ATWT Update Tuesday 10/18/05

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 10/18/05


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Boo

Proofread by Angie

Katie walks into an empty, dark room in Fairwinds, calling for Mike. She notices B.J.’s card on the floor and grimaces. Mike comes up from behind, and Katie almost knocks him for a loop.

Meg, outside Jen’s hotel door, is staring and not believing what she is seeing. She says to herself that she can’t believe this is happening.

At the hospital, Jack is worrying about Carly, as he watches her through Gwen’s hospital room door. Will interrupts him. Is he planning on arresting Gwen? If he is, then he has the wrong person, because he was the one who kidnapped the baby.

Carly is standing in front of Gwen’s hospital bed, just staring at her. Gwen sarcastically asks if she is there to smother her; after all, Carly had already tried to drug her and push her down some steps. Carly continues to stare as she replays how she and Jack figured out that Gwen is her sister. Gwen wants to know why Carly isn’t answering her. Carly comes out of her fog and asks her how long she has known. Gwen stares at Carly now, not understanding.

Outside in the hall, Jack is talking to Will. Will is trying to take the rap for kidnapping Rory. He claims that Gwen just went along with his plan, but Jack is wise to this. He reminds Will that there are surveillance cameras that caught Gwen leaving the doctor’s office with Rory. Will claims he sent her in there to do it. Again, Jack is wise to this. Jack tries to poke around to find out if he knows anything about Carly and Gwen. When he sees that Will doesn’t have a clue, he tells him that they need to talk about their relationship.

Back in the room, Carly asks again how long she's known. Gwen is confused--known about what? Gwen asks. About us, Carly answers. There is no us! Gwen responds, adding that she will call security. Carly thinks it is amusing that Gwen is afraid of her after she and Iris tried to frame and ruin her life. Gwen yells that Iris told her all about her killing her brother, and if she harms a hair on her baby’s head... Carly yells back that Gwen can give it up, because she remembers everything. She knows that Iris, and probably her, set her up to take the fall over something so horrible. However, her past is no longer a mystery, so they can no longer make her believe something that is not true. Each is confused at the other’s words. Carly is thinking Gwen is in on it, and Gwen is thinking that Carly is trying to lie her way out of her past. Then it dawns on Carly that Gwen really doesn’t know. Iris runs into the room and tells Carly to stay away from her baby. Carly spits back, Doesn’t she mean to stay away from her “angel girl”? Iris looks extremely nervous as Carly screeches for Iris to tell her the real story.

Paul finds Meg in the hallway outside Jen’s room, standing there frozen. He starts to say something when Meg shushes him and nods in the direction of the half-open door. Paul glances in and sees Dusty and Jen in bed together. Feigning empathy, he mouths "I am sorry" to Meg. Inside, Jen pulls away after passionately kissing Dusty, apologizing and saying she can’t do this. It is her, not him; she feels horrible that she stopped things. She turns away from him. Dusty assures her that it is okay, he understands. She can’t move forward until she gets her baby back. Outside, Paul and Meg hear this. Paul tries to pull her away, but Meg accidentally raises her voice slightly to tell him to leave her alone, which Dusty hears. He looks toward the door and notices it's slightly open. He walks towards it and looks into the hall.

Katie realizes it is Mike, and they continue to play-fight. Katie pulls him to the ground and they start to kiss. Mike tells her, "Welcome home!" She apologizes for almost slugging him. She thought he was B.J., especially after she saw his business card lying there. Why would she think it was B.J.? Katie sheepishly says because of how she feels he is flirting with her. Mike laughs and explains that he had a chat with B.J. about how Katie feels he is acting towards her. Katie is embarrassed. Mike tells her that B.J. feels bad that she felt uncomfortable. He apologized. What else would B.J. say? She wants to know further why Mike is there renovating the place if B.J. was supposed to only be in town a short time. Mike tells her that he likes restoring old homes. Mike further thinks that if B.J. were interested in Katie that way, he would be trying to get rid of Mike, not giving him work. Katie counters that if he gives Mike so much work that she never sees him, it would be the same end result. Mike laughs and pulls her into another kiss. As they are kissing, Katie feels the lump on the back of his head. What is that? she queries. He tells her it happened when he fell off the ladder while he was doing something in the ceiling. Katie glares and starts to drag Mike to the door as she exclaims that is it, as of tonight he is no longer working for B.J. Mike is flabbergasted at her reaction. Katie declares that B.J. probably knew there was a problem with the ceiling, and that is why he sent Mike up there. Mike explains that the realtor knew there was rotting timber and wanted it fixed. Mike again tries to relax Katie and get her mind on him instead of worrying about B.J. He explains that they are alone and there is champagne, and they have plenty to celebrate. B.J. is out west in meetings, and they should take advantage of the alone-time. Mike kisses Katie again as B.J.. arrives in the doorway to witness this. He turns away, dejected.

A very emotional Gwen screeches for Iris to tell her what is going on. Carly killed her baby brother, right? Carly pipes up: "It is not going to work anymore. There have been too many lies. It is all coming out." Then Carly decides to tell the story, since Iris isn’t going to. Iris threatens that she is going to call security. Carly proceeds anyhow. She explains that Iris lived with her dad. She set her up to believe that she killed her brother. There never was a boy, though; the baby was a girl. Gwen whips around to Iris: she has a sister? Carly goes on as she glares icily at Iris. Iris tries desperately to intercede, but Carly continues. There would be a birth certificate, and Gwen can do the math, she declares. "You are the child Iris had with my dad!" A stunned Gwen says, almost in a daze, "My mom was with your dad? That would mean that you and I are..." Carly finishes her sentence: "Sisters!"

Katie and Mike are drinking the champagne when B.J. pretends to be calling for Mike from a distance. Mike and Katie jump up, surprised. They apologize for drinking the champagne when Mike could be working. B.J. pretends that it is no problem, saying that is why he left it. He compliments the way Katie looks, but then makes sure it sounds proper. He asks her if she will bring him up to speed on her classes in California, but then adds that she can do it tomorrow during business hours. Katie is unsure of how to act around B.J., and he seems to be acting a bit nervous as well.. Mike then tells B.J. that he can’t take the money, and we see it surprises Katie that B.J. offered Mike money. What for? she wonders. B.J. goes on to explain that it was due to his injury with the ceiling. Mike explains that he really wasn’t hurt. B.J. tries to insist that he has to at least keep the sound system that he is going to have installed in Mike’s home, because it goes with the electronic device he gave Mike a while back. Katie and Mike both appear overwhelmed by B.J.’s constant gift-giving. They want him to know that it is appreciated, but it is not necessary. It is too much! B.J. sadly calls them killjoys. The best part of having money is being able to spend it on people. B.J. then asks if he can talk to Mike in private about some restorations. They excuse themselves to talk business, and Katie laughs to herself about how she must be overreacting to B.J.’s actions. Katie’s cell phone rings, and it is Margo. She wants to know how Katie’s trip was, among other things. She gets around to the other reason she is calling: She is looking for a sponsor for a police fundraiser. Would she be able to talk to Katie’s boss? Katie is sure it would be fine. She is at Fairwinds, and if Margo moves quickly enough she can catch B.J. here talking business with Mike. Margo agrees to meet them over there right away.

A visibly shaken Gwen demands the truth from her mother. Iris snaps that Carly was vicious then, and obviously she still is. Carly sneers, "Poor Iris, a child was mean to her." She then recalls her memories, and we see it in a flashback. Iris offered Carly money for ice cream, but the story was that Carly was supposed to look after the baby while Iris went to the doctor. She remembers standing beside the carriage watching the baby, and then hearing the ice cream truck song and going to get some. Iris sneaks back, picks up the baby, kicks over the carriage and walks off with the baby. Iris is adamant that Carly is making this up; she really killed her brother, and she is trying to weasel out of it. Carly is just confused as to what Iris did with the baby when Carly came back and Iris was accusing her of killing her baby. Is Carly telling the truth? Gwen screeches. Iris starts to stutter, telling Gwen that she is a vicious liar and that the baby--she--was gone when she got back to the carriage. Gwen stops her, stunned. "You just said 'she,'" Gwen tells her. Gwen now knows that Iris has been the one lying all along. Iris realizes the big mistake she made. Gwen starts to scream how Iris used her to set Carly up. There was no baby boy. Iris tries to explain: She did it to protect her from Carly and her useless father. Gwen is in total disbelief. She screams for them to get out. Will and Jack, who are in the hall, hear the commotion and come running.

Meg and Paul are at the hotel bar having a drink. Paul tries to talk to Meg. Didn’t he get her message about him going to hell? She didn’t tell them about Rory. It wasn’t the right time. Meg pays for her drink and starts to leave. Paul stops her. He is rooting for her and Dusty. Meg doesn’t want to hear it. He had the choice to tell his sister the truth, and instead he allowed her to go through hell. In her book, he is a selfish monster. He had nothing to gain by keeping this from Jen except being able to tell himself he had protected her. An angry Paul tells her that "selfish" is doing something stupid in order to get a guy.. Meg goes to slap him, but he blocks her hand.

Upstairs, Dusty walks back to the bed, explaining he thought he heard voices in the hallway. It must be some people down the hall, they decide.. He sits back down on the bed. Jen tells Dusty that she wants to be with him, but she won’t feel complete until she has her baby. He understands. She can’t give herself to someone else yet. But then she stops--what if she never gets her baby back? Will she ever be complete and able to give herself to him? Dusty asks her if she thinks her baby is alive. She does. Then he promises her that they will find him. He doesn’t want Jen to think Craig was their last chance. Jen is sure that he is probably laughing at her predicament. Dusty blames himself for his part in the plan to set Craig up. She lost her husband and baby because of that. Jen assures him that is not the case. She was the reason she lost Mike. She lost him the day they married. Mike desperately wanted a family, and he was trying to prove he forgave her for sleeping with Craig. Marrying her was a bunch of life lessons Mike was teaching himself. Mike was right about her not trusting him enough, though. She does trust him implicitly, though. Dusty sarcastically answers that that got her far. Jen explains that he has done more for her than she could have ever dreamed. He brought her son into the world. They both could have died. Even though it was fleeting, she saw her baby and heard his cry. That was an amazing experience he gave her. Any laughter or comfort since then has been thanks to him. They move in closer to each other, caught up in the moment, and kiss again. Jen pulls back slightly and tells him that timing is everything. Dusty starts to walk toward the door. Is guilt keeping him with her? she asks out of the blue. Does it feel like guilt when he touches her? he answers. No! She is just trying to make sense of why he would want to be with someone who is such a wreck. Dusty sees her as an amazing person who has persevered through the hardest of times. Then Jen seems to harden her face. It appears that she has made a decision. Dusty deserves better. He shouldn’t be forced to wait around for someone who may not ever be able to give him what he needs.

Meg is staring at Paul. He must know, as she does, that Dusty really cares for Jen. Paul finishes the statement to his benefit: Jen is not his first love, though. It is special and amazing if someone is lucky enough to get a second chance with his first love. It is like him and Emily--and her and Dusty. Meg understands that might be possible if she keeps her mouth shut. Dusty always does what he wants. That is true, Paul concedes; Dusty may be stubborn, but he is not stupid. He knows if Meg sticks around he will realize his search is over for his true love.

Katie, Mike and B.J. are in the living room of Fairwinds when she tells them that she is waiting for her sister, Margo, who would like to talk to B.J. As she goes to answer the door, she asks if that is okay, to which BJ answers, "Sure." Margo and a couple of officers walk in the room, and B.J. lowers his head and walks out of the room, much to everyone’s shock and surprise. Did she tell him that she was looking for money? Katie assures her she didn’t say a thing about what Margo wanted. Then what was that all about? Margo wonders.

Jack and Will run into the room, and Carly ends up leaving with Jack.. Iris starts to explain, but Gwen wants her out of the room. Will backs Gwen up and strongly suggests she leave. Outside, Carly is standing with Jack as Iris walks by and threatens that she will be very sorry for this.. Jack apologizes for not seeing Iris walk by because he was talking to Will. How did Gwen handle hearing they were sisters? She handled it as well as her, Carly says. It is very difficult for both of them. Jack thinks this news will make a big difference for them now. Carly is convinced that it doesn’t matter. Gwen is still an unfit, messed-up teen who Carly feels is not able to take care of a child. She highly doubts Gwen will back down, either. Neither she nor Gwen is going to go soft over this news. Inside the room, Will tells Gwen that the doctor gave her the OK to go home. They should find a new place where Iris can’t find them, though. Gwen is in another world, not responding. Finally, she looks toward Will and breaks down sobbing in his arms.

Katie goes in search of B.J., who seems to have disappeared. Margo jokes that she isn’t going to get any money now. Mike tells her that every time B.J. does something weird he is very generous afterwards. After Margo leaves, Katie asks Mike if that was strange even for B.J. Mike just wants to go home after the long day he has had and forget about everyone but the two of them.

B.J. is at a restaurant. He orders chocolate milk from the waitress. She informs him that there isn’t any. He snaps that he has had some there before, and to just bring him some.

Meg is preparing to leave, and Paul inquires as to where she is going. She is going back to Oakdale. He presses on: Will she be stopping by anywhere else with her blood test results? She simply answers, sadly, that it is time to go home. Paul answers that he will see her there, then.

Dusty wants to know why Jen is trying so hard to get rid of him. She thinks she is causing him to put his life on hold. Street Jeans is fine, he starts to answer, but she means his personal life. What about Meg? Meg is a good friend of his, but he is here with her because that is where he wants to be. So, she can’t get rid of him, then? He is determined to help her find her baby. Jen asks Dusty if he thinks Craig was their last shot. There is always another way, he declares. He tells her to get some rest, because he will see her first thing in the morning.

Gwen asks if Will got the whole story. He says he did, and he is amazed.. Gwen is overwhelmed at what Iris did to her and Carly. Then she always claims to have done something horrible for that person. Will admits that is sick, but it is crazy how Carly is her sister. Gwen responds bitterly that she should have known, because after drugging and throwing her down stairs she fits right into her psycho family. Gwen wonders if that would change Carly, trying to keep her baby away from her. She is not holding her breath, but Will thinks it might matter, and it certainly would be nice not to be fighting a war. Gwen is reserving judgment. They decide to get out of there.

Jack thinks now that the fact that Gwen is Carly’s sister should change how they fight for the baby. Carly declares she is not just handing over Rory. That is not what he meant. Besides, Rosanna is her sister, Carly indignantly answers. He understands that and is not suggesting Gwen as a replacement. It will take time. She and Rosanna didn’t like each other for years and now they are great. Carly bitterly responds that having Gwen as a sister is a freak accident, and as long as she has breath in her body, she won’t stop fighting for the baby.

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