ATWT Update Thursday 10/27/05

As the World Turns Update Thursday 10/27/05


Written By Eva
Pictures by Boo
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At Katie’s house, Mike gets a call from someone on his construction crew telling him there is a problem with the Fairwinds job. Mike gives the man instructions on how to handle the problem but then gets frustrated and decides to go down and handle the problem himself. Katie, who has been distracting Mike by kissing him while he is on the phone, asks him to stay a while longer so they can have a romantic morning. Mike is annoyed that B.J. is such a perfectionist and demands the best. He tells Katie he can’t stay and spend the morning. Katie goes to kiss Mike on the cheek but he avoids her kiss, and Katie wonders what other reason has Mike in such a rotten mood. Mike explains that it didn’t help his mood to come home yesterday and find B.J. dancing with his girlfriend. Katie thinks she was right and Mike is jealous of B.J., like she has always suspected.

At the Lakeview, Dusty arrives to see how Jennifer is doing after the devastating news that she isn’t the mother of Gwen’s baby. Dusty apologizes to Jennifer for pushing her so hard to search for the baby. Jennifer tells Dusty that he didn’t push her into anything; they both believed so strongly that her baby was alive that they almost willed the baby to be alive. Jennifer thinks it's time they both face reality and get on with their lives. Dusty doesn’t think they should go through this pain alone.

At Java, Emily tells Paul she thinks this whole mess is finally over and everything turned out for the best. Paul is worried that Craig might someday tell Jennifer the truth, just because he is in jail and has nothing to lose by telling Jennifer the truth. Emily doesn’t think Craig would ever do that, because he switched the babies because he didn’t want Jennifer to raise his son. Will arrives with the baby and tells Paul he must talk to him alone. Emily gives Paul a little kiss and tells Will to stop by the apartment to visit, because she misses him. Emily looks at the baby and pinches his cheek before she leaves the restaurant. Paul asks Will to try to forgive Emily, because she really misses his friendship. Will tells Paul he doesn’t want to talk about Emily, but he does need to ask him for his help.

At Iris’s house, Iris is upset that Gwen allowed Will to take the baby for a walk. Gwen makes it clear that Will is her friend and she trusts him with the baby. Iris reminds Gwen that the only reason she has custody of the baby is because of her, so she should stop acting so high and mighty with her. The doorbell rings, and Iris is not thrilled to see Carly at her door.

At Katie’s place, Katie gives Mike a kiss and tells him he doesn’t have anything to worry about because he was right--B.J. is harmless. Katie tells Mike B.J. has a classic case of arrested development. Mike tells Katie he thinks B.J. asked Henry to pretend his car needed fixing just to get him out of the house so he could be alone with her. Katie doesn’t believe that theory could be true, because Henry is her friend and he would never do something like that to her. Mike tells Katie that B.J. had better be harmless, because if he has a hidden agenda involving her then they are both going to quit their jobs.

At the Lakeview, Jennifer explains to Dusty that she needs to learn to be an independent woman again, because their relationship started out as friendship, but then she began to use him as a crutch in order to be able to survive the pain of losing her baby. Dusty is afraid that Jennifer may go back to using drugs to survive the pain if she doesn’t have his support as a friend. Jennifer assures Dusty that she won’t go back to drugs, because all they did was erase all her memories for a while, and she wants to have a clear head so she can remember the few precious hours she spent with her child before he died. Jennifer tells Dusty she has become the one thing she hates, which is a victim, and she doesn’t want to be a victim for the rest of her life like her mother. Dusty gives Jennifer as much time off from work as she needs to accept her baby’s death.

At Java, Will asks Paul to take care of the baby if he and Gwen have to go to jail. Paul is startled and gets nervous when he hears Will's request. Paul tells Will he doesn’t have to think about that right now because he isn’t even sure the D.A. will press charges against them.. Paul promises Will that he will get the best team of lawyers to make sure that he and Gwen don’t go to jail. Will tells Paul he just wants to make sure Gwen’s mother Iris doesn’t raise the baby.

At Iris’s house, Iris tells Carly to leave because she isn’t welcome at the house, but Gwen agrees to talk to Carly. Gwen asks Iris to leave because she wants to talk to Carly alone. Iris reluctantly agrees to leave, but before she does she tells Carly not to be there when she returns.

At Fairwinds, B.J. and Henry start to set things up for the Halloween party. Mike and Katie arrive, and B.J. tells Mike there is a problem with the pipes in the basement, so he needs to take a look at them. Maddie arrives looking for Henry, and B.J. asks Katie to help Henry set things up downstairs and he will keep Maddie company. Maddie asks B.J. why he had her fired from the TV station if he thought she was doing a great job. B.J. explains to Maddie he was just trying to help her learn the life lesson that actions have consequences. B.J. makes it clear to Maddie that the next time she disobeys his orders or even thinks about revealing his identity to Katie, someone else will have to pay the consequences.

At the Lakeview, Dusty tells Jennifer she is nothing like her mother, because she is much stronger then Barbara. Jennifer admits to Dusty she is afraid she will always be a victim, and she doesn’t want to take him down with her. Dusty tells Jennifer that if he sees her going down he is coming in after her.

At Java, Paul asks Will if he is hungry because he wants to change the subject and talk about something else. Will says he would like a muffin and some coffee. The baby cries and Will thinks he is also hungry, so he asks Paul to hold the baby while he goes to ask someone to warm up his bottle. Paul refuses to hold the baby, and Will assures him he won’t bite and gives him the baby. Paul holds the baby at arms' length and starts to feel guilty about keeping him a secret from Jennifer. Paul recalls the conversation he had with Jennifer at the hospital in which she told him she would gladly fight Craig if it meant that she got to hold her child in her arms again.

At Iris’s place, Carly takes out a picture of Rosanna holding Billy that a nurse gave her after Rosanna’s accident. Gwen tells Carly Rosanna was a nice lady and she liked her a lot. Carly tells Gwen she won’t cooperate with the police to press charges against her. Gwen doesn’t trust her and wonders what Carly really hopes to gain by being nice to her. Carly explains to Gwen that she finally understands how much Gwen loves Billy, and all she wants is for him to be loved and happy. Gwen thinks Carly wants a chance to see Billy and play Aunt Carly to him. Carly explains to Gwen that she lost a sister, and now, by some miracle, she has another, and she wants a chance to be a sister to her. Carly explains that she started out being an aunt to this beautiful child, and she seems destined to be his aunt. Carly explains that she wants Billy to grow up with an aunt, an uncle and cousins, so that he will have someone to turn to when he can’t turn to her. Gwen tells Carly that Billy will always be able to turn to her at any time. Carly explains that no matter how much you love your kids, sometimes love isn’t enough.

At Fairwinds, B.J. gives Maddie back her job at the station, since they have come to an understanding. B.J. gets a disco ball in the mail, and when Katie sees it he tells her he had ordered a black light and a strobe light, but the company made a mistake. Katie offers to send the package back for him, but B.J. sends her back downstairs to help Henry. B.J. orders Maddie to take the package upstairs, and when she says she will be glad to give it back to the deliveryman and tell him about the mistake, B.J. tells Maddie he doesn’t pay her to think, he pays her to follow orders. Maddie goes upstairs with the package and daydreams that Katie is at a party with B.J. and B.J. has turned Mike into a robot butler. Henry arrives to rescue Katie from B.J., but B.J. is so upset that Henry is taking Katie away that he shoots Henry before he can get to the door with Katie. B.J. then reminds Maddie that actions have consequences.

At the Lakeview, Jennifer tells Dusty that seeing him just reminds her of the pain of losing her child. Jennifer thinks that in order to have a chance at accepting her child’s death, she can’t see him anymore. Dusty asks Jennifer how long he has to stay away from her. Jennifer cries and says she doesn’t know how long it will take her to get over this pain. Dusty is heartbroken, but he hides it well and tells Jennifer if he can’t give her what she wants he will give her what she needs. Dusty says, "Good-bye, Jenny," and walks out the door.

At Iris‘s place, Carly tells Gwen that Rosanna taught her the importance of family, and that is what she wants to be to Billy. Gwen doesn’t trust Carly and tells her she intends to take her to court, and when she gets permanent custody of the baby and she (Carly) is taken to jail, then Carly can look her way, because she will be the one smiling back at her. Will arrives with Billy, back from their walk. Carly goes to look at the baby and starts to touch him, but Gwen screams that if she touches the baby she will call the police.

At Paul’s place, Paul tells Emily he held the baby today and he realized that his nephew is growing up across town while his sister is grieving for a child she thinks is dead. Paul doesn’t think this will ever end, because Will is going to be a part of the baby’s life. Emily doesn’t think it is going to be so bad seeing the baby once in a while.. Paul explains to Emily that when he looked at the baby he felt the baby could see through all his lies, and the lies must stop now. Paul picks up the phone and says that if Jennifer is home, he is going to go over and tell her the truth.

At Fairwinds, Mike finds a picture of Byron Glass in with Maddie’s things and laughs as he asks Maddie if he is her old boyfriend. Katie tells B.J. there are some old Halloween costumes at her place they could use to decorate for the party. B.J. offers to drive her to get the costumes.

At Katie’s place, B.J. shows Katie a charm bracelet just like the one she used to have in high school and tells her he intends to give them as party favors to all the female party guests. Katie thinks that is a great idea and goes upstairs to get the Halloween costumes.

At Iris’s place, Carly notices how good Gwen is with the baby and asks Gwen if the baby is happy. Gwen says yes, and Carly asks Gwen to call her if she needs anything. Gwen tells Carly not to wait by the phone. Carly reminds Gwen that her offer still stands, and she can make the decision of whatever she wants to do. Will asks Gwen what she talked about with Carly. Gwen tells Will she thinks that Carly wants her to tell Billy about her, because that is the same thing she would want if Carly had custody of him. Gwen still isn’t sure if she can trust Carly, but she does know Carly loves the baby.

Inside Dusty’s car, Meg walks by and sees a sad Dusty and tells him to scoot over so she can get inside the car. Dusty scoots over to the passenger’s side and Meg offers to drive him anywhere he wants to go. Dusty thinks that is a great idea and gives her the car keys. Meg smiles and tells Dusty he is in good hands.

At the Lakeview, Jennifer holds a baby sock and smells it while she looks in the mirror.

At Paul’s place, a desperate Emily grabs the phone from Paul and hangs it up. Emily tells Paul that if he tells Jennifer the truth they will both go to jail, and she will be away from Daniel, and they will also be pulled away from each other. Emily tells Paul that everyone who thought their relationship was going to fail will win. Emily tells Paul she won’t ever risk losing him, not even for Jennifer's sake. Emily kisses Paul, and after a few minutes he starts kissing her back.

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