ATWT Update Friday 10/7/05

As the World Turns Update Friday 10/7/05


Written By Eva
Pictures by Boo

Proofread by Angie

At Lily’s house, Lucinda advises Holden not to be so cautious with Lily and work hard so they can get back together. Lucinda tells Holden that the fact he and Lily made love in Mexico is a good sign. Holden tells Lucinda he feels uncomfortable talking with her about his relationship with Lily. Luke arrives, and Lucinda gives him a hug and tells him she is glad he is safe. Luke asks Holden if he has any information about Keith. Holden tells Luke Keith has disappeared, and he thinks he may have gone to another country. Luke asks Holden not to blame Keith for what happened to him, because it wasn’t Keith’s fault. Luke fears that Keith might be in trouble. Lucinda wants to tell Luke the truth about Keith, but Holden doesn’t think it would be a good time for Luke to know the truth. Luke demands Holden stop treating him like a child and tell him what happened to Keith.

Keith tells Lily he is glad to see her and that he went through a lot just so he could see her again. Lily gets angry when Keith asks her about Luke and wonders if he is okay. Lily can’t believe that Keith dared to ask that question or even come to her house to see her after he left Luke alone and scared in Mexico. Lily tells Keith she wants him to leave and never come back.

At the airport, Paul tells Emily his flight is delayed because the pilot is sick. Emily puts her arms around Paul and gives him a kiss, saying she is happy she has more time to spend with him before he goes to Rome. Emily and Paul both agree taking Jennifer to Naples is the best way for her to heal. In another part of the airport, Jennifer and Dusty arrive, pick up their tickets and wait for their flight to Tampa, Florida. Jennifer is nervous about talking to Nurse Thompson, but Dusty encourages Jennifer to stay positive because he thinks Nurse Thompson can prove Jennifer is Rory’s mother.

At the hospital, Carly screams at the nurse and wonders how she could hand over a child to a stranger. The nurse explains that the girl said she was the baby-sitter and she knew Rory’s name, and the baby seemed to be comfortable with her. Carly describes Gwen to the nurse, and the nurse confirms that was the girl she left alone with Rory. Carly calls Jack to tell him that Gwen took the baby and he must come back to the hospital right away.

At Will’s thinking spot, a scared and nervous Gwen calls Will and tells him to come over because she needs his help.

At the hospital, Jack arrives and calms Carly down and tells her that they will find Rory because he has his men closing the building off and looking through security tapes. Jack also thinks she doesn’t have much money, so Gwen couldn’t have gotten far with the baby. Carly explains to Jack that Gwen pretended to be a nurse from the clinic in Switzerland and asked a nurse at the front desk to tell Carly to call the clinic. Carly is sure that Gwen used that excuse to get her out of the room. Carly goes on to explain that Gwen pretended to be their baby-sitter to fool the nurse into leaving her alone with the baby. Jack asks the nurse if she remembers what Gwen was wearing or any clue that could help them find the baby. The nurse doesn’t remember anything and apologizes once more before she leaves to do her work. Jack thinks they should go to Gwen’s apartment because she had to pack some clothes before she left town. Jack holds a scared Carly and promises her they will find Rory.

Will, who is at Java, talks to Gwen on the phone and asks her to tell him what is wrong, but Gwen refuses to say anything over the phone and demands that he come to meet her. Will is on his way out to meet Gwen when Hal stops him because he wants to talk to him.

At Lily’s house, Keith tells Lily he spent two weeks looking for Luke in Mexico. Keith tells Lily that when he found Luke at the clinic, someone knocked him over the head and left him to die in the desert. Keith explains that he would have died if a farmer hadn’t passed by and revived him. Keith tells Lily the only thing that kept him going was the thought of coming back to her. Keith begs Lily to believe him and also asks her to forgive him. Lily tells Keith she doesn’t know what to believe anymore, but she is sure she can never forgive him for putting Luke's and Lucinda’s lives at risk.

At the airport, Jennifer thanks Dusty for believing her and working so hard to help her get her baby back. Jennifer worries that Nurse Thompson won’t tell her the truth. Dusty is confident Jennifer will be able to persuade the nurse to tell the truth. Dusty and Jennifer go get some trashy magazines to read on the plane. Paul and Emily kiss and say good-bye to each other before he goes to the gate. Paul thinks living in Italy will give them both a fresh start. Paul and Emily kiss one more time before Paul goes to the gate. Jennifer notices Emily a few minutes after Paul has left. Jennifer wonders what Emily is doing at the airport. Dusty thinks Paul’s plane was delayed somehow and Emily was saying good-bye to him.

At Lily’s house, Luke demands to know what happened to Keith, so Lucinda tells Luke that Keith was involved in smuggling human organs. Luke can’t believe that Keith would ever be involved in anything so terrible. Luke thinks Keith hasn’t returned because Blanca did something to him. Keith tells Lily he had no idea the clinic used live donors and he would have never knowingly left Luke in harm's way. Keith once again begs Lily to forgive him.

At Gwen’s place, Jack and Carly arrive and discover that Gwen took all her clothes. Jack interviews the man who is taking care of Sparky’s garage while Sparky is gone. The man tells Jack he saw Gwen leave carrying something, but he couldn’t tell if it was a baby because he was too far away to see Gwen well. One of Jack’s men arrives and tells him the neighbors didn’t see anything, and if they did they won’t talk. Jack gives the policeman a picture of Gwen so he can put out an A.P..B. Jack also asks the policeman to go to Iris’s place and bring her in for questioning because he wants to talk to her personally. Carly cries and tells Jack she did it again, just like she did with her little brother.. Jack holds Carly and tells her this wasn’t her fault.

At Will’s thinking spot, Gwen tells Rory that Will is a great guy and he is coming to help them.

At Java, Hal tells Will he doesn’t think that Jennifer was ready to be released from the hospital. Hal thinks Paul and Barbara did something to get Jennifer an early release from the hospital. Will tells Hal he should trust the doctors and points out Jennifer is still going to go to therapy. Hal doesn’t think Jennifer should go to Italy with Paul. Will tells Hal Barbara wasn’t happy when Paul refused to let her go on the trip with them. Will thinks the trip will be good for Jennifer and help her to rest. Will tells Hal he really needs to go now, and Hal gets a phone call from the station about Gwen. Will rushes to meet Gwen as soon as he hears Hal mention her name on the phone.

At the airport, Dusty and Jennifer decide to go to the gate so that Emily won’t see them. Emily notices them and wonders where they are going.

At Gwen’s place, Jack tells Carly that he is to blame for Gwen taking Rory because he should have known that Gwen was desperate enough to kidnap Rory. Carly thinks that Gwen won’t take good care of Rory because she doesn’t know how to take care of a baby. Carly worries and cries because she is sure something bad will happen to Rory. Jack reminds Carly that Gwen will take care of Rory because she is his mother.

At Will’s thinking spot, Will tries to persuade Gwen to turn herself in and give the baby back, because she is only making things worse for herself and Rory. Gwen tells Will she won’t let Carly have her son because she killed her baby brother.

At the airport, Dusty tells Emily they are going to a fashion show to scout a new designer to take over for Jennifer while she is in Italy. Emily decides to call Paul and let him know that Jennifer is going on a business trip. Jennifer asks Emily to stop treating her like an invalid. Emily wonders where they are going. Jennifer chimes in, "Philadelphia, and then New York." Emily is suspicious, and after Dusty and Jennifer leave she discovers there are no flights leaving for Philadelphia. Emily asks the reservations clerk what plane Jennifer is on, because she must give her an urgent message. The clerk tells Emily the plane for Tampa, Florida, has already boarded. Emily leaves a message for Paul to call her and she buys a ticket for the next flight to Tampa, Florida.

At Lily’s place, Lily tells Keith that she can’t think about him right now because she must concentrate on Luke and Lucinda. Keith asks Lily to call him if she needs his help. Holden walks outside and tells Keith they don’t need his help and asks him to get off the property.

At the police station, Jack asks Carly to go home and take care of the kids, but she wants to stay with him until they find Rory. Iris arrives and Carly screams at her to tell them where Gwen might be. Carly screams that Gwen took the baby, and she is sure that Iris helped her with the plan.. Iris lies and says she hasn’t seen Gwen all day. Jack warns Iris that she will be sorry if he discovers she is lying to him.

At Will’s thinking spot, Will is worried because Gwen has no plan about what she is going to do. Gwen tells Will she must do this, and all she asks is that he take her to the bus station. Gwen tells him she plans to go to New York, but she hasn’t thought about anything else. Will worries that something will happen to Gwen and the baby, so he decides to drive Gwen to New York in his car.

At Lily’s house, Lucinda tells Luke she is having surgery tomorrow and gives Luke a hug. Lucinda tells Luke she hopes his parents will come to their senses and get back together. Keith tells Holden he needs to talk to Lily alone and their conversation isn’t any of his business. Holden tells Keith their conversation is his business now. Keith wonders if Holden and Lily are back together, and when Lily doesn’t answer his question and tells him to go, he figures out the answer. Keith tells Lily he will return, because their relationship isn’t over.

At the police station, Hal arrives and tells Jack and Carly that he thinks Will might be helping Gwen.

At Will’s thinking spot, Will asks Gwen if she has any friends or family in New York. Gwen says she has a former teacher who is really nice and still writes to her. Will and Gwen decide to go to New York to visit her former teacher.

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