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As the World Turns Update Friday 10/21/05


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At Lily's house, Lily calls Luke's name to try and revive him, but he doesn't respond to Lily.  Holden feels for a pulse and is relieved that Luke's pulse is there, but it's weak.  Keith offers to call 911, but Holden tells Lily they can get him to the hospital faster.  Holden and Lily carefully lift Luke from the floor and take him to the car. 


At Java, Gwen still feels weak and keeps grabbing her stomach. Will wants to take her back to the hospital.  Gwen refuses to go back to the hospital because she must go to the custody hearing.  Gwen tells Will she should have taken his advice and not run away with the baby, because now the judge will give the baby to Carly.  Iris arrives and tells Gwen that she will make sure she gets custody of her baby today. 


At the courthouse, Carly thanks Jack for bringing her some clothes for the hearing and for taking care of the kids last night.  Carly wonders how much trouble Jack is in for helping her and again apologizes for risking his career.  Jack tells Carly not to worry about that now because they must concentrate on the custody hearing and getting her out of jail.  Jessica arrives and agrees with Jack, and she informs Carly and Jack the custody case just got tougher to win.  Jessica explains that Cass Winthrop just got a new judge assigned to the case, and they are basically starting from square one.  Carly thinks the judge couldn't possibly give custody of Rory to Gwen after she kidnapped him.  Jessica points out that Carly also drugged Gwen to make her seem like an unfit mother and that Jack withheld evidence to protect Carly.  Jessica warns Jack and Carly that the judge could decide to put Rory in foster care. 


At Java, Jennifer tells Paul that Dusty is going to find someone at the hospital he trusts to run the blood tests.  Paul points out that all the people Dusty knows at the hospital are somehow involved with the baby, either on Gwen's side or on hers.  Jennifer tells Paul that Meg would be a fair and impartial person to observe the test. 


At the hospital, Emily and Meg are relieved that Dusty didn't overhear their conversation.  Emily tells Meg to think about what they discussed and leaves Meg and Dusty alone to talk.  Dusty wonders what Meg needed to speak to him about, because it sounded pretty important in the message she left on his cell phone. 


Lily paces the floor, worrying about Luke and wondering why Susan is taking so long to examine her son.  Holden assures Lily that Luke will be okay because they will make sure he gets what he needs in order to get better.  Susan arrives and tells Holden and Lily that Luke has some type of infection, but they will only know what the infection is once they run more tests.  Keith arrives to ask about Luke's condition.  Lily asks Keith to leave because she doesn't want to see him right now.  Holden asks Keith to stay and apologizes to Keith for being so mad at him that he didn't pay attention to his concern for Luke.   


Meg struggles to find the words to tell Dusty the truth and is about to do so when Emily interrupts and asks Dusty how Jennifer is doing.  Dusty tells Emily Jennifer is fine and that she is at Java, talking to Paul.  Dusty asks Emily to leave so he can finish his   conversation   with Meg.  Meg asks Dusty how the search for the baby is going.  Dusty tells Meg that they have hit some dead ends, but he hopes that they can end the search today.  Meg figures out that Dusty only came to the hospital to ask for her help so that he can help Jennifer find the baby.  Meg is once again offended by the fact that Dusty only looks for her when he needs her to help Jennifer. 


At the Lakeview, Paul gets a call from Emily, who is at the hospital.  Emily informs him that Dusty is there sweet-talking Meg, and she looks like she is going to tell him the truth.  Paul tells Emily he will be there as soon as possible.  Barbara arrives and wants to talk to Paul and Jennifer because she needs their help to get Will out of trouble.  Paul mumbles for Barbara to tell Jennifer everything, and he will ask Jennifer later.  Barbara tells Jennifer that Gwen kidnapped Rory from Carly and Jack, and Will helped her do it, so now Will is in big trouble.  Jennifer can only think of what happened to the baby and repeats those words until Barbara tells her the baby is fine.  Barbara also tells Jennifer the custody hearing is today.   Jennifer starts to rush off, and Barbara screams, "What should I do about Will?"  Jennifer yells back, "You will figure out some way to help him." 


At Java, Gwen is angry with Iris because she kept the secret about Carly being her sister all this time.  Gwen feels that if she had known about Carly sooner, maybe they would have been able to work out custody of the baby without this court battle.  Iris gloats to Will and Gwen that, thanks to her, a new judge was appointed to the case and she has a better chance of winning custody away from Carly.  Gwen tells Iris she doesn't want her to go to the hearing and tells her to stay away from the courthouse.  Iris tells herself she must do what is best for Gwen and herself. 


At the courthouse, Carly thinks the best thing to do is to tell the judge that she was a mother trying to protect her child.  Carly is also going to tell the judge she felt terrible about what she thought she did to her baby brother.  Carly thinks that is the best way to persuade the judge to let her keep Rory.  Jack thinks that Carly should ask the judge to allow her to share custody of Rory with Gwen.  Carly refuses to let Gwen anywhere near Rory. 


At the hospital, Lily tells Keith they don't know anything about Luke's condition yet.  Susan comes out and tells Holden and Lily that Luke must be transferred to another hospital immediately, because his condition is critical.  Lily presses Susan for more information about her son's condition.  Susan tells Holden and Lily that Luke has a serious infection and his kidneys are shutting down.  Susan also tells Holden and Lily that if Luke doesn't get dialysis soon, he could die. 


At the courthouse, Will and Gwen arrive and the judge announces he is ready to rule in the case.  Carly interrupts the judge and asks him for a minute to speak.  The judge grants her one minute.  Carly explains to the judge that she only did what she did because she feared that her baby would be taken away from her by Gwen and Iris, Gwen's mother, who lied to her for years and made her think she killed a baby.  Carly also explains that she found out recently that the baby didn't die and that Gwen is her sister.   The judge explains to Carly that he doesn't think people should excuse their actions by using things that happened to them when they were children.


At the hospital, Meg blasts Dusty for continuing to ask her to risk her career for him without even giving her his friendship in return for her efforts.  Dusty explains that the search for the baby means a lot to him because he brought the child into the world.  Dusty pleads with Meg to run the test for his sake.  Paul gets Emily to place a call to Dusty at the nurses' station and say that the call is from Jennifer.  Paul asks Meg to run the blood tests but lie to Jennifer and Dusty about the results.  Paul tells Meg that if she does he will break up Dusty and Jennifer, and she will have a chance with him.  Paul thinks that if Meg tells Dusty the truth it will draw Dusty and Jennifer closer together, and Meg will lose any chance she ever had with Dusty.  Paul also points out that if Jennifer finds out the truth Meg will be sentencing Jennifer and the baby to an awful life of always being hounded by Craig.   


Keith offers to fly Luke to the hospital in his plane, but Lily screams for him to stay away from Luke. 


Jennifer arrives and tells Dusty they must do the tests now because the people taking care of her son put him in danger, and she can't stand to have him in their care one minute longer. 


At the courthouse, the judge orders that the baby be taken out of Carly's custody today.  Iris and Gwen smile when they hear the news. 


At the hospital, Lily breaks down in tears, as she fears that Luke could die.  Holden assures Lily they will get Luke the best medical care and he will be fine.  Emma arrives, and Holden and Lily tell her about Luke's condition.  Emma agrees to take care of Faith and Natalie so both Holden and Lily can go with Luke to the hospital. 


At the courthouse, the judge asks Gwen and Will if they understand how badly they messed up by kidnapping the baby.  Gwen tells the judge the kidnapping wasn't Will's idea, he just went with her to try and keep her and the baby safe.  The judge tells Gwen that he understands that she kidnapped the baby because she feared for his safety, and that is why he will recommend to the district attorney that no kidnapping charges be filed against her or Will.  The judge tells everyone he has come to a decision as to who should get custody of the baby. 


At the hospital, a desperate Jennifer begs for Meg to help her and run the blood tests.  Meg tells Paul and Emily that nobody tells her what to do, ever.  Paul once again points out Meg could lose Dusty forever.  Meg tells Paul to shut up, because she has made a decision. 


At the courthouse, Gwen thinks she has been awarded custody of the baby, so she thanks the judge for giving her a second chance.  The judge shocks everyone in the courtroom by saying that Gwen doesn't have custody of the baby, either.


At the hospital, Meg tells Jennifer she wants to help her find the truth, so she will run the blood tests.   

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