ATWT Update Wednesday 10/5/05

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 10/5/05


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Proofread by Angie

At Lily’s, she and Holden walk in and comment on Luke being out by the time his head hit the pillow.  He was exhausted and glad to be back in his own bed.  With a little awkwardness between them, Lily announces she probably should go call the girls to come back.  Holden reminds her they are okay with his mother, but Lily thinks maybe Luke would want to see them.  He convinces her there is time for that later, although she would like them all under one roof.  Then she says she is going to go watch Luke sleep.  Holden stops her and says they need to talk about what happened in Mexico between them.

At WOAK, Mike and Katie are checking out the new technology toy that B.J. gave Mike.  Both think it is so cool, but they are a little leery of B.J. giving away such an expensive gift to someone he hardly knows.  They joke about a Ferrari being next and whether there are strings attached.  Each has a saying--Mike’s is “never look a gift horse in the mouth,” but Katie’s is “beware of strangers bearing gifts.”

Henry is sitting at the bar reflecting, deep in thought.  The bartender asks him what it will be and he immediately replies a Pink Lady, then scratches that; he was thinking of a pink sweater--not his, but.... B.J. walks up and grins; is he talking to him? Henry says no, just to himself; he does that all the time.  He offers Mr.  Green his seat and says he has to run.  B.J.  grins big and says to stick around, he’s buying.  Even that doesn’t tempt Henry and he says it’s tempting, but... B.J.  says maybe dinner later.  Henry admits that he’s usually a sitting duck for free food, but he has something he has to take care of.  B.J.  says it sounds important and Henry tells him it might be and asks for a raincheck.

At Java, Casey and Maddie are being their usual annoying selves and he doesn’t want to talk to her about Gwen; she's just another four-letter word.  He doesn’t even want to hear her name.  Maddie says she doesn’t need a translator to figure out that she dumped him.  He tells her she really is clueless.

At Gwen’s, Carly barges on in and starts saying that she was just a kid and didn’t even know what was happening.  Gwen has no idea what she’s talking about.  Carly asks if she is just playing dumb or if it comes naturally. Gwen states that she is just seriously twisted.  Carly opines that maybe she was, but she’d grown up now.  She’s a good mother.  She never meant to hurt that baby, and she knows the judge will see that.  Again, Gwen is caught off guard and asks if she hurt a baby. Carly claims Margo, Hal and Emma will take the stand and testify.  While Gwen stammers, Carly keeps on: they will do it for Jack and say she deserves to raise Rory.  Gwen begs her to stop and tell her what she did to a baby; she needs to tell her.

Carly smarts off at her; is that what Cass told her to do, plead ignorance? Well, she doesn’t care; no matter how dirty he plays, she will not win this.  Gwen leaves it by saying, “Fine, whatever.” Carly grabs her by the arm and tells her not to "whatever" her. In her face, she says she may know about her brother and know what she did, but it will not help her get Rory--nothing will! Gwen looks at her in amazement and asks if she had a brother. Carly asks if she practices that surprised look. Gwen turns around and asks her to just leave; she doesn’t care about her stupid brother, whoever he is.  Carly says, like hell she doesn’t.  Gwen asks if this is some sort of joke.  Finally it dawns on Carly, and she asks if Gwen really doesn’t know. Gwen fires back at her by asking if she practices that surprised look.

Carly’s cell phone rings and it’s Ellen, telling her that Rory has a little fever and a rash.  Carly tells her to call Mrs.  Jennings to get the other kids and for her to bring Rory to the pediatrician’s office right now, and she’ll meet her there.  Gwen and Carly spar when Gwen asks about Rory and if he’s sick.  Carly doesn’t have time for this, though.  Gwen says she can’t keep her from her own kid.  Carly says to watch her.  She pushes past her and leaves.  Gwen heads for her cell phone and tells someone on the other end that it’s her and she needs to talk to him "right now!"

Maddie and Casey sarcastically continue their mutual-admiration society bit about manners and finishing school.  She asks if this Gwen broke his heart, and he practically pukes.  Is she kidding? He can’t stand her.  She’s a lot like her--out to ruin his life! They swap barbs, with him telling her to just stay out of it.  Henry walks up and tells them to "play nice, kids." He says they need to talk and she says she can’t, she has to deliver these coffees back at the station or she will lose her job.  He calls it a family emergency and hands them to Casey, asking him to be a gentleman and please deliver them.  Maddie snuffs that that is impossible.  Casey sees no reason why he should, until Henry presses a $20 bill, his last, upon him and shoos him off, telling him he’s "going places, kid!" Maddie has to put in her two cents by reminding him which coffee is his grandmother’s decaf.  He whines for her not to push it. 

Maddie asks Henry what is going on and he tells her to get her laptop.  They sit while she opens up the case.  If this is about Katie and Byron, Maddie says, she got rid of him and he’ll never e-mail Katie again.  Henry remarks that she shouldn't be so sure.

At the station, Kim asks B.J.  how he knew orchids were her new favorite, and he replies that he does his homework.  Mike says he's a smart man.  Kim tells Katie she needs to stick her nose in her office, these are gorgeous.  Katie smiles and tells him he is spoiling them around here.  He tells her she won’t be saying that when they start putting in 20-hour days.  Mike quips, "Are you softening up the help?" B.J.  counters by saying he likes to think of it as inspiring loyalty.  They all laugh.  Kim then tells them that he’s arranged for a company picnic this weekend at Myers Lake, and she hopes the two of them will show up.  Mike says he doesn’t see why not.  B.J.  wants to include the whole crew and make it a team effort--live music, lots of give-aways, nobody goes home empty-handed.  Mike picks up on the "more gifts," and B.J.  says it’s corporate stuff.  It just makes him happy to see people enjoying themselves.  And he tells Katie he knows he made her uncomfortable with the bottle of wine, but he hopes they are past that now, because he doesn’t want her to be uncomfortable.  She nervously says she?'s not anymore. 

Lily seems reluctant to talk.  She says what happened in Mexico had everything to do with being terrified for Luke.  “We needed each other.” Holden reveals he did need her, and he still does.  She says she is not trying to prove a point, but it made sense that they would turn to each other.  Sheepishly, he says the point is when things were at their worst, they did what they always did, and they remembered what they meant to each other.  He tells her it’s been too long without her.  She reminds him so much has happened, and he says none of it's been good since they’ve been apart, and he blames himself.  She says no, they both have made terrible, horrible mistakes.  But, he admits, he was the one who left the marriage.  She replies they BOTH left the marriage.  He says turning to Julia was wrong, but don’t shut him out; they need to talk about this, need to deal with it--all of it.  But Lily says she does not want to talk about Julia, "please!" He says he meant Rose.  That’s when it all started; that’s when everything changed.  She whimpers that she didn’t know it would be that hard to say good-bye to her sister, and she is sorry.  He asks if she can forgive him for everything that has happened. He can see so clearly now.  “Our life, what’s important, our family, and you are the center of it all.  I love you.  I don’t want to have to run away from that truth.  I can’t do it anymore.  I love you.”

She turns and he says this is the part where she’s supposed to say something.  She doesn’t know what to say.  He says that’s not a good sign.  She laments how she has so many feelings.  He wants to hear them.  She turns and looks at him and says she doesn’t want to run from what happened in Mexico, but it doesn’t erase the past.  Holden asks if it is Keith; does she love him? She denies that it’s about Keith.  Holden urges her to tell him; he can handle it.  She tells him their marriage fell apart over months and years, and they can’t suddenly go back and pretend there have no problems.  It wouldn’t be fair to them or their kids.  He asks if she wants him to back off and she quickly says no, she wants to try, but she wants to take it slowly, without putting any expectations on anything.  Holden asks about Keith and she says she had strong feelings for him.  Holden senses the past tense, and she says she couldn’t commit.  He asks why not.  She says because her heart belonged to somebody else.  She cups his face and continues, “I never stopped loving you.  I tried, God knows I tried... but I love you.  I always have."? She kisses him tenderly as Lucinda walks in and glows with approval. 

Maddie scoffs at Henry’s finding; no way.  B.J.  looks nothing like Byron.  But, he tells her, Byron Glass is B.J.  Green.  So she looks him up again on and points out that that guy has a serious weight problem, and B.J.  is kind of hot.  Henry slaps his hand over her mouth and tells her not to talk like that.  So he had surgery and shed a few pounds.  He definitely had some highlights.  Could she make the photo bigger? Maddie does her wizardry and pulls up the photos side by side, and she does see a resemblance.  Henry repeats, "It is him. " B.J.  and this geek who was obsessed with Katie in high school are one and the same.

Kim is surprised to see Casey delivering the coffee and asks where Maddie is.  He says she was held up, but she is okay.  He’s very intrigued to meet B.J., the computer genius, and starts pumping him with questions.  Somewhere in here Katie mentions that her sister is married to Kim’s stepson, and Casey clues him in that it usually takes people years to figure their family out.  B.J.  says it’s a good thing he’s a quick study, and if Casey wants to, he can show him those codes and how he came up with the idea.  Casey is impressed and B.J.  says he will be happy to do it.  Casey wants to know what he’s doing in Oakdale.  Kim fills him in that he’s her new partner at the studio and the new producer of Katie’s show.  B.J.  also suggests that Casey should be real nice to his aunt, because if he has his way, she?'s going to be a big star real soon. 

Carly rushes into the doctor’s office and he says it’s a good thing he was brought right in.  She wants to know what’s wrong with Rory.

Gwen opens her door and says it’s about time.  Iris wants to know where the fire is. Gwen tells her Carly was just there talking about some secret.  What was she talking about? Iris smarts that she didn’t want Gwen to be caught in the middle of this.  Gwen continues: who is this baby, Carly’s brother? She’d said she hurt him.  What did she mean by that? Iris’s eyes shift and she tries to avoid the question.  She tells Gwen she needs to calm down, even sit down.  She has that scared look she always gets.  Gwen says she is not scared, she just wants the truth.  Iris asks her to cut her some slack.  Gwen says no, she’s cut her slack all of her life.  She swore she’d never trust her again; she must be the most stupid person. Iris consoles her, saying that she is on her side. 

But Gwen tells her to get out, she doesn’t need her.  She’ll find out about Carly on her own.  She tells her again to leave. Iris tells her okay, maybe she hadn’t given her enough credit, maybe she could handle it; she agrees to tell her everything.

Dr.  Gray tells Carly the rapid strep test was negative and Rory’s gums are hard; his guess is that he is teething.  He’ll do an overnight culture to be sure and get him some gel for his gums.  Ellen apologizes for worrying her as Carly picks him up.  She tells her it's not a problem, she did the right thing; they sure didn’t want anything to happen to that little angel.  You could never be too careful; she had learned that the hard way. 

Iris tells Gwen it’s true--all of it.  Carly killed her own brother.  They tried to keep it quiet because she was a minor.  Iris says she was living here then and she remembers all the talk; it even made the news.  And Gwen asks, “And you didn’t tell me?” Iris says she didn’t think it would help; it was like gossip, but she’d checked it out and the courts had sealed all the records.  Gwen says they could have told her lawyer about it, and he maybe could have found a way around it; at least it was a shot.  Iris says yeah, but they couldn’t know that.  Gwen makes a statement: “My kid’s living with a woman who killed another child and that’s okay?” Iris says no, and that’s why she was doing exactly what she was doing talking about it.  She’d spoken to her lawyer and told him all about it, and he was working on a way to use it.  And Gwen needs a little more patience for just a little bit longer.  But Gwen says, “And let my baby live with that woman? Are you insane?” Iris barks at her that she's not to lay this on her.  She’d cut her out of her life and didn’t want to see her again.  By the time she’d heard Gwen had a kid, he was already at Carly’s, but she’d come as soon as she heard because she wanted to help.  Gwen says fine, it’s done; she is calling Winthrop.  Iris said she doesn’t need to do that, it is already being done.  Gwen says okay, the judge--he needs to know about Carly today.  Iris lunges for the phone and takes it from her and says she is NOT a lawyer.  She will call the judge and say something to make it worse.  She’s not going to let her do that.  She shakes her finger and says, “You are NOT going to do that, Gwen!”

Lucinda asks about Luke, and both Holden and Lily fill her in that he’s just dehydrated and tired.  He’s got a stomach ache but he’s going to be fine; he's sleeping now.  They just have to keep giving him fluids and keep checking on him.  Lucinda accepts that and is glad it’s over.  She then asks about Keith.  Lily says they haven’t heard from Keith.  Lucinda smiles and says that he probably ran away--or could he still be down there? Lily says she doesn’t know, and Holden adds all they know is they never saw him.  Lucinda repeats again that he probably ran off.  She’s glad the damn clinic is shut down and that Keith is missing from her life.  Lily reminds her that Luke is back home and that’s all that is important now.  Lucinda tells Lily she looks a little tired.  Lily swings back to her that she doesn’t want to talk about that; how is she feeling? She says she is managing.  Holden excuses himself to go check on Luke.  Lucinda tells him if he’s awake, tell him that his stern-faced grandmother is down here.  Lucinda jokes that she’s glad that the weather wasn’t the only thing hot in Mexico, as she chuckles and touches Lily’s face.  Lily says they were talking about HER.  But, Lucinda says, why would she want to talk about hair loss and biting fingernails and hospitals and tests? She just wants to know if the magic is still there.  It wouldn’t hurt her feelings if she told her.  Lily grins and says she is NOT going to talk to her about THAT.  Lucinda says she didn’t mean that.  But, if she’s happy, could she at least look happy? Lily says yeah.  Lucinda says that’s what she wants to see.  That’s the medicine she needs; that’s all one truly needs.  She strokes her face and they hug.

The guys have ganged up on Katie and tell of her fire-in-the-kitchen stories, and Mike jokes that maybe B.J.  had better think again about the kitchen on the set.  Casey pops off that when Aunt Katie baby-sat, it was like a roller coaster ride--a lot of fun when they weren’t calling 911.  B.J.  asks if there are any other stories, but Katie says that’s enough.  Casey says he has to go to the library anyway.  Kim calls him kiddo and says she will walk him out.  Katie adds for him to send Maddie back with coffee next time.  Mike says he’s ready to call it a day.  B.J.  tells Katie he hopes they didn’t embarrass her.  She tells him just wait; she’ll get him back.  She’s sure he has a nephew out there somewhere willing to tell stories about him.  He jokes, "And let everyone be bored to tears? They can just download my bio. " Mike says no way, they want the untold story.  B.J.  says he wishes there was one.  He says he’s an open book when Katie asks if there are any secrets. Mike says he guesses they will just have to take his word for that.  They tell him goodnight.

Henry walks in when B.J.'s back is turned and says, “That open book is a big mystery.  A big, fat mystery, one would say.” B.J.  asks what he is doing there.  Henry comes back with the question of what Byron is doing in Katie’s life. B.J.  says that didn’t take long.  Henry seems shocked; at least B.J.  wasn’t denying it.  B.J.  Green, dot-com wizard, is really Byron Glass, overweight math prodigy.  It really is a small world after all.  B.J. adds, "And getting smaller all the time. " Henry affirms that he can see where Katie wouldn’t recognize him; he’s just a shadow of his former self.  He tells him it’s the power of exercise.  Henry wants to know what he is doing sneaking back into Katie’s life. He confesses that, first of all, he was never really in Katie’s life, and if by sneaking he means buying into the station and producing the show, was there a crime in that? He closes the door.  Henry shakes his head that no, there’s no crime, not if he’d come up and said, “Hey, Katie, it’s me, Byron Glass, the dorky fat kid from high school.” That way all the players know each other.  B.J.  asks what if he’s not a player. Henry asks what he is after. B.J.  puts on that charming smile and says just a little fun.  Henry wants to know if he means fun with Katie. B.J.  says fun with life.  The flowers, the sweater--this does not a felony make.  Henry says yeah, if that's so, then why change his name? He asks why he'd keep it. Henry stares him down and says so people will know who he is when he pops back up on the radar.  B.J.  flips that he got tired of the jokes.  He’d heard them all--Byron the blimp, Byron the four-eyed fatso.  Green was his mother's maiden name, so it seemed the logical choice, and he will ask him one more time: if there’s a crime, he’d sure like to know what it is.  Henry thinks and says, How about the law of decency? B.J.  asks flippantly if he has been indecent. Henry says he needs to tell her.  B.J.  says he doesn’t see what the big deal is; he just made a little money.  Henry states, “Yeah, yeah, and 'The Donald' just owns a little bit of real estate.  Come on!” B.J.  tells him his accountant turned him on to this, and he didn’t even know Katie lived here until after he’d made the offer.  Henry is skeptical; B.J.  says he sure is protective for an ex.  Henry confesses he’s not your typical ex.  B.J. says yeah, he’s getting that feeling.  He starts trying to explain that he knows Katie is a great person.  She never made any cracks about his weight.  She was one of the nice girls.  She always had a smile and a kind word to say.  And, Henry finishes for him, he fell madly in love with her for it, didn’t he? B.J.  says he had a crush on her, but so did every other guy he knew.  When he got here, he had every intention of telling her, but then she didn’t recognize him and he figured why bring up old baggage.  Why not let her get to know the man he is and not the boy he was? Henry asks if that’s not being a little bit underhanded.  B.J.  says okay; if he really has a problem with this, he’ll come clean.  Henry replies that that's good.  B.J.  says that then she can back off this whole deal, not do the show and go back to the gym.  And Henry was part of that deal, right? And B.J.  asks if he thinks she’s really anxious to get back to the struggle, the back-to-back monthly suspense of pulling a salary. Henry says, “Well, golly, since you put it that way!” B.J.  says that, well, he has big plans for Katie, and the station and Henry too, if he’s interested.  Henry’s eyebrows shoot up and he’s intrigued--big plans for him? B.J.  is enthusiastic; he needs an assistant--somebody quick, somebody fast on his feet, someone who understands the value of trust.  Henry says thanks, man, but he has a job.  B.J.  makes it more attractive; this job has a competitive salary and a suite adjoining his at the Lakeview.  Henry remarks, “Digs and dough?” B.J.  fattens it: “Room service at your fingertips, expense account, access to the private jet (wouldn’t Maddie flip?). " Henry asks if all he has to do is keep his chubby little past a secret. “My, my, my, Mr.  Green, you sure know your way around a bribe.”

Mike needles Katie, asking, "What’s not fun about this? The money? The publicity?" She says no, he knows she loves all of that, but she feels weird; B.J.  keeps flirting.  Mike says not with him.  Katie says she’s serious.  He jokes that he adores her and would walk through fire for her, and he asks the bartender to get her whatever she wants to drink.  She asks where he is going.  He replies that B.J.  Green is not the only one who knows how to treat a lady.  He leans over and kisses her and mysteriously walks off.

Carly asks Ellen if she will go pick up Sage and the boys.  She is going to stay and see the doctor and meet her at home.  She tells Rory that Jack was right; she should have kept her big mouth shut and stayed away from Gwen. 

Cass stands between Iris and Gwen and shoves Gwen backward as he tells her that he’s a lawyer, not a referee.  She tells him to do his job, then. She tells him he should have called the judge.  How could he let Carly take care of a kid after what she’d done? Cass tells her that her baby is fine.  Gwen says for now, but she wants him back today.  Cass reminds her they don’t have a case.  She points toward Iris and says to put her on the stand; she knows the story.  She says they will get proof when he says it’s all hearsay.  He says the legal system is very protective of juvenile offenders, even if they kill another kid.  He suggests they stay out of court and lean on Carly privately.  Gwen is frustrated.  She says she is only getting the runaround.  She is going to the judge and telling him what Carly did.  Iris butts in while restraining her and says she’s going to go yelling, and she’ll end up with nothing--again.  Cass agrees with her.  Gwen says that if they don’t go through the law, it’s not legit.  Carly can back out.  Cass relents and says he will file a petition to unseal the records.  He’s not sure how long it will take when Gwen asks.  She tells him to get sure; every second they wait puts her kid in danger! Iris calls her honey and says she hates that woman as much as Gwen does, but that baby is tied up with her sister; she is not going to hurt him.  Gwen says she does not know that.  Cass tells Gwen to cool off.  If they get lucky, there’s a good chance they’ll get a new hearing; just don’t do anything without talking to him first.  He tells her they have to be smart about this.  Iris gives him the high sign that she’ll show him out.  In the hallway, they squawk at each other about how Gwen found out and what she knows.  He asks if Gwen knows about Iris’s connection. She says no, she did not tell Gwen that she’d had a baby by Carly’s father.  She was angry enough; she was on fire.  They don’t know what she may do to get that baby away from Carly.  Cass tells her to keep her in line; he’s a lawyer, not a magician.  Iris wants to know what she should do.  He says that’s her problem; he has one of his own--Carly has hired Jessica Griffin, top-notch attorney.  She could slow up the process, maybe even shut it down.  The judge could keep the records sealed and it would be all over.  Carly would keep the baby and Gwen wouldn’t have a prayer of a chance of ever getting custody.  Gwen hears loud voices and cracks the door and overhears the last few minutes of this conversation.

Casey spies on Maddie and makes cracks about the guy on her computer being her boyfriend.  And she can cut the phony gratitude; what was the emergency? She tells him to get lost, and he says for her to just chill. (Ain’t budding love grand?) He cracks that her boyfriend looks like he needs to join a gym.  She counters with the statement that everyone can’t be superficial like him.  He spouts, "Yeah, it’s a shame. " She sighs in disgust and rolls her eyes.

Henry says wow, silence really is golden.  B.J.  tells him it’s really an offer, not a bribe; he’ll have to work for it, every last cent.  Henry asks, "Doing exactly what?" Green fills him in: administration, scheduling, press briefings, risk analysis reports--does he think he can handle that? Henry says please, his middle name is versatile.  B.J.  says, yes, so he gathers.  "Let’s see--Henry Coleman, former TV exec, private eye, limo driver, poker player..." He tacks on a few more high school things, and Henry knows he’s one thorough fellow.  B.J.  says he has no idea; is he interested? Henry tells him he could make his life easier in a dozen different ways, and he does know his way around a secret... but this is Katie.  B.J.  finally says that, well, if he has a problem with this, he should go ahead and tell her.  He really doesn’t care.  Henry says that’s a nice bluff.  Green says he’s not bluffing; worst case, she backs out of the project, and he sells his stake at the station and tries his luck in L.A.  Henry tells him it’s a long way to L.A.  B.J.  tells him everywhere is a long way from here, and he reminds him if he doesn’t trust him, as he thinks he doesn’t, then this would be a great way to keep an eye on him.  Henry asks, "This suite at the Lakeview--it’s totally comped?" B.J.  answers, "Totally. " Henry says eventually he’ll need his own place.  B.J.  asks if there is someone special, and Henry replies, “Very." B.J.  tells him with what he’s prepared to pay, he’ll be able to get his own place soon.  Henry says he feels no pressure, " Beej," but he does feel his pain.  Bubbles is very difficult to forget.  “Bubbles?” B.J.  asks. Ah, not everything turns up in research.  But B.J.  made one good point: someone needs to keep him honest.  B.J.  asks if he can think of a better man for the job. Henry states, quite frankly, no; he’s got himself a deal. They shake. 

Mike returns and asks Katie if she missed him.  She wonders where he was.  The bartender sits a drink down in front of Mike and a gift in front of Katie.  He asks her to open it.  She smiles when she sees it’s a snow angel.  He asks if she remembers, and she says of course she does; she loves it.  He tells her to turn it over, and she finds a room key-card.  He says he rented a suite, to which she says, "But it’s not snowing. " He says sure it is, and he takes some of the fake snow and sprinkles it on her head while kissing her. 

Holden checks in with Lily and Lucinda and says he’s going to head over to see the girls; Luke is still out.  Lily tells him to kiss the girls for her, and she’ll see them soon.  Lucinda chimes in as she scrambles to get up and hug Holden, thanking him for bringing her buddy home.  Holden says he didn’t do it alone, and he won’t be long.  As he leaves, Lucinda says, "And that’s what a good man looks like. " Lily says she is not ready to talk about the future yet, and Lucinda laughs and says that’s funny, because that’s all she can think about.  She just needs to know that everything is all right; obvious things--her kids, her grandchildren, that they are all healthy, wealthy and wise for now.  Lily wants to know what she is talking about.  She tells her she went to the hospital and got a second opinion, and she?'s going to go the mastectomy route. 

Carly holds Rory and says to him that Parker just lost a tooth and the tooth fairy came and gave him $5, but don’t be too impressed; it’s just because she didn’t have change.  She goes on that Santa will be there soon and she wants to have their pictures taken, and she promises he’ll be with them forever; no one is ever going to take him away.

Iris comes back inside and Gwen tells her, before she lies, she heard Cass say that if they don’t get the records, it’s all over, and that Carly got a new lawyer.  Iris tells her Carly won’t win; they will.  Gwen asks what if she makes sure the murder stays a secret. She assures her Cass is smart, he’ll figure out something; have faith.  Gwen asks what if Carly snaps, and Iris says she won’t.  Gwen says she did before, and she wants the baby back.  Iris tells her no, she can’t go against the law.  Gwen says the law is wrong.  Iris charges her to watch that temper of hers.  "Do something stupid and it’s all over. " Gwen says no, it’s already all over.  She doesn?'t need her, and she doesn?'t need Cass; she wants that kid out of Carly?'s house, and she'?ll get him back herself. 

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