ATWT Update Monday 9/26/05

As the World Turns Update Monday 9/26/05


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Boo

Proofread by Angie

Lily is with Lucinda at the hospital, awaiting results about her infection. Holden is on the phone with Lily, giving her updates on his search for Luke. Lucinda wants results now and is promising to call her friend in the Justice Department soon if Holden doesn’t come up with something. She doesn’t want to leave behind this mess. Lily is bothered that Lucinda thinks that she will not be around much longer. Bob gives Lucinda good news, as far as he and Lily are concerned. Although her immune system was compromised by the infection she caught in the Mexican clinic, the antibiotic they have her on is working, and she will be free to start back on the chemo again soon. Lucinda, on the other hand, does not think that is good news about going back to her chemo treatments.

Paul is thinking back to Jen pleading with him to believe her that her son is alive, when Emily arrives home to tell him news she thinks he may not know. She swung by to see Jen after dropping off Daniel, only to find out that she has been institutionalized at Deerbrook. Paul tells a shocked Emily that he knew already, because he had her put there.

Hal is with Jen at Deerbrook. She pleads with him to be the one person who believes her that her baby is alive. She tells Hal how Barbara wants her to lie and say she was mistaken in her belief that Rory is hers. Hal stares at her, not knowing what to say to her.

At home, Carly comes downstairs to find Dusty looking under Rory’s shirt. She demands to know what he is doing. A guilty Dusty tries to backpedal, claiming that he thought he was wet, but Carly snaps that he wasn’t looking in the right area if that were the case. Then Dusty suggests that he might have also had a bug bite on his neck. Carly checks suspiciously and finds nothing. She asks Dusty if he was there because of Jen and if he's looking for something specific. He admits that Jen wanted him to look for a stork bite on his neck. She shows him that he doesn’t have one, nor did he ever. Dusty apologizes, and Carly admits that if this will keep Jen out of their hair and from kidnapping Rory again, then it was worth it. However, as Jack walks in, she asks Dusty to leave. She angrily asks Jack if he believes what Dusty was doing. However, she quickly sees his face and asks him what is wrong. He tells Carly that he saw Gwen, Iris and the vendor in the park. She was trying to give the vendor money. Angrily, Carly mumbles, “If Frank thinks he can change his story now..." A stunned Jack realizes he can no longer hide from the truth: his wife drugged someone and is on a first-name basis with that person. How far did she take this? he demands to know--and he wants the truth!

Iris saunters into the police station and sees Jack’s desk. She picks up the framed family picture on his desk before an officer asks if he can help. She asks to speak with the chief of police. She needs to report a crime.

An astonished Emily repeats Paul’s words--he had his own sister committed? Paul explains how Jen was ready to leave town with Rory. He had to do it; the doctors told him that she was a threat. It was his only choice. Emily can’t believe what is happening. What have they done to Jen? Paul shoots back that they did not make Jen do meth. Emily shoots back that she became dependent on meth to dull the pain--the pain they could have put an end to. This is making this harder to wait for. Paul asks, "Harder to wait for what?" Emily looks at him, wondering if he meant all along to never tell Jen the truth, even though he promised her he would think about it. He claims to have thought about it and discounted it. There is no way telling her would help Jen. She will be seen as a drug addict, and nobody will allow a baby to be raised by a drug addict. Then Craig will get involved, and even from jail he will ruin Jen’s life. She will never bounce back from knowing her baby is alive and not being allowed in his life. Emily wants to know if Paul thinks he can live with this decision, because she can’t.

Jen begs Hal to have a simple blood test done. This will prove what she knows in her bones. He doesn’t think he can. He is the chief of police; he can do anything he wants to do. He reminds her that he needs cause. Finally, he gives in and says he will see what he can do. Jen stares him down. She doesn’t think he will do anything. He thinks she is crazy too. If he won’t help, she will find someone who will.

Meg meets Dusty at Java. She tells him that she doesn’t have much time because she has dinner plans. Dusty doesn’t bite, which we can see disappoints Meg. He quickly asks how long it takes for a stork bite to go away. A couple of weeks, Meg replies. She realizes that he went and saw Rory. Dusty admits he did, but there was no marking. Meg figured as much and thinks now Dusty should let it go. He can’t, because Jen needs evidence to move on. Dusty and Meg talk about how the only way to know is with a blood test. The blood work was done when Gwen and Jen’s babies were born, and when Carly took Rory back for a check-up more blood would have been taken. The answer is that the blood work won’t match with the first test results. Meg reminds him that he needs permission from the family, and he knows he won’t get that. Can’t a staff member access this information? Meg sees where he is going with this. She furiously tells him that she would lose not only her job but also her license for that. Dusty tells her to forget it then. She realizes he is going to try to get the results himself. She tells him that he will get in trouble with the law. Dusty laughs that a class D felony is not trouble with the law as far as he is concerned. Meg is incredulous of how far Dusty is willing to go when they both know what the results will show, and of the fact that he will tell Jen something she is too messed up to believe. Dusty tells her not to worry about it and to forget the conversation. He starts to walk away, and Meg runs after him, saying she will do it.

Emily explains to Paul that she keeps pushing this topic because she is making sure that they can live with this, and she doesn’t think they can. Paul is sure that Jen will end up fighting the rest of her life with Craig. Emily wonders if Jen will also fight the rest of her life for her baby; which would be better? Paul doesn’t know. He just wants Jen happy and safe. Emily hugs Paul and tells him that she wishes she had a brother like him. She tells him to go see Jen today, and if he really, truly thinks that Jen will be better off not knowing the truth, she will never mention it again. She will find a way to live with it.

Jack spits at Carly, reminding her that she paid a man to drug an innocent girl to make her look like an unfit mother, and then she destroyed the evidence. She then lied to the police, in court. He rattles off the list of crimes: assault, obstruction of justice and perjury. Carly doesn’t understand why he is so upset now. He knew what she had done before, even if the exact words weren’t said. He admits that he knew, but there is no more denying the obvious, and it is worse than he thought. Carly again explains she did it to save Rory. Did she even think she might have killed Gwen? She couldn’t have killed her, she insists, because it was a simple over-the-counter sleep aid. What if she had had an allergic reaction? Carly thinks he is getting carried away, but Jack thinks she is about two felonies over being carried away. She went too far this time.

Bob tells Lucinda that the positive numbers she saw on the results on her tests were probably from her chemo treatments. Lily is sure that the doctor and his supposed alternative treatments are fake. Lucinda wants them to simply talk to the woman who directed her to the clinic. Lucinda wants them to see her as a living, healthy example of what alternative treatments can do. Bob wants to know who it is. Lucinda asks that the woman not get in trouble. She is a wonderful woman who filled her with comfort and hope, and Bob should feel lucky to have her around. She tells him her name--Beverly Neale--and that she was her physical therapist/masseuse. Bob looks upset, and Lucinda asks if he has already fired her. No, Bob sadly reports, she died yesterday.

Hal runs into Paul outside Jen’s hospital room. Paul starts to explain why he didn’t call him about Jen, thinking he is about to get read the riot act. Hal cuts him off and explains that he actually did the right thing by institutionalizing Jen. Paul had hoped she would be better this morning. Hal explains that if he spends a moment with her, then he will realize how much help she needs. Paul enters the room and asks how she is doing, trying to sound chipper. He gives her some chocolates and magazines he brought her. He continues to talk, telling her that it is a good idea she is in here. It will give her mind a chance to rest. Jen stares at him and pointedly says that he sounds like he has a guilty conscience.

Emily opens her door to see Susan. She is agitated and doesn’t want to see her. She was hoping they could sit and have some tea; she misses Emily. Before, when they would fight, it would be over in a couple of days. Emily isn’t sure she wants her around right now. She is expecting a call from Paul. Susan promises to leave when he calls. She notices Emily looks a little rough around the edges, which she comments on. Emily takes it personally. Susan tries to explain that she is simply worried. Emily sarcastically responds that Susan must expect that she is messing up. Susan placates her by saying that life is hard even when you haven’t done anything to mess it up. She explains she heard about Jen. How are they both holding up? They are managing, Emily says, continuing to snap. Susan continues to push. "It looks as if you want to tell me something," she goads. Emily is starting to tear up under the pressure. She asks out loud if people can end up being happy if it is at someone else’s expense. Susan stares at Emily, concerned.

Paul tries to explain that the doctors told him that she was a threat. She took a baby from its bed. Jen interjects, "My baby!" Paul thinks she should focus on detoxing, and then when she is better they can go to Europe. Jen angrily glares at Paul. She hisses that she wouldn’t cross a street with him; he is no longer her brother.

Carly tries to explain that she paid cash to the vendor, so there would be no proof. If Iris paid him as well, then they would all look equally bad. If he wants her to feel lousy, she does, but she had to protect the baby. He reminds her of what will happen if the judge finds out about the connection with Iris. Carly reminds him that it is not the same. Jack replies that it is worse. She is an adult now, and knows what she is doing. What are you going to do? Carly asks. Jack isn’t sure, but he is going to work. Carly reminds him that when he gets upset, he should remember that no one got hurt. Jack looks at her for a long time and says that they got hurt; shouldn’t that count for something? With that, he walks away, leaving Carly all alone.

Hal meets with Iris in the interrogation room. She pretends to be nervous, working him. She says she felt it was her civic duty to come in and relay what she saw with the baby. He seemed fine, but she couldn’t rest until she did. Hal appreciates her help. She saw a young blonde girl with a baby. The girl fell asleep, and then she saw a gentleman, a vendor-type, take the baby. Hal stops her because he wants an officer to take a statement.

Lucinda doesn’t understand how this woman could be dead. Bob tells her that there was an autopsy, and Lucinda asks to see it. Bob goes to get it. Lily can’t believe that Lucinda wants to see the obvious. Lucinda answers that nothing is obvious for her anymore. Lily can’t believe Lucinda doesn’t want to fight the conventional way. You may be sick of me, she tells Lucinda, but what about Faith, Natalie and Luke? Fight for them! Lucinda wants to be herself, and not be about the disease. Lily wants her alive and not a corpse. Please get the chemo! she begs.

Bob is looking at a file and bumps into Meg, who drops her file on Jen’s baby. Bob helps pick up her file, and Meg fears him looking at it. He looks at her and asks her what she is doing. Meg takes a deep breath, and Bob laughs, saying that that her shift is over and she should be going home. No putting in for overtime, Bob jokes. Meg breathes out a sigh of relief. She agrees that she will go home as soon as she finishes one more thing. With that, they bid each other good night.

Hal talks to the officer about how the man that Iris saw sounds like the vendor. He wants the officer to be nice and ask the vendor to come in for a bit to clear a few things up, and then they will rattle his cage. Hal thanks Iris for coming in, and as she is about to leave she gets a cell phone call. She irritatedly tells the person on the other end that she is busy. She finally relents and agrees to go see this person.

Jen tells Paul that she wants him to get out or she will call security. Paul tries to explain that he was just trying to help. Jen replies angrily that if he wanted to help, he would have helped her get her baby. Does he think that if she stays here long enough she will forget her baby? She bitterly tells Paul that she will call Craig for help then. It is his baby too, and he will help her. Paul asks her bluntly if she is insane. He apologizes for the wrong choice of words, especially in the place she is in, but how could she look to Craig for help? He is lethal, Paul reminds her. She would gladly take Craig, she says, and whatever he would do to her, if that meant she could have her baby.

Iris wants to know why Carly feels she can summon her any time she wants.. Carly snarls that she came. Iris taunts her by saying she was really busy with something. Bribing vendors? Carly wants to know. Iris explains that she doesn’t bribe. Carly laughs and says that she stops at extortion.

Lily is on the phone with Holden, telling him the news about Lucinda. Lucinda asks to speak with him. She tells him that she is sending Lily down to Mexico to help search for Luke. She explains that she is going to restart her chemo treatments. She even jokes that she is preparing to shave her head. Lily starts to cry as she tells her mother that she loves her. Lucinda doesn’t want Lily to fight her about going to Mexico. Lily doesn’t want to leave her there alone. If Lily doesn’t go, she will not restart her chemo treatments. Lily half-heartedly laughs and tells her that is blackmail. Lucinda chuckles, saying at least some things don’t change, as they hug.

Carly yells for Iris to name her price. Iris snidely says she just wants the baby safe. Carly wonders if that is why she is trying to set her up. Iris wonders if that is why she called for damage control. We can work it out, Carly explains. Iris angrily reminds Carly that she essentially spit in her face. Carly bitterly tells her that she will be sorry. Not as sorry as she will be, Iris harshly answers back.

Jack shows up at the station, and Hal thanks him and Carly for not pressing charges against Jen. He assures Jack that Jen is safely away in Deerbrook. Hal reminds Jack that at least no one got hurt. He then asks, after the fact, if Jack knows an Iris Dumbrowski. Jack stops in his tracks and asks why he wants to know. Hal recounts how Iris had come forward with some serious allegations. Jack nervously asks about what. Hal responds that they are about to find out, as the vendor has just arrived to be questioned. Jack’s face has gone pale.

Meg arrives back at Java with the file on Jen’s baby. Dusty asks if she has good news. Meg replies that Dusty should take a look, and then he will be able to tell Jen what he saw in black and white. Dusty asks her why she is making it sound like the truth is going to hurt some people. Meg replies that it has already started.

Paul is incredulous. He doesn’t know what to say. Jen wonders if he thought there were anything she wouldn't go through to get her baby back.. Nothing anybody could do now matters. Paul incredulously asks, “Not even Craig?” "Not even Craig," Jen answers. She looks at Paul inquisitively. "What is it?" Jen asks. Paul wants to know definitely if she would be willing to go through anything--even Craig. She most definitely would. Paul responds that he can’t do this anymore. It has to stop--right now!

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