ATWT Update Friday 10/28/05

As the World Turns Update Friday 10/28/05


Written By Eva
Pictures by Boo

Proofread by Angie

At Metro, Dusty tells Meg he feels like he let Jennifer down because he got her hopes up about the baby and then he couldn’t get the baby back for her. Dusty also tells Meg Jennifer told him good-bye for good.

At Paul’s place, Paul and Emily’s kissing gets interrupted by a frantic call from Barbara, who tells Paul Jennifer didn’t show up for their scheduled meeting. Barbara tells Paul she is really worried about Jennifer, so Paul hangs up the phone and tells Emily the details of the conversation. Paul rushes off to look for Jennifer while Emily tells herself Jennifer has to be okay.

At Luther’s Corners Cemetery, Jennifer arrives to put flowers on John Dustin’s grave. Jennifer apologizes to her son for not coming to visit him sooner, but she explains she thought that he was alive.

At Iris’s place, Will arrives to invite Gwen to B.J./s Halloween party. Gwen refuses to go at first, saying that she must stay home and take care of Billy. Iris tells her daughter she should go have some fun, and Granny will take care of Billy.

At Fairwinds, Maddie explains to Mike that the guy in the picture isn’t her boyfriend but a really creepy guy named Byron Glass, and maybe he should--Maddie stops mid-sentence as soon as B.J. enters the room. Mike tells Maddie that if this guy in the picture is giving her trouble she should let him know, because he wants to help her solve the problem. Mike shows B.J. the picture and explains that the guy scares Maddie. B.J. offers to put a bodyguard with Maddie to protect her from this creepy, scary guy. Maddie turns down B.J.'s offer and says the guy's no big deal. Katie arrives and Mike explains to her that Maddie has a problem. B.J. dares Maddie to tell Mike and Katie about her problem.

At Iris’s house, Gwen still doesn’t feel it's right to go to a party and leave the baby so soon after he's arrived home. Will decides to stay home with Gwen and the baby and watch TV. Iris tells Gwen not even Social Services would expect her to stay home with the baby 24 hours a day. Gwen decides that for once her mother is right and decides to go to the Halloween party.

At Metro, Dusty tells Meg he thinks he used Jennifer and the search for her baby as a way to get revenge on Craig. Meg tells Dusty that he would never do that; he was just trying to help Jennifer find the truth because he brought the baby into the world and felt a connection to him. Meg also wants Dusty to admit he helped Jennifer because he cares about her. Meg tells Dusty that if he admits he cares for Jennifer it will make everything she has done worthwhile. Dusty is confused by Meg’s comments and wonders what she means by them. Meg covers and tells Dusty that everything she did for Jennifer because of their friendship will be worthwhile if he admits his feelings for Jennifer. Dusty hesitates a few minutes and Meg gets up to leave, but Dusty grabs her hand and asks her to stay, so Meg tells Dusty she isn’t gong anywhere.

At the Luther’s Corners Cemetery, Paul arrives and is relieved to find Jennifer is just fine. Paul looks at the flowers Jennifer brought for her son. Jennifer tells Paul she feels badly she hasn’t been to John Dustin's grave since he died. Jennifer wonders what kind of Halloween costume she would have bought for John Dustin. Paul can’t stand to see Jennifer’s pain, so he tells her they should go home. Jennifer tells Paul she is okay and she wants to stay at the grave a little while longer.

The rest of the show was preempted by a news conference.

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