ATWT Update Tuesday 10/11/05

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 10/11/05


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Boo

Proofread by Angie

At Lily’s, she has stopped Keith from leaving; he is glad because he didn’t think that she would really let him leave like this, without letting him explain. She repeats that apparently she has to advise him again not to go near Luke. Keith tries to explain that he had to make sure for himself that Luke didn’t think that he had been ditched in Mexico. Lily repeats for him to stay away from her family. She wants him to pack his stuff up and leave her property.

In New York City, Gwen and Will are walking back over to see Ms. Clemens. Gwen is happy to hear that she remembered her. Will tries to lighten the situation by chiding Gwen that she never mentioned that she was on the honor roll. They approach Ms. Clemens and she gives Gwen a hug. Gwen tells her how happy she is that she remembered her. Ms. Clemens assures her that some of her fondest memories in Oakdale were of her. Gwen introduces her baby, and Ms. Clemens mentions that the baby resembles the dad (meaning Will). They both smile awkwardly at that observation. Gwen cuts to the chase and asks for her help. Ms. Clemens wonders if it is because of her mother again. It is not that simple, they explain, but she is involved. They decide to go find a place to talk.

Iris is at the airport, trying to get on the plane that is leaving right that moment for New York. The attendant tells her that she can’t make it this close. Iris tries to coax her into allowing her to make the plane by reminding her she has no luggage and can get on this second, but the woman tells her that there is another plane to New York leaving later that day. Iris loses her temper and yells at the woman that she needs to get on the plane right then and there, because her daughter is in New York and she needs her.

At Java, Carly is staring quietly out the window while Jack talks on the phone. After he hangs up, Carly further apologizes about her behavior with Parker. She shouldn’t have tried to push him into trying to see a vision about where Rory is. She doesn’t know what got into her.. She put too much on his little shoulders. Jack understands. He wants her to relax. Hal has been tracking Will’s credit card use since he and Gwen left town, and the last time he used his card was in Pennsylvania. They are heading east. They talk about the fact that when they told Iris about Gwen taking off she appeared shocked. She appears just as anxious to find Gwen as they are. That means that she is probably already looking for Gwen. Jack has had Iris followed and she appears to already be off the radar. Carly and Jack come to the conclusion together that Iris has probably already found Gwen, then. Jack has an idea. He wants Carly to call Cass and tell him that she has considered his deal and she wants to see him. Carly looks at him, shocked.

In a hotel in Tampa, Dusty and Jen are meeting with his PI. They have set up a meeting with the nurse, Kristen Thompson, in 2 hours. She thinks she is coming to meet about finding her brother. Jen wonders what she is going to say to her. Dusty tells her to be straightforward: ask her how she switched the babies. Dusty assures her that they will know what she did by her initial reaction. Dusty’s words seem to assuage Jen. What they aren’t aware of is that Emily is at a nearby table, listening. When Jen goes upstairs and Dusty finishes his business with the PI, Emily is again nearby.

When the PI walks away from Dusty, Emily purposely runs into him. He drops his stuff and Emily pretends to want to help him pick up his papers, but the PI swats her hand away. Emily feigns wrist pain.

Ms. Clemens brings Will, Gwen and her baby to a small room with a bed, refrigerator and microwave. She tells them that they can stay here for the time being. She asks Gwen if she wants to tell her the story of how she ended up here. Gwen generally talks of someone trying to take her baby away. The woman asks if it is her mother. Gwen tells her that, indirectly, her mother is involved in this, but she is not trying to take her baby, necessarily. She does have an agenda though. She doesn’t want her mother near her baby, with her beer cans and all. Gwen asks if they can stay here until they can get their feet on the ground. The woman assures both Gwen and Will that they can stay there. Gwen is about to correct her and tell her that she simply meant her and her baby, but before she can, Will speaks up and tells her that would be great.

An upset Carly wants to understand why Jack wants her to make a deal with Cass. Does he not think she is capable of taking care of Rory after her pushing Parker too far to help? Of course not, Jack explains. She needs to trust where he is going with this. He wants her to tell Cass that she has considered his offer just to get him here. He wants Cass to lead them to Iris. Carly relaxes now that she understands. She calls Cass and arranges a meeting.

Keith wants to know if Lily wants him to leave that quickly. Lily understands that it is short notice, but she thinks it is inappropriate for him to stay there any longer. Keith explains that he has plans with J.J. and he doesn’t want to disappoint him; could he move out later? Lily understands and agrees to that. Keith persists: she doesn’t have to do this, he would never put a child in harm’s way. Lily reminds him that that is what he did. No, Keith states firmly, but if that is what she wants to believe…. He doesn’t understand how Lily could pretend what they had wasn’t great. He is not leaving 'til they talk about that. Lily doesn’t want to talk about their relationship. Keith is adamant about the fact that he did nothing intentionally wrong. She is acting as if he kidnapped her son, or that he knew about what was going on and did nothing. She says she wasn’t implying that he did. She understands that certain events were beyond his control, such as Luke stowing away on his plane and Lucinda forcing him into flying her to Mexico. They are not over because of that; they are over because he lied to her again. Keith tries to make her understand. She must know why he needed to get the money so badly. A furious Lily tells him that his trying to blame her for this is sick. Again, Keith pleads for her understanding. That is not what he was implying. He needed to pay her back. He wanted her to believe in who he was, and not that he was some person who needed her money. He loves her deeply. She won’t accept that love is an excuse for lying. Keith wonders if she has gone back to Holden, and that is why she is trying get out of their relationship. This has nothing to do with Holden, she tells him. She trusted him, and her son ended up in a foreign country with a gun being held to his head. Keith apologizes again for that. However, Luke doesn’t blame him for what happened and has forgiven him; why shouldn’t she? "He sees you through a child’s eyes--you are his hero," Lily explains. Keith thinks that it is crazy for Lily to be running back to her past life that she was trying to escape from when he met her. Lily explains that maybe she now sees her family through new eyes and realizes that this is where she is supposed to be. She feels that what she thinks and how she handles her business are no longer his concern. Keith promises that he is not going to pretend what they had did not exist in order to let her off the hook. Lily seems confused, but she wants to stick her ground.

Cass arrives at Java. He tells Carly that he was surprised to hear from her. She explains that she's had time to think about what he was offering; she wants to talk. Cass quickly whips out the agreement and tells her to sign on the line. Carly glares at him and tells him that she has no intention of signing anything. He says he thought he was there because she thought about his proposal and wanted to sign. Carly explains that she had thought about his offer and has decided that it is a lousy offer. Cass is irritated; what game is she playing?

Jack walks up and tells Cass that he is no longer going to strong-arm his wife. He wants to know if he has been in touch with his clients. He admits he has. Is he aware that Gwen has skipped town with Rory, and Iris is probably an accessory? Cass looks dumbfounded. In the last conversation he had with them, they had promised to do this by the book. Jack wonders if Cass helped them leave town under the radar. Are you crazy? Cass responds. Then you have been had, Jack declares.

Will arrives back at the room with food and finds Gwen staring at her baby. He lightens the mood by talking about how here in New York rolls are called buns and pop is soda; strange, how New Yorkers talk. He has bought some food and some more clothes. Gwen tells him that he doesn’t need to keep spending money on them. Will doesn’t care about that. Shouldn’t he be on his way back to Oakdale? Will laughs that he is going to run back to take an algebra exam. Gwen doesn’t want to joke. She is concerned for him. Will assures her that he can’t go back because his dad will hassle him about her. He might as well hang out with her. He tells her not to worry about him. He wouldn’t be there with her if he didn’t want to be. A smiling Gwen accepts his reasoning.

Dusty knocks on Jen’s hotel door, and she answers it in a robe. Dusty offers to come back later to give her privacy. Jen reminds him that he delivered her baby and that they are past needing modesty. Dusty claims that he has blocked it out. Jen tells him that she hasn’t, and that she will never forget what he did. She will always be grateful to him. First he brought her baby into the world, and now he is doing everything he can to get him back.

Emily claims that the man hurt her wrist when he pushed her hand away. It was an old tennis injury, but none the less, it is now hurt. The PI is concerned and asks what he could do for her. Emily asks for some ice, which the man leaves to go get. He conveniently leaves his papers, which were so private before, on the table by where they were standing. Emily quickly thumbs through his papers and sees the nurse’s file. He comes back with the ice, and she thanks him while fishing for his name. He gives her his name, and after he leaves Emily writes the nurse's and the PI’s names down--Kristen Thompson and Gaston Bricks.

Dusty pledges to Jen that they will find her baby, no matter what. Jen wants to believe him, but she is nervous. She would love to be as sure as he is. Dusty wants to know what else she is thinking. She is just scared. She wants to hold her baby so badly. She can feel him in her arms already. What if this all falls apart? What if this turns into another dead end? When she felt like this before, she took a hit of meth. Dusty promises he won’t allow that to happen.

He offers one of his famous neck rubs. She tells him not to worry about her. He persists and asks that she let him relax her with his neck rub. He starts to rub her neck and shoulders, soothing her as he tells her that she needs to relax and let the stress go.

Emily is downstairs in the lobby on the phone, calling information. She is looking for a new listing for a Kristen Thompson. There is not a listing for her. Emily is starting to get nervous. She reminds herself that she doesn’t have much more time as she racks her brain for an idea.

Jen tells Dusty that his neck rub feels good. He jokes that he could have gotten into the spa industry, if it weren’t for a certain redhead who persuaded him to go into the fashion business. He tries to elicit a laugh. Jen can’t bring herself to do that right now because of how worried she is. Dusty explains that when they ask the nurse straight out about the baby switch, she will get thrown off. What if she lies? Jen asks. Dusty reminds her that she is not a con artist but a nurse. Maybe she will even want to unload her conscience. If she understands that they are only interested in getting her baby back, then maybe she will tell them the truth. Jen considers his words.

Cass leaves a frustrated message for Iris to call him. After he hangs up, he exclaims that he is done dealing with those two. Carly wants to know Iris and Gwen’s connection. Cass recalls his conversation with Iris when she was in jail about her being Gwen’s mom and for it never to come out. He can’t break lawyer-client privilege. He does advise Carly that there is more to them than meets the eye, and with that he excuses himself. Carly and Jack are irritated that Cass chose to now have scruples. What did he mean by his last warning, though? they wonder. Jack believes that Cass doesn’t know where they are, but he is more convinced than ever that if they find Iris then they will find Gwen. Hal calls Jack’s cell phone, and when he hangs up he tells Carly that Iris just bought a ticket to New York. Jack wants Carly to go home so he can follow up on this lead, but Carly wants to help. Jack persuades Carly to go home. It seems that she has accepted this, but after he leaves Carly calls Ellen and asks if she will do her a big--make it huge--favor.

Back at her house, Lily retorts that she is not an amnesiac. She has not forgotten, nor is she trying to deny, what had happened between them. Keith wonders how she could move on so easily, then. Something about being held at gunpoint puts her life in perspective, Lily sarcastically answers. Their relationship shouldn’t have happened because they moved way too fast. They weren’t about love. Keith doesn’t want to hear this, but Lily continues. He can’t shut the conversation down when he hears something he doesn’t want to hear. He asked for it. Keith wants to remember how they laughed. Lily recalls that, but she also remembers being scared of him. She always had a nagging suspicion of him.. Keith wants Lily to understand that he would have done anything to get her son back. He didn’t, though; Holden did. That is why she is leaving him and going back to Holden? he asks. Did she ever think of what may have happened to him in Mexcico? Lily admits that she did. Keith angrily replies that she would rather believe that he ran out on her and Luke. He continues bitterly, "And that is the difference between you and me--I never would have given up on you, but you gave up on me." He walks away, telling her that he will be out later that night. He leaves Lily upset and confused.

Gwen and Will finish eating and Will asks what Gwen was staring so intently at when he came in. She says she was looking for a sign. Does her baby look like her? She doesn’t see it. Maybe he looks like Casey as a baby. Will jokes that his mom said he resembled Winston Churchill. Gwen laughs and yawns.

The baby fusses, and Will tells her to go lie down because he can handle the baby; he has two younger brothers whom he has taken care of, after all. Gwen lies down and Will attends to the baby while she smiles and watches him from the bed.

Jen has gotten ready and they are about to head downstairs to meet the nurse when the phone rings. Jen is concerned because no one knows she is there. Dusty doesn’t want her to panic; it could be housekeeping. Jen answers the phone, and it is Emily calling with a fake accent. She claims to be the PI’s assistant. She has been told by Gaston to call her to let her know that Kristen is running one hour behind. Is she still coming? Jen asks. Yes, Emily answers, and then she quickly hangs up. Jen tells Dusty about the call and starts to panic. Does he think she could be having second thoughts? Dusty is sure not. She wants to find her brother. This gives them time to go eat. Jen isn’t hungry, but Dusty is. Jen laughs a bit at his confidence. His confidence could become contagious.

Emily is in the lobby waiting for Kristen to show up. She sees a nervous woman entering the lobby, and she approaches her. Emily asks the woman if she is Kristen Thompson. The woman stares at Emily, not answering.

Lily is outside her house, sitting on a bench. Luke comes outside. Had she talked to Keith? She had. He continues that he knows what Keith did was wrong. He feels that Keith did not leave him on purpose, though. Lily wonders if Keith prepped him to say that. Luke promises her that is how he feels. Luke wants to be fair to Keith. Lily acquiesces; maybe he did not, but he is still out of their lives.

J.J. is having lunch with Keith. He wants to go to his place after, but Keith explains that they can’t because he has gotten himself into a predicament and he needs to leave the place where he has been living. J..J. is concerned that he is leaving town. Keith promises him that he is not leaving. He will find another place in Oakdale. A determined Keith tells him that he has invested too much here and is not about to leave now.

Kristen answers that she is not the person she is supposed to be meeting.. She turns to leave, but Emily stops her by saying that she is Craig Montgomery’s assistant. Kristen claims to not know who that is. Emily pleads that what she needs from her will only take a moment. Emily sees Dusty and Jen enter the room and sit at the bar, and she starts to panic at the idea of being seen now.

Gwen is on the bed with her eyes closed. A tired Will tries to get comfortable on a chair in the room. Gwen sees this and jokes that he should get his buns, or should she say rolls, over there onto the bed. Is she sure? Will asks. Yes, she is sure. The chair is terribly uncomfortable, he concedes.

They lie side by side on the bed. She doesn’t know what she did to deserve him. He has been so good to her, even after she was mean to him. Will jokes that he must be a glutton for punishment. No, he is the best person she has ever met. They roll over to face each other, a bit awkwardly at first. Then Will moves his face closer to Gwen as they stare at each other.

Ms. Clemens is talking to a teacher outside. After the teacher leaves, Iris approaches her. Iris bitterly comments about how she still dresses as if she shops at the bargain basement. Ms. Clemens explains that she doesn’t know who she is. Sure she does, Iris angrily replies. She knows her daughter has run to her for help--where is she? The two women stare each other down.

Jack is at the airport. He is showing the attendant a picture of Iris. Has she purchased a ticket? Yes, she has, the attendant tells him.. Then he would like an open-ended ticket to New York City as well. Carly replies from behind Jack that the woman should make it two. Jack whirls around; he thought he told her to go home. Ellen has agreed to watch the kids 24/7 until they return. They will bring Rory home together.

Jack turns back to the attendant and tells her that she heard the lady--make that two tickets to New York City.

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