ATWT Update Wednesday 10/19/05

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 10/19/05


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Proofread by Angie

Katie is getting dressed and running behind as she asks Mike to help zip her up. He wants to get a little cozy and nibbles her neck, and she cajoles him about supposedly being in a hurry. He’s changed his mind, and he doesn’t think she has to be at work right this minute. She offers that she knows, but she was sort of anxious to get there and find out what happened to B.J. last night. He asks if she really cares, and she replies she does, but only because it was so weird. Margo showed up and he just ran away. They banter some more and he kisses her one or two times, or ten, as they sink into a nearby chair, with her dress still unzipped. The doorbell rings and Mike groans--do they really have to get that? She replies yes and gives him a final kiss and jumps up to get the door. He halts her long enough to formally zip her dress. She’s surprised when it’s B.J. He knows they weren’t expecting him, but he felt he owed them an explanation after last night.

At Al’s Diner, Casey is sitting with Lia and having breakfast, and they are engaged in idle conversation about her threatening her dad for a new car or else never speaking to him again. Maddie struts in and stands before them and says hi. Lia comments that her outfit was in Fashion’s window until Maddie brags, "Not anymore." Lia sniffs, "Not to be rude, but how could you afford that? It was, like, double my prom dress." Casey offers that that’s a lot of donuts. How is she going to get a place with her brother if she keeps spending like that? She gloats that, oh, they aren’t moving into an apartment--more like into a mansion. (Look at that smirk!)

Will meets up with a surprised Gwen and calls her Mrs. Freeman. She says don’t, they are in the real world now, and she asks what he's doing there. He tells her he's waiting for her. He knew she had more tests to take but he thought she might want lunch if she were okay. She offers that so far she has a minor concussion and a few too many bruises, and they do want her to wait around to see if she needs any more tests. Will says he will hang around and drive her home. She reminds him they are back home and tells him she’ll be okay and not to worry about her anymore. He calls her a liar and adds that besides, he kind of misses the Freemans. She smiles and says yes, it was fun being someone else. Him, her and Billy--she thought they had a chance, but if Carly has her way, that dream is dead.

Later at the diner, Iris joins Cass at a table and she offers him a drink from a flask she takes out of her purse. He declines, with a look on his face as if she’s offered him poison. She puts on the charm, saying that she just wanted to show her appreciation for his working all night on her daughter’s case. He can’t imagine why he let her talk him into coming back. She leans in to say maybe it's because she is so irresistible, and she suggests he lighten up; he pulls this off and they’re talking major money. He tells her Gwen may still face kidnapping charges. She points out that her daughter took her own son when she thought Carly was a baby killer. Cass tells her he doesn’t think they want to go there.. Besides, after his little chat with the judge this morning, they may just have a shot, IF, and it’s a big IF, everything falls into place. She schmoozes that, mmmmm, with him in her corner, Carly doesn’t have a prayer.

Carly shows up at the police station and asks Jack if he’s seen Tom Hughes around. He asks why she is looking for the D.A. She reports that since he left this morning, she has decided she’s not going to let Iris get away with this. He’s concerned: "Whoa, whoa, whoa." Carly is irate. Iris set her up when she was just a kid and made her believe she had killed her baby. It was child abuse, fraud and reckless behavior, and she’s going to press charges. Jack reasons that he knows how she feels, but they need to step back and think about this. They’ve done some things they probably don’t want to share with the world. It’s about Rory, and to keep him they have to look perfect, or damn close. She keeps repeating that Iris told them she killed a baby and she wants to set the record straight. He tries to calm her and says they will set the record straight. They’ll amend the records to show it was a girl and that she’s fine. Carly scoffs, "Fine? Yeah, she just kidnapped a baby and she’s fine." His point is if she goes after Iris, then she’ll come after her. Carly points out that Iris is only interested in the trust fund; that’s why she’s hanging around, and they both know that. Jack still thinks the best bet is to reach out to Gwen, because she’s the baby’s mother. But Carly counters that she isn’t, Rosanna is, and she promised her that she would take care of him, and that’s what she’s gonna do, no matter what.

Katie asks B.J. what happened last night. Why did he run away from her sister? He gives her some psycho-babble about being phobic. He has an irrational fear, quite paralyzing at times (not really, as he literally runs away). She asks, "From women?" He assures her no, he loves women, absolutely loves them--unless, of course, they’re wearing a badge. He’s clinically afraid of police officers. It’s been documented, and that’s his silly little secret. Mike finds that odd, him being a multi-millionaire mogul! B.J. chuckles and says he won’t bore them with the details and he’s really sorry. He didn’t mean to embarrass her or cause any problems. She says she just wishes he’d told her so she could have explained to Margo. All she wanted was a donation to the PBA. B.J. says they can make it up to her. They can have a telethon at WOAK, and he’ll match every penny that they raise. She can also spin one of those wheel things and he’ll donate $100,000 to that amount. Just don’t make him hand her the check, he asks, her being a cop and all. Katie says she’s sure she will understand and be grateful. Now he’s glad to get that out of the way; back to business--he needs Mike to meet with the supplier at WOAK in half an hour. Mike agrees but asks him to give him more notice in the future. Mike and Katie will have to change their plans for dinner. B.J. watches them kiss and quickly tells Katie they need to discuss that fundraiser, and he wants to run another project by her. He wants to have a housewarming party for the whole cast and staff. He asks Mike if the house will be ready for Halloween. He was wondering if Katie had any ideas, or if costumes and such was too childish. She jokes they may be dangerous, as someone could come dressed as Chief of Police. He laughs nervously again and then makes plans to meet her at the Lakeview; she suggests Al’s Diner, saying she’ll meet him.

Casey continues to harangue Maddie about affording a mansion on her pay, and she offers that her brother no longer is a limo driver and gloats that he’s working for a billionaire as his personal assistant. He’s so indispensable, they are moving in. They joke, "Where, the servants' quarters?" She rubs it in that, no, they’ll get their own wing. Casey continues until she’s cornered into inviting them to see the place.

Gwen and Will sit and discuss Billy and raising him the last few days; he’s his own person. She even likes it when he cries, as he’s yelling to get what he needs. Will says he knows both she and Carly have their rights, but he thinks she will win in the end because she’s Billy’s mother. She thinks it differs when the other person happens to be the wife of everyone’s favorite cop.

Jack tells Carly she needs to leave well enough alone, but she says she is not afraid of Iris. He says she should be. They cut corners, and they don’t want that coming out. She says Tom will know what to do and just then she spies him coming in. They go inside Tom’s office without Jack. She gets right to the point: She wants to press charges against Iris Dumbrowski. Tom listens to the details and asks exactly when this happened. She doesn’t know the exact date, but Gwen’s seventeen, so it must be seventeen years ago. Tom points out they have a problem, then, as the statute of limitations would have run out. She asks what he knows about blackmail, as that happened just last week. He tells her blackmail is a serious offense, assuming she has proof. She admits she doesn’t. She took money out of their accounts and used a line of credit. He questions her giving Iris cash; had she done it differently, they could have caught her red-handed. And they really weren’t fighting for custody anymore because Gwen had kidnapped Rory. If Tom does his job right, she’ll be in jail, and people in jail don’t get custody.

Jack is loitering around outside the D.A.’s door when Margo comes through with the vendor. She’s none too pleased and tells Jack that Mr. Hobbs has new representation and has cut himself a new deal. He should have been charged, but he’s been granted immunity from prosecution in exchange for information about the drugging of Gwen Norbeck. “And you, my friend, are in big trouble.”

Barbara steps off the elevator and runs into Bonnie and Clyde. Will asks what his mother wants. What does she want? she asks; She wants him to return her phone calls, and to think before he runs off with this. . . He says, “Friend.” Barbara barks, “Kidnapper! She took a baby, and she doesn’t have custody, thank God." Will admonishes her to stop this or the conversation is over. She gives him a guilt trip with a stern lecture that she hasn’t slept a wink since Bob and Kim told her he was missing. Did it occur to him to call them to let them know he was alive? And she rails at Gwen that she’s not going to stand by and let her destroy his safety; his entire life is ahead of him. He says goodbye and starts to walk away. She continues that this is not some adventure story with him as the tenderhearted boy who saves the day. He could be charged with aiding and abetting. He’ll go to jail and lose his freedom, for what? This waitress?

Iris pulls out her flask and Cass quickly lands his hands on it and her hand. She beams she didn’t know he cared. He tells her he has to keep her sober; he may need her later. Mmmmmm, she likes the sound of that. She wants to know how long they have to wait for the judge to call, and he replies as long as it takes. His phone rings and Iris listens in jubilation, rubbing her hands in glee, and later asks if they are celebrating. Cass replies so far, so good. She coos that not only is he good-looking, he’s got a smart mind. They chuckle as she pinches/tickles his chin and says he likes her. He tells her that he’s going over to the police station to deliver the coup de grace, and she needs to track down her daughter to make sure she’s on board with all of this. They get up to leave and Cass takes her little friend, the flask. She says he owes her one. He tells her once she finds Gwen, she should stay put until he calls. She says he’s the boss.

Margo and Jack discuss how there must be another way. She asks if he can refute the vendor’s statement, and he begs her to let him do this. They give each other the silent signal when Tom and Carly come out of the office. He tells Carly they need to talk before she calls Jessica. He tells her he’s sorry; he should have come forward when he suspected it.. It should never have gone to trial or the hearing. She hasn’t a clue what he’s talking about. He tells her he has to arrest her. He tells her the vendor cut a deal--immunity in exchange for the truth about her drugging Gwen. Carly asks about him; is he in trouble? He admits that yes, they tend to not like it when you suppress evidence in a criminal case, and he rattles off a whole list of things they will charge Carly with. But she is shocked when he tells her she’s not going home; he has to lock her up. She'll wait to be arraigned, and then they'll set bail.

Barbara continues to light into Will about going to jail if he doesn’t break up with Gwen. He vows he is not leaving her. Barbara says this is not his problem and she is not going to let him suffer for her bad judgment. Gwen takes Barbara’s side and says she will take all the blame. But, Barbara offers, then he’ll just be an accessory after the fact; he’ll still go to jail. He has a record, though, he counters, he was a minor. She points out he’s an adult in the eyes of the law, and seventeen-year-olds get charged every day. Gwen points out he didn’t do anything wrong, but Barbara declares, "Except break the law." She tells her she’s a reckless, thoughtless child and she’ll never get custody. Iris walks up and says she wouldn’t be too sure of that, and if Barbara speaks to her daughter like that again, she’ll knock her block off.

Maddie shows Casey and Lia around and again she brags that when they move in, it’ll have a full staff, so they can’t just walk in. Casey sneers, Why didn’t she just tell them it was Fairwinds and save them a trip. She didn’t know Will had his party there. Casey tells them Will’s brother used to live there and it gave him the creeps. Lia comes on to Casey by saying he can come back to her place; everyone is away. He’s happy to oblige. Maddie wanders about and stumbles onto a box on the floor amidst the rubble. She picks it up and wonders what B.J. is doing buying clothes from Lucky Lady. Ah, he’s a cross-dresser and a stalker! She puts it back, then changes her mind and shakes it before opening it.

B.J. inquires about Katie’s salad and then proceeds to tell her she was the most popular girl in school and on every dance committee, and that’s why he needs her help with this party. It’s a little eerie, the things he knows concerning Katie. He even gets her to admit there was this geeky guy back in high school who was really sweet and who helped her. In a round-about way, he tells her he was that guy. Katie rejects that, as he is gorgeous and smart, generous, and way too modest. She says she feels sorry for the popular girl; she should have gotten to know him. He says it definitely wouldn’t have worked out; they didn’t travel in the same circles. But now anything goes, which is why he’s throwing this party. They settle on a "come as you were in high school" party. He seems pleased; she seems tripped out. He rushes off, and she tries to catch him as she realizes he left his PDA behind.

Maddie holds up a cheerleader costume and wonders what B.J. is doing with that. She has one of her little fantasies starring Katie, the cheerleader. Maddie concludes that he is really sick.

Carly begs Jack to just let her go home and take care of Rory, and then she’ll go and all of this will be over soon.

Iris offers that no one forced Barbara’s son to get involved, he volunteered. Barbara barks that he was coerced, manipulated by a desperate young woman who would do anything to get what she wanted--a tactic, no doubt, she learned from her mother. Iris turns on her and tells her she doesn’t scare her. She’s heard she’s spent more time in the nuthouse than her son. When Gwen asks why she is here, Iris replies to help. Barbara retorts, "To help yourself, most likely." Gwen agrees; her mom has one agenda--her wallet. Iris retorts, “What, you’re gonna listen to this underfed clotheshorse?” Looking at Barbara, she continues, “Tell me something, honey, when was the last time a real man took a long, hard look at you?” Barbara whispers as she asks what Iris’s going rate is, and she’ll ask him. Gwen tells her mom that the last time she tried to help, she led Carly right to her door. She’d still be in New York with her son right now if it weren’t for Iris. Her mother tells her she is trying to make up for that, but Gwen doesn’t care. There’s no trying to have an adult conversation here as Barbara and Iris go at it (meow!). Iris looks down her nose at Barbara and says her daughter is twice the mother that she is. Barbara returns the favor by saying, “Your daughter has no parenting skills, no doubt from watching the role model of her life." She throws a disdainful look up and down Iris’s frame. Then Iris jumps all over Gwen, asking if she wants to take some stupid test or get her kid back. She convinces Gwen; what has she got to lose?

B.J. walks into his house and wonders why Mike left the door open. Maddie has little advance notice but puts the box with the outfit back and quickly scoots out of sight. B.J. manages to find her and roughly pulls her out of hiding to ask what she’s doing there. She stammers that she needed a phone and she swears the door was open, she didn’t break in. He threatens to call the cops, then changes his mind and says he will take care of this himself. She warns him not to dare come near her; she knows who he is! Katie walks in on this scene.

Will makes arrangements with the nurse for Gwen’s tests when she returns. Barbara is still ticked, asking why this is his responsibility. She and Will have angry words. Thanks to this girl, he could be charged with a felony. Will shoots back that if that happens, he’ll let her hire the most expensive attorney in town; now will she please go home? She wants to know why he has that attitude toward her. He gives her one of those “you’re gonna do what you’re gonna do” speeches, but if she’ll just stay out of the way, they’ll both he happy. He tells her he can’t change her and he can’t make her go away, but they have to learn to coexist. She tells him she loves him. He offers that she says that every time she has to apologize or explain why she ruined his life again. She crabs that this isn’t her doing; he made a mess of things. He confesses that even if he did, he’s still happy. He tells her this is something he wanted to do, helping Gwen and the child; she needed him. They argue the finer points of the relationship and she begs him not to let Gwen drag him down to a place he truly doesn’t want to go to.

Jack hugs Carly and she says it was all worth it, all of it, to get herself back. Cass walks up and gives a dig about it being family day here at the precinct. Jack chirps that he knew he was behind all of this. Cass responds that Mr. Hobbs needed representation, and he was only too happy to oblige. Carly snips that she knows Iris is behind this, but it won’t work. Whatever she’s got on Carly, she has double on her! Cass smirks that she’s the only one with ink on her fingers. Jack tells him if he came there to gloat, to get the hell out of there. Cass reminds him he came there because he had official business with his wife.

Iris and Gwen walk up, and Cass meets them and tells Iris he thought he told her to stay put and wait for his call. Iris says yeah, but he also told her to get her girl on board. Gwen pops in that her mom had told her he was going to represent her again and that he knows a way to get the kid back. Jack is curious and he joins in. Cass apologizes, saying he needed to confer with his client. Then he hands Carly a subpoena and tells her he made a request and it was granted; there will be a hearing on the baby boy currently in her custody. She is livid and rails to them that she was set up, and now they are going to drag her in there before she has a chance to fix it. How could they do that to her? She screams that he needs to feel safe, and to be around people whom he knows and loves. Iris twists the knife by saying he needs his mamma--his REAL mamma. Jack lashes out at all of them, telling them to just get out. Iris gets in one more dig by suggesting Carly is going to look really nice in her orange jumpsuit. Carly begs them not to do this, but Iris takes hold of Gwen’s arm and says, “Come on, angel girl, let’s buy us a brand new crib!”

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