ATWT Update Monday 10/31/05

As the World Turns Update Monday 10/31/05


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Boo

Proofread by Angie

Dusty and Meg are in the cemetery. She wants to go home, but then Dusty sees Johnny’s grave. He forgot he was buried there. Meg thinks that maybe he forgot because he was too wrapped up in hope that he was alive. He thinks that he shouldn’t’ have been hoping that, because it was unrealistic to hold on to the belief that Jen’s baby was alive and had been switched. He can tell that Jen has been there because of the fresh flowers. He is worried that she must feel as if she is losing him all over again. Meg thinks that since they are there, Dusty should say his goodbyes to Johnny.

At his apartment, Paul is frantic. He ruined his sister. He tells Emily that she didn’t see her. A part of Jen has died because of what he took away from her. Emily reminds him that he did it to protect her from Craig. In the process, though, a part of Jen has died. All she wants to do is sit in the cemetery to be close to her child. He has to fix it tonight. He is going to call her and tell her the truth, and then he is going to call Hal. He is a cop and he can get her baby back tonight. Emily grabs the phone; she is not going to let him do this.

At the Fairwinds Halloween party, Gwen wants Casey to admit it: Who is her baby’s father? Casey angrily responds that she could pick any guy. Gwen is incensed. She is angry that her first time was with such a sleaze. Casey claims she came on to him. Gwen shoots back that she did not. Now she is trying to trap Will, Casey spits. Will tells Casey to watch it. Casey is amazed that he would still defend her after all the lies. Will shoots back that Casey has told his fair share of lies, also. Gwen yells that no one tells Casey what he truly is--an evil, lying loser. Maddie steps in; she demands that they leave him alone.

Elsewhere at the party, Henry tells the waiter that if a blonde comes looking for him to not tell her where he is. Also, if a man in a football outfit comes looking for him, tell him that he left the country. The waiter tells him that they need to get more champagne from the cellar. Henry stops them; they don’t need to go downstairs with the nasty rodents, and besides, he jokingly tells the waiter, champagne causes him gas. He needs vodka martinis, and he needs to keep them coming.

Mike is pacing around the wine cellar where he has been locked in. "Joke is over, Henry." He better come back. He is frantic to get out and get to Katie. He opens the envelope with Henry’s name in it and gets more frustrated as he deduces that Henry was a part of this ploy to get him to the wine cellar and locked up so B.J. could get more time with Katie.

Some early 90s music is playing in the background upstairs at Fairwinds as Katie comes to the shocking realization that B.J. and Byron are one and the same. She comments on how much he has changed. Everything is different, from his face and hair to his body. She tries to hide her fright. She musters up congratulations about how he has turned his life around and become so successful. He replies that she was the only one who showed him any bit of kindness. Katie rushes by him, trying to be airy as she comments about how she can’t wait to find Mike to tell him about this funny coincidence. B.J./Byron stops her and tells her Mike is otherwise engaged, with the game. He stops her; they haven’t had their first dance. Katie is trying to hide her nervousness. Don’t forget your dress, Byron eerily says. Katie remarks about how beautiful it is and how he needs to stop buying her things. She will treasure this as well. Byron point-blank tells her to put it on. Katie stands there, frozen.

Dusty and Meg are at the cemetery by Johnny’s grave. Dusty doesn’t know what Meg thinks he should say to him. He is worried that Jen was out here on Halloween. What should she have done instead? Meg wonders. Should she have called you? Meg has a thought. She thinks that Dusty doesn’t want to say goodbye to the baby because that would mean he would be saying goodbye to Jen, and she doesn’t think he is ready for that.

Paul goes to grab the phone. Emily grabs it from him. He cannot call Jen; it will ruin too many people’s lives. Paul is babbling; "What have I done?" he repeats. "I told her to depend on me; I told her to call me day or night. I am her brother," he moans. "I created this horrible chain of events." Emily corrects him, reminding him it was all Craig’s doing. He would not have put his sister through any of this if Craig hadn’t been involved. "You did not hurt Jen purposely; you spared her." She cries out that she won’t let him punish himself.

Gwen continues to go after Casey. Did he lose his girlfriend? Is he now after Maddie? Will he throw her away after he gets what he wants from her? Maddie interferes; Casey may be a jerk, but he isn’t exactly evil. Gwen remarks that she has no idea. Casey tries to give it back to her, and then Will tells him to shut his mouth. Casey responds back by asking or else what--will he shut it for him? Maddie throws herself in between the two guys. Nothing good comes from violence, she tells them, quoting Martin Luther King, Jr. Will backs down and he and Gwen decide to leave, but not before Gwen hurls another warning at Maddie. Maddie explains that she is not dating Casey, so she shouldn’t worry. With that, Will and Gwen leave.

Byron/B.J. continues to talk to Katie in a fog. He never got to ask her to dance at the prom. Katie realizes that she was the crush that B.J. was talking to her about. Katie never would have said no, though, because she was too nice. He wanted to be worthy of her. A couple million bucks later, and he hopes that he is. Katie gently explains that he never had to do any of this for her. She would have gladly been his friend. He continues: he is so glad fate brought them back together again. Katie asks quietly how exactly that happened. B.J./Bryon dodges the question. He could not let his second chance slip away. They have a connection that can’t be denied. What connection? Katie fearfully asks. He recounts how she touched his hand as they were making plans for the theme at the prom in high school. Katie snaps that she doesn’t remember that. He continues, saying it was just like that same feeling again when they were planning this party. Katie wonders why he even bothered with her when he could have any woman he would want. With a strange, icy stare, he looks past her as he tells her that he doesn’t want any woman; he wants her. Now Katie is finding it harder to not show how scared she is.

Maddie half-jokingly says to Casey, "So that was Gwen, huh?" Casey is riled up. "She doesn’t know me," he says. "She acts like she does, but she doesn’t have a clue." Casey stops: "Oh, forget it!" Maddie blurts out that she knows he slept with her, so why doesn’t he just admit it?

Will drops Gwen off at her mom’s house. He goes to leave, but Gwen stops him to ask if he is mad at her. He just doesn’t understand why she had to go off on Casey. They were at a party and in front of his girlfriend. She could have done it any other time, especially in private. Why did she need to make such a scene? Gwen apologizes to him. She explains that seeing him just ticks her off. Will wonders if she's really moved on, and she insists she has. He isn’t sure, because his parents are divorced and his mother still reacts to his father like that, and he thinks she does because she is still in love with him. Gwen is adamant. She is not in love with Casey and never was. She goes on to explain the night they hung out. She was alone, and Casey showed up acting funny and sweet. Then there was a keg that got opened, and the rest is history. She now sees how desperate she was. Looking back, though, she wouldn’t have changed a thing, because she ended up with her son.

Dusty is sure that his reasons for not wanting to say goodbye have nothing to do with Jen. He bends in front of the gravestone. He starts to talk about the day Johnny was born. He had been out on a date with Meg, minding his own business. He arrived at the cabin and instantly wished that he had brought Meg. He reminisces about how he held him. He thinks it is strange to feel so much for someone you just met a short time before. Meg cuts in to say she is so sorry. Dusty corrects her; she has nothing to feel sorry about. He was busy calling all the shots, and she was taking all the risks. Meg cuts in; she does have stuff to be very sorry about.

Paul is lying down on the couch, tossing fitfully as he tries to fall asleep. Emily is going to see her son trick-or-treating, but she won’t leave until he drifts off. Finally, Paul seems to drift off, and Emily gently kisses him on the forehead and tiptoes out of the apartment. Paul starts to dream. He sees Jen at the gravesite. She is sobbing. Johnny is there, calling out to his mommy, dressed as a ghost. Paul exclaims that he can’t be a ghost because he isn’t dead, as he whips off the sheet. Jen starts railing at Paul. He sent her baby away. What has he done with her baby? she angrily screams, as she hits Paul on the chest.

B.J./Byron wants Katie to put on the dress so they can have the prom they were always meant to have. Katie agrees, hoping she can come up with a plan. She will just go to the bathroom down the hall to change. She reaches for the door and finds it locked. He tells her that she doesn’t have to go anywhere; he will be a perfect gentleman. "Hurry up," he tells her, strangely calm, "they are playing our song." Katie continues to get further and further freaked out.

Paul is tossing and turning on the couch. He mumbles that he is sorry. We are back in his dream. Jen is screaming at Paul. How could he have kept the truth from her about her baby? He says he did it because of Craig. He was trying to protect her. She spits at him that what he did was far worse than anything that Craig could have done. She will never forgive him--NEVER! He sits up quickly on the couch, only to see a coffin in front of him. He walks over to it and opens it. He is staring at himself. Jen is standing there, holding her baby. He kept the truth from her and now he is dead to her. He screams, "No!" and shoots up straight on the couch, where he was having this nightmare. He is awake now, as he stares frantically around the apartment.

Dusty stops Meg; he is not going to let her apologize when she's done nothing wrong. Meg stops him; she needs to tell him something. She starts to explain what happened when she did the blood test for Jen’s baby, but Dusty stops her. He knows; she didn’t want to do it. She didn’t want to get Jen’s hopes up. Meg tries to continue; she needs to tell him. He understands; she tried to explain her feelings, but he wouldn’t let her. He wants her to stop looking at him like he is a saint. He did everything for Jen, for the most part, but part of him also did it for revenge against Craig. Meg stops him; she is not a saint either. He knows; that is what he likes about her. He moves into kiss her, but Meg pulls back. She tells him that she can’t be here with him; it feels wrong.

Gwen and Will talk about the times when they were just getting to know each other and become friends. She admits that she is worried about how she is going to explain to her baby about Casey. Her mom had not told Carly’s dad about her, and she doesn’t think that is fair to anyone involved. Will understands her concern, but she did give Casey a million chances to step up. Gwen looks at him intently. He believes her now? He answers that he believes that and a whole lot more.

Maddie and Casey continue to disagree. "Why are you so afraid to admit that you slept with Gwen--unless you really are the father?" Maddie wonders. Casey is infuriated; he shouts that for the last time, he is not the father, and he takes off in a huff. Maddie then spies Henry downing martinis. Did someone die? she asks. Nope. She worries that the last time he was drinking like that he was trying to get over Katie. By the way, where is Katie? she wonders. Henry answers that she is still with B.J. Maddie wonders why it would take him so long to reveal his true identity to Katie. Is he really drinking because he is worried about what B.J. could do to Katie? No, he is worried about what Mike will do when he gets out of the cellar he locked him in. However, he isn’t going to be half as mad as Katie will be when she finds out he knew about Byron’s identity. Maddie is definite; they have to go rescue Katie. Henry says they can’t because B.J. will be angry and he will get fired. She will go rescue her, then. Henry makes her promise that she will not, but as soon as he turns around, Maddie takes off.

Katie tells B.J./Byron that she doesn’t feel comfortable. He responds, with an edge in his voice, that he wants her to stop wasting time or they will have to start the song over. Katie, holding back tears, asks him why he is doing this. He changes the subject; he is glad they had that dance lesson, so he won’t be stepping on her feet. He now knows how she likes to be held. Katie, now definitely looking scared, asks quietly what else he wants from her. B.J./Byron looks at her and tells her that if he only wanted that, it would have happened already. He turns around so Katie can get into her dress. She is fighting back tears. Meanwhile, outside the door, Maddie has arrived. She quietly approaches the door and, hearing the music, she rattles the doorknob. She calls out for Katie and instinctively Katie goes to answer, but B.J./Byron stops her with his hand. He pulls out her ponytails and tells her that she is even more beautiful than in high school. Katie thinks that Maddie will be worried and that they should go downstairs, but B.J./Byron ignores her and tells her that something is missing. He takes out a corsage for her and puts it on her. Katie asks if they are going to dance. He takes her into his arms and pulls her close as they proceed to dance.

Mike is sitting on the floor, trying to figure out what to do. He throws something out of frustration. Then he sees his helmet and picks it up. He puts it on, looks at the bars and charges at them.

Maddie finds Henry again. They have to go find Katie; there is some funky music coming from B.J.'s room and no one answered her call. Henry is upset; she called out for Katie? Maddie knows that Henry is worried about something being off or he wouldn’t be downing martinis. He says he is sure whatever is going on between them is innocent. What if Byron plans on keeping Katie locked up? Henry is sure that would not happen with a houseful of guests. As he is finishing this sentence, an infuriated Mike leaps at Henry and demands to know where Katie is, adding that he had better tell him or he will severely beat him.

Paul looks at the pill bottle. He never should have taken these. He looks up at the mirror and sees his reflection. Then he hears laughing and realizes he is seeing Craig’s face. "Why are you here? You got what you want! Your plan was to keep Jen away from her baby and it worked--all thanks to me." Craig got everything he wanted because of him. He hears a door close, and he turns around to find Jen standing there.

Meg is looking for her keys, which Dusty has. He asks her if she wants to go back to his place. She turns him down. Why is she pulling away? It wouldn’t be right, she says; he is grieving. He loved the baby, and now suddenly he is really gone. Dusty asks if she is really bailing on him, especially now that he needs her so much. He needs a warm body, she answers. She will be there to empathize, care for and listen to him. Friend to friend, Dusty says as he takes her hand and kisses it and then hugs her. Meg guiltily looks at the headstone over Dusty’s shoulder.

Will is listening to Gwen talking to the baby on the monitor. She comes back outside and admits that she talks to him even when he is asleep. She figures that it is probably weird, but Will thinks it is cute. He wonders if he should make himself scarce before Iris wakes up. Gwen doesn’t want him to go now. They look up at the night sky. He remembers a saying his sister used to say. He starts to recite it: "Star Light, star bright, first star I see tonight." Gwen continues: "I wish I may, I wish I might have the wish I wish tonight." After they finish, they fall into a kiss.

Mike is holding on to Henry’s shirt. Was this the same game as the other day with B.J.’s car that supposedly broke down? Henry feigns zero knowledge of what he is referring to. He just saw Katie by the fireplace, he thinks. Mike lets him go and starts to walk away, but Maddie stops him and says she knows where Katie is.

Katie and B.J./Byron are dancing. She nervously dances as his hands grip her tighter. She pulls away, telling him thank you for the dance, but she needs to go, so he needs to unlock the door now. He tells her that she can’t go now because she will miss the very best part. "This is where we have our first kiss." He stares at her, and Katie is absolutely petrified now!

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