ATWT Update Monday 10/24/05

As the World Turns Update Monday 10/24/05


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Boo

Proofread by Angie

At the cottage, B.J. is anxious to give Katie his gift. He tells her it is for the Halloween party. Katie opens up the box and sees the cheerleading uniform. She doesn’t know what to think. It is the right size and color; it looks like a replica of her old uniform. B.J. smiles. Lucky guess, he says. Katie glares at him; she wants him to leave now.

Jen is overwhelmed with how Meg is willing to put her job on the line to get the blood sample from her baby. Dusty tells her how amazing she is, as well. Meg tells her that she will get her the truth, but she first has to finish her shift. She leaves, and Jen thanks Dusty, also. She feels confident that as soon as the hearing is over she will have her baby back.

At the courthouse, Gwen thinks that since the judge is not giving custody to Carly, that means her baby is coming home with her. The judge tells her not so fast. Gwen doesn’t understand and starts to panic; she thought--but the judge interrupts. He explains that he understands the extenuating circumstances that led her to take such drastic measures, but he still sees her actions as juvenile and not ones of a mature, responsible mother. He feels he has no choice but to remand the baby to Children’s Protective Services. Gwen and Carly are distraught, and the judge orders silence.

Cass tries to keep Gwen still, but he asks to address the court before the judge officially makes his ruling. The judge agrees.

At the hospital, Jen is excited about the prospect of getting her baby back. Dusty wants to calm her a little; they can’t expect to walk into the courtroom and take her baby back. She can’t demand blood samples. Emily, who is nervously standing in the background, offers to help. Dusty is annoyed that she is hanging around and wonders why she seems to be butting in so much to business that is not really hers. She offers to go to the courtroom to find out what the verdict is. Dusty wants her out of there, so he tells her to go. Both Jen and Dusty look at each other silently, wondering what is up with her.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Paul and Meg are in an intense conversation. Paul wants her to take a minute and think, but Meg forewarns that he had better be ready. He responds coldly that he is. He continues to try to play on Meg’s feelings for Dusty. He knows that Meg wants Dusty, and he claims that it is obvious that Dusty feels the same way. Dusty will see that she risked her career for him. She shouldn’t blow this opportunity. Meg glares at Paul and she walks off as Emily is arriving. What are they going to do? Paul can’t help but be very worried over Meg’s threat to be ready, he tells Emily. Emily knows Meg, and she is convinced that Meg will do what is best for herself in the end. They just hope that Carly and Jack get custody. It is the best chance at heading off this whole thing.

In court, Cass tries to explain why Gwen took her baby. It was because of a genuine desire to be this baby’s mom and to protect him. He understands that the judge needs to see more in order to hand over the baby to Gwen. He suggests that an older, more mature, experienced person may help Gwen’s situation. Gwen and Will look at each other nervously as Cass proceeds. He suggests that the baby and Gwen, being a minor, would benefit by staying under the same roof as the birth mother’s parent, Iris Dumbrowski. Gwen and Will look shocked and Carly and Jack look mortified, as Iris smirks.

At the cottage, Katie has walked outside in her agitated state. B.J.. follows closely behind. He is desperate to explain to Katie about the cheerleading outfit. He thought it would be funny. He had told his assistant about what they had talked about for the costume party, and she combed through some stores and came across this in a thrift shop. Katie is beside herself. There is no way, she insists, this is too much of a coincidence. She is trying to be polite, but this gesture is completely creeping her out. She demands that he stop denying it. "Fine," B.J. gives in, "you are right." She's caught him. Katie looks at him. What is really going on? she asks, telling him to give it to her straight. They start to walk back inside. He says his assistant did some research and found out what school Katie had gone to, and he did some looking in some thrift shops and found this. He was just trying to surprise her. She wants to know why he didn’t tell her this right off the bat. He says he was worried about her reaction, after what Mike said to him. He didn’t want her to feel uncomfortable, so he thought the best thing to do was to pretend it was a coincidence. It only took his assistant half an hour to research it. Katie isn’t upset about the time, but rather the thought; why? B.J. looks at her and answers it's because he is a stalker who is harboring deeply obsessive thoughts about her. He stares intently at her before he starts to slightly smile. That is not what she thought, Katie tells B.J. He thinks that might be kind of what she was thinking, though, deep down. He apologizes and wants her to understand it is not the way she thinks it is with him. Katie wants to understand. She asks him to tell her how it is, then.

The judge wants to know if the grandmother of the baby is present. Cass assures the judge that she is present and that she lives locally in Oakdale and has retired from her hospital job, and therefore is able to devote lots of time to Gwen and her baby. Iris stands up. The judge addresses her: Why should the court be impressed with her when a court deemed her unfit, and so her own daughter was emancipated from her? Iris turns on the phony charm. She explains that she and Gwen agreed that she should live on her own. She feigns more maternal concern. Iris continues on about how she never would have allowed it if she thought Gwen wouldn’t have been safe. She claims to have checked on Gwen without her knowledge periodically. She pretends to have believed that Gwen living on her own would have given her more character, made her independent and strong. Gwen had always wanted to do things for herself. She was very confident and independent. When she had heard about Gwen getting pregnant she was happy, not upset like some mothers would be with unwed pregnant teenage daughters. She had gone through the same thing, and Gwen turned into a wonderful daughter in the end, she waxes ad nauseum. She thinks it is important to have one's family close. The judge then addresses Gwen: Is what Iris is saying true? Gwen looks like a deer caught in headlights. She doesn’t know what to do. If she answers him completely honestly she will probably lose her baby. She avoids his direct questions. They did agree that her living on her own was for the best. How does she feel about living with her mom again? Gwen avoids the question again. She answers that all she wants is to leave here with her child and to be the best mother possible. The judge has heard enough. He is going to make his judgment. Jessica stands and tries to slow this down. She explains that Iris is unfit because of what she did to Carly. She desperately mentions the blackmail. The unimpressed judge asks point blank if there is evidence, which there is not. Did a murder occur? No, so then anything else would be no longer under any statute of limitations from 18 years ago. A defeated Jessica sits down.. The judge rules in favor of Gwen and rules that Carly has to hand over the baby that afternoon. The only stipulation is that Gwen has to live under her mother’s roof for at least 90 days. After those 90 days, they will reevaluate. A distraught Carly holds on to Jack. Gwen smiles in disbelief and Iris sinisterly smiles. Carly can’t bear to hand over the baby to the likes of Iris. Iris comes up behind them and smirks as she tells her to get over it, because the baby is coming home to her house today.. Outside the courtroom, Emily calls Paul to tell him the news: Gwen got custody of the baby. She can’t believe she wished for a baby to end up in state custody, but she did. Paul is stunned and very nervous. Dusty, for sure, is going to be all over this, and it will be only a matter of time before they get to Gwen, Iris and the baby. Emily suggests stall tactics, but Paul knows that in the end it won’t really matter. He has to go give Jen the news.

Barbara overhears part of their conversation, and when she hangs up the phone Barbara demands to know what Emily has gotten her son involved in now..

At the hospital, Paul tells Jen about the decision. Jen is ready to rush over, but Paul tries to stall her. Shouldn’t she be a little more considerate of Gwen’s feelings? If this baby is really Jen’s then she will have to come to terms with the fact that her baby is not alive. Jen realizes that is a lot to put on Gwen, and she slows down for a moment. Dusty reminds them that they should continue "full steam ahead" due to the fact that they don’t want Gwen bonding with a baby that is not hers. Jen is back on the bandwagon again. She doesn’t want that. She is again determined to get to her baby as soon as she can. Meg has arrived, ready to go do the blood test. Paul realizes he is outnumbered and tells them they should all get going. Meg responds angrily that Paul is not welcome to come with them. Paul cannot be anywhere near the test if Jen wants the results to come out right. Everyone stares at Meg after this outburst.

Iris is excited for Gwen--they got the baby back! Gwen corrects her: she got her baby back. She threatens that Iris is not going to see one dime of his trust fund. Did she want to see her baby in foster care? Gwen wonders if that is blackmail. Iris pretends that she did it out of the kindness of her heart, to keep her baby out of foster care. She was so full of it during that speech.

Will comes over. He is so happy for Gwen. She is very upset, though, about having to live with her mother again. He has an idea; maybe she won’t have to.

Carly wants Jessica to move forward with what Iris did to her as a child.. Jessica wants Carly to hear what the judge said. It has been too long. They would do better to focus on Iris now. Did anyone else smell liquor beneath her breath mint? She will see what she can dig up. Carly sees the court officer waiting to accompany them home to get Rory. Carly can’t believe it is real.

Emily doesn’t know what Barbara is talking about. She hasn’t gotten Paul into anything. She was there for Will. Barbara bitterly asks if she is shopping for an even younger man now. Emily thinks she is disgusting. She was there for her and Paul, to make sure he didn’t get in trouble and to see if he needed their help. Barbara doesn’t believe her. Is it all unraveling? Emily pretends not to know what she is talking about. Barbara continues to egg her on. She is there because of Paul. When Paul jumps, Emily wants to know how high. Emily tries to respond back. She doesn’t care; she already has Paul. Barbara wants to know for how long; then what will happen when he realizes he doesn’t need her anymore? Where will she go then?

Meg explains that she just wants this over, and Paul can be a hothead. He could sink them all. Dusty sees her point; they have one shot. Jen knows she is putting a lot on the line, so however she wants to do it is how it will happen. Paul suggests that Meg take Dusty to go see the woman. Jen thanks Meg again for her help with finding out about her baby’s blood test. Paul tries to get Dusty and Meg to leave quickly. Meg and Dusty rush off to go to Iris’s house. Paul and Jen continue to talk. Jen knows that Paul wants Dusty out of her life and not involved in getting her baby back. No one else could have convinced Meg to take the risk she did. He knows that Meg will do anything for Dusty. Paul answers, more or less under his breath, that he is counting on that.

Katie and B.J. talk about him being in high school. He was a textbook geek, right down to his pocket protector. He asks Katie if she remembers; this is a slip-up. Katie asks how she would know. B.J. covers by saying that he thought all high schools had groups like his geek-squad friends. They were all going to be the next Bill Gates, and he even agrees that he made more of himself then he had hoped. He just wishes he could be a part of the world where people wouldn’t have given him the time of day before. Katie sympathizes. She tells him that tons of people want to be him now. B.J. corrects her, saying that it is not the same as wanting to be with him. He further tries to explain the gift. He tries too hard to make someone happy, and it then comes across wrong. He was just trying to give her a laugh. Katie sheepishly says that he did. B.J. knows she is just saying that. He tells her that she will still be a star on WOAK, and the show is still on. He just wants her to do him a favor: forget that he did this for her. After he leaves, Katie picks up the box with the cheerleading outfit in it, opens it, and half-smiles at the content.

Will is standing with Gwen after the proceedings. They can get an apartment together. She doesn’t have to stay all the time with her mother. Gwen smiles at his concern, but she knows that Child Services could show up unannounced any time. Will has another thought then. He will set up an apartment anyway, so she can go there when she wants. Iris comes up behind them and tells Will that her ‘angel girl’ and her will be fine, and that she hopes that Will is not going to screw things up for Gwen. Gwen snaps back that Will is a friend and that she can’t talk to him like that. They will be together as long as they have to. They just need to get through this. Outside the courtroom, Carly has arrived back with Rory. She wonders to Jack how she can hand her baby over to Iris. Jack reminds her that she is not handing it to Iris, but to her sister, the baby’s mother. Gwen will keep him safe. Carly and Gwen see each other and approach each other slowly.

Carly tells Gwen some information about what Rory likes when he goes to sleep and a few other tidbits. She then tentatively hands Rory over to a beaming Gwen. Gwen promises to take good care of him. Carly turns and runs emotionally out of the courtroom. Gwen stares down happily at her baby. Will walks over to them, and they all stand there happily. Iris ruins the moment and tells them that Gwen and she should leave. Gwen knows she is right. She tells Will that she will see him very soon. They look longingly at each other before she leaves with the baby. Iris smiles again, as she knows she now has the upper hand.

Jen is confident that it is all going to work out now. Paul wonders if she ever doubted it. She did, many times, but Dusty never let her give up. She will have her baby back soon. He will be able to hold his nephew soon. Paul asks if she is worried at all, looking at her knowingly, both of them aware that he is referring to Craig. She is going to get her son back, and nothing else matters in her mind. Jen decides that she is going to go to the cafeteria to get some juice, in anticipation of Meg probably needing to take blood from her.

Emily arrives back from the courthouse. Emily can see from Paul’s face that he almost spilled the beans to Jen. Paul admits that he did. He should be the one to tell her. Emily tells him that she just saw Meg getting in the car with Dusty, and even from afar it is obvious how much she wants him. She still feels confident. Paul reminds her that a big part of Meg wants to tell him the truth, though. He repeats Meg’s words that he should be ready. That is what she warned, Paul says.

Gwen and Iris arrive at her home. Gwen asks if she is smoking in the house. Iris answers that she does, as Gwen had in the past. She will no longer do it, though. Iris wants Gwen to take a nap, but Gwen is reluctant. Iris persists. The painkillers will be kicking in soon. What is the point of having help if she is not going to use it? Gwen finally relents and tells her of a few things she needs to do if she naps. Iris promises to take care of things. As Gwen is getting up to go rest, she admits that the reason she was always taking care of things on her own and acting independent was because that was the only way things got done. After she leaves, Iris mimics her and mumbles to the baby that his momma is a pain in the butt. She would do anything for him, however, because he is her million-dollar baby. She looks at the baby with dollar signs in her eyes. Outside, Dusty and Meg approach the house. They see that they are home and prepare to knock. Dusty turns to Meg and tells her she is the best for all she has done. A guilt-ridden Meg tells him to stop saying that to her. He goes on: she is a real friend. She replies that she is not a real friend; she is not the person he thinks she is. Dusty stares at her, not understanding where this is coming from.

B.J. is at Java, ordering his infamous chocolate milk. He replays some of the conversation with Katie in his mind. To himself, he toasts to labels one never outgrows. Just then, Katie arrives and tells him he shouldn’t drink alone. Does he want a good laugh? B.J. just stares at Katie, who is standing there with a wide smile on her face. She opens her coat, showing the cheerleading outfit he got her.

Emily and Paul are sitting at the hospital. If the truth comes out, Paul tells her that he has to talk to Jen alone. Emily kisses Paul tenderly and reminds him that she is just a phone call away if he needs her. She leaves as Jen arrives back from the cafeteria. She anxiously asks if Dusty or Meg has called. Paul feigns that he is nervously awaiting their call too, but he reminds her that it could take a while.

Meg covers as to what her outburst was about. She is not a good friend because she didn’t tell him about Jen being on meth. He understands; he hurt her feelings. She let her hurt feelings take over. She is capable of doing that. Dusty admits that he has been a lousy friend. He will change that, no matter what the test results are. He knows how much she stepped up for him and he will never forget that. Meg loses her courage, and they knock on the door. Iris answers while holding the baby, telling them that the baby was trying to sleep. They announce that they are there from Children’s Services to perform some blood work and a quick checkup. Iris demands to see the paperwork. They stop, knowing they don’t have any. She snaps that they will have to call her lawyer if they want to set up an appointment. With that, she closes the door on their faces.. Dusty and Meg just look at each other.

Will is still sitting there at the courthouse. Barbara approaches him. She remarks on everything he has done for that ‘ungrateful girl,’ and now she has left him high and dry. Will smirks, knowing Barbara’s game. She did not leave him, she is obeying the court's decision. He will see her soon. Barbara tries another tactic. She reminds him that she will now have other priorities. Will will not be her number-one thought now. Will wants her to leave him alone. He walks away from her.

Inside the courtroom, Jack and Carly are sitting at the table. Carly is overwhelmed with what just happened. She whimpers that she promised her sister. . . Jack reminds her that she has another sister and she has a baby that they all love. Carly stops him. She can’t go there now. What are they going to do now? Carly asks. Jack wants to try to keep things as normal as possible for the kids. They wanted to go pumpkin picking at Emma’s for Halloween, which is fast approaching. Carly knows that she needs to keep her chin up for the rest of her kids. Carly is determined to fight the charges. She can’t lose him or the kids. Jack wants her to let it go now. She isn’t sure she can. Jack holds her tightly; as long as they are together, there is nothing they can’t do!

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