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Written By Eva
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At the hospital, Holden and Lily are at Lucinda’s bedside as she awakens from the operation. A drowsy Lucinda opens her eyes when Lily strokes her hair. Lily tells Lucinda not to say anything; she just wanted to tell her she made it through the operation. Lily tells Lucinda to go back to sleep, and Lily and Holden go into the hallway so Lucinda can rest. Lily admits to Holden that she is afraid of how her mother will react when she looks at herself in the mirror for the first time and it sinks in that her breast is gone. Holden assures Lily that Lucinda will be fine, because she is a very strong woman. Holden also thinks it will make a big difference that Lucinda has the support of her family. Holden is also encouraged by the fact that Lucinda’s doctor is optimistic about her recovery. Holden asks Lily if she wants to go with him to have a cup of coffee at Java. Lily doesn’t feel like she should leave Lucinda, but she asks Holden to wait at the hospital for a couple of hours and then they can go to Java. Holden is more than happy to agree to the idea.

At the restaurant in Tampa, Florida, the private detective interrupts Dusty and Jennifer’s kiss. The private detective apologizes for interrupting them but says he has some new information to tell them. Dusty asks the private detective if he has found Nurse Thompson yet. The private detective says that Nurse Thompson’s trail is cold. Jennifer tells the private detective not to give up yet, because Nurse Thompson probably ran away because she has information about her baby. The private detective tells Dusty and Jennifer that Nurse Thompson’s brother got arrested in Alabama for breaking and entering on the same day Jennifer’s baby was born, so that is probably the reason she left Oakdale in a hurry; it had nothing to do with the baby.

At Java, Meg leaves a message for Dusty to get in touch with her as soon as possible because she has some important news to tell him. Emily, who is hiding behind a plant to watch Meg, gets a call from Paul, who is on the plane. Emily informs Paul that Meg knows the truth and is on the phone right now, trying to get in touch with Dusty. Paul explains to Emily that the plane can’t get clearance to land, and he isn’t sure when he will be able to meet her at Java. Paul tells Emily to find some way to stop Meg from talking to Dusty. Emily is unsure how she will stop Meg, so Paul tells Emily to think like him. Emily hangs up the phone and walks over to Meg’s table to talk to her. Meg tells Emily that she is trying to contact Dusty because she has something important to tell him. Emily tells Meg that Dusty and Jennifer went to a fashion show in Philadelphia.

At the police station, Hal talks to Cass and asks him if he has talked to Gwen lately. Cass explains to Hal that he hasn’t spoken to Gwen in a while because she is no longer his client. Hal wonders why Cass dropped Gwen’s case. Cass explains that he dropped Gwen’s case because it got to the point where he thought it was going to get too messy, and it just wasn’t worth the money he was being paid. Hal points out that Gwen doesn’t have any money, and Will doesn’t, either, since Barbara denied Will access to his trust fund. Hal wonders who was paying Cass’s bill. At first Cass refuses to answer Hal’s question, but Hal pleads with him to understand that he is just a father worried about his son. Cass tells Hal that Paul was paying Gwen’s legal bills. Hal wonders why Paul would be so interested in Gwen’s baby.

In New York City, Jack catches up to Will and gets on top of him to stop him from leaving. Jack asks Will to tell him where Gwen and Rory are and tells Will he only wants to help both of them. Will tells Jack to get off him, and he will tell him what he wants to know. In the park, Carly asks Gwen to give her the baby because she has no idea how to take care of a baby. Carly tells Gwen she knows she doesn’t have a plan or a place to go. Carly tells Gwen she might kill Rory if she stays on the run with him. Gwen screams for Carly to stop calling her baby Rory and says that she would rather die than let her son be raised by someone who killed a child. Iris tries to find Gwen before the police catch up to her. Iris begins to show people Gwen’s picture and ask if anyone has seen her daughter. Will tells Jack that Gwen and the baby are hiding in the basement of the school. Jack tells Will that he has already been there and that he didn’t find Gwen and the baby. Will pretends to be shocked by the news, but Jack doesn’t buy his act. Jack explains to Will that he only wants what is best for Rory, and right now that is going back home to Oakdale. Jack can’t understand how someone who is as smart as Will allowed Gwen to persuade him to run away with her. Will explains to Jack that he tried to persuade Gwen not to run away, but she wouldn’t listen, so he thought he should come with her so she wouldn’t be alone in New York with a baby. Jack tells Will to go back to the school and wait for Gwen, while he keeps on looking for her. Jack takes Will’s car keys and cell phone. Jack pretends to be distracted while Will is leaving, but he keeps an eye on which way Will is going and follows him at a safe distance because he knows Will is going to lead him to Gwen and the baby. Carly explains to Gwen that what happened to her baby brother was an accident that happened when she was a child, and she didn’t mean to hurt him. Carly reminds Gwen that they have already notified the police, and even if she tried to run away they wouldn’t let her leave the park. Carly also tells Gwen that even if she managed to run away, she would keep looking for her, and she would always have to keep moving from town to town. Carly pleads with Gwen to go back to Oakdale with her so they can work things out, because they both love the baby. Gwen doesn’t believe Carly and thinks she will turn her in to the police.

At the hospital, Emma arrives with flowers for Lucinda. Lily and Holden tell Emma that Lucinda came through the operation and the doctor is optimistic about her recovery. Lily also tells Emma that Luke is recovering at home but is anxious to get back to school. Lily tells Holden she is going home to check on the boys but will meet him at Java later. Emma notices Holden’s smile and asks him why he is so happy. Holden tells his mom there is a good chance he and Lily could reconcile, but he is taking it slowly with her.

At Java, Meg is anxious to leave, but Emily wants to talk some more and invites her for a cup of coffee. Hal arrives and tells Emily he must talk to her, so Meg takes the opportunity to leave before Emily has a chance to say anything to stop her. Hal asks Emily if she or Paul have spoken to Will recently. Emily tells Hal she hasn’t spoken to Will, and if Paul had done so he would have mentioned it to her. Hal doesn’t think Paul wanted Emily to know if he had spoken to Will. Hal explains to Emily that Gwen and Will ran away to New York with Rory. Hal also tells Emily he thinks Paul may have helped Will and Gwen run away and that Paul may be giving Will and Gwen money to stay on the run. Hal worries that Emily knows about all of Paul’s schemes and may be so involved in them that she won’t be able to get herself out.

At the hospital, Emma tells Holden she is happy that he and Lily could reconcile and wonders about Lily’s relationship with Keith. Holden tells Emma that Keith is not a part of Lily’s life anymore.

At Java, Lily finds Keith on the phone, looking for an apartment. Lily tries to persuade Keith to leave town, but he is determined to stay, for J.J.’s sake. Keith also tells Lily he wants to make her realize that he would never hurt Luke or Lucinda.

At the restaurant in Florida, Dusty tells the private detective to keep looking for Nurse Thompson and her brother. Jennifer wonders if they should go back to Oakdale. Dusty notices a waitress who he hasn’t seen in the restaurant today, so he shows her Nurse Thompson’s picture, and the waitress thinks she saw someone who looked like Nurse Thompson talking to a blonde woman. Dusty and Jennifer both wonder who the blonde woman might be.

On the plane, Paul asks the flight attendant when the plane will be landing. The flight attendant explains that the plane can’t land without clearance from the tower. The flight attendant gives Paul a pillow and suggests he take a nap. Paul takes a short nap and dreams that Jennifer is mad at him because he knew the truth about her baby and didn’t tell her. In Paul’s dream, Jennifer poisons his drink and kills him by putting a pillow over his face. Paul wakes up, startled, and asks the flight attendant for a drink.

In New York City, one of the people that Iris shows Gwen’s picture to recognizes her and points out which way she went, so Iris runs to find Gwen. Carly almost has Gwen convinced to go back to Oakdale with her, but when Gwen hears Jack call out her name she panics and starts to leave. Carly puts her hand on the handle of the baby carriage, and Gwen and Carly both struggle to pull the baby carriage away; in the struggle the carriage rolls down the steps. Gwen and Carly are both stunned by what has happened.. The wheels of the baby carriage come off as it rolls down the steps, and Jack arrives just in time to take the baby out of the carriage before the carriage topples over. Carly starts down the steps to check on the baby, but Gwen grabs her arm to stop her from going down the steps; then Gwen starts to go down the steps, and Carly grabs her arm to stop her. Gwen struggles to free her arm from Carly’s grasp while still trying to go down the steps. It takes so much effort for Gwen to free her arm that she falls down the steps and lies motionless on the street. Carly is even more shocked. Will is the first to arrive and sees Gwen lying at the bottom of the steps, and he calls her name several times, asking her to respond to him.

At the hospital, Holden thanks Emma for her support and gives her a hug and a kiss on the cheek before leaving to meet Lily at Java. Meg arrives and hears the end of Holden’s conversation with Emma. Meg tells Emma she is happy Holden and Lily may reconcile but admits she is hurt that Emma can’t support her relationship with Holden in the same way that she supports Holden and Lily. Emma explains to Meg that she is just worried that Dusty will hurt her. Meg explains to Emma that she has to cancel dinner with her, because she must find Dusty so she can tell him something important that could change Jennifer’s life. Emma wonders if this change will be good or bad for Jennifer. Meg assures Emma it will be a good change for Jennifer. Emma thinks Meg wants to give Jennifer this good news so that Dusty will stop spending time with Jennifer and be free to spend more time with her.

At the restaurant in Florida, Jennifer tells Dusty she is sorry he wasted his time searching for the baby. Jennifer also tells Dusty she would understand if he wants to go home and get on with his life. Dusty takes Jennifer’s hand and tells her that he isn’t going anywhere until she decides to stop searching for the baby. Dusty explains to Jennifer that the search for the baby has turned into something more for him, because he thinks he has feelings for her. Jennifer tells Dusty she thinks she may have feelings for him, too, but she isn’t ready to deal with those feelings yet. Dusty tells Jennifer he understands, and he tells Jennifer not to give up hope because they still have a chance of finding the baby. Dusty tells Jennifer that someone may be able to lead them to Nurse Thompson.

At the hospital, Meg calls Dusty’s office and finds out he didn’t go to Philadelphia but to Tampa, Florida.

In New York City, the shock of the accident causes Carly to remember what happened to her brother. Iris arrives with Jack, and when she calls Gwen "Angel Girl" Carly recalls that when she was a little girl she saw Iris holding a baby whom she also called "Angel Girl." Carly recalls Iris was talking to the baby and telling her she had a plan to take her away from the situation in which they were living.

At Java, Keith tells Lily he will never stop trying to make her understand that he would never hurt Luke or Lucinda. Lily starts to leave, but Keith grabs her arm and stops her from leaving. Keith asks Lily to stay so they can talk. Holden arrives and watches them talking to each other.

On the plane, Meg and Paul buckle into their seats, which are right next to each other on a flight to Florida. Paul and Meg are startled to see they are sitting next to each other.

At Java, Hal asks Emily to tell him why Paul is so interested in Gwen’s baby.

In New York City, Jack calls an ambulance after taking Gwen’s pulse and finding out her pulse is strong. Carly recalls Iris asking her what she did to her little boy. Carly continues to stare at Gwen next to the baby carriage on the street. Carly tells herself that Iris’s baby wasn’t a boy--it was a girl. Carly thinks Gwen could be her sister.

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