ATWT Update Friday 9/30/05

As the World Turns Update Friday 9/30/05


Written By Eva
Pictures by Boo

Proofread by Angie

In Mexico, Holden and Lily’s fear about their missing son brings them closer and renews the connection they once had as they make love inside Holden’s hotel room.

At the police station, Carly brings Jack the newest pictures of the kids and smiles as she looks at a picture of Parker holding Rory. Jack tells Carly he has no time to look at pictures right now because he has to work. Carly starts to tell Jack she thought they had gotten past his anger towards her, but she is interrupted in mid-sentence by Hal, who wants to talk to Jack about the Iris Dumbrowski case. Carly gets a worried look on her face, and Jack gives her a quick kiss and tells her to go home and he will call her later and give her the details. Gwen arrives to visit Iris, who asks if she brought her lawyer to help her get out of jail. Iris tells Gwen that if Cass can get her out of jail she will bring Carly down today, and Gwen will have her little boy back in her arms.

At Deerbrook, Dusty and Jennifer both suspect that Craig paid people at the hospital to switch the babies and their medical records. Dusty tells Jennifer that he will use his contacts to track down Nurse Thompson. Jennifer wants to be there when Dusty talks to Nurse Thompson. Dusty doesn’t think that is such a good idea at first but then decides Jennifer might be the person to get the nurse to tell the truth. Dusty doesn’t think Jennifer can help him unless she is released from the hospital. Dusty tells Jennifer the only way to get out of the hospital is for her to lie to the doctors and tell them she thinks her baby is dead. Jennifer tells Dusty she will do anything to find out the truth about her son. Jennifer is positive she can convince Barbara, Hal, and Will that her child is dead, but both she and Dusty worry that Paul might not be as easy to fool. Jennifer knows that Paul will be harder to fool, but Jennifer and Dusty come up with a plan to fool him.

At the hospital, Meg reads the files on Rory and John Dustin and discovers that Nurse Thompson was on duty on the day they were born. A nurse bumps into Meg, making her drop her files on the floor. Paul arrives and looks down at the floor and wonders why Meg was looking at medical files concerning Jennifer’s dead baby. Meg explains to Paul that now she's working in the neo- natal unit and was getting acquainted with some of the cases. Paul tells Meg that someone gave Dusty access to confidential medical records, and thanks to that person’s help Jennifer has accepted her baby is dead. Meg picks up the files and tells Paul she is glad Jennifer is feeling better. Once Meg leaves, Paul and Emily talk about their suspicion that Meg is the person who helped Dusty obtain the confidential medical records. Paul decides to go to Deerbrook and stop Jennifer from continuing to suspect the truth--that her baby is alive. Paul wants to talk to Jennifer to make sure she still believes her baby is dead. Meg asks Susan about a strange notation on Rory’s chart. Susan explains that the baby’s biological mother claimed that Casey Hughes was the father in court, so the court ordered a DNA test to be done on the baby. Susan explains that the DNA test was negative and the girl was proven to be a liar.

At the police station, Hal wonders why Jack made no mention of the fact that he knew Iris when he (Hal) told him Iris had information about what happened to Rory at the park. Hal tells Jack that Iris accused him of unethical conduct, since he interviewed and signed the statement made by the water vendor who found Rory. Hal asks Jack to tell him anything he needs to know before this mess gets any worse. Jack tells Hal Iris has a crush on him and has been stalking him and Carly. Hal is skeptical of Jack’s story but tells him he will be there if he needs to talk to him about anything.

Cass arrives and Gwen informs him that Iris is her mother and has information that could help her get her son back. Gwen instructs Cass to hear her story, check it out and, if it's true, get her out of jail. Gwen tells Cass that if she is lying he can decide what to do about her. Gwen leaves so Cass and Iris can talk alone. Iris makes Cass promise that what she tells him must remain a secret between him, her and Carly’s lawyer. Cass tells Iris he isn’t going to promise anything until he hears her story and checks it out to make sure it's true. Iris tells Cass that this secret about Carly could help him win the case today and collect his money. Iris explains that court records, which were sealed because Carly was a child, can prove her story.

In Mexico, Lily and Holden get dressed after making love. Lily feels guilty for making love to Holden while Luke is missing. Lily tries to justify her actions by saying she was out of her mind with worry over Luke and needed comfort. Lily feels badly because she knows making love meant more than that to Holden. Holden tells her that he understands her reasons for making love to him, but he thinks it's that connection that they will always have, and he is tired of denying that the connection exists between them. Holden makes it clear to Lily that he is going to fight to have her back as his wife. Lily tells Holden she can’t talk about this right now. Holden tells her that is okay, because he intends to find Luke and take his family back home. Holden tells Lily that once they are all home safe they will be able to have a long talk about their feelings for each other.

At the hospital, Meg gets a copy of the DNA test that was performed on Rory; then she calls an old friend who does genetics research and asks him if they could meet because she needs his help on a medical case.

At the police station, Iris tells Cass the whole story about how Carly killed her own little boy because she was jealous of her little brother. Iris makes it clear that Carly can never know that she is Gwen’s mother. Cass wonders why Iris is so intent that Carly not know of her relationship to Gwen. Iris explains that if Gwen finds out that she and Carly have a half-brother in common, then she might do something crazy in court that could cause her to lose the case. Cass agrees to keep Iris's secret from Gwen and Carly.

At Java, Gwen and Carly bump into each other and Carly wants for her and Gwen to be civil to each other. Gwen tells Carly that they can never be civil to each other after everything that has happened between them. Carly warns Gwen that Iris is using her to get her hands on Rory’s trust fund. Carly asks Gwen if Iris has asked her for money. Gwen shouts that Iris isn’t a user and almost tells Carly Iris is her mother, but she stops herself in time. Carly wonders why Gwen is so defensive about a woman she just met recently. Gwen explains that Iris is her friend and she is going to help her get her baby back. Carly heads for the door, feeling sorry she wasted her time warning Gwen about Iris.

At Deerbrook, Dusty and Jennifer rehearse exactly what she will say to the doctors to get released from the hospital. Paul and Barbara arrive to visit Jennifer.

Jennifer tells Paul she intended to lie to him, but she feels she must tell him the truth about her plan.

In Mexico, Holden and Lily decide the best thing to do to find Luke is to keep pressuring Blanca and offer her money until she tells them Luke’s location. Holden and Lily leave to go to the cantina. A tired Luke enters the room through a window and passes out on the floor next to the bed.

At Java, Meg’s genetic researcher friend, Eli, looks at the DNA tests Meg gives him and tells him that Casey isn’t the father of the baby, but the DNA test does show that the real father of the child is related to Casey.

In Mexico, Blanca and her bodyguard burst through the door and get mad at Luke for escaping from them. Blanca warns Luke not to say a word if he wants to live. Lily and Holden arrive and are happy to find Luke. Lily kneels on the floor to check her son to see if he is okay. Lily begs Blanca to let them go and they won’t say a word to anyone. Blanca assures Lily they won’t say anything, because they won’t leave alive.

At the police station, Jack asks Hal to let Iris go and he will talk to her later. Hal agrees and goes to get the paperwork started. Jack calls Carly to let her know that Hal arrested Iris because he caught her searching his desk. Jack also tells Carly that Iris accused him of unethical conduct because he took a witness statement even though he was personally involved in the case. Jack tells Carly he persuaded Hal to release Iris.

Outside Java, Carly starts to panic and thinks Iris will reveal her secret once she is released from jail. Jack tries to get her to calm down and not jump to conclusions. Carly tells Jack that if Gwen finds out about what she did she could lose Rory. Carly feels someone behind her and is startled to see Gwen standing there. Carly covers the phone and looks worried because she doesn’t know if Gwen overheard her conversation with Jack.

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