ATWT Update Thursday 9/29/05

As the World Turns Update Thursday 9/29/05


Written By Eva
Pictures by Boo
Proofread by Angie

At the TV station, Katie tells Mike she can’t believe that they are working together and they have the cottage all to themselves. Mike gives Katie a kiss. Mike asks the station secretary for some paper and pencils so he can begin to design Katie’s new studio. Mike is surprised when Maddie brings him the pencils and is sure that Maddie is following him and Katie.

At Java, Barbara continues to worry about Jennifer, but Paul assures her Jennifer has finally accepted the death of her baby.

At Deerbrook, Dusty tells Jennifer he thinks a nurse may have switched the babies and their medical records. Jennifer is confused and wonders why a nurse would switch the babies. Dusty asks Jennifer to remember the name of the nurse she saw in her hallucination. Jennifer recalls the name of the nurse to be Nurse Thompson, so Dusty heads over to the hospital to speak to Nurse Thompson. Jennifer thanks Dusty for believing in her, but Dusty makes it clear he isn’t sure her baby is alive; still, he won’t rest until he finds out the truth. Dusty gives Jennifer a kiss on the forehead before he leaves the room.

In Mexico, Lily turns over as she sleeps and puts an arm around Holden and rests her head on Holden’s chest. Lily suddenly awakens and apologizes to Holden for her actions. Lily wonders how long Holden has been awake, and he smiles a little and says he has been awake for three days. Lily explains to Holden that she had a terrible nightmare in which Luke was lying on a table and people were killing him to take out his organs. The hotel maid arrives and starts to leave and come back later, but Holden recognizes her from the clinic and shows her a picture of Luke. Lily asks the young girl, whose name is Anna, if she has seen Luke. Anna shakes her head no and apologizes for not being able to help in their search for Luke. Holden wonders if there is a reason Anna won’t help them.

Anna explains to Holden and Lily that she promised her father she wouldn’t say anything to them. Anna tells Holden and Lily that her father is very afraid of Blanca because she is a very bad person. Holden promises Anna they will protect her from Blanca if she will help them find Luke. Anna tells Holden in Spanish that Blanca forces poor people to sell their organs and doesn’t even care if they die. Holden translates what Blanca said to Lily. Anna informs Holden and Lily that Blanca has Luke hidden inside a back room of the cantina. Lily wants to call the police, but Anna tells Lily it won’t do any good because the police chief is Blanca’s brother.

At the TV station, Maddie explains to Mike that Casey helped her get a job there so she could save up to rent an apartment and live with Henry. Katie arrives and Mike explains that Maddie is working at the station. B..J. arrives and tells Mike he must talk to him about the design for the new studio, so they both leave to have a talk. Katie receives a gift of very expensive French champagne from her secret admirer. Katie tells Maddie that the champagne comes from her favorite part of France. Katie tells Maddie she took a high school trip with her mother to France, and the only person she told about the trip was Henry. Katie asks Maddie to tell Henry to stop sending her expensive gifts. Maddie tells Katie that Henry didn’t send her the gift. Katie decides to go talk to Henry herself. Maddie is positive the gift came from Byron Glass, and that makes her smile. B.J. thinks they should use simple fitness equipment that is portable so they can market the equipment. B.J. and Mike ask Katie for her opinion, but she is distracted and tells them she trusts them to make the right decision. Katie tells Mike and B.J. she will be back shortly and leaves to go talk to Henry..

At Deerbrook, Barbara and Paul arrive to visit Jennifer, and Barbara is happy that Jennifer has had a breakthrough and accepted her baby’s death. Jennifer is annoyed because she thinks Barbara makes it sound like she is happy John Dustin died. Barbara explains to Jennifer that what she meant was that she is happy she is getting better.

At the hospital, Meg encourages Dusty to stop giving Jennifer false hope that her baby is still alive, because it will only hurt Jennifer in the long run. Dusty explains to Meg that he respects Jennifer because she believes so strongly her baby is alive. Meg wonders if Dusty respects Jennifer so much because he is in love with her.

At the cantina in Mexico, Lily apologizes to Blanca for the way she acted yesterday and explains she is very worried about her son. Blanca quickly tells Lily that she knows nothing about Luke. Lily wonders why Blanca is being so defensive and won’t accept her apology. Lily shouts at Blanca that she thinks she has Luke hidden somewhere. Lily lunges toward Blanca to stop her from leaving. Blanca calls her bodyguard and orders him to get Lily off of her. The guard grabs Lily, and Holden arrives and punches out the guard. Lily gets free of the guard, grabs his gun and tells Blanca and her other guard to stay where they are, while Holden calls out Luke’s name as he searches for him. Holden opens the door to the room where Luke was being held and discovers Luke must have untied himself and gone out the window. Blanca asks the guard in Spanish, "Where is the boy?" Blanca is surprised when Holden tells Lily what Blanca just said and assumes that Luke was being held in the room. Blanca tries to deny the accusation by saying that he doesn’t know enough Spanish to understand what she said to the guard.

At the Lakeview, Henry tells Katie he didn’t send her the French champagne because he doesn’t have the money to do so, and his credit cards are maxed to the limit. Katie tells Henry that he was the only one who knew about the trip to France she took with her mother when she was in high school. Henry doesn’t remember Katie ever telling him the story. Katie is even more confused and wonders who could have sent her the gift. Katie leaves and tells Henry she will talk to him later. Henry calls Maddie and demands she go over there with her laptop right away.

At Deerbrook, Barbara and Paul tell Jennifer they will start the paperwork for her release whenever she feels she is ready to leave the hospital. Jennifer tells them she needs to stay for a little bit and learn how to deal with the loss of her son. Jennifer asks Paul and Barbara to leave because she wants to sleep.

At the hospital, Meg thinks Jennifer needs treatment, not sympathy from Dusty. Dusty makes it clear to Meg that he won’t walk away from Jennifer because she is a friend who needs him now. Meg is upset because she feels like Dusty used her feelings for him to get her to break the rules by giving him confidential medical information. Meg tells Dusty she won’t risk her career again unless Dusty is willing to make a commitment to a relationship with her.

At the Lakeview, Maddie tells Henry her plan is working because Katie is starting to keep secrets from Mike. Henry thinks once Mike finds out about Byron, and that Henry knew about Maddie’s scheme, Mike will kill him. Henry dictates an e-mail to Maddie in which she explains to Byron that she has been impersonating Katie and Katie never wrote him any e-mails. Henry hits the send button before Maddie can make any changes to the e-mail.

At the hospital, Dusty tells Meg that he isn’t ready to make a serious commitment to anyone. Meg tells Dusty she won’t help him hurt Jennifer anymore. Dusty leaves and the nursing supervisor asks Meg to substitute in the neonatal unit, because Nurse Thompson just quit her job. Meg starts to think there is something suspicious about this Nurse Thompson.

Inside Paul’s car, Paul asks Barbara to allow the doctors to treat Jennifer because he doesn’t want her to rush home too quickly, because the drugs she took are very addictive and she could relapse. Barbara agrees to do things the way Paul asks, as long as he keeps her updated on Jennifer’s condition.

In Mexico, Lily feels guilty for getting involved with Keith and putting Luke in danger. Lily also feels like she hasn’t been a good mother to her children. Holden assures her that none of this is her fault and that Luke is very smart and is probably hiding from Blanca and her people. Holden thinks they should call the consulate and wait a while. Lily gives Holden a hug and tells him that Luke is strong, like them, and will be fine.

At the TV station, Katie hides the gift when Mike arrives, and he says he needs to talk to her about the new studio. B.J. asks Katie if the two of them can meet alone and talk about the studio. Katie says yes but still has a feeling that B.J. has a romantic interest in her. Mike thinks the guy is harmless and she is probably feeling that way because of the stress of a new job. Mike gives Katie a kiss and asks her not to forget him once she is famous.

B.J. reads the e-mail that Maddie sent to Byron and tells the person that he isn’t the same person Katie knew in high school either. Byron thanks the person who sent him the e-mail for reconnecting him with Katie. B..J. takes out a picture of Katie from his desk and stares at the picture for a few minutes.

At Deerbrook, Dusty tells Jennifer he didn’t get a chance to talk to Nurse Thompson. Jennifer tells Dusty that she feels like she is having bad luck and that nobody will ever trust her judgment again. Dusty tells Jennifer that he isn’t a baby person and he never thought he would help anyone give birth. Dusty tells Jennifer he caught her baby, and he won’t drop him now. Jennifer puts her head on Dusty’s chest while he puts an arm around her.

The last five minutes of the show were pre-empted by news.

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