ATWT Update Thursday 10/20/05

As the World Turns Update Thursday 10/20/05


Written By Eva
Pictures by Boo
Proofread by Angie

Mike arrives at Katie’s house and is disappointed she isn’t home yet. Mike notices that there is a message on the answering machine, and in the message Katie tells him that she is going to skip dessert with B.J. so that they can pick up where they left off with their romantic day. Mike decides to give Katie a romantic surprise.

At Fairwinds, Katie arrives to give B.J. his electronic organizer, which he left at Al’s Diner. Katie notices that Maddie has a strange look on her face and wonders if she is okay. Katie tells Maddie that it seemed like she was having a heated discussion with B.J.

At Lily’s house, Luke is dressed and ready to go to school, but Lily doesn’t think Luke is ready to go back to school. Holden arrives and Luke thinks that Lily called him to persuade him to stay home for a few more days. Holden explains to Luke that he is there to pick up Lily for a date. Luke smiles and thinks that he should go to school so he won’t interrupt their date.

At the hospital, Meg recalls seeing Dusty and Jennifer making love in a hotel room in Florida. Emma arrives and tells Meg that she is going to support her relationship with Dusty because she can see he makes her happy.. Meg gives Emma a hug.

At Java, Paul and Emily both think that Meg will tell Dusty and Jennifer the truth about the baby. Paul asks Emily to concentrate on keeping Meg from telling Dusty and Jennifer the truth. Paul explains to Emily that he must concentrate on keeping Dusty out of Jennifer’s life for good.

At the Lakeview, Jennifer once again apologizes to Dusty for not being able to make love to him in Florida. Jennifer explains to Dusty that she can’t think of a possible relationship with him until she finds her baby. Dusty takes Jennifer’s hand and tells her that she doesn’t need to apologize to him, because he understands her feelings. Dusty tells Jennifer he will have the answers to all her questions today if his plan works.

At Lily’s house, Holden tells Lily that they are going apple picking on their date. Lily doesn’t think apple picking is a very romantic idea for a date. Holden promises that they will have a very romantic day.

At Fairwinds, Maddie tells Katie that B.J. offered to let her and Henry live with him at the mansion. Katie thinks that is very unusual, while B.J. is surprised at Maddie’s quick thinking. Maddie tells Katie that since Henry is B.J.’s assistant, the arrangement will make it easier, in case he should ever need Henry. B.J goes along with Maddie’s story once Katie begins to believe it. Katie thinks living at Fairwinds will be fun for Maddie. Maddie doesn’t see the charm of the mansion. Katie tells Maddie that when she was seventeen she probably wouldn’t have appreciated the charm of the mansion either. Katie tells Maddie that she wishes she could have appreciated so many things in high school. B.J. asks Katie to continue her story, but Katie’s story is interrupted by a call from Mike. Mike tells Katie to come home quickly because he needs her help to find something he lost. Katie tells Mike she will be home as soon as possible and starts to leave. A frightened Maddie asks Katie to give her a ride home. Katie tells Maddie she will be happy to drop her off at home, but B.J. interrupts and says he will take Maddie home once they have finished talking. Once Katie has left, B.J. demands that Maddie tell him every detail of the reason why she sent him e-mails pretending to be Katie.

At Java, Paul explains to Emily just what she needs to tell Meg to stop her from telling Dusty the truth. Paul gives Emily a kiss and calls her his secret weapon.

At the hospital, Meg tells Emma that she realizes that she was lying to herself about Dusty. Meg wonders if she is destined to be alone. Emma holds Meg while she cries and tells her if Dusty didn’t see what a special person she is, then it’s his loss. Emma also tells Meg to tell Dusty the next time she sees him that he was a fool to let her go. Emily calls Meg to ask her if she can go over to the hospital to talk to her. Meg tells Emily that there is nothing she can say to persuade her to keep the truth from Dusty and Jennifer. Meg then hangs up the phone on Emily.

At Katie’s house, Mike is a little upset that Katie is home before his surprise for her is finished. Mike has the fireplace lit and a blanket spread out on the floor. Mike has also put romantic music on the stereo. Mike explains to Katie that he wanted her to find him wrapped up in the blanket, wearing nothing but a smile. Mike didn’t want her to find him wet and wearing a towel. Katie explains that since he told her to hurry home to find something he lost, she made it home as fast as possible. Mike explains he feels like he has lost them, because they have not had time alone since they both started their new jobs. Katie smiles and tells Mike to drop the towel; then Katie gives Mike a kiss, and they make love.

At Fairwinds, Maddie finishes the story and tells B.J. she never meant to hurt anyone; she just wanted to help his brother get the love of his life back. Maddie tells B.J. that she feels terrible about everything and is going to tell Katie the whole story, and the truth about his identity as well. Maddie tells B.J. he can’t buy her off like he did with Henry, because he can’t offer her anything that will make her change her mind. B.J. tells Maddie that he will allow her and Henry to have their own wing in the mansion, and Henry can keep his job, if she doesn’t tell Katie his identity. B.J explains to Maddie that he intends to tell Katie the truth, he just hasn’t found the right time. Maddie agrees not to tell Katie the truth about B.J.’s identity. B.J. notices that Maddie opened the box with the cheerleading outfit inside it, and he tells Maddie she made a big mistake. Maddie quickly explains that she didn’t mean to look inside and she was going to put it back, but the annoying boy came over and she forgot to put the box back in its place. B.J. gets very angry with Maddie and yells about her letting people in his house. Maddie is frightened by B.J.’s anger, and once B.J. sees the look on her face he changes his mood and becomes nice again. B.J. tells Maddie he understands Maddie was only trying to impress her friends. Maddie reminds B.J. she will keep his secret and quickly leaves the house.

At the Lakeview, Dusty gets up to leave and tells Jennifer that if his plan works she will have the answer she needs today. Paul arrives and tries to make Jennifer doubt her baby is alive. Paul sees that this approach won’t work and tells Jennifer he will help her search for her baby. Jennifer is happy that Paul finally believes her and gives him a hug. Jennifer tells Paul she is getting close to discovering the truth. Paul asks Jennifer to allow him to be part of her life again.

At Lily’s house, Holden and Lily arrive with two baskets of apples. Lily thinks they should have left the apples at Emma’s house because they picked them from her orchard. Holden tells Lily that they didn’t need to do that because he told Emma Lily wanted some apples. Lily tells Holden that she had fun, because it reminded her of when she would help him with his chores. Lily admits to Holden she used to help him with his chores because he looked sexy when he did them. Lily and Holden almost kiss, but Lily decides she should put the apples in the pantry. Holden thanks Lily for the wonderful day, just in case he forgets to tell her "thank you" later. Holden gives Lily a kiss.

Outside Java, Luke says good-bye to his friends because he feels tired and needs to rest. Keith arrives, and Luke tells Keith to stop following him. Luke also tells Keith that his parents are back together and dating, and his relationship with Lily is over forever. Luke doubles over in pain and Keith offers to drive him home. Luke shakes his head no but is in too much pain to drive himself home.

At the hospital, Emily tells Meg she can have Dusty all to herself soon if she doesn’t tell Dusty and Jennifer about the baby. Emily explains to Meg that Paul intends to drive a wedge between Dusty and Jennifer and then persuade Jennifer to leave town.

At the Lakeview, Paul tells Jennifer she shouldn’t trust Dusty to search for her baby. Jennifer doesn’t intend to cut Dusty out of the search because he has been with her through everything.

At Katie’s house, Katie and Mike lie on the blanket and talk after making love. Katie tells Mike she is starting to think B.J. is harmless. Katie tells Mike the theme of the Halloween party is that people are supposed to come dressed as they were in high school. Mike tells Katie he was a nerd in high school. Katie tells Mike that B.J. told her the same thing, but she doesn’t believe either of them. Katie asks Mike to dress like Tarzan because she remembers him telling her he played Tarzan in the high school play. Mike refuses to wear a loincloth. Mike asks Katie if she told B.J. she was a cheerleader and did a cheer for him. Katie smiles and tells Mike she did do a cheer for B.J.

At Lily’s house, Holden and Lily are about to make love when Keith arrives with Luke, who is sick. Keith tells Lily and Holden that Luke doubled over in pain outside Java, so he drove him home. Lily thinks he used Luke’s illness as an excuse to visit her. Keith tells Holden and Lily that they should take Luke to the doctor again because he may be seriously ill. Holden tells Keith they are perfectly capable of taking care of their son and throws Keith out of the house. Keith refuses to leave until he knows Luke is okay. Lily and Holden argue with Keith about leaving the house, and in the middle of this argument Luke passes out. A worried Lily kneels beside Luke on the floor and calls his name several times.

At the Lakeview, Jennifer tells Paul that she and Dusty have decided to try a new approach with the search for the baby. Jennifer explains that now they are going to compare her DNA with that of the baby and hopefully get the results today.

At Katie’s house, Katie’s cell phone rings and B.J. is excited about something he found at a secondhand store, and he wants Katie to see it. Katie says that she can’t come see it now and she would rather be surprised at the Halloween party. B.J agrees that Halloween will be a perfect night.

At the hospital, Meg refuses to keep the truth from Dusty and Jennifer and wonders how Emily could do such a thing, since she is also a mother. Meg insists that she will tell Dusty and Jennifer the truth. Dusty arrives, and both Emily and Meg wonder if he heard their conversation.

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