ATWT Update Thursday 11/3/05

As the World Turns Update Thursday 11/3/05


Written By Eva
Pictures by Boo

At the Street Jeans Office, Paul helps Jennifer get her things so she can make a clean break and start work at the new company they have started together. Jennifer tells Paul that he shouldn’t worry about her she just needs to grieve for her son. Jennifer tells Paul she is more worried about him because he was acting strangely at the commentary. Paul explains that he was drunk and that he has learned he should never drink too much. Jennifer tells Paul she is excited to go to work at their new company. Paul tells Jennifer that the company is incorporated already although he thought she would like to come up with a name for the company. Jennifer asks Paul to go downstairs and pick up some of her fabric swatches. Dusty arrives and tells Jennifer he hasn’t been to the office in a long time because he missed her too much. Dusty asks Jennifer if he can see her sometimes but Jennifer reminds him they agreed to stay away from each other. Dusty tells Jennifer that despite their agreement he thinks they should be together.

At Gwen’s place, a very angry Will thinks Gwen was just using him and now that she has custody of the baby she will leave town. Gwen tells Will that she would never do that although she can’t exactly put her feelings for Will into words. Will demands to know if Gwen intended to leave town without telling him once she got custody of the baby. Gwen cries and explains to Will that she didn’t tell him about her deal with Paul because she didn’t want to have to lie to him. Will wonders what else Gwen is keeping from him about the details of her deal with Paul.

At Java, Carly tells Jack that she is considering selling the cabin and the land accompanying it to pay her legal bills. Jack tells Carly not to worry about money and just concentrate on the trial and her family. Jack tells Carly that the FBI may need him to do some work for them here in Oakdale.

At WOAK, Lily makes a tearful plea for people to go get tested at the hospital to see if they are compatible with Luke because he needs a Kidney or he will die.

At Java, Jack tells Carly its possible she could get a plea bargain but even if she gets a deal she may have to go to jail for a while. Jack tells Carly that he and the kids will mss her terribly but they will be fine. Carly tells Jack she won’t be able to help herself because she will always worry about him and the kids. Jack and Carly agree to meet at the hospital after her meeting with Jessica. Jack and Carly kiss and Jack go to the hospital to be tested.

At WOAK, Lily gets a hug from both Holden and Kim after she makes her plea to the public for a kidney for Luke. Lily feels guilty that she s lucky enough to own a TV station where she can make a plea for her son. Lily knows that there are other people just as desperate for an organ for their loved ones. Kim points out to Lily that she has organized many fundraisers for the hospital, which have helped many people, and now she needs some help so she shouldn’t feel guilty. Kim tells Lily that they are already getting calls from people who want to be tested. Lily once again thanks Kim for her help before she and Holden head to the hospital. Kim promises to keep Holden and Lily posted on the results of the plea to help Luke. Kim tells herself she will also pray for Luke.

At Gwen’s place, Gwen explains to Will that she promised Paul she wouldn’t tell him that he was paying her legal bills and then she was supposed to leave town. Will get even angrier that Gwen would consider leaving town and not tell him about it. Gwen tells Will she was desperate to get custody of her child and Paul made her realize that he would be better of without the burden of her and the baby. Will wonders if Gwen would leave town now that she has custody of the baby and not ever tell him she is leaving. Gwen tells Will that she would never do that to him now because things are different between them now. Will wants to know how things are different between them now. Gwen can’t quite find the words to express her feelings to Will but she tells him that he knows how she feels about him. Will tells Gwen he doesn’t know how she feels about him and once again presses Gwen to tell him her feelings. Gwen can’t tell Will anything because no matter how hard she tries she can’t say the words to Will.

At the Street Jeans office, Dusty thinks Jennifer is running away from the wonderful relationship they could have together. Jennifer tells Dusty that their relationship was only about the baby. Dusty tells Jennifer their relationship was much more then just about the baby. Dusty grabs Jennifer’s arm and asks her not to leave yet so they can talk. Jennifer asks Dusty to please let her go and Paul arrives and demands Dusty get his hands off Jennifer. Dusty tells Paul this conversation is between him and Jennifer and he should stay out of it. Jennifer gets between Dusty and Paul and asks them not to fight because she has to go meet her counselor. Paul tells Jennifer he will take her to her meeting. Dusty promise Jennifer he and Dusty won’t fight and she can leave for her meeting and not worry. Jennifer picks up her box of things and leaves. Paul applauds Dusty on his performance for Jennifer’s sake. Paul also tells Dusty Jennifer doesn’t want or need him anymore.

At Gwen’s place, Gwen admits to Will that she would have left town because Paul made her realize it was best for him. Because all the stress of a relationship with her coupled with the baby might cause him to crack under pressure. Will is angry and hurt that Gwen trusted Paul instead of him. Will is also angry that Paul was trying to control his life. Gwen tells Will that Paul was really worried and only trying to protect him. Will reminds Gwen that he trusted her word about everything and stood up to his family and fought with his best friend all because he trusted her despite what everyone told him. Gwen cries and tells Will not to leave because she trusts him now. Will tells Gwen good-bye because she didn’t trust him when it counted.

At the hospital, Jack tells Holden that Carly could still go to jail for her crime. Jack also tells Holden that both he and Carly will get tested to see if either of them are a match for Luke. Holden tells Jack to Let Carly know if she is a match for Luke he will go to jail for her. Holden gives Jack a hug before Jack goes to get tested. Lily tells a sleeping Luke that they will find a kidney for him soon Luke hallucinates that he is flying a plane and can’t get clearance from the tower to land. Luke begins to pull out his IV and monitor wires. Lily tries to get Luke to lie down while she tries to put his IV and monitor wires back in place. Lily screams for Holden to come help her. Holden and the doctors arrive soon after they hear Lily screaming. Holden takes Lily out in the hall as she cries and paces the floor. The doctor comes out in a few minutes and explains Luke is stable but the dialysis isn’t working too well and the presence of so many toxins in Luke’s body caused him to hellucinate. The doctor tells Holden and Lily that Luke needs a kidney right away or his condition will get worse and he will die. A nurse also gives Jack and Carly the same news when they ask her about Luke’s condition. Carly is on her way to get tested when Jennifer arrives to apologize for taking the baby. Carly tells Jennifer she understands and forgives her and is just glad she is going to counseling.

At the Street Jeans Office, Paul tells Dusty he took advantage of Jennifer because she was vulnerable and needy and he enjoyed playing the hero. Dusty smiles and can’t believe that Paul doesn’t know that Jennifer is a very strong woman. Will arrives and blasts Paul for trying to break up his relationship with Gwen by getting her to leave town. Will screams that Paul should stay out of his life.

At Gwen’s house, Gwen tells Iris that she and Will had a fight and he won’t be back. Iris holds Gwen as she cries.

At the hospital, Carly tells Jennifer about when she lost Nora and explains that the pain won’t ever go away but each day the pain gets a little lighter. Carly explains that now she recalls Nora’s birthday every year as a special day like she remembers the birthdays of her other children. Carly says that now she feels grateful for her life and her family although when she lost Nora she felt sad and guilty. Jennifer thanks Carly for sharing her story and leaves for her meeting. Holden and Lily arrive and Carly tells them she is positive they will find a match for Luke. Carly goes to get tested after she gives Holden and Lily a hug. Lily feels angry and helpless but Holden tells her that Kim is trying to get her plea for Luke on the national news. Lily once again feels guilty that Luke’s story is getting attention when so many other families are in the same situation. Lily goes outside to get some air and make a phone call.

At Gwen’s place, Gwen gives Iris some general deatails about why she fought with Will Iris tells Gwen to stop worrying so much because she did what she had to do to get her baby back. Iris doesn’t think Gwen could ever count on Will and it’s just her and the baby now.

At the Street Jeans office, Will accuses Paul of being just like Barbara and trying to control his life. Paul tells Will he was only trying to help Gwen just like he asked him to do. Will refuses to listen to any of Paul’s excuses and screams for Paul to stay out of his life. Will also tells Paul to leave him, Gwen and the baby alone. Paul runs after Will to try to explain things to him again but he is unable to catch him. Paul tells Dusty that if Jennifer left anything at the office he will send a messenger to pick it up. Paul makes it clear that there is no reason Dusty should ever need to call Jennifer again. Dusty tells Paul to have fun controlling his family. Dusty calls Jennifer after Paul leaves and tells s her Will and Paul had a big fight and he suspects Paul is up to something. Dusty asks Jennifer if he can talk to her about the situation.

At Java, Carly tells Jack that she wasn’t a match for Luke. Jack is also sad he wasn’t a match for Luke. Carly informs Jack that Jessica says even if she does cut a deal she will have to spend time in jail. Carly tells Jack that Jessica thinks the only way to avoid jail time is if Gwen drops the charges against her.

At Gwen’s place, Gwen tell the baby that Will is gone and he won’t come back even though it was nice to have him around for a while. Gwen looks at a picture of her and Will. Will arrives and stands outside the door and watches Gwen looking at a picture of the two of them and the baby. Gwen tells herself it would have been nice but not at this price. Will watches Gwen tear up the picture and tell her that all she wants is to be with her baby. A sad Will decides to leave and not talk to Gwen.

At the hospital, Holden tells Luke that he has to get better so that they can all be a family again. Lily thanks Keith for coming and asks for his help.

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