ATWT Update Tuesday 10/25/05

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 10/25/05


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Boo

Proofread by Angie

Maddie finds Henry in B.J.’s car outside of Java. What is he doing there? He is keeping his car warm while B.J. talks to Katie. Maddie tells Henry that he knows about her being the one that emailed him pretending to be Katie, and he is mad. Good, Henry tells her.

Katie is smiling as she shows off her cheerleading outfit. B.J. remarks that she looks exactly the same. The same as what? she asks. He covers by saying he meant that she looks exactly how he would have imagined in his vision. He is just happy she is no longer mad--right? She is not, and she is here to give him a cheer. She starts to recite an old cheer from high school, as B.J. happily watches. Mike, who is standing off to the side, claps as she finishes and then goes over and kisses her, much to B.J.’s dismay.

At the hospital, the nurse reminds Lucinda that she just had major surgery; getting up and moving around will be painful. She feels that Lucinda is doing well, and Dr. Berg will be happy to hear this. Lucinda wonders when she will release her, then. The nurse answers that, given her grandson’s condition, she will probably make an allowance and get her out sooner. What does she mean, her grandson’s condition? Lucinda starts to get worked up. The nurse is trying to calm Lucinda, but she wants to know what is going on. Finally the nurse mentions Luke being transferred to a hospital in St. Paul. Lucinda doesn’t understand. The nurse doesn’t think she should get into it further, but Lucinda pulls rank and tells her she's a member of the board, and she'd better tell her or she will make sure she gets fired. The nurse relents: Luke is suffering from renal failure. Lucinda is beside herself with concern, not knowing how this came about. She mumbles to herself that that is why Lily never came. She wants the nurse to relay a message when the doctor comes: she will be in St. Paul. The nurse is trying valiantly to stop Lucinda from leaving, knowing the condition she is in. As Lucinda is charging about, Kim overhears the commotion and comes in to find out what is going on. A weak Lucinda tells Kim she is glad to see her, because she needs to go and find Bob and bring him to her now.

At Iris’ door, Meg and Dusty inform her they are there from Children’s Services to do a routine physical of the baby. Iris isn’t having it. If they want access to the baby, they are going to have to go through her lawyer, and with that she shuts the door in their faces. Meg appears to want to give up easily. She remarks that they gave it a shot. Dusty is surprised that she would just give up like that. Meg reminds him that the baby’s bloodwork is the only way to prove that Jen’s baby is still alive. She could lose her job over this. Dusty pleads that he wouldn’t have asked her if he wasn’t sure. What makes him so sure? Meg inquires. Jen is sure, and that is enough for him. It is killing her, and he knows that they need to see this through.

At the hospital, Jen and Paul are talking. Jen thanks him for supporting her. She wanted him to know, and she needed him at her side. She knew that Paul would come around. Paul is very nervous, for obvious reasons, and since he is unable to stand still he suggests that he should go see what is taking them so long. He is about to leave when Hal shows up. Hal grabs his arm and tells him that he’s not going anywhere until he explains why he paid Gwen’s legal fees. Jen looks confused and upset, and Paul looks nervous.

Henry is sitting in the car with Maddie. B.J. threatened her? He would have grounded her, himself. Maddie doesn’t think it is funny. She feels that B.J. has some sort of mental defect. He had a crush on Katie in high school and she didn’t return his affections, and now he is obsessed with her. He has been here for weeks and hasn’t told Katie the truth. Henry feels as if B.J. is harmless. He equates him to a gnat. He thinks that B.J. simply lacks any kind of self-confidence. Maddie persists, saying he threatened her earlier at Fairwinds. What was she doing there, anyway? She tells Henry she was looking around. Henry looks at her, disbelieving. What? She returns his unspoken disbelief. The door had been open. B.J. acted as if she had done something horrible. He threatened to call the cops or, better yet, take care of her himself. He had a really weird look on his face. If Katie hadn’t come in she wasn’t sure what he would have done. Maddie understands that Henry feels he hit pay dirt working with him, but she is really concerned. Henry explains that he took the job so he could take care of her. That is it, Henry declares. He is going to go talk to him. A terrified Maddie yells for him not to.

At Java, Mike and Katie are kissing as she stands there in her cheerleading outfit. B.J. is uncomfortably sitting at the table, half turned so as not to witness this display of affection. When they are done, Katie explains that she is dressed like that because B.J. found the outfit, and it was part of the Halloween costume party. Mike laughs and stares seductively at Katie. He wants to take her home right now. Katie giggles, and they start to leave. B.J. stops them by telling Mike that he would like him to go to the house because he received a phone call about the permit being needed for the zoning board. Mike and Katie speak over each other. He wants Mike to do this now? Mike explains that while he appreciates B.J.’s generosity and the work he has given him, he can’t be on call 24/7. He tacked the permit to the door, and that is all they would need. He has plans--with a cheerleader; and off Katie and Mike skip, leaving B.J. behind. A frustrated B.J. grabs the waitress rather harshly, which surprises her, and he demands more chocolate milk now. Then he backs off a bit and sits down.

Lucinda tells Kim that her grandson is seriously ill. Kim apologizes, realizing that Lucinda is hearing this for the first time. He was rushed into the hospital right after Lucinda’s surgery. He had contracted an infection in Mexico. No one realized how sick he was until he collapsed. Lucinda is adamant that she needs to be there for him. Her family needs her, she declares. Kim corrects her--her family needs her to stay put and take care of herself. Lucinda is not hearing any of this. She is going to get dressed and go to St. Paul. "Wait a second, missy," Kim declares, asking if she's trying to kill herself.

Jen tries to defend Paul to Hal, saying he must be mistaken. No, Hal says, he is clear on Paul’s role. Paul explains that Hal is not entirely wrong. He was helping Gwen before he knew that Jen thought her baby was hers. Hal is infuriated. He is supposed to be friends with Carly and Jack. He is the godfather to Rory. He thinks he was doing the right thing by working with Gwen to take the baby away from Carly and Jack? He thinks sicking Cass on them was helping his friends?

Iris glares out of the window. They can stay there all day; they are not getting their hands on her million-dollar baby. She starts to musically chant to the baby that he is her ‘pot of gold in diapers.’ As she is, Gwen comes out and surprises Iris, who hopes she was not heard. Who was at the door? Gwen asks. Iris blows her off by saying it was a salesman. Gwen asks if it was Will. Iris tells her no. Gwen persists and tries to get by her to see, but Iris tells Gwen that she and her baby are here together thanks to her. She should start being more thankful and stop blowing off what she is telling her. Gwen ignores her and starts for the door. Iris finally tells her that the people outside are from Children’s Services. She doesn’t know them from a hole in the wall; they could be here for Jack. He could have sent them in search of a scratch on the baby or a dish out of place. Gwen looks conflicted. Outside, Meg thinks they shouldn’t push it. Gwen’s mom is really suspicious. She reminds him that they need to tread carefully; they are doing something illegal, after all. Dusty reminds her that stealing a baby is illegal as well. She does care about Jen and reuniting her with her baby, but she is putting her career on the line. Dusty stares intently at her; do it for him!

Maddie doesn’t want Henry to talk to B.J. He will kill him, she is sure. Henry declares that he is going to quit. He is not afraid of B.J. Greene. Sit tight, he tells Maddie; he will be right back. Maddie looks after him, concerned. Henry walks into Java and sees B.J. sitting there in a fog. He gets straight to the point: Maddie said he threatened her. He does understand that Maddie crossed not just a line, but maybe two or three, but he can’t have her upset. As of now, he quits; their pact is over. He sees no reaction from B.J. He continues: This is him quitting, he says, as he throws him his keys. B.J. doesn’t even seem to realize Henry is there.

Kim wants Lucinda to stop and listen to reason. All she will accomplish by trying to go to St. Paul is that she will worry her daughter, who is already dealing with enough. Lucinda answers that she is a lot stronger than she is being given credit for. Kim thinks this must not be about Luke; rather, it's about her. Lucinda walks away in a huff, but winces in pain. Kim walks over to her.

Paul tries to explain that Will came to him for help with Gwen. Barbara had cut him off, and he needed his help. Rosanna then had her accident, and he knew Gwen would want her baby back. He offered her money to leave town. He didn’t tell Will because he thought it would be better for him to go to college and hang out with kids his age, rather than be saddled with Gwen and her ready-made family. Hal remarks sarcastically that he was really helpful to his brother. Paul shoots back that Hal hasn’t done anything for Will either. He brought Barbara into the house, essentially forcing Will out of it. Then he chased away Emily. Hal steps forward angrily: He is trying to lay the blame on him? He moved right in on Emily and took advantage of her. Jen tries to move them back away from each other. Hal is sure that there is another reason that Paul paid for Gwen’s lawyer's fee, and he is going to find out what it is. Paul threatens that he should stay out of his business, or else. Hal, just as defiantly, asks if that is a threat. Jen successfully gets Hal to leave, but she wants answers from Paul. Paul next claims that he sided with Gwen for Will, and for her, as well. He saw how much pain she was in when she saw the baby. How could he want to get rid of her baby? He didn’t know that she actually believed it was her baby. He thought she was overwhelmed with grief and the stress of coming off of drugs. He thought she would forget…. How could he ever think she would forget about her son? That is not how he meant it to sound. He was trying to make things easier for her. Oakdale is a small town. Sooner or later they were going to run into one another. Jen glares at Paul and agrees that their dad is right; something else is going on with him.

Do it for him? Meg repeats. Last time she checked she thought they were friends only. He is not going to walk away until he knows the truth and Jen's baby is back safely at her side. She needs their help. Meg relents. Fine, she huffs, but if Iris gets more suspicious, then they could get in real trouble.

Gwen matter-of-factly asks Iris if she is supposed to believe now that Iris cares suddenly for them. He is my grandson, Iris snaps back. The doorbell rings and Iris hands the baby to Gwen, declaring that she will take care of this. Meg is holding out her cell phone. She informs Iris that she has the sheriff on the line, and they are going to send a deputy over to haul them off in handcuffs if Iris continues to fight them. "What is your answer?" Meg bluffs. "Are you going to let us see the baby for a quick, routine check-up?" Meg comes across as strong and confident, causing Gwen to look concerned.

Katie and Mike are sprawled in front of the fire. What is it about a cheerleader with guys? Katie wonders. Mike assures her it is her, and not the outfit. Katie wonders if B.J. is going to be mad because they took off so quickly. Mike jokes that B.J. always said he wanted to keep the talent happy, and he did buy the outfit, after all.

Maddie is waiting in the car, and she has a vision of her working in a donut shop, and then her brakes fail and B.J. is there telling her that he told her he would punish her, as he sadistically laughs.

Henry asks B.J. if he heard anything he said. B.J. tells Henry to sit down and he will buy him a milk. Henry tells him that he has a lactose thing, but B.J. goes on. He was trying to scare Maddie to teach her a lesson. What if she stole someone’s identity and emailed the president? Point taken, Henry admits. A little extreme, though, doesn’t he think? He is not trying to tell Henry how to discipline his sister, but he was just trying to be firm and get her to realize there are consequences for the mistakes she makes. He lets Henry in on a secret: He really is fond of Maddie, though. He is sure she will probably end up winning one of the scholarships he set up. Henry admits he was trying to figure out how he was going to pay for her college anyway.

Paul starts to spin his web. The baby she thinks is hers, that Carly is raising, that Gwen now has, will forever be linked to his feelings for Rosanna. The night the baby was born Rosanna admitted that she still loved him, and then Craig called to tell her about the baby, and then everything changed. Every time he hears about the baby or hears his name, all he can think of is Rosanna lying in that hospital bed. He knows that is selfish and he apologizes. Jen interrupts to say she understands. He stops her; he doesn’t even understand his own actions anymore.. He just keeps focusing on the night Rosanna was taken from him. He held her in his arms that night, she looked at him with those eyes, and he keeps remembering that. He pleads with her to forgive him. He reaches out and hugs her. Jen answers that of course she will. He is serious. He needs her to forgive him and understand where he was coming from, no matter what happens with the baby.

The wind in Iris’ sails has deflated a bit, but she is still ornery. She wants the phone, although she says it far less defiantly than before, but Gwen stops her. "Please come in," she tells Meg and Dusty. Meg continues to bluff, finishing up her supposed phone call. Iris goes on record, saying this is a big mistake, but Gwen sarcastically responds that she thanks her for sharing and then tells them to come in and sit.

Kim hands Lucinda a glass of water. She jokes about bottoms up. She is sure Lucinda is simply dehydrated. She probably forgot to drink liquids after they took her off the IV. Kim doesn’t know what else to say to convince Lucinda to take better care of herself. It is a very dangerous time for her, and she could check out for real if she doesn't pay attention. At their age, there are no more second chances. Lucinda asks bitterly if that is how Kim normally cheers people up. Kim is not going to her funeral. Lucinda snaps back that she didn’t say she was invited. Lucinda only needed her to get Bob to release her. Kim must love the sound of her own voice because she is not listening to her needs. Kim knows that Lucinda is frustrated and upset and trying to anger Kim. She is not getting mad; she will get even. She will go to her funeral, in fact, with a sign that reads, “I told you so!”

B.J. wants Henry’s next address so he can forward his last check there. Henry laughs it off. His sister overreacts. She is studious and a hard worker, though, and she will go on and get into a good college. B.J. finishes his thought--where she will matriculate for free. Henry pauses and then tells him that he can stay working with him. He just will go tell Maddie. B.J. wants Henry to go back to Maddie and tell her he stood up to him. He also wants Henry to tell her he is sorry. Henry agrees. B.J. tells him to hurry back because he has an important job for him. Henry leaves, and B.J. picks up the phone as he mumbles to himself that Maddie is becoming a nuisance; it is time to get rid of her. Outside, Maddie is worried. What took him so long? She was worried. Henry tells her what B.J. said, and that he said he would tell her. He has to get back to B.J., though. Maddie warns him to be careful. She watches him walk away, worried.

Paul continues to talk to Jen. He says he never meant to hurt her. Jen stops him as she sees Dusty and Meg coming. Did they get it? They did. Paul snaps, asking what took so long. Dusty answers that they need to back off a bit because Meg put herself on the line for them. Jen and Paul apologize. What now? Jen asks. Meg needs to get a blood sample from her. Paul speaks directly to Meg. He is sure Meg knows what she is doing, and she will handle it in the best way. He stares at Meg, who returns the look as she and Jen walk off. Dusty watches the look, but doesn’t know what it means.

Henry arrives back at Java. B.J. asks how Maddie is. She is fine, Henry answers. So, what did B.J. want to discuss that was important? Katie and Mike, B.J. responds.

At the cottage, we see clothes strewn in front of the crackling fire, where Mike and Katie are lying after making love. They talk about how they were able to find their way back to each other. Katie laments how someone or something always was in their way. Things are different now. No one and nothing is going to come between them again. They seal it with a passionate kiss.

Meanwhile, forces are about to work against them. Back at Java, B.J. explains that he needs to separate Mike and Katie, but only temporarily. He needs to be able to count on Henry, though.

Maddie secretly watches Henry and B.J. until her cell phone rings. It is Kim. She seems bothered by what she has to say, but she tells Maddie that she received a strong complaint about her behavior. Maddie is in disbelief. Who logged the complaint? Kim can’t give her that information, but she needs to fire her. Maddie is stunned. Kim apologizes and wishes her luck. She promises to forward her last check to Tom and Margo’s. After she hangs up, Maddie stands there, unable to comprehend what just happened. Then she realizes who did this--B.J.!

Paul is pacing as he waits with Dusty for Jen to return after getting her blood drawn. He asks Dusty what is going on with him and his sister. Dusty stares at him; is he his priest? No, he is just concerned about his sister. Jen and Meg show back up. Meg promises to get the results to her in an hour or two. Jen hugs Dusty, almost as if she forgets anyone is around. She is ecstatic to know they are not long from hearing what they both know. She thanks Meg again, as does Dusty. He owes her. They both leave, and Paul is left with Meg. He walks up to Meg and quietly asks her if she still thinks that Dusty will run back to her if she tells him the truth about Jen’s baby. Meg glares up at him, disgusted..

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