ATWT Update Wednesday 10/26/05

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 10/26/05


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Proofread by Angie

With her cute little cheerleading uniform laid carefully aside, Mike and Katie lie in bed, wrapped in each other’s arms in the afterglow. He says that was something to cheer about. They kiss two, three, maybe a dozen times. She thinks B.J. probably didn’t have that in mind when he gave her the outfit, and she wonders if they insulted B.J. when they took off like that. Mike reminds her that Fairwinds is B.J.’s project, and even though he’s technically her boss, Mike’s an independent contractor, so he doesn’t own him. Let him handle the inspectors; he’s got better things to do with his evening. She laughs, saying he was so subtle about it to B.J.

Meanwhile, B.J. sits at Java with Henry and tells him he needs to know--can he count on him to get Mike out of the way? Henry asks just how far away they are talking about. B.J. asks if that matters; he did sign on as his executive assistant. Henry retorts that that was before he knew whom he had to execute. B.J. almost chokes on his chocolate milk. He laughs and tells Henry he’s a funny guy, but B.J. is not a mob boss, so he’s not asking him to rub somebody out. It’s nothing like that. Henry says he knows; it’s just that he’d like to go over the finer points as to how they are going to get rid of Mike. B.J. says he doesn’t know. He just wants some alone time with Katie; he hasn’t had any one-on-one time with her since he arrived. Henry asks why he wants to talk to her, and about what. B.J. says just about old times, in high school, though Henry reminds him she does not even remember him from then. B.J. says maybe he can remedy that, though. He’s been thinking that maybe since he’s throwing this party, they could really, really talk, and she’d remember him from the old days. Henry still wonders why he should do this. B.J. responds, “Because you’re my right-hand man, man. Because I know I can depend on you--and because I’ve already proven I can sweeten the deal, friend.”

Carly and Jack are at the diner discussing that it was him who made the vendor make a false statement, so he has to face Hal now. She hates that he has to answer for something she did and she wants to go with him to explain. Jack says he was the only one who lied to his superior officer and best friend. He thinks it best to leave it between the two of them. He gives her a kiss on the cheek and tells her to go home; he’ll see her later.. She pulls out a picture of Rory from her purse and is looking at it when someone walks up. It’s Nancy, and she tells her politely that she has no one to blame but herself.

Meg holds two vials of blood samples and Paul tells her this is it, the moment of truth. She wonders whose truth. He says it is up to her. She comments that he knows exactly what is going to happen when they test these: Jen’s will be totally compatible with the baby’s, since he is her baby. Paul adds, "And Craig Montgomery's, and when he finds out she’s trying to claim this baby, her life will be a living hell." She claims Jen’s life already is a living hell, with her being unable to prove that someone else is raising her baby. Paul says Craig can make it one hundred times worse, but she can spare everyone that heartache. All she has to do is make sure Jen has no relationship with this baby, and she can get on with her life. He can take her to Europe as planned. Meg says, “Oh, yeah, that’s a great arrangement. I commit a felony and risk my reputation, and you get to control your sister’s life.” She walks off, but he swings her around and says he’s not trying to control her, but protect her. Meg wants to know, While everyone is lined up trying to protect Jennifer, where does that leave her? He says that’s the good part. She'll be number one in Dusty Donavan’s life. He’ll need her more than ever now. She asks what will happen if she decides to come out with the truth. He vows that he will make sure the whole truth comes out--how she performed an illegal DNA test and didn’t share the results with Jennifer. Dusty won’t want her anymore when he finds out she knew Jennifer was the mother and didn’t speak up. Can she live with that? She tells him what really matters is, Can she live with herself? He asks her to please do the right thing, and let his sister get on with her life. Barbara rushes up, telling Paul she has been calling all over for him. She explains she’s worried sick about his little brother, Gwen and the baby. Dusty and Jennifer walk up at that moment, and Jen tells her she should stop worrying. Jen explains she is getting a blood test, among other things, when Barbara asks why she is there.. Paul tries to quiet her by saying he doesn’t think their mother has to know everything. Jen asks why not; the truth is going to come out sooner or later. They may as well stop being so hush-hush about it. Jen explains to her that for months she has known that the baby Gwen gave up for adoption is really her son, and soon everyone will know, as Meg is going to help her prove it. Barbara quickly turns around and chides Paul and Meg for helping facilitate this madness when they know what she’s been through. Jen turns angry and tells her mother to stop it. She knows she led her to believe that she’d given up thinking that the baby was hers, but she hadn’t. Her baby is not dead; he’s very much alive, and they were all going to prove it. Barbara looks aghast, and Meg and Paul exchange knowing glances. Barbara shoots the theory down by bringing up her therapy. Meg excuses herself to go write up the order for blood analysis. Paul’s eyes follow her. Jen tells her not to blame Paul, because she was the one who lied to her. Jen says she’s sorry, but she had to do it to get out of Deerbrook and prove that he wasn’t dead. She turns to Paul and asks if he knew this. He says no, not at first. Dusty admits he knew, so she can blame him. Jen speaks up and tells her not to blame anybody, and especially not Dusty. He was the only one who believed her, and they put it all together; then when they explained it to Paul, he started to believe. Barbara wants to know what they explained. Jen tells her she's talking about the clues; there are clues that lead to the fact that the other preemie born that night was the one who died. There are clues that show that Craig switched the babies so he could adopt his biological son. Barbara is skeptical and wants to know where the evidence is. Isn’t this what landed her in Deerbrook in the first place? Jen confides in her that Dusty and Paul do not think she is delusional; they back her 100%, and once Barbara has heard all of it, she hopes she will too.

I don’t know what Mike and Katie are eating--something liquid out of a bowl--but some of it drips on Katie as Mike spoonfeeds her. He is only too happy to lick it off her chest, and then he kisses her. The doorbell rings and he asks if she is expecting anyone. She replies no, so he hollers out for the visitor to go away. Whoever it is then leans on the bell and it rings continuously. Katie says they are persistent, so she’s going to sneak upstairs quietly and get dressed while he answers the door. They chuckle while she fights to pull the sheet around herself and he struggles to pull his pants on. He bounds to the door and Henry literally runs in, asking for his help. He stammers that he’s in trouble with a capital T, and if Mike doesn’t help him, his life is coming to a screeching halt. Mike asks what’s wrong, and Henry just keeps repeating, all in a dither, that he’s such an idiot; he just had to take B.J.’s car for a spin, and he doesn’t know about it. Mike suggests he just put it back, but Henry says he can’t. He tells this horrible story about the car bucking and heaving and starting to cough up smoke, and then this green liquid-bile stuff started coming, and it’s too awful; he can’t even think about it. Mike asks where it is now, and he replies he doesn’t know. He thinks on Juniper. He couldn’t start it so he hitched a ride to Mike’s road and ran the rest of the way. Mike hands him the phone and suggests he call the auto club. Katie emerges from upstairs. Henry is hyperventilating by now and keeps telling Mike he can’t call the auto club because they’ll just tow it, fix it and keep it in the shop. Mike asks if that isn’t what he needs. Henry stammers no, he needs a job, dude. Next to chocolate milk and some heartbreaker from the past, that car is the one thing B.J. loves most in this world. If he finds out he drove it, he’ll can him. He begs Mike for his help. Mike shrugs and tells him he doesn’t know what he expects him to do. Henry continues to beg, saying this is his whole future, and Maddie’s, too. He can’t go to her and tell her he has to pack up and move back to the limo. Please help him out! Katie speaks, saying she thinks Mike should go take a look at it and see if he can fix it; it won’t take very long. Henry is egging him on to do so and then thanks him profusely when Mike says he will. Henry says he owes him one. Mike shoots, “One?” He puts on his shirt and asks why he always has to be the nice guy. Katie tells him it's because she wouldn’t love him any other way; she gives him a quick kiss and sends them on their way. In less than a minute, B.J. is knocking at the door. He asks if it’s a bad time and she says no, but Mike just left. He barges on in anyway. He says that’s too bad, as he was just over at Fairwinds meeting with the inspectors and he doesn’t think it will be ready by the Halloween party. Katie looks concerned and asks why not and what’s left to complete. He mentions a couple of things and that they need to add a few more men to the crew. He comments he thinks he will go for a ride; he thinks better with the pedal to the metal. Katie stops him and says perhaps she can help him with some party stuff, since he’s already there.

Nancy sits down and tells Carly she really feels used. She made her an accomplice by deceiving that young girl. Carly snips that in the end, Gwen did just fine. She got the baby; she got everything. Nancy remarks, “And you sacrificed ALL the progress you’ve made in the last few years, for what?” Carly sneers and says she doesn’t have to tell her how many mistakes she’s made. It’s just things she thought were true turned out not to be true. She knows she’s messed up, and she doesn’t know what to say. Nancy says saying ‘I’m sorry’ might be a good beginning.

Jack walks into the precinct and saunters up to Hal, who has this determined look on his face--determined to be tough. He comments that he wondered when he’d show and says perhaps they ought to talk in private, as he escorts him toward his office. Jack tells him he doesn’t know what else to say except he’s sorry. He sounds sincere when Hal asks if he is apologizing for what he did, and he replies yes, he's sorry for lying to him--and he’s sorry it didn’t work. Hal says that’s what he thought. Jack says he knows his friendship means the world to him, but he had to protect Carly. And it was wrong, but at the time he felt it was his only choice. Hal says yeah, but now both he and Carly are up the creek. Jack tells him he doesn’t expect him to let this go. Hal nods and says he couldn’t even if he wanted to. Jack states that he has to look out for his family; Carly is already facing criminal charges, and if she’s found guilty, it’ll wreak havoc on their lives. So he needs to know if Hal is going to press charges against him, too.

Meg is in a room, holding the blood samples, and when Paul hunts her down she tells him to stop hammering at her. He tells her they were interrupted and his mother must have rattled her, but he has something to tell her. She says okay, but she doesn’t want to hear it. No more rationalizations, she’s made up her mind; she knows what she has to do.

Hal stands there and declares that in all his years on the force, if anyone had asked him who was the most stand-up guy he’d ever worked with, he would have said Jack Snyder, no question. Corrupt a witness? NEVER! Jack responds by saying he hated to disappoint him. Hal chastises him that he could have come to him. He would have found a way to work with him. He remembers asking him about that guy. Jack tells him he wasn’t going to jeopardize Hal’s career by letting him in on something he had to do, and he wasn’t going to let him talk him out of it. Hal accuses him; he isn’t sorry for what he did, is he? Jack admits there is no point to lying to him anymore. If he had to do it all over again, he’d probably play it the same way. Hal exclaims that it would have been HARD turning Carly in, but Jack is a cop (pointing finger), and now he’s an accessory. Apologetically, Jack says he knows it’s no excuse, but Carly was fighting to keep that baby. And Gwen, she didn’t get hurt. The consequences of turning Carly in would be worse than what she did. She means too much to him; she's his whole world. Hal steels him a look and grits his teeth and says he can’t arrest Jack. He should, but he can’t. Jack was going to have too many problems with Carly’s case; Hal couldn’t do that to his family too. Jack thanks him and tells him friends don’t come any better, and he wants him to know he didn’t tell him because he didn’t trust him, but he had to protect him too. Hal tells him he wishes he could protect him the same way, but the commissioner was ALL OVER HIM. It’s in the papers, and he’s calling the mayor three times a day. It's in the court system. Jack assures him he understands; he knew the risk. But, if he’s not arresting him...? Hal tells him there will be an internal investigation. It won’t be public knowledge and nothing goes on his record. He’s suspending him, without pay, effective immediately. He’s going to ask him for his badge.

Nancy thanks Carly and says, "That wasn’t so difficult, was it?" She says it just wasn’t supposed to turn out this way. Nancy philosophizes that she knows what they say--when one door closes, another opens. Carly leans in and says she doesn’t know how she’s going to explain to Parker and J.J. and Sage that he’s gone. Nancy tells her, “You’ll find a way, sweetheart. Between you and Jack, you’ll find a way.”

Henry and Mike end up back at Java, but Mike feels like he’s been led on a wild goose chase. Henry doesn’t seem to remember any road signs or landmarks along the way. Mike suggests they go inside, and maybe some caffeine will give his mind a swift kick. Henry says no, no, he’s thinking; two tall willows--that’s it, Willow Lane, he’s sure..

Katie and B.J. are discussing the party and he says the deejay was talking to him and asking him what kind of music he wanted to play, and all he could think of was the Monster Mash. Katie then asks what kind of music he likes to dance to--Latin, house, alternative? She asks if he was even going to dance. He says no, not him personally. He believes that no one should do anything unless they have a relatively good chance at being good at it, and he never learned. She asks if he didn’t want to. He says absolutely. Remember that girl he’d told her he’d had a crush on in high school? Katie asks if he ever asked her to dance. He replies, only in his dreams. In real life he was way too big and clumsy and too shy to even open his mouth. She states that dancing is very easy, you just have to feel the music. He says when she says it like that, it almost makes sense, except that he has no idea what to do in front of strangers. He would make a complete fool of himself. She tells him no he won’t; she’s going to help him. She jumps up and grabs her portable radio. He tells her he couldn’t possibly ask her to do that. She tells him to come on. If she can teach aerobics, she can teach him a few moves, so get up, because they are going to boogie.

Barbara thinks this is rather unbelievable. Dusty asks, “Would you put it past Craig to steal Jen’s baby and pretend it was the one he adopted?” She says no, she wouldn’t, but it’s so… Jen finishes it: "Cynical or depraved?" She was the one who had told her all along and said Craig was that and more. Dusty says the fact that he refused to see them proves he has something to hide. Barbara says she’s glad he didn’t see them. Jen had suffered enough at that man’s hands. If she had gone to see him and there was any truth to any of this, he would have seen right through their plans. He would have telegraphed all of it and found some way to undo her. Jen tells her that is why they are using Meg. She is beyond Craig’s radar and she has proven she is someone they can trust.

Paul sidesteps Meg to keep her from leaving and tells her that he knows she doesn’t like him or trust him, but if she’s made some sort of decision, doesn’t she think he deserves to know? “You deserve nothing from me, Paul,” she declares. He warns her they are both just inches away from getting what they both want. She offers that she never wanted to hurt Jennifer. Paul says if she tells her what she thinks she wants to hear, then she’ll wind up being hurt in the long run. And if the tests comes back negative, Dusty is Meg’s. She scoffs, “Mine? I don’t own anybody. I’m not having this conversation with you again.”

A nurse walks in on them and apologizes for not knowing someone was in there. Meg announces that Mr. Ryan was just leaving. The nurse picks up a folder and says you wouldn’t think things could get so mixed up at a hospital. Alone, holding the two vials, Meg says out loud, “No, you wouldn’t.” She goes to the desk and takes out all the needed paraphernalia and proceeds to take her own blood sample.

Mike is ticked. They finally find the car, but it’s on the other side of town. Henry is flustered and says yeah, he has a terrible sense of direction. Mike wonders how he ever drove a limo. Mike asks for the keys. Henry tries to stall by asking if he wants to look under the hood. It starts right up, and Henry starts praising Mike as being “the man, the miracle worker--WOW!"

Meanwhile with music playing, Katie tells B.J. to forget it is dancing and just kind of move his body (she starts swaying) from side to side; relax, and just feel the music. Maybe it would help to just mirror her. She’ll just close her eyes and let him do his thing. She’s really grooving, though, and her tight little bare midriff isn’t lost on big B.J. Katie tells him don’t be shy, just close his eyes, and she takes his arms and says she’ll move them, and she has them flailing about. Pretty soon they are really dancing, shucking their jackets and getting their groove thing on. He marvels at what a great teacher she is. She tells him he is talking, laughing and dancing, and very natural at it. She says there are going to be a lot of beautiful women at the party and they are going to want to dance. He gets the hint and asks Katie if she would like to dance. It’s a slow dance, and she glides into his arms and puts her arms behind his neck, and their bodies sway. Their faces are inches away from each other as she smiles up at him.

Jack pushes his badge across the table to Hal. Hal says he can’t tell him how much he hates doing this. Carly bursts in and is saddened that Hal is actually doing this. Jack says he’s only doing his job. Carly begs Hal, if he has to punish anyone, to punish her; please don’t take it out on Jack! Hal says he’s sorry, but this is out of his hands. She continues that the precinct is Jack’s whole world, along with being a cop; he can’t take that away.

Emily shows up and surprises Paul, who asks what she is doing there. She says she is standing beside the man she loves. He didn’t believe her when she said she was in this for the long haul? She couldn’t let him go through this alone. They were in this together. She plants a kiss on him. What happened with Meg? Paul says it could go either way. Emily says she doesn’t think so; she’s got too much invested to spill. Has he seen the way she looks at Dusty? Paul tells her he knows, she’s crazy about him, but she was also raised by Emma Snyder, so she could have a misguided attack of conscience. Emily says she won’t, and no matter what happens, they have each other.

Meg comes out of the room. Paul and Emily see her, and in walk Jen, Barbara and Dusty. Meg says she called a lab tech for the samples and told them to put a rush on it. Barbara wants to know exactly what this test is going to tell them. Meg explains they’ll do a preliminary typing to see if the blood samples are compatible. Jen nods and says they will be. Meg continues that then they will do a DNA test.

The lab tech comes to get the samples, and Meg says she has them right here and pulls them out of her coat pocket. Before he can put them in a plastic baggie, she asks for a moment. She gives Paul a knowing look. Then Dusty plays nice to Jen and calls her "sweetheart," and she hugs him for helping her through all of this. She couldn’t have done it without him. Meg drinks this all in. She lays the vials on the table in front of her, but out of everyone else’s vision. Slowly, she exchanges one of the vials for another she has in her back pocket. She quickly bags the two and hands them to the lab tech and asks if she can go along and wait until he is finished. Dusty speaks up and asks if he can go too; he’d like to be able to tell Jen that everything is kosher. Jen thanks Meg and tells everyone they will know the truth soon.

Mike catches Katie and B.J. dancing and seems mighty suspicious. B.J. makes a fast getaway after explaining he has two left feet and Katie was just helping him. He’s taken enough of their time; he’ll see them at the party tomorrow. Less than enthusiastic, she covers for Mike by saying they wouldn’t miss it for the world. B.J. just needs to remember to relax. That’s the key. She bubbles to Mike that he just showed up right after he and Henry left. They are lucky they didn’t run into him. She marvels that at least he got the car fixed; Henry won’t lose his job, and B.J. got a free dance lesson. Looks like everything worked out. Mike agrees--yeah, it did.

Jack tells Carly that Hal is being very generous here. He could have arrested him, but he’s handing it over to IAD instead. It means he’s not off the force; he’s being suspended, and they’ll have to dip into their savings for a couple of weeks, but they’ve suffered worse. He tells Hal to stop apologizing. It wasn’t his fault. He knew what he was doing, and now he has to take his lumps. Hal says to call him if he needs anything. Jack thanks him, and Hal leaves them alone. Carly’s dobber is down; she feels she has ruined everything, and everything is falling apart. Jack tells her they will get through this, one step at a time, just like everything else. She tells him she is so sorry; can he ever forgive her? He envelops her in his arms and says they have been through hell together, and he still loves her so much he can’t see straight. She shouldn’t even have to ask if they are okay. He tells her between them, they are cool; there’s nothing to forgive there--but there is someone else out there she owes an apology to..

Meg and Dusty return and all go to greet them. Dusty wants to take Jen to a private place where they can sit down, but she insists they tell her now. Meg explains that the preliminary profile shows the blood types aren’t compatible. She says she is sorry, but Jennifer couldn’t possibly be the mother. Jen tells them they are wrong, the lab must have messed up, the tests got mixed up. But Dusty tells her he saw Meg take the blood from the baby and from her. He watched her take it to the lab, and it was never out of his sight. He promised her it would go down without a hitch, and it did. The results were just not what they wanted. Jen breaks down and cries, "No, this is wrong, wrong, wrong."

Mike pretends all is all right, but he’s still skeptical. Katie goes upstairs to read a while and Mike heads for the phone. He calls Henry, who again starts thanking him for getting him out of the jam and coming to the rescue. He got the car back and no one was the wiser. Mike pulls no punches; he asks if this was like the time his back went out. Henry plays dumb and says he doesn’t know what he means. Mike tells him don’t play him. Did he fake some breakdown so his boss could be alone with Katie? Again Henry feigns that he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Mike mentions dance lessons. He’d walked in on Katie and B.J. doing a little two-step. Did B.J. get him to lure Mike out of the house so he could have her all to himself, or what? Henry lies and says he has no idea what Mike is talking about. Mike hangs up. Henry looks worried. B.J. pushes a wad of money across the table to our Henry and says, “Good job.”

Carly asks Jack how he can expect her to apologize to Gwen. He reminds her she is her sister. She says Rosanna is her sister; Gwen is nothing to her. He tells her to look at all the trouble this fear and anger has caused them. They were both in hot water because they were scared. They didn’t know the full story. Now they do, and it’s different. Carly says she can’t do it. She rails that she won’t do it, not after what Gwen put her through, and especially after what her mother did to her. She can’t do it! Jack pleads, Not even for her nephew? That’s right, Gwen’s baby is her biological nephew. Has she ever thought of that? Carly admits she guesses not. Jack says, well, he’s not Rosanna’s son anymore, but he still has an Aunt Carly and an Uncle Jack; they’re family. He asks her to just think about it, and they’ll go home now.

Dusty tries to touch Jen to say he’s sorry, but she pulls back. Paul also offers that he’s sorry; he knows how much she wanted this. Emily tells her too. Barbara says she knows this is a terrible disappointment and asks her to let her take her home. Dusty says he wants to take her home. Barbara intercedes and gives him an evil eye and tells him to stay away. Jen is devastated because of him, and for what? Look at the damage, what all of them have done! Jennifer mumbles that she was so sure. Finally, she allows Barbara to lead her out.

Dusty leaves as well. Paul looks around to make sure no one overhears and quietly tells Meg she did the right thing. Almost tearing up, she tells him go to hell. Paul hugs Emily tightly and says it’s finally over. Emily doesn’t look so happy either.

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