ATWT Update Tuesday 11/1/05

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 11/1/05


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Boo

Proofread by Angie

At Fairwinds, Mike charges at Henry. "Where is Katie?" he demands. Henry is conflicted. He wants to tell Mike where Katie is, but he doesn’t want to lose his meal ticket, i.e. B.J. Maddie explains that she is with B.J., and he is not who he says he is; he is a nerd from high school Katie knew named Byron Glass. Mike is surprised--Katie knows him? No, Maddie explains, she would not even remember him, especially since he changed his looks; he is a psycho who has been stalking her.

B.J./Byron wants to kiss Katie, and he proceeds to pull her in, but Katie pushes him away, defiantly telling him kissing her is not an option and not okay with her. B.J. starts to plead with her to understand his feelings. He has always loved her; they belong together. A petrified Katie runs for the door and pounds on it, screaming for someone to help her. B.J./Byron reaches for her and pulls at her. His eyes show how extremely desperate he is for her. She is not afraid of Byron, and he is still inside of him, so she has nothing to be afraid of.

Jack and Carly are talking at Java. They talk about Halloween and how the boys dressed up as police officers, and how Sage was a carrot. The boys had come up with an idea that Rory would be a pea and they would be peas and a carrot. Carly sadly relays how they don’t even call Rory by his name anymore; he is Billy now. She found his toy the other day. She is always running across something of his. They talk about how the toy would always lull him to sleep. Carly suddenly feels as if she needs to get this to Gwen because he may not be able to sleep without it. Jack looks on as he realizes how desperate Carly is to still keep her connection with Rory.

Gwen and Will are kissing on her mother’s front porch. They talk of how happy they are. Will jokes that he will probably find a way to mess it up. Gwen laughs and says she will probably be the one to mess it up. They go back to kissing.

At Paul’s apartment, Jen flips on the lights to find him frantically looking at her. He says he is so sorry. Jen doesn’t understand; was he expecting someone? The door was open. She heard his voice talking to someone. He admits that he was talking to Craig. He was in the mirror laughing at him. Jen assures Paul that he was just sleeping and it was a nightmare. "No," Paul says, adamant in his belief, "he was laughing at me because he won. He hurt you and they locked him up, and then I hurt you when I had you locked up." Jen tries to justify what he did, but Paul won’t be deterred. He is the same as Craig; no, he is worse than Craig. Jen wants Paul to calm down and lie back down. Paul continues; he couldn’t live with himself if something had happened to her. He had to stop him. Jen assures Paul that she is fine now. No, he tells her, she is not, and she won’t be okay until he fixes it. Jen goes on: He was a big help to her at the cemetery, and she trusts him implicitly. She now knows that she needs to grieve for her son and move on. Paul stops her; she doesn’t need to grieve anymore. Jen stares at him, confused.

Gwen laughs; are they on a real date? He picked her up and they went to a party, and now he is saying goodnight to her on the front porch. Will thinks they have just finished their first official date. They are happy to be living a normal life. They worry, though, that something is bound to go wrong. They always find their way back to one another, though. Will thinks that is because they started out as friends and created a healthy foundation. Gwen is nervous; she has come to count on Will for so much. He doesn’t see the problem there. She worries about what will happen if they fight. Will assures her that is not going to happen, and even if it did, he is not going anywhere. As they are enjoying a romantic, close moment kissing, Iris walks out in a huff wanting to know what they are doing. She thought they were just friends. Gwen tells her to go back inside. Iris has other ideas; she informs Gwen that she will not leave her outside with this murderer; he did kill his brother’s fiancée, after all.

Jack doesn’t think that going to see the baby at Iris and Gwen’s is a good idea, with the trial and all. Carly understands, but she misses him. Jack understands. They talk about her trial and Jessica building a defense. She worries about what her actions have cost them, especially Jack. What if Jack loses his job and she goes to jail? Jack doesn’t want her to worry about that right now. He doesn’t want her to get scared and go do something out of fear, because then he has to clean up the mess after she reacts without thinking. He wants them to try something new: He wants her to stay calm, and they will deal with whatever comes their way together.

Maddie tells Mike that Katie is in the bedroom with B.J. He even has some weird, freaky disco ball hanging from the ceiling to recreate the prom. Mike is ready to take off, but Henry grabs him. Mike glares at him; he is not stopping him this time. He starts to tell Mike that he will need a key but then hesitates, still claiming that Katie is probably fine and just playing the game with B.J. Mike grabs him and threatens him again, so Henry hands him the key.

Katie tries to calm B.J./Byron with compliments while she figures something out. He has accomplished so much in changing his life. She was just the inspiration for that undertaking, and it is obvious to her that he doesn’t need her anymore. B.J./Byron corrects her, still seemingly far away, and says nothing matters without Katie being beside him. Katie’s fear continues to escalate as she tries to get him to see that he doesn’t even know her. He stops her; he knows everything about her. He knows what kind of shampoo she uses and the books she reads. She is everything he needs, and he deserves her now. He tries to kiss her, but Katie struggles to get by him and falls and bumps her head. She looks up at him frantically. He tries to help her, but he falls on top of her on the floor.

After Mike leaves with the key, Maddie tells Henry that deep down she knows that he feels better about Katie having help now. No, he tells her, he does not feel better, because now they will be out of a home and job. B.J. is simply innocent and he is pouring his heart out to her upstairs. He has a crush on her, and Katie will squash his hopes and then it will be over. Maddie thinks that Henry might be identifying with B.J. They both have fallen in love with Katie, but Henry reminds her that Katie left him. Then he admits that he feels a little something for B.J.’s plight. He also admits that it was nice to see Mike a little nervous about his relationship wit Katie; it is perfectly normal. He would never do anything to hurt Katie. All Maddie has done is hurt herself. He can go back to living in the limo, but she has now lost her home and the college B.J. was going to send her to. Maddie is positive that is the least of her worries. When B.J. finds out that she set this in motion, he is going to kill her, and she turns and runs out as Henry watches, confused.

As Katie is on the floor, B.J. stares at her. Katie struggles; she cannot breathe. She squirms out from underneath him. A disheveled Katie tries to get away from him, but B.J./Byron grabs at her to prevent her from backing away from him. As this is transpiring, Mike comes through the door. Katie runs to him and Mike punches B.J./Byron out, promising that he will never get near her again, and then he and Katie leave quickly together as B.J./Byron watches from the floor.

Gwen tells Iris that she is out of line in how she is talking to Will. Iris thinks that any judge would not look kindly on someone who is letting a boy fresh out of the hospital for the criminally insane around her baby. Will wonders if Gwen wants him to leave. Gwen wants her mother to leave instead. Iris goes back in the house. After she leaves, Gwen asks Will why, after he promised to be there for her, he volunteered to leave. He thought he was doing what would be the best to not escalate the situation. Gwen appreciates it, but she doesn’t want him to do that again. He agrees. Then Gwen tells him that she needs to go talk to her mom to set her straight, so Will leaves. Once inside, Iris tells Gwen that the baby is sleeping--not that she cares. Gwen wants Iris to understand that she cares for her baby and that is the only reason she agreed to stay with her. Iris reminds her that she has her baby thanks to her. In 90 days she has to raise her hand in a court of law and swear that the baby would be better off with Gwen. Gwen counters this threat with a promise that she will tell people what she did to Carly. Iris backs down a bit and declares that she would never do anything to jeopardize her grandson. Iris tries another tactic: Does she think it is a good time to start up a relationship? Gwen doesn’t think it is any of her business. Iris worries that Will is crazy. "Once a wacko, always a wacko," she declares. Gwen laughs sarcastically that Iris is out of luck, then. Iris remarks that she is on the wrong road. She guesses it is in her blood. What does Iris mean? Gwen wants to know. Why would she suddenly bring up her dad when she has never mentioned him before? Iris claims it is due to the fact that she is spending time with a baby; it brings back memories. Iris alludes to the fact that her father would be on the same level as a criminal, and that is why she never wanted to tell her about him. Gwen thinks it is time, and she wants the story of her dad.

Jen interrupts Paul; she is not going to dwell on her grief. There has to be a reason for her losing her baby. Maybe she is not supposed to have children. Paul doesn’t want her to think like that. He starts to tell her that the reason she doesn’t have children is because of him. Just then Emily walks in and witnesses Paul on the verge of spilling the beans. She stops him from talking further and explains that he is acting erratic because of the sleeping pill she gave him. He starts to babble; Craig was laughing, and Jen found out and hated him. Jen isn’t sure what Paul is talking about, but she explains that she stopped by to thank him for his support. She even would like to talk about them working together again soon. Paul wants to tell Jen the truth. Emily quickly asks Jen to go get him some water. Jen worries about whether they should call the doctor. Emily just thinks water will be fine. After she leaves, Emily pleads with Paul to let this go. Jen is getting better; she is moving forward, and her wanting to work again proves it. He insists that he has to tell her about her son. Emily reminds him that it is also Craig’s son. She is sure all of this is simply a bad reaction to the sleeping pill. He starts to freak out as Jen brings in the water. "Is he better?" Jen asks. Emily covers, saying he will be fine.

Henry sees Mike with an emotional, disheveled Katie. "Is she okay?" he asks. Mike ushers her by quickly. He says she is fine, and he will deal with him tomorrow. Maddie comments that she wasn’t wearing that when she came over earlier. Henry completes her thought. Her dress looked all messed up. A guilt-ridden Maddie declares that they did this to her. Henry corrects her: B.J. did this to her. B.J. walks in as Henry wonders what else this sicko did to her. B.J. answers that he is right here, so why doesn’t Henry ask him himself.

Paul apologizes to Jen for upsetting her. He says he took a sleeping pill and it didn’t react well with him. The baby and the situation are so sad. Jen doesn’t want him to worry about it. She wants him to feel better and says she will see him tomorrow. As she leaves, she thanks Emily for taking good care of her brother. After she leaves, Emily wants Paul to see that he did the right thing. It is over now. Paul comments, as he stares off, that it will never be over.

Iris starts to weave her tale, working certain details more than others to help her case. He was a real jerk, and was even meaner when he was drinking. Gwen sarcastically adds that they had that in common. Iris continues; Ray Tenney, her dad, was a crook and a bad seed. She didn’t necessarily enjoy doing that to Carly, but she had to protect Gwen from Ray, who was a loser, and from his bratty kid, Carly.. She took a wrong turn with him and she will never make that mistake again. She decides she needs some air, and she tells Gwen she will be back later. Right after she leaves, the baby starts to fuss. Gwen tries to comfort him, but he seems agitated. There is a knock and Carly is there with the baby’s toy, suggesting that the problem is he needs this to fall asleep. She hands the toy to Gwen and then starts to leave, but Gwen stops her and tells her to come in.

Emily reminds Paul that they destroyed evidence and hindered an investigation. Hal will crucify them both. She will lose custody of her son. He will lose Jen, and they will lose each other. She doesn’t feel that they will survive the fallout. She can’t lose him after everything they have been through together. She leans over and kisses him.

Jen is sitting at a table at Java when Will walks in; she calls him over. She wants to know how he is. She hasn’t seen him in so long. Will apologizes, but Jen laughs and says that he was on the lam, making contact difficult. Will brings her up to speed on how it was when they were in NY. They were scared, but they had to go with their gut. Gwen really loves her baby, and it shows. Then he sees Jen’s face slightly drop and he apologizes for not thinking of how those words would affect her. Jen doesn’t want him to apologize or feel bad. She is thrilled to see him happy. Will is glad to hear that, because he and Gwen are together now, which means that she and the baby will be around. Jen is happy; she wants to hear more about Gwen.

Jack is meeting with the man from the bureau. The man is happy to be talking with Jack, but he is curious to know why Jack is leaving the Oakdale Police Department. Jack has to be honest; he is on suspension pending an investigation. The man wants to know the story. Jack starts to explain that it was because he was protecting his wife and family.

Gwen and Carly are standing over the crib as the baby drifts back off to sleep. They remark on how well the toy worked on him. Carly goes to leave, but Gwen stops her. Would she tell her about their dad? Iris just mentioned him, and she wants to know more from Carly. Carly wishes she had better news, but she doesn’t. He was stubborn, and when he felt pushed he was mean, and if you tried to defend yourself, he made it your fault. Gwen remarks that it sounds familiar. Carly responds that she was just answering her questions, and she doesn’t need to be mean. Gwen half smirks and says she did not mean Carly; she was talking about herself. They both smirk at that.

Katie is on the couch, after having showered and gotten into her robe, and is looking at her yearbook. She is looking at Byron. "Why would he even remember me?" she wonders. Mike tries to make her laugh a bit. He reminds her that she is hard to forget. Just then, she starts to cry. She apologizes. Mike holds her; he thinks that they should call the police. They should not let him get away with this.

B.J./ Byron is talking with Henry and Maddie. He is frantic, but trying to cover it up. He should have just told Katie from the beginning.. He never should have hidden it. He thought if she knew he was Byron she would hate him. Maddie intercedes; she thought Katie liked Byron. He raises his voice as he shouts that even he doesn’t like Byron Glass. Henry and Maddie both jump in response. He wants them to accept his apology; he didn’t mean to yell. Henry assures him that it is not a problem. He doesn’t know what he would do if Henry walked away from him now. Henry assures him that they aren’t going anywhere. B.J./Byron thanks them. Maddie quickly walks out of the room. B.J. says he can’t blame her for that reaction. He is messed up. Henry pretends he is not, but then they look at each other, so maybe he is. "Women hate me," B.J./Byron laments. Henry jokes that he is a billionaire and that he could get anyone he wants now. He will be swamped with numbers from women in Oakdale after they find out he is available, now that Katie is gone. B.J./Byron then looks at him. Why would she be gone? Henry reminds him of how Katie looked when she left. She was very upset, and the strap on her dress was torn. He had mistakenly recreated the prom, and Katie wasn’t interested. He didn’t mean to harm her; he had read the signs wrong. He had been on bended knee. He is a jerk, he berates himself. However, he says, Rome was not built in a day, as he walks away. Henry looks after him, concerned that he still thinks he has any type of shot with Katie.

Katie is belittling herself. She was so stupid. A billionaire breezes into town and wants to make her a star, and she doesn’t question it? Mike assures her that what she was being offered was what she deserved. Katie laments how B.J./Byron came there because she smiled and touched his hand in high school. Mike assures her that it wasn’t her fault if he mistook the fact that she was nice to him in high school for something that meant she'd love him in the present day. It is over now. Byron, from now on, will just be a name in her yearbook.

Maddie reminds Henry of what Katie looked like when she left. Henry is sure Mike will be there to wipe away the tears, he remarks without much emotion. Maddie is sure he is a psycho. Fine then; he will quit. He will move back into the limo. He calms down then. He is working for B.J./Byron; he didn’t say he trusted him. What it comes down to is, it is a good job, and for the time being they will have to stay put. However, he wants Maddie to get her stuff so they can go back to Tom and Margo’s.

Jack finishes up telling the man from the bureau the story. He needs to jump into something because he has a family to support. He would like to take something local, but he is open to other possibilities. The man tells him they just happen to have something local. Someone that they are looking at just moved to Oakdale. Jack looks intrigued.

The scene changes to B.J./Byron at his house, lost in his misery over the events that transpired with Katie. He is chugging down his chocolate milk. He then hurls the carton across the room. He looks very agitated, but lost in another world. He picks up a bat and climbs on the bed near where the disco ball is hanging. He pauses, looking at it. Meanwhile, Maddie has approached the half-open door to his room. She hears glass shatter and looks in to see B.J./Byron shattering the disco ball with the bat. Scared, she quickly takes off so he doesn’t see her witnessing this.

Paul and Emily are lying on the couch, wrapped up in the sheets after lovemaking. He thanks her for talking him off the ledge. He doesn’t want to lose her or Jen. Starting tomorrow, he will make sure Jen is okay. They need to get up and go to bed. Emily goes to turn off the lights and lock up. Paul is already in the bedroom and Emily is on her way there when she passes the mirror Paul previously saw Craig in. She gazes into it and tells herself that she can do this; she can make this work. With that, she turns around and walks slowly towards the bedroom.

Will happily shows a picture of Gwen’s baby to Jen. Jen stares at it, lost in another world. Will takes it back and explains he doesn’t want to make things harder for her. She understands and appreciates that; she just wants him happy, finally.

Gwen walks back into the room, where Carly is on her cell phone. We hear her side of the conversation, where she talks about thinking that they would have more time. Defeated, she gets off the phone after she thanks the person and tells him or her she will call tomorrow. Carly tells Gwen that they are going to trial soon, so she should expect a call. Gwen instinctively thinks that Carly’s visit was not an accident. She was probably hoping to get Gwen to drop the charges. Carly looks at Gwen sadly and says that was not her intention, and that Gwen will do what she will do. She just came by to give the toy to her for her son, and with that she goes to leave. Gwen looks after her, almost remorseful for having said those words. She calls out for Carly, and when she turns around Gwen pauses and then decides to say that it would be better if she called next time. Carly tells her that she will, and then she leaves. Gwen picks up the toy and looks back at where Carly was. At the same time, Carly is turning around to look back at the door to Iris’s house as she smiles slightly..

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