ATWT Update Thursday 10/13/05

As the World Turns Update Thursday 10/13/05


Written By Eva
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At B.J.‘s house, Henry arrives with Maddie because B.J. asked him to supervise the renovation project on the house. Henry tells Maddie to pick out a room she likes because he wants to try and persuade B.J. to let them live with him, since he is his new assistant.

In Tampa, Florida, Dusty and Jennifer wonder why Nurse Thompson isn’t at the restaurant and why none of the restaurant staff has seen Nurse Thompson. Jennifer is disappointed because she thinks she will never find her baby. Dusty takes this as a good sign, because if Nurse Thompson hadn’t switched the babies she would not have run away from their meeting.

On the plane, Emily leaves a message for Paul and tells him Dusty and Jennifer were very close to discovering the truth. Emily also tells Paul she managed to persuade Nurse Thompson not to say a word, but Dusty and Jennifer are very determined and she doesn’t know how much longer she can keep them from discovering the truth. Emily pleads with Paul to come home now because she needs his help. Emily also tells Paul she is going over to the hospital to talk to Meg, because she thinks Meg also may know the truth.

In New York City, Will and Gwen plan to leave and find another place to stay because they think Iris may turn them in to the police.

Outside the building where Will and Gwen are hiding, Iris tells Carly and Jack she won’t take them to Gwen and the baby unless they agree to give her half of Rory’s trust fund. Jack gets angry with Iris for trying to sell them the baby and threatens to arrest her. Iris isn’t scared by Jack’s threat because she knows he has done illegal things to protect Carly. Will and Gwen decide to go to the park and hide while they think of a new place to go. The baby starts to cry, so Gwen decides to stay behind and feed the baby while Will takes the baby carriage and acts as a decoy for them.

At the hospital, Meg asks her friend, Eli, if he has compared Jennifer’s hair samples to the DNA samples of the baby. Eli explains to Meg he hasn’t been able to do that yet because, since she asked him to keep the test a secret, he must do the test when the lab is empty. Emily arrives to talk to Meg, who tells Emily she must get back to work. Emily tells Meg she must talk to her about Jennifer, so Meg tells Emily she can only talk to her for a few minutes.

In Tampa, Florida, Dusty plans a surprise for Jennifer to cheer her up because she is depressed. Dusty tells Jennifer he has decided to sing to her, even though he has a terrible voice. The thought of Dusty singing to her makes Jennifer laugh.

At B.J.’s house, Henry and Maddie find Mike passed out on the floor and revive him. Mike explains that a rotting beam from the ceiling fell on his head and knocked him out. Mike tells Maddie and Henry he is fine except for a terrible headache. Henry and Maddie think Mike should go to the hospital because he may have a concussion, but Mike insists he is fine. Mike heads over to get cleaned up a bit and pretends he can’t see, to joke with Henry and Maddie. Once Mike leaves the room, Maddie tells Henry she thinks B.J. tried to kill Mike. B.J. arrives and Henry and Maddie tell him about Mike’s accident. Mike comes back in the room and tells B.J. the house has termites and rotting beams.

B.J. is very concerned about Mike and insists he make an appointment with a doctor. Henry asks B.J. if he was in the house before Mike had his accident. B.J. tells Henry that he was in the house with Mike earlier, and if he suspects him of causing Mike’s accident he should come right out and say it. B.J. admits to Henry that he is in love with Katie, but he would never hurt Mike in order to have a chance with her.

At the hospital, Emily asks Meg to persuade Dusty to stop giving Jennifer false hope that her baby is alive. Meg tells Emily she thinks Dusty is protecting Jennifer by putting her doubts to rest once and for all. Meg makes it clear she won’t try to influence Dusty’s decisions.

In New York City, Iris knocks on the door of the room where Will and Gwen are hiding. Iris knocks several times and gets no response from Gwen, so Jack kicks the door in and is surprised to find an empty room. Carly thinks Iris lied to them again, but Jack notices the open window and figures out Gwen and Will split up to escape and not attract attention. Ms. Clemens arrives, and Jack explains that Gwen kidnapped her son from their home because they are involved in a custody battle. Jack asks Ms. Clemens to let him know if Gwen contacts her again. Jack and Carly decide to split up and look for Will and Gwen. Jack takes Iris with him so he can keep an eye on her. Jack calls the police department and puts out an A.P.B. on Will and Gwen.

Will and Gwen meet at the park, and Gwen tells Will she managed to escape just before Carly, Jack and Iris arrived looking for them. A young teenage girl decides to give the baby a red balloon, and Gwen takes it as a good sign that everything will be okay. Gwen and Will sit on a park bench and discuss their new plan. Will and Gwen decide they should both change their names if they are going to be on the run. Gwen and Will change their names to Amanda and Mark Freeman. Will and Gwen stare at each other for a few minutes and smile; then they share a kiss.

At B.J.’s house, Mike calls the doctor while Maddie daydreams that B.J. electrocutes Mike, and then that Mike and Katie are on their way to the hospital when B.J. arrives and kidnaps Katie at gunpoint. Mike faints as soon as he sees the gun, and Henry arrives dressed as Superman and saves Katie from B.J. Maddie snaps out of her daydream and tries to tell Mike B.J. isn’t the person he seems to be, but Mike refuses to listen to her and tells her to stop meddling in his and Katie’s life.

At the hospital, Eli arrives and tells Meg that he has the test results on the patient she was asking him about earlier. Emily finds out from a nurse that Eli does DNA research. Emily follows Meg and Eli out of the hospital.

At the restaurant in Tampa, Florida, Dusty gets Jennifer to sing "You Made Me Love You" to him because he has forgotten the words to the song. Jennifer sings the song, and when she is finished she figures out that Dusty set her up to make her forget about her problems. Jennifer gives Dusty a hug. Dusty and Jennifer dance together and almost kiss, but are interrupted by the telephone.

In New York City, Will and Gwen are startled by their intense kiss, but they decide it has been coming for a long time and that they enjoyed the kiss. Will and Gwen kiss again and are interrupted by the baby crying. Will decides he will go trade in his car for another one and then come back with a map, so they can decide the next place they should go. Carly asks the teenage girl who gave Gwen the balloon if she has seen Gwen. Carly describes Gwen to the girl, and the girl tells Carly she gave Gwen a balloon when she was over by the monument.

At Java, Eli tells Meg that Jennifer’s hair strands match the baby’s DNA sample. Emily is happy to get a call from Paul, saying he has landed in Oakdale. Emily tells Paul that Meg knows the truth and she has proof that Jennifer is Rory’s mother.

At the restaurant in Tampa, Dusty is on the phone with the private detective, who tells him Nurse Thompson has disappeared. Dusty tells the private detective to find Nurse Thompson. Dusty is about to give Jennifer the bad news when she tells him she doesn’t want to ruin this happy moment. Jennifer and Dusty kiss each other.

In New York City, Jack sees Will and calls his name and runs after him. Carly finds Gwen and the baby sitting on a park bench.

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