on the same level was in bed. She pretended that was not a big deal. She can’t be the person he reaches for only when he is lonely and desperate. Dusty answers simply that she is.

Emma shows up at the hospital just as Holden is exiting Luke’s room for a breath of air. She couldn’t stay at the farm any longer, she needed to be here with them. Then she sees her son’s face and she immediately asks what is wrong. He tells Emma that Luke has slipped into a coma. He laments over how he tried to keep Luke awake. If they don’t find Luke a kidney in a few hours, it will be over. Emma doesn’t want Holden to say that. She thinks that they should not give up hope. They need to have faith. Where is Lily? she asks. Holden informs her that she is at WOAK taking calls regarding matches for a kidney. He needs to pull himself together before she gets here.

Gwen snaps that if they want to fight they should do it elsewhere. She is totally stressed. The baby is going to be up in a few minutes, and she will need to feed him. However, his nose is stuffed up so it is hard for him to take a bottle. Sometimes when he cries she doesn’t know what he needs. Both Iris and Carly try to make amends, talking over each other trying to apologize. Again Gwen tells them to shut up. She glares at Carly as she says that she wants her to drop the charges, and then she glares at her mother as she tells her that she knows that she is in it for the money. She doesn’t trust either one of them. Carly reminds her that she can trust Will, but Gwen reminds her that he is gone. He might not be, Carly replies. Gwen storms out of the room. Iris tells Carly to get out. Carly wants Iris to know that Gwen will get wise to her; she has before and she will again. Iris runs Carly out; she threatens her that she will call the judge and let him know Carly is harassing them if she comes back.

Will tells Paul that he had no right to force Gwen to leave town. Paul answers honestly that if he had a chance to do it all over again he would not. He now sees how much Gwen means to him. Paul reminds him that Gwen is still in town, though. Will is sure that it is over. Will starts to walk away. Paul stops him by telling him that he underestimated him and treated him as if he were a child; he apologizes. Will leaves, and as he does Carly calls him and asks him to meet her. She wants to meet at Java, but he is unreceptive. If he cares about Gwen, she insists, he will meet her.

Lily races into Luke’s hospital room. She sees Luke lying there, still, and wants to know what happened. Holden tells her how he tried to keep him awake, but he slipped away. Lily panics; is he alive? Holden tells her that he has slipped into a coma, but he is still alive.

The doctor walks into the room. They ask him what they can do. There are some decisions to be made. The dialysis is not working. How far do they want to go with the heroic measures? Lily is pleading. People are calling in; many people are getting tested. The doctor feels it is probably too late. Luke has hours at best. Even if they find a donor, they need to be prepared for the worst. Lily and Holden are devastated.

Gwen is on the phone. She is saying something about how if the judge saw what was going on then he might let her out of this deal. She has records and she can bring copies. She hangs up after promising to meet the person on the other end of the phone in a little bit. She slips an envelope into her bag and calls for her mother. Iris, who had overheard part of the conversation, shows up right behind Gwen, surprising her. Gwen makes an excuse; she needs to go out for air. Iris replies by asking who will look after the baby when she needs air when she moves out. Gwen realizes that she has heard the conversation. She explains that she is making it difficult to live with her. She told Will to buzz off and that is not acceptable to Gwen. Iris tries the puppy‐dog look again; she thought that was what she wanted. Gwen wants her to understand that she had no right. Iris admits that she is right. Gwen is stunned that she admitted to a mistake. Iris tries to guilt Gwen further. She reminds Gwen of her comments about making mistakes because she is a new mother; she is a new mother as well, again, and she will make mistakes also. She looks up at Gwen, all sweet.

Will meets Carly. She gets right to the point. She has seen Gwen to tell her about the scene Iris made. Carly informs Will that Gwen never asked Iris to give the jacket back or tell him to stay away. Will looks unsure, and Carly wonders if he believes her. Will answers sarcastically that it isn't as if she would never tell a lie if there were something for her to gain.

Jen asks Paul if Will is gone. How did it go? Paul is unsure; you can never tell what Will is thinking because he has a poker face. Jen thinks that can be a good thing; he is strong. Paul tries to explain that he feels bad for Will because, for all intents and purposes, he had no childhood, and he figured he would no longer have much of the teenage years, saddled to a girl with a baby. Jen reminds him that it was not his choice to make. Jen thinks that Gwen would have been good for Will. Will is not like a normal teenager. He is more grown up and mature, due to his upbringing. Jen wonders how Will deals, walking around knowing all the kids his age know what he did. Paul thinks it is worse inside Will’s head that he has to live with the fact of what he did.

Meg grabs her purse and goes to leave, saying she hears him loud and clear. Dusty stops her; he wants to explain. He needs her when he is low and desperate; he tells her stuff he has never told others. That is not meaningless, though. It was fun for him, but it changed for him as well. She stood up for him; she risked everything for him when she did Jen’s bloodwork. Meg admits that she would do anything for him. Dusty understands why she felt compromised. She went against everything she believed to help. He admires her. Meg’s face changes from guilt to desire, as they move toward each other to kiss.

Lily does not want to prepare for the worst. She wants the doctor to have his surgical team on stand-by. He agrees to have an OR ready at a moment's notice. Lily starts to go for the door. Holden stops her; where is she going? She needs to find Luke a kidney. Holden thinks that she should spend all of her time with Luke now. They can no longer hold on to false hope. The girls should be told so they can come see Luke. Lily starts to break down with that thought. She spies Keith watching them through the hospital door. She makes an excuse and says she needs to give it one more shot; can he stay there with Luke? Holden agrees to stay, and Lily walks out and grabs Keith so they can talk in private. He asks how Luke is. She cuts to the chase: he only has a few hours. Does his offer still stand? Yes, Keith answers. She has no choice then; she will not let her son die.

Iris spins more of a tale with her syrupy phony story. When she stood up in court and promised to help, she meant it honestly. She wants to be a real mom. She messed up. Gwen reminds her that she didn’t hurt her, she hurt someone who was really important to her. Iris reminds her that he made her cry, and he left her. Iris reminds Gwen that she wrote the book on losers, and Will is a loser.

Carly suggests that Will go see Gwen for himself. Will still looks unsure. If she is lying about this, she asks, then what would she have to gain in this? If Will goes there and she shoots him down, how is she winning? Gwen told her that Will is her best friend. "She needs you and wants you back," Carly assures him.

Paul is very upset over having wrecked Will’s life. It is his fault, in a way, that Gwen broke up with him. Jen wants Paul to understand that Will loves him. Will will realize that Paul acted out of love, and when he realizes this he will forgive him. Jen leaves soon after.

Dusty and Meg are kissing more and more passionately. They fall to the bed. Dusty asks if she is okay now. Meg answers that she is now better then okay. They give in to their passion.

Holden is sitting by Luke’s bedside. He wants Luke to help them out. They are doing everything they can. His mom is busy trying to find him a match. They want him to hold on so he can get better and they can bring him home—together.

Meanwhile, Lily is standing outside in the hall with Keith. Hurry up and just do it, she demands. Keith is excited; will she marry him? She just wants him to make the call because they don’t have a minute to waste. Keith goes to make the call and Lily looks devastated at having had to make this decision.

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