ATWT Update Tuesday 9/27/05

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 9/27/05


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Boo

Proofread by Angie

At the Lakeview, Henry is trying to stretch a nonexistent dollar with complimentary food and two-for-one drink deals that still leave him owing money he doesn’t have; enter a blonde-haired stranger, who introduces himself as B.J. Greene and offers to pay for Henry’s infamous martinis. Henry immediately wants to know the catch.

Katie and Mike are at WOAK, waiting to meet with Kim. Mike wonders if he should make himself scarce, but Katie wants him to stay around, since they no longer have to sneak around. Kim walks up and says she has an intriguing offer for Katie.

At home, Carly and Iris are getting into it. Carly yells at Iris, demanding to know what she is up to. She angrily reminds Iris that they had a deal, and she did what Iris wanted. The blackmail was supposed to stop if she paid her. Iris snips back that it is no longer about the past. Carly has created this mess, and Iris is excited to see Carly drown in it. Carly wants to know what is in this for Iris, because she wouldn’t get out of bed if it didn’t work to her benefit.

At the police station, the vendor wants to know why he has been summoned back. Hal answers that a witness has come forward claiming he took the baby. The vendor quickly responds by asking why he would bring the baby back, then. Hal admits that the lady could be wrong, but he just wants to talk. He insists he did nothing wrong; Hal answers that then he would have nothing to hide. The vendor goes to sit in the interrogation room as Hal goes to get him a coffee. Jack quickly asks Hal if he could interrogate the man. He needs to head Hal off at the pass.

Paul pleads with Jen to understand his motives before he divulges the sordid details of his cover-up. Everything he has done was for her; she is his baby sister, after all. Jen just wants him to spit it out. He wants Jen to understand where he was coming from so that when she hears what he has to say, she won’t hate him. Jen implores him to just say it. Dusty interrupts them. He explains that he has the blood test results in the file. He tells her that he promised to get her an answer, and he did. He hands the file over to Jen, while Paul nervously watches on.

Katie wants to know what kind of business proposal Kim would have for her. Kim explains that she has a new partner at the station. He is a young up-and-comer from California who was a dot-commer and is now interested in media. Mike and Katie respond suspiciously, but Kim assures them that she had him checked out. This gentleman, B.J. Greene, is someone she thinks wants to test the waters with a small station, before he goes big time. He has seen Katie’s exercise video and thinks it would make a great series. Kim admits it seems the man has done his homework on Katie and TV production. Mike admits it sounds like a great opportunity. Katie answers that she is behind this idea so far, and furthermore, what is the worst thing that could happen?

Henry is having a drink with his ‘new friend.’ Well, Henry is having his martini and B.J. is having chocolate milk. Henry jokes that he must be a recovering alcoholic, considering his choice of drink. B.J. explains that he has a meeting to go to soon. Henry laughs as he asks if it is with AA. B.J. answers, laughing as well, that it is a business meeting. Henry wonders if he can afford this and offers to start choking on his olive. B.J. whips out a wad of cash, and Henry realizes he has plenty and then orders a dinner, which B.J. again laughs at. He asks Henry what he does. He says he is a limo driver, and he drives mostly jerks, not celebrities as he had hoped. B.J. further inquires into how he fell on hard times; he guesses it's because of a woman. Henry admits that he is correct. B.J. thinks they must be kindred spirits, then. What happened? he asks. Henry prepares to tell him the “long sad story.”

Iris looks at her watch and tells Carly that she has to go. Carly is very emotional, continuing to yell at her. Why is she doing this? Does she want her blood? Iris coldly answers that would no longer be enough.. She wants justice, and she is going to make Carly pay--she has already made sure of it. Carly nervously stares back at Iris.

Jack walks into the interrogation room. The vendor thought he was going to be talking to Hal. Jack introduces himself as Detective Snyder. Does his name ring a bell? It should, because his wife is Carly Snyder, and he knows the whole sordid tale. The vendor panics and answers that everything was Carly’s idea, and he is not going to take the rap. Jack walks up close to him and glares at him as he explains that he is going to keep that tidbit of information to himself. He will tell him what he is expecting of him.

Paul grabs the folder from Jen. He demands to know who Dusty thinks he is. Dusty answers that he was trying to find the truth for Jen. Paul wants to talk to Jen privately first, before anything else. Jen demands to see the folder. Paul begrudgingly gives it up. Jen reads the contents of the folder out loud. The Kasnoff baby’s blood type is O+, and the Norbek baby’s blood is B-. When Carly brought Rory in for his pediatric appointment, the blood was taken again and it was B-. It doesn’t match her baby’s. Jen is crushed. Paul looks relieved, and Dusty looks apologetic. He is not her baby; Jen repeats it over and over.

Henry completes his story by saying that he had to leave the girl in the end or risk always living in the shadows of the other guy. B.J. admits that it must have taken a lot of courage. Henry asks about his sad story, but B.J. tells him that he hasn’t lost yet, because he has not given up. Does the construction man really love her? Henry admits that he really does. He was fighting a losing battle. Mike is the Adonis of the tool belt and the Romeo of the drill bit. B.J. laughs, but soon after he has to excuse himself to make his meeting. Henry offers his card and tells him he will give him a free ride to the airport when he next leaves town. B.J. will definitely take him up on that.

Carly threatens that Iris doesn’t scare her. She knows Iris must have heard about Rory’s trust fund, and now she is aligning herself with Gwen in hopes of getting some of it. Iris spits that Gwen and she share a bond: they have both lost their children--thanks to Carly. She will get hers back, though. An upset Carly rushes to call Jack. Hal answers his phone and tells Carly what he thinks will be good news to her: Jack is in with the vendor who brought Rory back, because some new evidence has come to light. He will have Jack call her. Carly, who is in a trance, answers that she is sure Jack will find her. After Hal hangs the phone up, Jack comes out of the room and informs Hal that the vendor’s story holds up. He tried to shake him, but his story stayed the same and he never faltered. Jack tells Hal that in his opinion, Iris probably just wanted her 15 minutes of fame. Hal tells Jack that he trusts his instincts, so he wants the man cut loose. Jack tells the man he is free to go, and that he doesn’t want to see him any time soon. The vendor repeats his mantra--he doesn’t know a thing!

Paul comforts Jen, telling her that she was just looking for anything to hold on to rather than accepting the truth. The drugs messed with her thoughts. He knows she will get better now, because these people at Deerbrook are going to help her. Dusty chimes in that she can count on them. Paul explains that what he was going to say before was that he desperately didn’t want Jen to hate him for putting her there. He really thought he was helping. Jen assures him that she no longer blames him. He did what he had to. Dusty pipes in again that if she really wants to get better, then she will. Jen asks to talk to Dusty alone. After Paul leaves, Jen thanks Dusty for all the trouble he went through for her. Dusty is just happy that she now has the answers she needed. He doesn’t think Jen looks convinced; does she still have doubts? Jen doesn’t answer, and Dusty repeats himself. Jen knows she shouldn’t, but she can’t help it--she does. She doesn’t care what the paper says. She still believes her baby is alive. There is proof in the facts on the paper. However, from the moment her baby died, she has had an ache that never left her. When she held the baby and looked into his eyes, the ache went away. It is not the grief or the drugs. It was real, pure and clear. Dusty reminds her that medical facts don’t lie. Then Jen decides she can’t trust the facts. She has to trust her gut feeling.

Paul comes home and makes a beeline for a drink. Emily enters and asks what’s wrong. He tells her that it is finally over. Did he talk to Jen? Yes he did. Dusty showed up with the blood test results, which he could have killed him for, but the results didn’t match, and so he was in the clear from having to tell her. He realized Craig changed the bloodwork, as well, to carefully cover his tracks. Emily is bothered by what she is hearing. Dusty did him a favor in the end. Emily can’t believe he still didn’t tell Jen the truth. Was he ever planning on telling her?

Katie asks Kim when they are going to meet the mysterious man. He is on his way, she promises. Enter stage left: B.J. They all introduce one another, and B.J. mentions he feels as if he knows Katie well--through her videos, that is. B.J. has one question: will she let him turn her into a butt-busting star?

Carly calls for Jack only to find out he has already left the station. Next thing she knows, he is walking through their door with a stone face on.

B.J. wants to write up a contract for Katie to peruse. Her brother-in-law is the D.A., so that shouldn’t be a problem. As he steps away with Kim to tour the rest of the facility, he mentions to Katie that her name is simple but beautiful. After he leaves, Mike and Katie talk about her ‘biggest fan.’ She feels as if when something is too good to be true, it usually is. Mike feels if Kim trusts him, maybe they could too.

Jen wants to know why Dusty puts up with her. That is what friends do for each other, Dusty answers. She wonders how he got the files. He mentions how he enlisted Meg’s help after he checked on the stork bite. He wishes the test results brought her more peace. She assures him it means a lot to her that he tried. It meant a lot to him, he says, that he was able to bring her baby into the world. If he is alive, Dusty will do everything he can to bring him back to her. If only he could, Jen sobs, as they embrace.

Paul wants to know what difference it makes whether he would have told her. He didn’t have to and that's all the matters. Emily wants him to see where the lies have put Jen. He feels that now Jen will get the help she needs. There has been lie upon lie, Emily presses. Since she now believes her baby is dead, she will stop looking. Paul thinks that is a good thing. Emily agrees. Paul still feels he did the right thing. Fine, then Emily believes it too. Paul gazes into her eyes and tells her that she is the person who has stood by him when he was faced with the most difficult of decisions; that must be why he is falling in love with her.

Jack wants to know where the kids are. Why, because the police are coming to arrest her? Carly asks. Iris was right, she mumbles. Jack explains this has nothing to do with her. You mean I am off the hook? Carly asks. With everyone but me, Jack tells her. He came here so she could see him sign away his integrity. He mumbles that now he has to find a way to live with it as well. He goes to sign the paper, but Carly grabs his pen and tells him adamantly that she can’t let him do it.

B.J. returns with Kim with another plan. The studio is not going to be large enough for the crowds that Katie is going to pull in with her live audience. He needs Mike to build an addition. Mike tells him he will write up a contract. B.J. tells him not to bother because he trusts him. Katie smiles, knowing they will be working together now. Does that mean she agrees to do the show? Katie teases him, saying she needs for them to talk numbers; she is a businesswoman before a star. B.J. writes a number on a piece of paper and shows it to Katie, who is not a poker player and jumps at this figure, telling him they have a deal.

A visibly shaken Carly pleads with Jack not to sign the piece of paper. Jack tells her he is also signing it for his own reasons. He can’t fathom having the kids watch their mom hauled off to prison. They have had too much drama in their lives recently. Carly asks if Jack is giving her a free pass on behalf of the kids. He realizes she felt she had no choice, and frankly he couldn’t live his life without her. He will have to find a way to make peace with his choices. He signs the paper, and Carly apologizes deeply. She thought she was doing the right thing. She was out of options. No, Jack corrects her, you thought you were out of options. Does he forgive her? He loves her too much not to. They hug, and Carly promises never to put him in this position again.

Emily can’t believe her ears. "Say it again," she demands. Paul repeats that he loves her. He has said it before, but he wanted to hurt Rosanna then. Now he is sure of it. What has changed? Emily wonders. He answers that the person he looked for his entire life is right in front of his face. She has given him absolute support all along. Emily admits that she was afraid to tell him of her feelings because she felt it would be one-sided. She melts into his arms. "I love you," she repeats. They passionately kiss. Emily reminds Paul that if he ever decides he wants to tell Jen the truth, she will be there at his side to support him. Paul is ecstatic that they are in everything together.

Jen looks at Dusty and tells him that she wouldn’t blame him if he thought she was crazy. It is unfair to ask him to believe in her after all she has put him through. What if he wants to believe in her? Jen questions whether her heart is simply confused. Maybe she is holding onto a hallucination. She had seen a nurse in the hospital holding her son out to her, telling her he is alive. She had wanted to think it had been a memory.. She can’t be sure any longer. There are only two options. The first is she is crazy and she needs to get better. The second is her son is alive and out there, and she will never get the proof and will be forced to watch him from afar. Dusty answers that if her son is alive, they will find another option. They will get through this. He believes in her; he doesn’t know why, he just does. With that, he kisses her gently on the cheek and leaves.

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