ATWT Update Monday 10/3/05

As the World Turns Update Monday 10/3/05


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Boo

Proofread by Angie

At their Mexican hotel, Lily and Holden plead desperately with Blanca and her male goon to release Luke. They want to switch places with Luke. Blanca doesn’t want to hear it. She wants them both to shut up or she will shoot Luke right there and then.

Dusty is with Jen at Deerbrook. Why does she look so sad? She is getting released today. She says she is just nervous about leaving. What if she gets worse? Dusty assures her that they wouldn’t be releasing her if they thought she was a threat. However, if she would feel safer staying at Deerbrook for a bit more, then she should. Jen wants to get out of there to prove that her baby is still alive and out there. Dusty reminds her that he is on her side and will stop at nothing to find out the truth for her. His P.I. is looking for Nurse Thompson right now, and when they locate her, he will speak to her himself. Jen thinks the woman will open up to her better than him, but Dusty wonders if she is ready. Suddenly Jen is adamant: the nurse knows her baby is alive, and she wants to see her face as she asks about him. Dusty is concerned about the toll it is taking on Jen to pretend she thinks her baby is dead. She will fight relapsing on drugs or anything else in order to get her baby back. Dusty promises that they will get through it together. Now Jen knows, with Dusty’s help, that she will be fine.

Paul and Emily are at the Lakeview. He is speaking on the phone with Dr.. Michaels about Jen. He hangs up and then he tells her that they are preparing Jen’s papers for her release as they speak. Emily is in disbelief at how fast it went. Paul explains that they are going to monitor her on an outpatient basis, but he feels confident that it is finally behind them, and that Jen has accepted the truth.

Also at the Lakeview, Meg is meeting with Eli, the genetics expert. Is he sure he is right about the results? Eli repeats that Casey is really not the father of the baby, but a very close relative of him in fact is. Meg is confused. Who could that be? Then it dawns on her: an uncle to Casey--that would be Craig.

At the station, Cass and Iris are talking (actually flirting) in the interrogation room. Cass is filling out the papers for Iris’s release. Iris wants Cass to go see Carly and make sure she will give the baby back to Gwen. He has to make it clear that if she doesn’t play ball then the truth will come out about how Carly killed her baby. Cass is not convinced that Carly will be easily intimidated. He also strongly suggests to Iris that she better tell Gwen the truth about her past with Carly, meaning her baby dying and then her blackmailing Carly, before it comes to them having to go to court. How would she feel if Gwen found out in that manner?

Outside of Java, Gwen overhears one side of Carly’s conversation and demands to know what she is talking about. What doesn’t Carly want her to know about? Carly tells Gwen that she, Jack and the kids are going to Switzerland. The doctors feel that Carly could be of some assistance to Rosanna in her coma. How long is she going for? an emotional Gwen demands. Indefinitely, Carly snaps. She can’t do that, Gwen yells. Watch me, Carly sneers. Gwen reminds Carly that she has temporary custody only. She threatens that she won’t get away with that; her lawyer and mother will stop her. Carly repeats the word ‘mother.’ What does her mother have to do with this? Gwen realizes her mistake.

Iris charms Cass, saying that he is such a clever guy and he will find a way to keep this out of court. He still doesn’t understand why she would want to keep her daughter in the dark. Wouldn’t it be better if Gwen heard it from her own mother? She just wants him to focus on continuing to make her look good and getting the baby back for Gwen. He thinks she is skating on thin ice. She is getting pretty good at that, she admits. Gwen already has many reasons to hate her and she doesn’t want to give her anymore. If she could just get her baby back for her, and have Gwen aware of the fact that she was instrumental in making that happen, then maybe Gwen would forgive her for her past mistakes. Cass suspiciously jokes that this would all be done out of the kindness of her heart, and not having to do with the trust fund Rory has set up for him. Iris admits that it would be icing on the cake, but ultimately she wants to give him everything that she couldn’t give Gwen growing up. Cass looks unsure, but he is getting paid to win, so he has no choice.

Dusty bumps into Meg and Eli with their heads together at the Lakeview. He is surprised to bump into her again. She seems very eager to make herself scarce. As she is ready to take off out the door, Eli tries to make plans with her later, but Meg asks for a rain check for another time, as she has her foot halfway out the door. Dusty looks after her, confused as to why she took off in such a hurry. He makes his way to the bar, where he bumps into Emily and Paul. They are playing nice and offer to buy him a drink. Paul tells him how appreciative he is of him being there for Jen. Dusty wonders why Paul isn’t picking Jen up yet. When Paul explains that they are going to call when her papers are ready, Dusty takes them up on their offer. Paul appreciates the fact that Dusty got Jen to face something that no one else could--that her baby was supposedly dead. Dusty goes along with it, telling him that he did his best for her. Paul smiles as he looks at Dusty.

The man holding Luke tightens his grip, as Blanca sarcastically claims to be touched by Lily and Holden’s sacrifices. Lily tells her that her mother has lots of money and that she will give her more money than she would know what to do with. She doesn’t want her money and tells her that she already has more money than she knows what to do with. Holden swears that they won’t tell the authorities; let them have Luke. Blanca does allow Lily to hug Luke and make sure he is all right. Holden doesn’t understand what they want. If they do not want the money, then what do they want? Blanca smiles slyly and tells him that it is not the money; she simply wants them to die. Holden counters that too many people know where they are, and there will be an investigation. Again Blanca laughs. The police will investigate but find nothing out, and when they find no bodies, they will all be forgotten about. She doesn’t want money; she wants what is inside their bodies. She is sick and needs their organs, as do the clients she services. She will be killing them and taking the precious organs. She smirks as she says that at least they should find comfort in knowing that they are dying so others could live.

Carly suspiciously reminds Gwen that she had told them that she hadn’t spoken to her mom in over a year. Carly snidely says that her mother must have smelled a trust fund and come running back to help her kid--like mother, like child. Gwen tells her she isn’t going to talk about her mother because they are talking about Carly taking her baby out of the country. Carly matter-of-factly tells her that she can take Rory anywhere she wants. Will shows up as Carly and Gwen are getting into it, and he wants to know what is going on. Gwen yells that Carly thinks she may be getting a shot at getting her baby back, so she is taking her baby out of the country..

Will wants to know if that is true. Carly doesn’t know what business it is of his, but she tells him that Gwen is being paranoid, and she is simply going for a visit. Will directs Gwen inside Java so they don’t get into it more outside. Gwen’s phone isn’t working and she is becoming agitated. Will tries to calm Gwen down by telling her that maybe Carly is just taking Rory for a visit. However, Gwen doesn’t believe her and wants to know why she would expect Will to believe her as well; he didn’t before. The minute Gwen and Will go inside, Carly leaves a frantic message for Jack, telling him to call her immediately.

Paul explains how they told him that they will continue to monitor Jen as an outpatient, which Dusty is aware of, but he wonders how she will handle the withdrawals she may go through, which the doctors think may be delayed due to all of this. Paul and Emily assure him that they will be watching out for that. Dusty asks Paul if he ever thought that Jen was right about her baby being alive, and Paul quickly answers no, but then asks Dusty if he did. Dusty simply responds that she seemed so definite. Emily pipes in that it had to have been the drugs talking; or the grief, Paul also chimes in. Paul then asks if Dusty did anything to encourage her to think that way. Dusty explains that he simply gave her the support he thought she needed.

Paul is happy that Dusty brought Jen the test results that ultimately forced her to see the truth. When she saw the blood tests, she was able to see how preposterous her thoughts had become. Paul’s cell phone rings and he learns that he can come pick Jen up. He jokes that the conversation was just getting good. Emily then offers to go pick her up, and Dusty and Paul stay and have another round.

Jen wanders aimlessly out into the common room at Deerbrook and asks a nurse if she is able to leave yet. The nurse explains that they are finishing up her paperwork and it shouldn’t be much longer. She sits down on the couch, pulls out a mirror and takes stock of herself. She feels she looks disheveled and starts to take out a comb to freshen herself up. Meg comes up from behind and offers to help. Jen whirls around to a smiling Meg..

Carly has arrived back at her house as Cass is arriving to speak with her. Carly laughs about how Gwen must move fast, and that it is really just an extended vacation. Cass doesn’t know what she is talking about.. She wants him to leave, though. Gwen is just prone to bouts of hysteria, and that is just one more reason she is not parent material. Cass responds by asking if that is not the pot calling the kettle black. Between her and Gwen, Gwen is not the one who killed a baby. Carly stops dead in her tracks. What a terrible thing to say--where did he hear that from? Iris Dumbrowski, he answers. Carly tells him that she is a crackpot. However, according to Cass, she will make one hell of a witness. He is there to offer a deal. Carly is incredulous that he would believe someone like Iris. He admits that he didn’t at first, but then he looked into it and found validity to her claims. Carly reminds him that there are sealed files, though, and they can’t be used in court. Cass reminds her that, due to certain circumstances, they can be unsealed. If a child’s welfare is called into question, then it can be looked into. If a judge were aware of what kind of record Carly has, and that information would shed some light on the current case, then he is sure a judge would be interested.

Will doesn’t understand why Gwen is acting bitter again. He thought they had straightened things out the other day at the hospital. His sister was in the hospital and she felt bad. Was she just giving him pity? he wonders. She had forgiven him, but she can’t forget that he lost faith in her. He didn’t mean to upset her; he just had trouble keeping up with her because her story changed so many times. Will wants to forget the past and help her now with what trouble Carly is causing. He is convinced that Carly is just trying to upset her so she'll do something stupid. She has family here, as does Jack. Jack is a police officer. There are many reasons why they aren’t just going to up and leave. That reasoning seems to calm Gwen a little, but she is still upset about Carly leaving with her baby, because if Carly is in Switzerland and Gwen gets custody, then Carly may not come back. Will wants to know how she plans on stopping Carly. Gwen doesn’t want him to worry about it because her mom is helping her. Will worries about whether she can trust her mom; she doesn’t exactly have a good track record. Things change, Gwen insists. Will wonders if that is her thought or her mom’s. Gwen jumps on Will further by telling him that he doesn’t have to worry about his pet project anymore. It is no longer his business.

Paul explains that at first he wasn’t sure what to think when Dusty was poking around for Jen. He was thinking that it wasn’t his concern; they were Jen’s family, not him. Dusty claims that he was acting selfishly because he wanted Jen back at work, because Street Jeans is nothing without her. Paul sees now what Dusty was doing, but he was not sure for a while. He gives Dusty credit for gaining Jen’s trust, and so when he showed her the test results, she believed in him and it made accepting the truth easier. Dusty admits that working together made them form a bond. Paul is curious about how close they and this bond are. Dusty laughs that he is speaking as a real brother. Dusty just wants her healthy and happy. Paul reminds him that many previous people who have been good guys, such as Jordan and Mike, have hurt Jen, and he won’t stand for it. They raise their glasses in a toast to Jen and her getting better, and Dusty adds his wish for Jen to also get what she deserves.

Meg is combing Jen’s hair. Jen thanks her for all she has done. Meg is glad that she is not mad that she told Dusty about the meth. Jen understands that she was trying to help. She also recognizes that she took a big risk getting Dusty the test results on the baby. They forced her to face something she needed to face. For the first time in a while, she feels she has direction. Meg is glad about Jen’s healthy outlook. Jen admits that she couldn’t have made it this far with out Dusty. She apologizes that it happened when Meg and Dusty were trying to get something started. Jen then admits that she still needs Dusty--as a friend, though. Meg recognizes that and admits that she is sure Dusty would be there for her anyway. As she continues to brush Jen’s hair, she takes some of her hair and starts to place it in her purse. Just as all of this is happening, Emily walks in and witnesses Meg brushing Jen’s hair and asks what is going on, as Meg nervously looks at her.

Blanca laughs at Holden’s attempts to persuade her to let them go. Is she really only killing them for their body parts? She is also killing them for the money she will get for them. Holden reminds her that they are in a hotel and that they are going to have to kill them right there. Someone will hear them, and they will have to take their chances once they have killed them all that they will get be able to leave the hotel without being noticed and apprehended. Holden reminds her that people will not stop looking for them after. Lily pipes in that Keith won’t stop either, and Blanca laughs, saying they aren’t too worried about him. Holden tells her that he is going to make a deal: let Lily and Luke leave, and they can have him. Lily screams and Luke tears up. Holden knows that they have no choice but to take the deal. They can’t kill all three of them. Holden gives Lily a knowing look at the glass pitcher, and Lily understands where he is going with that look. As Blanca starts to walk Lily pushes her, and she falls, causing the man holding the gun to lose his train on Holden. Holden grabs the gun and they struggle, but Holden ends up with the gun and holds it on Blanca and the man. Luke is overwhelmed and apologizes profusely to his parents, as Lily hugs him tightly.

Meg jokes that they are practicing cosmetology. Jen looks at Emily as well and tells her that she and Meg were just hanging out and talking. Meg jokes that Emily has inherited Paul’s protectiveness. Emily apologizes, as Meg grabs the brush and puts the hairs in her purse. She then gives the brush to Emily, who still looks suspicious, and bids them farewell. Jen asks where Paul is. Emily tells her that he is having a small get-together for her at the Lakeview. Jen asks if Dusty can come, and Emily tells a happy Jen that he is already there. The nurse brings in her release papers, but Jen hesitates before she signs. Jen is nervous now that she is finally free.

Gwen starts to run out of Java, and Will comes after her. He doesn’t want to fight with her. He only said the things he did because he remembers the stuff Gwen said about her mom. It isn’t every day that kids emancipate themselves from parents without there being a real problem. Gwen sadly asks Will if he ever needed to give someone a second chance. Gwen’s cell phone rings, and it is Iris wanting her to come pick her up.. Gwen needs to go get her mother, and she tells Will that he may not understand, but she will take the help where she can get it because all she cares about is getting her baby back.

Carly has now decided that she doesn’t want to talk to Cass without her lawyer. He wants them to agree on a deal. Carly snidely responds that she supposes he expects her to give up her baby--how original. She thinks that what he is saying is essentially blackmail. Cass thinks that is a distasteful word. He thinks it is in Carly’s best interests to take the deal. Carly sniffs that this whole war started because she was trying to honor her sister’s request. Cass tells her that Rosanna is the least of her worries now. Imagine the faces of her family and friends when they find out that she killed an innocent, helpless baby boy.

The police are taking Blanca and the man away, and Lily runs after her and asks about Keith. She feigns not having any idea of who he is. She tells Lily that she must have misunderstood her, due to the language barrier, and thought that she knew of him. A frustrated Lily walks back to Holden and Luke. The police want to have Luke looked at, but Luke doesn’t want to go to the hospital. They tell him that they have a doctor at the consulate. Luke finally agrees to go get checked out, and Lily and Holden will be waiting for him to leave immediately after he gets back.. Once Luke leaves, Holden apologizes for putting himself in jeopardy. He realizes that he could have easily been shot. Lily overwhelmingly thanks him for saving their lives and for never giving up. Lily apologizes for asking Blanca about Keith. She hopes that her mother is right and that he just took off. She wouldn’t want him to be such a coward, but the alternative is... Lily can’t finish. Holden understands. He just wants them to get Luke and concentrate on that. Lily asks about them--what about their relationship? He thinks it would be best that they talk about that when they get home, which Lily agrees with. They are happy with the outcome, and happy they did it together. As they leave, Holden looks concerned.

Jen and Emily show up at the Lakeview for her celebration. Paul couldn’t find Will, but he thought that this would be fun with the group of them, at least. Paul goes for some drinks and Dusty and Jen talk. She immediately wants to know if his guy found the nurse. Dusty assures her that the minute he finds out something, they will be the first to know. He wants her to enjoy the fact that she is out of Deerbrook. Jen appreciates that and his help, and the fact that she could also thank Meg in person.

Dusty is surprised to learn that Meg showed up there. Meanwhile, at the bar, Emily is telling Paul how Meg was there when she got there, acting suspicious. Paul is interested because he didn’t know they were close. Emily relays how she was brushing her hair. Paul isn’t sure what to think, but he will find out.

Meg meets up with Eli again and asks him if he can compare DNA from hair to DNA from the baby. Eli admits that would be possible, on one condition--that she allows him to buy her a sandwich. Why is she so interested in this? She explains that she is trying to help a friend. Eli asks if it is the mother, and Meg admits it is for her too.

Gwen shows up at the police station, and Iris wants to know what took her so long. Gwen wants to know if she is on the up-and-up or if she is playing her. Iris wants to know whom she has been talking to. Can she help her get her baby back or is she just trying to get in good with her? Yes, she admits, she wants to get in good with her, but she also wants her to get her baby back. This way she can start to make up for all of those horrible past years being her mother. As a matter of fact, her plan is working as they are speaking.

Cass further eggs Carly on by wondering out loud how unhealthy it must be for Carly to have repressed all that rage that led to the horrible act of killing a baby. Carly reacts by screaming that she is a good mother and a good person. She is raising happy, well-adjusted children. Rory is better off with her. Cass doesn’t think the judge will see it that way. Carly spits that he is a horrible person. Cass thinks the bottom line is, she can give Gwen her baby back or have the whole world know she is a murderer. He smiles and turns to leave as he tells Carly to give his best to Jack.

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