ATWT Update Tuesday 10/4/05

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 10/4/05


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Boo

Proofread by Angie

At WOAK, Katie and Mike are chatting about how inconsequential money seems to be to B.J., as long as the end result is that Katie is happy and her show is a success. They talk about how they missed out on lunch, and Katie seductively kisses Mike, promising that they will have two desserts then. Just then, B.J. walks in and wants to make sure he and Katie are still on for their dinner.

Maddie and Henry are hanging out at the Lakeview, talking about how Byron must have gotten the message, because he is no longer e-mailing Katie. Henry feels that this is definitely the right thing to do, because now Katie is with the right man. Maddie laments that she feels as if she ripped out his heart. He has, after all, lusted for Katie for 10 years. Maddie is still irritated because she got kicked out because of Mike and his accusing her of following him. Henry reminds her that the last thing they need is Katie on the warpath again. Henry wants Maddie to keep an eye out for any more gifts from Byron. How can she do that? She can keep an eye out at work, and, as an intern, she can periodically check Katie’s inbox. No way! Maddie tells him.

Gwen and Iris are talking at the station. Gwen wants to make sure that her mother isn’t going to mess this up for her. Iris tells her that she needs to relax and trust her. Cass and she are in total agreement that Gwen should be able to get her baby back today.

Jack comes home to a frantic Carly packing up their things and babbling incessantly. She is talking about how she has packed up all their stuff and that Ellen will be home with the kids momentarily, and they can empty their accounts as they are heading out of town. Jack is just staring at her, not knowing what to make of her. Finally, Jack grabs her hands and the suitcase and looks her straight in the eyes, as he assures her that they are not going anywhere. They are most definitely not being forced to leave their home. Carly, who is still talking a mile a minute, tells Jack that they can’t stay here because they are going to lose Rory. Jack reminds her that they knew one day that could happen. She corrects him. Cass was here; he was threatening her because he has joined forces with Iris. They are going to tell the judge and the world about Carly’s past if she doesn’t play ball. They are going to make her take a psychiatric evaluation, and if she doesn’t remember everything that happened, that will prove she is an unfit mother. Jack tries to calm her down by placing her on the couch. He pleads with her to take a breath. The children are going to be home soon, she insists, and they have to be ready. No, Jack explains, the children are going to be home soon and they can’t see her like this. Carly takes a breath, knowing he is right. Jack assures her by saying that they shouldn’t get ahead of themselves. They will figure something out; they always do. No; Carly has a foreboding feeling that this time they won’t win. This time she has used up her last chance. She has run out of rope. Maybe Hannah was right when she warned that if Carly looked into her father’s past she would find something that could destroy her life. Jack calms Carly, promising to take care of her. They have a lot of friends in this town. He turns and walks over to the phone and picks it up.

Iris tells a frantic Gwen that she doesn’t want to tell her what she is planning, because if Gwen doesn’t know then they can’t question her. Cass can know because he is bound by attorney-client privilege. Gwen wonders if what Iris is doing is illegal. She assures her that she wouldn’t be doing something illegal and involving an attorney. Gwen angrily threatens Iris, without completing the sentence, that if she loses her baby because of her... Iris reminds her that she spent a night in jail because of her and her baby. She wants Gwen happy; she wants them to be a family. With that said, to make it look more genuine, she adds a few tears. Gwen’s anger retreats a little, and she says that they should just focus on making it through the day without getting arrested.

Maddie reminds Henry that the only reason she still has a job is because she promised Katie that she wouldn’t snoop and that she would stay out of her life. She can’t afford to get fired, because then she won’t be able to get the money they need to get a place of their own. Henry tells her that she shouldn’t worry about that so much because he will take care of her. She reminds him that he hasn’t had a fare in two hours. He doesn’t want his little sister worrying about taking care of him; that is his job.

B.J. reminds Katie that they had talked about dinner tonight to discuss the show. Oh yeah, Katie now remembers. She apologizes, saying she forgot and had made plans with Mike. Could they do it at breakfast? B.J.. hides his disappointment. Sure, he says, they could do it another time. They should enjoy the wine he sent her. What wine? Mike asks. Katie tells him she forgot to tell him, with the chaos today. She didn’t even know where the wine actually came from. It was very expensive, Katie cautions. Both Mike and B.J. tell Katie that she deserves it. After Mike excuses himself to finish working, Katie asks B.J. how he knew she holds a special place in her heart for that vineyard and town. Lucky guess, B.J. claims. Fate has brought them together, it seems. B.J. feels they were destined to meet. An agitated Katie tells B.J. that they have to talk. Mike and she are not just casual; they are living together, and deeply in love. B.J. feigns confusion--that is nice, he stutters. He pretends to not realize what Katie thinks. He says he simply meant that they are destined to make lots of money together. If they become good friends in the process then that is just an added benefit. Did she think he was trying to... that is cute, he says. Katie is embarrassed. She misunderstood. She explains that she had sent mixed signals once and wants to never make that mistake again. He asks if she wants to share the story with him.. She doesn’t really want to. She apologizes profusely, but then she asks what he meant by cute. He explains that it is cute of her to feel she needs to defend Mike. He reminds her that she can always talk to him if she wants, though. She continues to feel a little uncomfortable with B.J.’s words. When Mike shows back up, she excuses herself to run errands. B.J. asks Mike if he has always been in love with Katie. Can B.J. blame him? Look at her! Then B.J. further pries by wanting to know if they plan on getting married soon. Mike isn’t sure, but B.J. continues; "It must be on the horizon, though?" He is just interested for scheduling purposes. Mike looks at him, a bit confused by his strong interest. He changes the subject. Does he have anyone in his life? B.J. answers quickly that he has been in love with someone since high school. He has never gotten over her. B.J. says all of this as he looks over Mike’s shoulder at the poster of Katie on the wall behind him.

Maddie wants Henry to tell Katie the truth: that she was the one who e-mailed Byron. No, Henry is adamant on that. It was his own fault that he fell for his best friend. He is determined to find another best friend, and this time he won’t make the mistake of falling in love with her. He will be numero uno with her. Maddie realizes the time and has to run. She has to run an errand for the station. She will catch up with him later. After she leaves, Katie walks up to Henry. She apologizes for accusing him of sending her the wine. He accepts her apology, but blows it off by getting up to leave. Katie stops him. She wants to be friends again. She misses him so.

Casey talks to Tom at the station. Tom wants to talk about their houseguest. He reminds Casey jokingly of her by saying, “You know, the pretty, smart brunette.” Casey cringes. Tom continues; he should really be careful with her, especially after everything that happened with Gwen. Casey indignantly replies that he can’t believe that he still thinks that he got her pregnant.

Iris and Gwen get back to her apartment. Iris keeps talking about how positive she is that they are going to be bringing her baby to her apartment today. She wants to help Gwen get her place ready. She jokes that she doesn’t even have dishtowels. She needs her help. Gwen isn’t willing to accept this fact yet. She will believe it when she sees it. Iris laughs and tells her that was always how she was as a child. She never accepted anything 'til she had the actual proof in her hands. She is sure Cass has already talked to the judge. She has to hurry up home and baby-proof her home as well. She wants Gwen to come by with the baby for breakfast tomorrow. Gwen tells her that she doesn’t want her to cook--she remembers her cooking. Iris laughs this off as she runs out the door. After Iris leaves, Gwen takes diapers and a toy out of the bag. After a moment, she puts them back down. She can’t seem to allow herself to put them out yet. There is a knock at the door, and it is Will. He tells her that he was in the neighborhood. Gwen asks about Jen, and Will tells her she has been released. She is much better. He wants to know how things are with Carly. She momentarily doesn’t know what he is talking about.. He reminds her about the vacation she was panicking over. Oh yeah, she says. He was right; she was probably only going for a vacation. She is waiting for someone, though. Will is a little hurt by what he thinks she means and says he will make himself scarce. That is not what she means, Gwen explains. She tells a stunned Will that she is expecting her baby to be coming home tonight.

Jessica, who has just arrived at Carly and Jack’s, promises them that she will do everything she can to help them. However, it is true that if the judge finds out about Carly’s past, they could really lose Rory. Carly rails at Jess; she was just a child, and the files are supposed to be sealed. Jess explains that this situation is the same as with Gwen. They are trying to prove that Carly is unfit, as they were trying to do with Gwen. Does it matter that Carly feels blackmailed by Cass and Iris? Cass is an aggressive lawyer. There will be no repercussions for his actions besides a slap on the wrist. She further reminds Carly that in the case of the welfare of a child, no files can be sealed. Jack chimes in that it won’t be a problem. Jess looks at him sternly; what does he mean? Did he put the records back as he had promised? Carly immediately realizes what Jack did and starts to talk to cover. She now wants to be put on the stand to take her chances. Jack stops her. He admits to them that he destroyed the evidence. Carly is visibly upset about what he did again for her, and Jess is shocked. She asks Jack angrily if he remembers what the penalty for destroying evidence is. He is an officer of the court. Jack admits that after he read the records he couldn’t put them back. Carly stands up beside him fearfully, staring at him. Why couldn’t he put them back? He really went that far so she couldn’t see them? Until then, she assumed there was a mistake--it was an accident, or Iris had plain lied. It was the truth? Jack reminds her that she was a child. A still-angry Jess tells Jack not to look to her for help. A frustrated Jack tells her that she can arrest him for all he cares, but just help Carly. Jess pauses for a moment. She agrees that his instinct to protect Carly would have worked if there hadn’t been copies. A defeated Jack falls to the couch. She explains that she will talk to the judge about stopping those files from becoming public. Jack wants to go with her, but Jess doesn’t think it is a good idea. He promises he won’t do anything or get in the way. Finally, Jess agrees to allow him to come with her. As Jack is leaving, he promises Carly that he will do what he can. He doesn’t want her to go anywhere or answer the phone. An overwhelmed Carly collapses on the couch after they leave.

Will is thrilled; "You got custody?" he asks Gwen. Gwen explains that her mom had talked to her lawyer about something Carly had done, and they think that will be enough for Carly to give up custody in order to protect this secret. Will tells her that he hopes all of this works for her. Gwen wants to know if he thinks it will work out. Does he think her mom is playing her? He admits that he doesn’t know. All he knows is the stuff she has told him. Gwen tries to convince herself it will be okay because she is not drinking anymore, and that was where many of their problems came from. Will assures her that they must have something big on Carly if they think she would give up custody. Gwen worries that her mom may do something to make her lose custody of her baby. If she does, Gwen doesn’t know what she would do; she would be all alone again. Will promises her that she will not be alone.

Tom tries to explain what he meant; Maddie is a pretty girl. Casey assures his dad that he doesn’t have to worry about him and Maddie. She is not his type. In fact, he is counting the days 'til she is gone. That is why he spends so much time upstairs. What makes things worse is that she is in half his classes at school. Tom is laughing at Casey’s reaction. He reminds him that she is smart, and that is why she is in his classes. He just wants him to be polite; she is new in town. Casey sarcastically asks which way he wants it; does he want him to steer clear of her or show her around? As he walks out the door, he runs right into Maddie. He demands to know what she is doing there. She shoots back that he doesn’t have to worry about her stalking him because that is Leah’s job. She actually has a job, and she is there for work to deliver something to his dad. Casey glares at her as she continues to walk by him.

B.J. explains that this girl didn’t even know he was alive in high school. Mike wonders about now. B.J. tells him he is a patient man. Mike smiles and tells him that if this girl is anything like Katie, then B.J. will be okay. B.J. appreciates Mike’s words. He also doesn’t want to overwhelm a girl with the fact that he could retire at 30. Mike laughs and watches as B.J. whips out a piece of technology that Mike envies. Wasn’t that going to be introduced to the public at Christmas? Mike asks. That is true, B.J. says; he got it from the manufacturer. He then hands it to Mike and tells him he can have it--it was his patent, and he has many more of them at his hotel. Mike is amazed and speechless. After he regains his composure, he thanks him. B.J. assures him that it is his pleasure.

Katie apologizes further to Henry. She screwed up when she accused him of sending her the wine, but he had sent her other gifts anonymously. Life is not the same without him. Henry starts to tell her that all things in life change. He doesn’t know if he can deal with the fact that she can’t trust him. She probably still thinks he sent the wine. She assures him that she knows who really sent it--her boss. Henry is confused. Kim sent her that specific kind of expensive wine? She explains that it is her other new boss, a young dot-commer entrepreneur. His name is B.J. Green. Henry’s interest is piqued. Why would someone who doesn’t know Katie send her that specific kind of expensive wine? She tells him that he explained it must have been a coincidence. Henry doesn’t seem convinced. Katie wants to know if they can be friends again, on his rules. Henry decides that they can be friends again, which surprises her, since a few minutes ago it didn’t seem as if that were something Henry wanted. He jokes that he needs his K-K-Katie in his life. She laughs as she hugs him, telling him how that was sweet that he remembered that was what they used to call her in high school. She goes to kiss him goodbye, but there is an awkward moment when she realizes she probably shouldn’t. She leaves quickly, and Henry sits back down in his chair as he whispers the name, "B.J. Green."

Maddie gives Tom the envelope and tells him what is inside it from Kim. She asks Tom if she is causing a problem by living with them. Tom assures her that it is not a problem. Maddie asks him what Casey’s problem is, because he seems so mad at her all the time. Tom laughs and says that, between them, Casey has been a little gun-shy around pretty girls ever since Gwen. Tom’s beeper goes off, and he explains that a verdict of his has come in, and he has to leave.

Carly is staring at a family picture. Parker comes in and tells her that they just got home from the playground and he wanted to come see her. He hugs her and tells her she smells good, which makes Carly smile and laugh. He always knows what to say to make her feel better. She wants him to know that he and the other children are the most important thing to her and Jack. They would do anything for them. However, they are just people and they make mistakes. Parker assures her that no one is perfect. He hugs her again and teases her further, making her laugh again. After Parker leaves the room, she stares back at the family picture and talks to herself, saying that no one is going to take them away from her. She races to the door as she yells back to Parker to tell Ellen that she will be right back.

Will reminds Gwen that, no matter what happens, he will always be there for her. Gwen jokingly asks if he will be there for her even if she is seen as someone who sleeps around and is a bad mother. Will assures her that he doesn’t see her that way. She apologizes for the mean things she says when she gets upset. She gets it from her mother, not that that is an excuse. Will appreciates her apology and words, and they agree that they need to keep the communication lines open. He knows she will be a good mom. He wants her to never forget that she can call him anytime if she needs anything, and it is not because he wants her to be his pathetic project or because he doesn’t have a life; that is just what friends do for one another. He leaves, and Gwen walks over to the box and picks up a bib that reads, “I love you Mommy,” and she repeats back that she loves him, too, as she hugs the bib.

Mike is working at the station, listening to the toy B.J. gave him, when Katie shows back up. She notices what Mike is using and asks him where he got it, because she didn’t think they were available to the public until Christmas. He tells her that B.J. just gave it to him. Doesn’t he think that was a bit extravagant? Mike laughs, saying that it was less expensive than the wine. He wants Katie to listen to a song on it that he dedicated to her. Katie takes it, but she has a very concerned look on her face.

Henry, who is still at the bar at the Lakeview, bumps into B.J. He tells him that he was just talking about him with an employee of his--Katie! B.J. is confused; "Katie is my ex--the one you sent that wine to," Henry explains. Henry starts to ask him how he knew. B.J. excuses himself quickly, saying that he must have left his keys at the front desk and he has to go check for them. After he leaves, B.J.’s cell phone rings and a suspicious Henry answers it. A woman on the other end asks him if he wants the orchids sent to the same address as where they sent the pink sweater. Henry quickly hangs the phone up. He talks to himself as light dawns on him; B.J. Green must be Byron Glass.

Maddie is picking up some drinks at Java. She turns around and walks into Casey and spills them on him. She jokes about who is the stalker now. Casey cleans himself up while making small talk with her. He is about to leave when Maddie stops him by asking him who Gwen is. This question stops him in his tracks.

Jess shows up at the station and tells an elated Jack that she may have convinced the judge to consider keeping the records sealed. Cass is not cheap and rarely takes a case that he doesn’t think he is going to win, and with this delay, it may cause problems in Gwen’s case. Jack hopes that there will be nothing else that rocks the boat, so they can keep the baby after all.

There is a knock at Gwen’s door and she answers it, and it is an irate, emotionally charged Carly standing there. She determinedly tells Gwen that she doesn’t care what she did all those years ago; she is a good mother and she will never let Rory be taken away from her, no matter what. Gwen is standing there confused and speechless after Carly’s latest tirade.

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