ATWT Update Monday 10/17/05

As the World Turns Update Monday 10/17/05


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Boo

Proofread by Angie

At Java, Lily and Keith are having a heated discussion. He wants her to listen to him, but she is tired of hearing what he has to say. She turns and Keith grabs for her arm to stop her, and Holden demands that he keep his hands off of her. Keith makes a sarcastic remark about Holden being the devoted husband. He reminds Holden he wasn’t so devoted when he was with his sister, Julia. Holden lurches for Keith and Lily steps in to separate them.

At the police station, Hal and Emily are arguing about Paul and his helping Gwen. Why is he so interested in helping her? He knows she couldn’t afford good representation, Emily answers. She suggests that he felt bad for her. Hal reminds her that Gwen said Will fathered her baby when he didn’t. Wouldn’t that turn Paul off to helping her? Emily angrily retorts that this is just like Hal, looking to blame everyone else. What is she talking about? Hal asks. He needs to face it: his children are all miserable and Paul has nothing to do with any of it. Hal glares at her.

On the plane, after getting over their initial reactions to finding out they are on the same flight, Paul and Meg are talking about why each is heading to Florida. Paul pretends that it is because he has concerns for Dusty and Jennifer, and if he is not mistaken, she probably does too.

At the Tampa hotel, Dusty and Jen talk about how the nurse disappeared before they could talk to her. They have no idea what to do next, so Dusty thinks they should go to the source of the mess--Craig. Jen stares at Dusty, not talking.

In New York, Gwen is lying unconscious on the ground at the bottom of the steps. Carly flashes back to the day she thought she killed her baby brother and Iris repeating the same question: “What have you done to my baby boy?” She snaps out of it and realizes that Iris’s child was not a boy. A police officer responds to the chaos and asks what happened. Jack answers, identifying himself as a police officer as well.. While the officer is tending to Gwen, Carly tells Jack what she recalled. She never killed Iris’s baby, and furthermore, that baby was not a boy. She remembers what happened. Jack looks at her, stunned. The EMTs are now looking at Gwen as she starts to come around. They are taking her to the hospital when Gwen calls out for Will. Iris explains she is her mother and wants to go with her daughter. Will snaps that she obviously would rather have him come. The EMT tells them there is room for both of them. Carly and Jack accompany the officer to the hospital to have Rory checked out as well. Carly is bursting at the seams to talk now that she has remembered things, but Jack advises her to not talk with everyone around.

Holden wants to know where Keith gets off throwing Julia in his face. Keith reminds Holden that he had no problem letting go of Lily when he was with Julia. Holden should have appreciated Lily when he had the chance. Holden counters that at least he didn’t get Lily and half of her family almost killed. Keith is adamant that he went to hell and back to make things right for Lily and her family. He asks Lily how she feels. Lily answers that it is too late for them. Keith still sees hope and a future with her, though. He is not going to give up on her as Holden did.

Hal is steaming at Emily. She is trying to blame him because Will ran off with Gwen? He should have been paying closer attention, Emily thinks. Hal sarcastically asks if the turmoil in Will’s life might have anything to do with his brother running off with his father’s wife. Emily brings things back to the topic of conversation. Paul paid Gwen’s legal bills because he wanted to help. He knew how Will felt about Gwen. He did what he thought would make Will happy. Hal is sure that Paul wouldn’t be doing something like this solely to help. Doesn’t she remember that he helped raise Paul? His need to control a situation trumps anyone’s happiness. Hal further asks why Paul would be working so hard to help Will raise someone else’s child. He wants the truth--now! He will just call Paul then. Emily goes for Hal’s arm and tells him to stop, because what Paul is doing is also for Jen.

Jen is upset. She says she can’t face Craig. Dusty reminds her that he can’t hurt her because he is in jail. Dusty wants Jen to look Craig in the eye and tell him that she knows what he did. He won’t be able to resist. Jen seems to be faltering, so Dusty asks her what else is going on. An emotional Jen yells that she is not afraid of Craig and what he might do, but rather she is afraid of killing him.

Paul plays up to Meg. He pretends to be concerned for Jen’s welfare. Everyone thinks that Jen is better, but he is worried because he thinks she was released too early. She still is acting delusional. He knows his sister; she was putting on a show all along, thinking she could find her supposedly dead baby when she gets out. Dusty supporting Jen in this game is not healthy either. He is playing into her psychosis. Meg reminds him that Jen and Dusty bonded after he helped deliver her baby. Then she asks what if he is wrong about Jen being delusional; what if her baby is alive? She smiles as she pulls out some papers, and Paul stares at her, nervous at what she could be talking about.

Holden bitterly responds to Keith by pretending to play his violin for Keith’s sob story. It will not change Lily’s mind. Keith asks Lily, who has turned away from them both, if Holden is now speaking for her. Holden continues to talk, saying that if Keith cares at all for Lily he will leave her alone and leave town. He says he has a nephew here and has no intention of walking away from him--unlike some people, Keith says as he glares at Holden. Holden threatens that if he doesn’t leave on his own, he will make him leave the hard way. Keith smirks at his threat. He is going to get a job here and some money together. Holden cuts him off. He is going to get a job? Would that be a job similar to the one that had him transporting illegal human organs? When word gets out about him, no one will hire him, Holden assures him. Keith begrudgingly leaves after realizing Lily isn’t going to talk or side with him.

Carly find Jack in the hospital hallway. Rory is fine, but how is Gwen? He is waiting for word. She starts to explain her memories and how they all came flooding back to her when she saw Iris bent over Gwen. The doctor interrupts, telling them that Gwen appears to just be banged up. Iris runs up right after to hear the news.

After the doctor leaves, an emotional and angry Carly confronts Iris.. Why did she do it? Why would she make her believe something so terrible? Iris stares at her and responds that she doesn’t know what she is talking about.

Gwen starts to stir in the hospital bed. She opens her eyes to see Will.. Where is her baby? Is he okay? Will assures her that he is fine, but just as a precaution they are having him checked out. She apologizes for freaking him out by being unconscious for so long. Will admits he was upset, but he wants to know what he can get her now. Gwen smiles; he always is taking care of her. Then her emotions quickly turn to sadness. There is nothing anyone can do for her now; she really blew it this time.

Hal smirks; he will bite. What would all of this have to do with Jen, now? Emily explains how, when Jen saw Gwen’s baby, she completely fell apart. It killed him to watch. He wanted Gwen to get custody so she would leave town with the baby. Hal asks a question he knows the answer to: Did he pay for that to happen? Emily doesn’t answer, so Hal takes that as a yes. Couldn’t he have just paid for Jen’s therapy? It would have been a lot less expensive, he counters angrily. Then he asks if Paul even considered that Will would have left town with Gwen, since they were so close. Try again, he tells Emily. Emily pauses and then comes up with another cover story. He caught her, she pretends. She hates having to admit this because she feels like a fool, but Paul wanted the baby to go away because it reminded him of Rosanna and a very difficult time of his life. Hal, frustrated, laughs at it first being about Will, then Jen, and now Rosanna. The baby simply dredges up emotional memories. Then there is a knock and it is Barbara. What is she doing here? Barbara spits. Hal explains that she is there trying to explain why Paul was paying for Gwen’s legal bills. Barbara immediately lights into her. She is sure Emily couldn’t wait to get Rosanna’s adopted baby away from Paul. In all of this chaos, did she ever think of the damage that would be caused to Will?

Dusty wants Jen to find a way to play the game. Jen furiously reminds Dusty how Craig made her life a living hell. He made her baby an orphan. Dusty understands. He wants Jen to somehow get this together for her son. Jen finally relents. She can do it. She knows she had her son for just a moment, but she loves him so much. Dusty tells her that he is going to call the prison right now and see if they can get in to see Craig, either first thing today or tomorrow, at the latest.

Paul reads through Meg’s papers. Meg smiles at him and exclaims to ‘Uncle Paul’ that he has a nephew. Meg asks that Paul not say anything because she would like to give Jen and Dusty this gift. Paul asks if this is for Jen or for Dusty. She admits that her relationship with Dusty is complicated and that he has been rather distracted while helping Jen. Paul then reminds Meg that if Jen reunites with her baby, that will bring Craig back into her life. What if he gets out of prison? He will come after Jen and his baby and make her life a living hell. Light dawns on Meg--he has known all along! He asks her to give this time. Dusty will grow tired of chasing after Jen’s baby, and at some point Jen will have to give up the search. He did this to protect Jen. Meg angrily reminds him that his sister turned to drugs and then he committed her to a mental hospital, all because deep down she knew the truth. Paul believes this was all Craig’s doing. Meg replies that it is people like him, who think they are God, who created this. They are getting heated, so the steward comes over and asks if everything is okay. Meg answers that it is not, and she would like to change her seat. He tells her that there is a seat available in the back of the plane. Meg quickly stands up and walks away. Paul tries to go after her, but the steward tells him that he needs to sit to prepare for takeoff.

Dusty is on the phone with the prison, trying to make arrangements for their visit to Craig. He hangs up and tells Jen that they are going to process his request and get back to them. Dusty starts to open the hotel door and tells her that he is going to get his bag so they can head out quickly. Jen stops him by thanking him again for all his help. He is always taking care of her. He replies that he loves to see her smile. Dusty’s phone rings and interrupts them. He has a succinct conversation that is obviously negative. Jen asks him what happened. He hesitates, knowing what this news will do to Jen. He blurts out that Craig refused to meet with them.. An overwhelmed Jen collapses on the bed. She starts to cry. She knew this wouldn’t work, but she let herself believe, and now look what happened. Dusty sits beside her to comfort her. He takes her into his arms and hugs her.

Emily asks Barbara how Will running away with Gwen would be her fault. Barbara responds that she is still Will’s step-mom, or did she forget that after she left Hal? Hal wants them to get in separate corners. His phone rings and interrupts them. He has good news, he says when he hangs up: they have found Gwen. There was a scuffle, and Gwen was taken to the hospital, but they are all okay. Emily looks nervous and Barbara asks to talk to Hal in private. They leave the room.

Carly continues, saying she was just a kid. How could Iris let a child believe she did something so horrible? Iris claims to not know what Carly is blubbering about, but she wants her to stay away. The police officer approaches, wanting to make sure everything is okay. Carly starts to explain, but Jack stops her by saying, "Not here." Iris leaves to go to the cafeteria. Jack asks Carly what exactly she recalled. She relays her memories. The accident didn’t happen. Iris lied. She didn’t even have a boy. Carly remembered Iris calling her baby “her angel girl.” She remembers the baby in the carriage and Iris giving her money for ice cream. When she came back, Iris was standing over the carriage, repeating over and over, “What have you done to my baby boy?” She said it so much for so long to everyone that she started to believe it. Who would be that cruel? She wants to leave to go find Iris and ask her. Jack again stops her. He exclaims that she is not realizing something here. If Iris had a girl, and Gwen is Iris’s child… Carly realizes what he is saying: Gwen is her half-sister. Jack is in just as much disbelief as he nods at Carly’s realization.

Holden wants to know if he assumed something he shouldn’t have. Does she still have feelings for Keith? Why would she not want to turn him in? Lily claims she feels guilty because she feels Keith took this job because of her, in order to pay her back quickly. Holden doesn’t want her to feel that way. She didn’t even mention him paying her back, right? She did not force Keith to take this type of job. She feels he felt pressured and like he had to because of the way everyone felt about him and their relationship. Holden asks her again if she still has feelings for Keith, though. She answers that she no longer does. Holden reminds her that Keith is not the only one who would go to hell and back for her. He would do anything for her--including backing off, if that is what she wants. Lily smiles and lovingly reaches out to hold Holden’s hand..

Carly is watching Gwen through the hospital-room door. She can’t believe that Gwen could be her half-sister. She laments over the type of father she had, who doesn’t say anything. Then she has a thought: Did Gwen know? Jack knows that she is full of questions, and Carly finishes his sentence: There is no time like the present.

Paul sees Meg sitting at the bar in the hotel. Has she reconsidered? What if her decision to show Jen makes everyone miserable? he asks. Has she considered what he said to her? No, she answers plainly. Does Meg understand what this has cost him? He is Jen’s brother, after all. She is going home and leaving the choice up to him, though. She wants him to take himself out of the situation, and think long and hard and have a drink before he makes up his mind. If he decides to not tell her, then the paper is all his, as she hands him her evidence. She walks away as Paul stares at the folded paper and smirks. Outside the bar, Meg takes a couple of pieces of paper out of her pocketbook and looks at them, and smiles as she walks away.

Jen laments over the fact that she got her hopes up. Look what happened, she moans. Dusty promises her that it is not over. He will find another way. He apologizes again for it not working out. Jen smiles warmly at him. There he goes again, always taking care of her. He never wants her to stop believing. So many times she wanted to give up, and he wouldn’t let her. He looks back at her and quietly says that he cares so much for her. He leans in slowly, and then at the last minute he kisses her on her forehead. Then Jen moves, and they softly kiss on the lips. As they continue to kiss, they start to undress each other.

Lily and Holden are looking at each other wordlessly when her phone rings. It is Luke. She speaks quickly with him, and when she hangs up she tells Holden that he is still not feeling well. She is worried that he continues not to eat. Holden suggests that they bring him home some soup. Lily asks if he said we; does that mean that he is going to come home with her? He laughs and says that he thought she would never ask. They walk closely over to the counter to put in the order, as Keith watches them through the window.

Jack feels that it is not the time for Carly to go off half-cocked. He wants her to stop and think about things before she decides what to say. He is afraid her emotions will get the better of her, and she will make matters worse. Carly appears to be contemplating his words.

Gwen is lying on Will’s shoulder in bed. She remarks that it seems so long ago that they were going to change their names to Mr. and Mrs. Freeman and start a new life. She asks if he wants to hear something corny, and Will nods. She says she misses that life. For just a moment, she had a family. Will agrees. Will offers to go check on her baby, and he leaves after kissing her on the cheek. After he leaves, Carly enters the room. Gwen sarcastically asks what else she wants; wasn’t pushing her down the stairs enough? Carly just stares, emotionally confused, at her.

Paul is on the phone with Emily, telling her that Meg is on board. She has given him the evidence. Emily is excited at another disaster averted. As Paul is talking, he opens the piece of paper and sees written in big letters, “Go to hell!” He quickly tells Emily he has to go and hangs up and runs out of the bar. Hal walks up to Emily, who is concerned at Paul’s quick departure off the phone. Will, Gwen, Carly and Jack are on their way home. It appears Paul did not get what he wanted, Hal declares.

Meg is happily walking down the hallway towards Jen’s room, evidence in hand. She is looking at the papers as she approaches Jen’s half-open door. She looks inside and sees Jen and Dusty making out. She stares dejectedly at Dusty and Jen affectionately going at it on the bed.

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