ATWT Update Monday 10/10/05

As the World Turns Update Monday 10/10/05


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Boo

Proofread by Angie

Lily and Lucinda arrive at the hospital. They are talking about Lucinda’s surgery, and whether she is scared. Lily thinks it is natural, and it would be strange if she were not. Lucinda admits she is somewhat scared, but more thankful for this second chance. While she still admits that no one wants to lose a body part, it could be worse. Lucinda coyly changes the subject by asking Lily when she and Holden are going to renew their vows. She reminds her that there is a cute little chapel down the hall. Lily laughs but tells her that they are not here to talk about her and Holden. She knows that Lily sent Keith packing, so why not? She declares loudly, “Carpe diem!” She has learned that from what she has had to deal with recently.

Luke answers the door and finds Keith. Luke tells him that his mom is not there, but Keith just wanted to see for himself that he was okay, even though Lily had said he was. He apologizes for not having found him.

Maddie and Casey are doing their normal dance at Java. Hal comes charging in, asking Casey if he has seen Will. Casey hasn’t, but he wants to know what is going on. Hal brings him up to speed on the fact that Will has gone missing, and they think that he has taken off with Gwen and her baby.

Carly and Jack are at the airport trying to find out if Gwen has left on a plane. The attendant says no one matching her description has left via plane. They know that she called Will on his cell, but that is pretty much all they know. Carly is greatly concerned because Gwen and Will don’t know anything about babies. Carly feels that if they find Gwen’s mom then they will find Gwen.

Gwen is sitting with the baby in the car, waiting for Will to return with the baby formula. As she is cooing over the baby, a police officer knocks on the window. He asks her to step out of the car. Gwen is panicking, not knowing what to do, when Will arrives. He asks the police officer if there is a problem. The police officer tells him they have had problems with squatters, but Will starts to explain that they were just parked there waiting for the store to open so they could buy food for the baby. The police officer still would like to see his ID. Will opens his wallet and drops some stuff out because he is nervous and trying to buy time. As he is going to pick up the credit cards, the police officer receives a call on his radio about a burglary going on, and he has to leave quickly to respond. Gwen and Will are thrilled with the fact that they got out of that close call. Gwen gives Will an out: if he doesn’t want to stay with her because of all the hassle, he could leave, and she wouldn’t blame him. Will laughs and tells her that he just maxed out his credit card, and he is sticking around with them until he gets paid back. Gwen is instantly worried because he used his credit card, but Will assures her that they will be long gone before the creditors track them.

Jack thinks they would be barking up the wrong tree if they wasted time looking for her. Wasn’t Gwen emancipated from her mom? Wouldn’t that mean that she really wouldn’t be in the picture? However, Carly is convinced that she is back in the picture from stuff Gwen has said. If Gwen doesn’t know what to do, then she would probably turn to someone who has raised a child. Carly looks through the phonebook while Jack makes a few calls. Neither one of them can find anyone in the area with the last name of Norbeck. Then Carly wonders if there might be something that would lead them to her mom at her apartment. They take off to search Gwen’s place.

Iris shows up, a bit inebriated, at Gwen’s apartment and lets herself in. She is looking for evidence, as well as clues to where Gwen may have gone. She is mumbling to herself about Gwen blowing her off and how she will just cash in on the fat reward out for Gwen’s return. She looks at a homemade Mother’s Day card, and then discards it without a care. Then she finds a postcard from a woman who used to run a school that Gwen was at. She bitterly reads the words written to Gwen as she continues to talk out loud. The postcard talks of this woman, Ms. Clemens, settling in at a new school in New York City. After she is done, she frustratedly casts it aside, and it falls to the floor.

Keith wants Luke to know that he never would have run out on him. Keith tells Luke that the people who had him also had taken Keith and left him for dead in the desert. Luke wonders why he would work for them, but Keith explains that he thought he was working for desperate people who needed the organs and weren’t receiving any help. Luke reminds him that what he was doing was still illegal, and he must have realized that, because when he was looking through some of Keith’s papers he got mad. Keith apologizes again, but he insists he was really trying to help. Luke wonders if that was it. Keith admits that it was also for the money. Luke asks him why he needed so much money so fast. He admits further that it was for Lily.

Lily walks Lucinda into her hospital room, and they surprise her by having Sierra already there setting up her room with all the comforts of home, including pictures, candles and flowers. They also have macaroons from Lucy and Luke’s lucky penny, and a picture Faith drew of all the Walsh women. Lucinda is unusually quiet as they show her everything. Lucinda thanks them for their surprise, but then tells them to pack up all the belongings and bring them home. Lily and Sierra look at each other, upset and confused. Why does she want them to pack the belongings up? A frustrated Lucinda tries to explain that this is not her home; she does not want to be comfortable. She has no plans to settle into this place. As she is explaining herself, the doctor comes in. She tells Lucinda that if all goes well she could be out of there in a couple of days. However, they do need to take this one step at a time, considering the cancer had spread. She has ordered a sedative for Lucinda, but she isn’t interested in having one. She declares that she is having her left breast removed, not the left side of her brain. Sierra tries to lighten the mood by joking that she may need a sedative after all. Later, the doctor excuses herself and Lily follows her out. They talk risks, but the doctor has no definite answers for her because it wasn’t contained. They will have to wait and see once the surgery starts. Inside the room, Sierra again tries to explain that they weren’t making her comfortable with the intent of having her stay there; it was simply to make her feel more at ease. Lucinda looks upset as she starts to tear up. Sierra tentatively approaches Lucinda, and Lucinda starts to cry as she sadly relays that she wishes Lily hadn’t told Faith--she is such a young girl, she doesn’t understand. She further breaks down, and Sierra holds her as Lily looks on.

Hal is excitedly telling Casey the facts as Maddie tries to interject questions to further understand what is going on. After the conversation comes to a conclusion and Hal leaves, Casey is visibly upset. Maddie pushes with the questions still. Is Will the father of Gwen’s baby? Maddie asks. No, Casey responds. Maddie quietly asks then if he is the father. A frustrated Casey replies defiantly, "No!" Finally Casey agrees to tell her the story.

Gwen is sitting in the front seat with her baby and Will is in the back, trying to install the baby seat. Gwen talks about renaming her baby. She wouldn’t have named him Rory. Will jokes about different names, but Gwen suggests William. They don’t have to call him Will, necessarily, but maybe Billy. Will seems touched. He finishes the seat and they put the baby in. Gwen’s phone rings, and it is Iris again. Will tells her not to answer it. Gwen admits that part of her wants to answer it to tell her mom off, but Will reminds her that she will just try to reel her in again. Gwen agrees, and they decide they need to get out of there before the police officer comes back. New York, here they come!

Iris is infuriated that Gwen isn’t answering her phone. She looks around Gwen’s place further and steps on the postcard that reads, “Greetings from NY.” She goes through a photo box and sees a much older picture of her and Gwen. She continues to talk out loud. She is surprised to see that Gwen still has pictures of them. She thought Gwen hated her--she was always so angry. She figures she got that personality trait from her father. Suddenly, she hears a noise and she quickly races out the window to hide on the fire escape.

Jack and Carly walk into Gwen’s apartment. Carly is looking for an address book, but Jack wonders why she would need to write her mom’s phone number down. Carly then sees something on the floor and alerts Jack. Iris is panicking on the fire escape, thinking Carly might have seen the photo she dropped of her and Gwen from years past. However, Carly has just seen Rory’s pacifier. Jack’s cell phone rings, and when he gets off of it, he tells Carly that Hal has a new lead and they need to go. Carly thinks she should stay here and search the place further, but Jack thinks it would be best if Carly goes and spends some time with the kids. He is worried about Parker. Why? Carly asks. Jack admits that Parker is worried Carly will disappear like Rory did. Carly realizes she needs to go see her kids, but she still stands firm in her conviction that if they find Gwen’s mom then they will find Gwen. After they leave, Iris comes back in through the window. She picks up the picture from the floor and talks to it. If they want Gwen’s mom then it is going to cost them, she says as she smiles slyly.

Casey starts to tell the tale of Gwen, strategically leaving a few tidbits out to make him look more innocent in this. He relays that he and Gwen went out a few times and then Gwen became a stalker. He then moved on with someone new, but Gwen continued to insinuate herself into his life. Then she became pregnant and tried to blame him. He took a test and he was exonerated. Maddie pushes him: It could have been his kid, though? A frustrated Casey tells her that it doesn’t matter because it wasn’t. Maddie appeases him by saying that Gwen sounds messed up. This surprises Will, because usually everyone feels pity for her. Then Maddie has to add her normal sarcasm and says that she must be messed up if she liked him.. Casey glares at her.

Keith explains what he meant about Lily being the reason he needed the money: He got himself into a sticky situation, and Lily loaned him money. Everyone thinks he is a deadbeat, and he didn’t want people to get the wrong idea about why he was with Lily. He would do anything for her. He is in love with her. It saddens him that Lily now would cross the street if she saw him. He apologizes to Luke, knowing that his feelings are not what he necessarily wants to hear. He realizes that Luke is pulling for his dad. He just came by to see if Luke was okay for himself. As he gets up to leave, he tells Luke to stick to flying because he has got a knack for it. He starts to leave and he sees Luke grab his stomach and double over. He rushes back over to him.

Bob comes into Lucinda’s hospital room, and Lily wants him to tell Lucinda that they should be there with her. Lucinda cuts him off by saying that she intends to have a clean surgical procedure so she can move on. She is most certainly not going to die on the table; life is not that neat. She starts to tear up again and asks if they could respect her request and give her this time. Lily and Sierra know they need to do this for Lucinda, so they kiss and hug her and leave the room. Bob stays behind to talk to Lucinda for a moment. She jokes that she needs a glass of champagne. Lucinda says that as Bob can see, everyone has their own ideas for how to handle her. When she looks in their eyes she can see how scared they are. She can’t do this with them. She can’t handle having them witness every degrading procedure. Bob assures her that she is doing the right and brave thing for herself. Cancer chose her and she is now handling it. Lucinda wonders, if she had handled it sooner, if it may have been different. Bob doesn’t want her to think like that; there is no point. Lucinda wonders if she can win the war if she sacrifices her breast.. Bob looks at her, and she realizes quickly that she was silly to ask that because no one can tell her that. Outside, Lily and Sierra wonder if they should leave her. Lily worries about her infection that she contracted in Mexico. Sierra thinks they should respect their mom because she knows that she is not ready to die. Lily wonders if Lucinda would have a say in that. Sierra assures her that she would.

Casey spits at Maddie, saying that he knew he shouldn’t have trusted her. He stalks out the door and almost runs into Carly, who tries to stop him, but he blows her off. Maddie goes after him. Carly thinks about leaving after him, but she sees Parker and so she goes over to him. Outside, Maddie stops Casey. He apologizes to Maddie. He is just upset with what Gwen is doing. If she has a beef with him then she should come after him and leave his best friend alone. She has ruined his friendship with Will, and now Will’s life. He angrily walks off, as Maddie stares, concerned, after him.

Carly hugs Parker and promises she is not going anywhere. Parker didn’t want Jack to tell her, but Carly laughs and explains that Jack thought it was important that Carly know this. Is Rory coming back? Parker asks. Carly promises that he will be back as soon as they find him, kind of like when Jack was missing. Then Carly remembers that Parker was instrumental in getting Jack home, thanks to his dreams. Has he had any dreams about Rory? No, Parker nervously responds. Carly pulls out a picture of Rory. If he focuses on the picture, does he see anything? Parker again nervously responds no. Carly is more frantic. If he closes his eyes and focuses on Rory, does he see anything? Parker still can’t help Carly, and Jack arrives and sees part of this. Carly realizes at the same time what she is doing, and she apologizes to Parker. Parker understands, and when she and Jack are alone, he promises to find Rory. Hal is working on a new lead and they will find him.

In New York City, Gwen and Will have arrived with the baby. They think they have found the school where Ms. Clemens is teaching. She hasn’t seen her in 2 ½ years and she is worried that she won’t remember her. Then she sees her on the playground. She pleads for Will to approach her and ask her if she remembers her. She couldn’t handle it if she were to go over and the woman didn’t know her. Will finally agrees and walks over to the woman. While he does, Gwen’s cell phone rings. It is her mom again. An aggravated Gwen answers the phone. She wants her to leave her alone. Iris has turned on the waterworks, hoping Gwen will melt and have sympathy for her, and tell her where she is. Gwen stands there listening, unsure as to what to do.

Bob comes out of Lucinda’s room and finds Kim waiting for him. She asks about Lucinda, and he tells her that she is doing as best as she could be, going into surgery. Kim tells him that she is there to ask him for a favor. She needs him to be a medical expert for her TV series on AIDS in Africa. Will he come to the studio tomorrow and talk a little about that on her show? Bob agrees to help a pleased Kim out. Kim sends her best to Lucinda and leaves. Bob sees Sierra sneaking a peek at Lucinda through her hospital window. She promises that Lucinda won’t see her. Just then, Lucinda gets wheeled out and Sierra hides. A sedated Lucinda asks about Lily and Sierra. Bob promises that they are right where they are supposed to be. Lucinda mumbles that they are such good girls. She is then wheeled off with Bob in tow, as a sad and concerned Sierra watches.

Keith and Luke are sitting on the couch now. Keith inquires after Luke’s pain. He assures him that most of it is gone now. Luke is sure that it is just a stomach bug from Mexico. Keith admits that he has a similar bug. However, if Luke is still feeling bad in a couple of days then he should go see a doctor, because he could have picked up a parasite, and the doctors would need to treat that. Keith turns to leave as Lily is coming in. Luke tries to explain that he just stopped by to check on him. Lily suggests that Luke go rest, and as he is leaving to go upstairs he thanks Keith for coming to see him. After Luke leaves, Lily glares at him and reminds him that she told him to stay away from her. "I came by to see Luke, not you," Keith answers quietly. He starts to leave, but Lily stops him, saying she wants to say something.

After listening to her mom’s fake cries, Gwen then angrily tells her to not waste her time because she is not getting her hands on her baby’s trust fund. Iris goes on and on, trying to reel Gwen in. A woman approaches Gwen and asks her about a bus to Times Square. Then Gwen hangs up.

Will approaches the woman, Ms. Clemens, and asks her if she remembers his friend, Gwen Norbeck.

An angry Iris mumbles that Gwen is a stupid girl. Then she sees the NYC postcard and picks it up. She remembers hearing that woman asking Gwen about a bus to Times Square. She realizes where Gwen is. She talks to the postcard as she smiles wickedly and says that Momma has hit pay dirt.

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