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As the World Turns Update Friday 11/4/05


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At Java, Carly sees Will and walks over to his table to talk to him. Carly asks Will to try and persuade Gwen to drop the charges against her so that Parker, Sage, and J.J. won’t lose their mother. Will tells Carly to go away because he doesn’t feel like talking to anyone. Carly tells Will that he and Gwen have every right to be mad at her, because she made a big mistake. Carly explains to Will that she truly only wanted to protect the baby, because she loves him. Will tells Carly she can save her breath because he won’t be talking to Gwen for her. Carly wonders why Will isn't going to give her a second chance. Will explains that he and Gwen have broken up, so it's likely Gwen won’t listen to him.

At Gwen’s place, Iris tells Gwen to forget about Will because the only thing that matters is her (Iris) and the baby--they are the only two people who truly love her.

At the Street Jeans office, Dusty tells Jennifer that Will discovered that Paul was paying Gwen’s legal bills and he got angry at Paul for trying to control his life. Jennifer explains that Paul told her that a few days ago. Jennifer also tells Dusty that Paul explained to her that he did it because he didn’t want the baby in Oakdale to remind her of the baby she lost. Jennifer tells Dusty that Paul was also hurting because the baby was a constant reminder of Rosanna. Jennifer tells Dusty that Paul wasn’t trying to control Will’s life, he was trying to protect her. Dusty tells Jennifer she should keep her guard up with Paul because he thinks there is more to the story. Dusty tells Jennifer that he is only telling her this so she can protect herself against Paul. Jennifer thinks she should protect herself from Dusty, not her own brother.

At the hospital, Meg arrives and Holden gives her the full medical update on Luke’s worsening condition. Meg gives Holden the bad news that Josh and Iva called and said they aren’t compatible either. Holden is even more worried and begins to pace the floor. Holden reminds Meg that Josh and Iva were Luke’s last blood relatives, and they are still unable to find Damian.

At Metro, Lily begs Keith to get in touch with his old friends and find a kidney for Luke. Lily makes it clear that she will do anything and pay any amount of money to save the life of her son. Keith makes it clear he isn’t in the transport business anymore, because he quit. Keith explains that his bosses may not want to help him because they are upset with him for quitting his job. Keith also tells Lily he will do anything to help Luke through legal channels, but he may have to cut corners. Keith asks Lily if she can live with herself knowing how Luke got his kidney. Keith tells Lily that she should tell Holden everything. Lily tells Keith that as long as her son lives she doesn’t care where the kidney comes from, and all that Holden has to know is that Luke will live. Keith tells Lily he thinks he can persuade his former bosses to help him, because they love money and he has some dirt on them that they want kept secret.

At the hospital, Meg asks Holden how things are going with him and Lily. Holden tells Meg that the only good thing to come out of Lucinda's and Luke’s illness is that it has brought him and Lily closer together. Holden is positive that once Luke is healthy he and Lily will be able to get back together. Holden asks Meg how Dusty is doing after what happened with Jennifer and the baby’s DNA test. Meg explains to Holden that Dusty blames himself for letting Jennifer down and not bringing her baby back. Meg also tells Holden that Jennifer kicked Dusty out of her life. Holden wonders if Dusty’s estrangement from Jennifer is drawing Dusty closer to her (Meg). Meg nods her head yes and tells Holden she feels horrible about Jennifer’s tragedy, but she is happy that Dusty is turning to her instead of Jennifer.

At the Street Jeans office, Jennifer refuses to believe that Paul would do anything to hurt her and yells at Dusty to stop trying to turn her against her brother. Jennifer thinks Dusty is inventing a problem where there isn’t one so he can step in and protect her again. Jennifer asks Dusty to let her grieve for her son and get her life back alone, because seeing him just brings back painful memories.

At Java, Carly wonders why Gwen and Will broke up, but Will tells her it’s none of her business. Will tells Carly to go plead her case to someone else because he can’t help her. Carly tries to persuade Will to work things out with Gwen because they make a great couple. Will tells Carly he is tired of people trying to control his life and he won’t make up with Gwen just to try and persuade her to drop the charges against Carly. Will also tells Carly he has been burned by a lot of people lately, and he isn’t going to stick his hands in the fire for anyone anymore. Carly tells Will that he has good reasons not to trust her, but she truly thinks he and Gwen make a great couple and she hopes they can work things out.

At Gwen’s house, Gwen makes it clear to Iris that she is only there for 90 days and then she is moving out, because she is perfectly capable of taking care of herself and she doesn’t need her or Will in her life. Iris picks up the jacket Will gave the baby and tells herself she is going to make sure that Will knows Gwen doesn’t need him in her life.

At Java, Iris arrives shortly after Carly gets up and goes back to her table. Iris throws Will the jacket he gave to the baby and tells him to keep it, because Gwen doesn’t need the jacket or him anymore. Will thinks Iris is lying, because if what she is saying were true then Gwen would come tell him herself. Iris says that Gwen has been crying like a baby, and she sent her because Gwen doesn’t want to see him anymore. Will gives Iris back the jacket because he wants the baby to have it. Iris throws it back to him and reminds him to stay away from Gwen.

At the Street Jeans Office, Jennifer thinks Dusty is trying to make amends because he feels guilty that the baby is dead and not alive like they once thought. Dusty tells Jennifer he brought the baby into the world and it hurts that he isn’t alive. Jennifer encourages Dusty to let the baby go. Jennifer once again tells Dusty she is trying to let the baby go, but in order to do that she has to let him go too, because it hurts to see him. Dusty tells Jennifer he will be around anytime she needs him.

At Metro, Lily gives Keith Luke’s medical records and he leaves to get to work on finding a kidney for Luke. Lily looks upward and asks God to please let this work.

At a bar, Dusty arrives and asks Meg how Luke is doing. Meg tells Dusty that his condition is worse and they are still unable to find a donor. Dusty tells Meg how sorry he is about Luke. Dusty also tells Meg he hasn’t exactly had a great day either. Meg walks over and pulls down some pool cues and tells Dusty that maybe playing pool will help them feel better.

At the hospital, Holden breaks the news to Lily that neither Josh nor Iva is a match for Luke. Holden also tells Lily that none of the volunteers that have been tested has been a match for Luke. Holden thinks that he and Lily should prepare for the worst. Lily cries and says she won’t let her son lose this fight. Holden holds Lily as she cries, and the nurse comes out of Luke’s room and asks the nurse at the desk to get Luke’s doctor right away. Holden and Lily rush inside Luke’s room and see that Luke is hallucinating again. The doctor arrives and tells Holden and Lily that Luke will go into shock and die soon if he doesn’t get a kidney. Lily cries and tells her son to hold on just as her cell phone rings. Lily goes into the hall to take a call from Keith, who tells her he has news for her. Lily agrees to meet him. Lily hangs up the phone and tells Holden that Kim wants her to tape another plea for Luke. Holden wants to go to the TV station with her, but Lily gives him a quick kiss and tells him to stay with Luke.

At Gwen’s place, Iris arrives and tells Gwen that she has every reason to be mad at her, but she just wants to be a part of her life so she can help her with the baby, because it's rough being a single mother. Iris tells Gwen to go get some rest and check on the baby while she goes to the store to get ingredients for a pasta dinner. Gwen tells Iris she will be a better mother than she ever was to her. Carly arrives shortly after Iris leaves and tells Gwen exactly what Iris said to Will at Java. Carly tells Gwen that Iris gave Will back a jacket he had given to the baby. Gwen goes inside the house and notices the jacket Will gave the baby is gone. Carly tells Gwen that she knows Will is mad at her now, but she shouldn’t let Iris ruin her chances of getting back together with him.

At the Lakeview, Will arrives to talk to Paul but finds Jennifer instead, and she offers to talk to him and help him with his problem. Will tells Jennifer that Paul was trying to control his life by planning to get Gwen and the baby out of town. Jennifer explains to Will that Paul was trying to spare her the pain of a reminder of the baby she lost. Jennifer also tells Will Paul was trying to spare himself the pain of being reminded of Rosanna. Will refuses to believe Jennifer and says that Paul is just like Barbara, and he is tired of his family treating him like a child. Jennifer encourages Will to stop focusing on Paul and Barbara and focus on something positive. Jennifer thinks they should both take a road trip and look at colleges he may be interested in going to next year. Jennifer thinks it will be a good chance for them to bond again and focus on the future. Will smiles and agrees to go on the trip with Jennifer.

At a bar, Meg pretends that she doesn’t know anything about pool so Dusty can teach her and flirt with her a bit. Dusty explains to her how to make the shot, and after she makes the shot they kiss. Dusty tells her it's up to her how far they go. Meg tells Dusty she doesn’t want to be the one to help him forget about Jennifer. Dusty tells Meg that this has nothing to do with Jennifer. Meg kisses Dusty again and decides to go to his place.

At Gwen’s place, Iris arrives and Carly tells her that she is going to put a stop to her running her (Carly) and Gwen’s lives.

At the hospital, Holden tells a sleeping Luke about the basketball season and promises to take him to the playoffs when he gets better.

At Metro, Keith tells Lily he found Luke a perfect match at a hospital in Houston, and he did it legally. Lily is happy because her son will live and she won’t have to keep a secret from Holden. Lily wants to rush to the hospital and tell Holden the good news, but Keith grabs her arm to stop her. Keith reminds Lily she said she would do anything if he found Luke a kidney. Keith tells Lily he knows she is mad at him, but she still loves him deep down inside. Keith asks Lily to marry him in exchange for finding Luke a kidney.

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