ATWT Update Thursday 10/6/05

As the World Turns Update Thursday 10/6/05


Written By Eva
Pictures by Boo
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At Lily’s house, Lucinda informs Lily and Sierra that her doctors have told her the cancer is spreading rapidly, so she has decided to have a mastectomy tomorrow.

At the Snyder farm, Holden arrives home with a big smile, and when Meg asks him why he is smiling so much he tells her that he and Lily reconnected in Mexico. Meg guesses that he and Lily made love in Mexico. Holden notices the flowers in a vase and asks Meg whom the flowers are from, and when she tells him it’s none of his business he reaches over Meg towards the vase and tickles Meg to get the card away from her. Holden is not happy when he reads, "Thanks for everything, Dusty." Meg explains to Holden she did a favor for Dusty, and he is grateful to her. Holden wonders what favor caused Dusty to send her two dozen roses. Meg tells Holden she doesn’t think Dusty would want anyone to know about the situation right now.

At the Lakeview, Dusty tells Jennifer the people he hired have located Nurse Thompson, and he gives her an address in Florida. Jennifer wonders what she should tell Nurse Thompson when they meet her. Dusty thinks Jennifer should tell Nurse Thompson the truth, and he promises he will be standing beside her and watching Nurse Thompson’s face to see if she is lying. Barbara arrives and sees the suitcases and wonders where Dusty and Jennifer are going.

At Java, Paul tells Emily that if Gwen doesn’t win the custody case and Carly and Jack are awarded custody of the baby, he intends to go to Italy to live with Jennifer and never return to Oakdale. Paul asks Emily if she would be willing to live with him in Italy. Emily hesitates for a few minutes, then she smiles and gives Paul a kiss and says that she is willing to support him and do anything it takes to protect Jennifer.

At the hospital, Carly begs Jack not to be mad at her because she went to tell Gwen that she didn’t mean to hurt her little brother and explain that she was just a child and didn’t understand what she did to him. Jack thinks Carly made a big mistake that may cost them Rory. Jack tells Carly that from now on she must trust him, and they must talk about every decision that concerns Rory. Carly gives Jack a kiss and once again apologizes to him for making things worse. Carly promises that she will discuss everything with him first and not do things on her own anymore. Carly vows she won’t allow anyone to take Rory away from them.

At Gwen’s place, Gwen is desperate to go get her baby because she will not have him living in the home of someone who killed a child. Iris tries to reason with Gwen and tells her to stay calm and be patient, and let Cass handle things. Gwen is worried that Carly will hurt her son and heads for the door to get her child. Iris screams at Gwen that if she goes to get her son now she will lose her son--and the money that comes with him. Gwen cries as she realizes her mother only wanted to help her in order to get her hands on the trust fund. Iris explains to Gwen that she doesn’t want her grandson to grow up being poor, like she did when she was a child. Gwen believes the explanation and tells Iris she will stay calm and let Cass handle things. Iris decides to go talk to Cass about the case. Once Iris is gone, Gwen also leaves the apartment.

At the hospital, Carly tells Jack that Gwen acted like she didn’t know the story about what she did to Iris’s son. Carly thinks Gwen is only pretending not to know the story on the advice of her lawyer because they have a plan to take Rory away from them.

At the Lakeview, Dusty tells Barbara that Jennifer is leaving to go to Europe with Paul, and Barbara apologizes to Jennifer for not remembering her trip. Barbara tells Jennifer that even though she is eager to work with her again she should not rush back to work. Barbara encourages Jennifer to take all the time necessary to recover from the drugs and the loss of her baby.

Jennifer tells Barbara she is sure there will be an end to her nightmare soon. Barbara is very pleased and decides to leave Jennifer alone with Dusty so she can continue packing. Paul calls Jennifer to tell her that he is going to Florence, Italy, tonight to look for a place for them to live. Jennifer tells Paul she has changed her mind about going to Italy with him. Paul panics and tells Jennifer he is going over there for them to talk. Jennifer hangs up the phone and tells Dusty Paul is coming over to talk because she told him she changed her mind about going to Italy. Jennifer explains to Dusty she needs to stay in order to look for the baby, and she didn’t want Paul to waste a trip. Dusty tells Jennifer they need Paul to be out of the country so they can look for the baby without him constantly watching them. Dusty tells Jennifer that if Paul doesn’t get on a plane tonight, her chances of finding the baby go up in smoke.

At Lily’s place, Lucinda feels guilty because she stopped her chemotherapy and went in search of a cure that didn’t work, and she only made things worse. Sierra and Lily tell their mother that she shouldn’t think about that now and should concentrate on her surgery tomorrow. Lucinda asks for both her daughters' support and promises not to shut them out anymore. Lucinda tells Lily that the fact that she and Holden are back together will give her the strength to fight her disease.

Sierra is puzzled, and Lucinda explains that she saw Lily and Holden kissing. Sierra wonders where that leaves her relationship with Keith. Lily refuses to talk about Keith. Lily explains to Sierra that she and Holden agreed to take things slowly. Lucinda tells Lily to stop mincing words and admit that she and Holden are back together.

At the Snyder farm, Holden asks Meg to tell him what caused her to divorce Josh. Meg explains to Holden that it wasn’t anything major; he just came home one day and gave her a kiss, and they had dinner and he fell asleep watching television. Meg explains that while she watched Josh sleep she suddenly felt very lonely. Holden tells Meg that he felt that way with Lily not so long ago, and now he is more in love than ever and may have a chance at getting her back in his life. Holden doesn’t think that Dusty is the right man for Meg, because he is unavailable since he is helping Jennifer get over her loss. Meg explains that she intends to be patient and wait on Dusty to help Jennifer get over her loss, so that maybe once Jennifer is okay Dusty will concentrate on her instead of Jennifer. Holden thinks it will take Jennifer a long time to get over the loss of a baby. Meg thinks Jennifer may be happy soon.

At the Lakeview, Jennifer tells Dusty she hates lying to Paul. Paul, who is standing behind Jennifer, tells her that she doesn’t need to lie to him. Jennifer explains that she just found out Jasmine is modeling in Florence, and she didn’t want to risk taking drugs again.

Paul tells Jennifer he understands and will look for another vacation spot. Barbara arrives and hears the last part of the conversation and suggests Naples would be a beautiful place to go. Paul and Jennifer agree on going to Naples, and he leaves to go make the plane reservation.

At the hospital, Jack leaves to go call Emma, who was worried about the baby. Carly stays with the baby and gives Jack a kiss before he leaves. Gwen arrives at the hospital and calls the nurses' station to tell them she is from a clinic in Switzerland and must talk to Carly Snyder about her sister Rosanna.

At Lily’s house, Emily sees Holden outside and tells him she came to tell Lily how happy she was that they found Luke and everyone returned safely. Emily tells Holden she doesn’t want to bother Lily and she will leave soon. Emily asks Holden why Meg decided to stay in Oakdale. Holden tells Emily he can’t say anything, but he will tell her Meg decided to reconnect with an old friend. Emily figures out that Meg is trying to start a relationship with Dusty again. Emily tells Holden to give Lily her best and leaves. Holden goes inside the house and wonders why everyone looks so serious. Lily goes out to check the mail while Lucinda tells Holden that she is having a mastectomy tomorrow. Holden gives Lucinda a hug. Lily sits outside and cries for a few minutes.

At Java, Meg talks to her friend Eli, who does genetic research, and asks him how long it will take once the DNA test comes back for the baby’s biological mother to get her child. Eli tells Meg that a DNA test doesn’t guarantee a judge will give custody to the child’s mother, because they don’t like to rip a child out of a home he has been in for a long time.

At the hospital, the nurse tells Carly she has a call from a clinic in Switzerland about her sister. Carly leaves Rory with the nurse and goes to call the clinic. Gwen arrives in Rory’s room and tells her she is Rory’s babysitter and will stay with the baby until Carly returns. The nurse is very reluctant but eventually leaves Gwen alone with the baby. Gwen sneaks the baby out of the hospital.

At Java, Emily tells Paul Meg is trying to get back together with Dusty, and that is why she has been helping him and giving him confidential medical information. Emily doesn’t trust Meg and tells Paul they should keep her from finding out about the baby. Paul doesn’t think Jennifer should be involved with Dusty either, so he decides it's best to get Jennifer to Italy as soon as possible.

At Lily’s house, Holden tells Lucinda it is good she is having medical treatment instead of seeking alternative medicine. Lucinda is glad that her trips to Mexico at least helped bring Holden and Lily closer together. Lucinda makes Holden promise he will fight to get Lily back in his life. Keith sees Lily sitting on a bench outside. An angry Lily asks Keith what he is doing there.

At the Lakeview, Jennifer and Dusty finish packing and leave to find Nurse Thompson.

At the hospital, Carly thinks there is something going on when the clinic tells her they didn’t call her. Carly heads back inside Rory’s room and is horrified to find out he isn’t in his crib. The nurse hears her screaming and tells her the babysitter took the baby. Carly screams that the babysitter is home with her other children and demands to know who took her child.

At Gwen’s place, Gwen packs her things and the few things she has for the baby and she leaves the apartment with Rory, because she thinks they have to hide for a little while.

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