ATWT Update Friday 9/23/05

As the World Turns Update Friday 9/23/05


Written By Eva
Pictures by Boo

At Deer Brook, Barbara wants Jennifer to lie and say that the drugs in her system caused her to be confused and think her baby was alive but she knows the baby is dead. Barbara thinks that if Jennifer tells the doctors what they want to hear they will release her from the hospital and she can go home to rest.

At the hospital, Dusty tells Meg he doesn’t think Jennifer’s baby is alive but he wants to prove to her the baby is dead so that she can get better. Dusty asks Meg if a mother’s instinct could be right and could Jennifer know if her baby was alive or dead. Meg tells Dusty that a mother’s instinct can be very strong but that isn’t the case with Jennifer because she is delusional due to the drugs she was taking and that is what caused her to think Rory was her child. Dusty wonders if the hospital could have made a mistake because he has seen cases on the news where hospitals have made mistakes and given people the wrong baby. Meg tries to persuade Dusty that Jennifer’s story can’t be true because hospitals now have tight security because of what happened in those other cases. Meg points out that Jennifer is delusional because she was mixing anti depressants with Methanfedimine and that combination is enough to make anyone see little green men on their shoulder. Meg also points out that Jennifer is making up the story to ease the pain of losing her baby. Dusty still thinks he must do something to help get Jennifer out of Deer Brook because she doesn’t belong in that place because she needs some place to get clean. Meg is hurt that Dusty has such strong feelings for Jennifer that he chooses to believe her instead of trusting he medical opinion.

At Java, Lia isn’t happy when she sees Maddie in the restaurant and asks Casey to get rid of her because she thinks Maddie is stalking them. Casey is reluctant to do anything because the restaurant is a public place so he suggests they leave and go to the movies. Lia thinks Maddie would follow them to the movie theater and throw hot buttered popcorn down their backs. Lia gives Casey a kiss and asks him to please get rid of Maddie for her.

At Iris’s place, Gwen thinks Jack and Carly are following her but Jack thinks that would be some trick since they arrived before her. Gwen is surprised when her mother calls her Miss Norbeck in front of Jack and Carly. Carly asks Iris and Gwen what they are planning to do Gwen is puzzled again by the question. Iris interrupts Gwen before she can say anything more and says they are not planning anything because they hardly know each other. Gwen tells Jack and Carly that she does know Iris but before Gwen can say another word Iris screams for Gwen to leave the house. Gwen thinks Iris is playing her against jack and Carly. Carly ask Gwen how long she and Iris have been conspiring against her and Jack. Carly also asks Gwen if Iris has asked her for any money. Gwen is confused by the questions and tells Carly she has no idea about any conspiracy or any money. Iris firmly asks Gwen to wait outside so she can speak to Jack and Carly alone. Iris tells Gwen she will tell her everything later. Jack and Carly both wonder why I Iris rushed Gwen out of the house so quickly. Iris agrees to keep Carly’s secret if she and jack will keep her secret and not send her to jail. Jack and Carly both wonder what secret Gwen is hiding from them and they demand Iris tell them the truth or they will talk to Gwen. Iris tells them Gwen isn’t keeping any secrets from them.

At Java, Casey goes outside to check the paper for movie times and Lia walks over to the coffee bar and accuses Maddie of stalking Casey because she has feelings for him

At Deer Brook, Barbara asks Jennifer if she wants to go home. Jennifer responds that she does want to go home and she will only lie on two conditions the first is that Barbara believe her baby is alive. The second condition is that Barbara does everything possible to help her get her baby back from Jack and Carly. Barbara tells Jennifer that she will do everything she asks but once she leaves the hospital they must take a long vacation together so Jennifer can rest. Jennifer tells Barbara not to patronize her and that she has decided not to lie about her baby. Barbara tells Jennifer that she and Will both understand what its like to be locked away in an institution and she doesn’t want her to be locked up in a place she doesn’t belong. Will explains to Jennifer that being in an institution is a very lonely place because it becomes your whole world and you can’t talk to anyone because they are crazy and after a while you start to think you are crazy too. Will tells Jennifer that he missed his friends and family and even now that he is free people still think he is crazy. Jennifer asks Will if he thinks she should follow Barbara’s advice and lie to the doctors. Will tells Jennifer he has learned that Barbara is never right so he encourages his sister to do what she thinks is right and not allow Barbara to make her do something she doesn’t want to do. Barbara asks Will to step out into the hallway with her to talk. Barbara demands to know what Will was trying to do giving his sister such bad advice. Will yells at Barbara that he was protecting Jennifer from her.

At the hospital, Dusty encourages Meg to put herself in Jennifer’s shoes and asks her what she would do if every instinct she had was telling her baby was alive when everyone though the baby was dead. Meg tells Dusty she would probably ask him to help her prove she was right. Dusty tells Meg that Jennifer asked him to go to Jack and Carly’s to look at the baby to see if he thought the baby was hers. Dusty explains to Meg he has been trying to decide what to do because all babies look the same to him. Meg tells Dusty that he spoke so wonderfully to her about the connection he had with John Dustin when he was born so she is sure he will be able to tell if the baby is Jennifer’s baby. Meg also tells Dusty she was so touched because he was worried that the baby had a stork bite. Dusty asks Meg to repeat the name of the birth Mark and she also tells him the mark goes away in a few months. Dusty thanks Meg and gives her a kiss on the cheek and then he heads over to Jack and Carly’s house.

At Java, Maddie tells Lia she isn’t a stalker she came there to apply for a job because she isn’t a stalker. Maddie also tells Lia that if she wanted to stalk people she would pick people who were more interesting. The Manager comes out and Lia repeats the accusations about Maddie to him. The manager remembers Casey started a fight with Will and caused a lot of damage in the restaurant. The manager thinks Casey is a troublemaker and because Maddie was with him and Lia he refuses to hire Maddie for the job because he thinks Maddie is a troublemaker too.

At Iris’s place, Iris refuses to answer any questions Jack and Carly ask about Gwen. Carly demands that Iris tell Gwen she won’t help her while they are present or their deal is off. Iris opens the door and tells Gwen she won’t help her get her baby back. Gwen cries and says she knew she could never count on her and says thanks for nothing. Jack tells iris he will keep his word and he expects her to honor her word. Jack and Carly walk out side and tell each other they don’t believe a word of what Iris said to them.

At Java, Maddie tells Casey and Lia that she was hoping to get the job so she could earn enough money to get a place to live with Henry and move out of Casey’s house. Maddie tells Case that he would never understand about having to earn money to pay for food, clothes and rent because he is rich. Maddie leaves the resturant digusted with both Casey and Lia.

At Deer Brook, Will thinks Jennifer needs to be in the hospital so she can get off drugs and deal with the death of her baby. Will thinks Barbara doesn’t want Jennifer to get help because she is embarrassed to have another child who is crazy as well as on drugs. Barbara is hurt that Will feels that way about her and admits she is responsible for the fact her kids hate her but she is also responsible for her children being smart and talented. Barbara tells Will she won’t stand by and allow Jennifer to be locked p when all she needs is rest. Barbara cries a little and says that she thinks once Jennifer says her baby is dead she may begin to believe it. Barbara goes back inside Jennifer’s room and sees Jennifer holding John Dustin’s hospital I.D. Bracelet. Barbara asks Jennifer to put it away before the doctor comes and sees her holding it. Jennifer refuses to give the bracelet to Barbara that it is hers and nobody will take it away from her.

At Jack and Carly’s place, Jack is sure that Iris is afraid of what Gwen might say to them. Carly panics because there is no proof that Iris blackmailed herald she won’t allow Iris to get her hands on Rory’s trust fund she must stop her. Jack reminds her that she isn’t alone and he will do anything he must do to stop Iris Jack reminds Carly that he loves her and that is more important then any disagreement they might have about anything. Carly thinks that she has corrupted her sweet and honest G-man but Jack smiles and says that she completes him. Jack and Carly kiss before jack goes to work.

At Iris’s place, Iris explains to Gwen that she was acting like she didn’t know her with jack and Carly because she was afraid if they found out she was her mother her bad parenting record would hurt her chances of getting her baby back. Gwen wonders how Jack and Carly knew where she lived. Iris explains to Gwen that Jack is a cop so he must have followed her home one day Gwen asks her mother if she can go with her to interview the water vendor. Iris tells Gwen to stay out of sight while she is talking to the guy. Gwen promises to do that and they both leave the house. Jack hides and follows Iris and Gwen when they leave the house.

At Java, Casey feels guilty when he sees Maddie’s Job application on the table but Lia tells him not to worry about Maddie and they leave to go to the movies. Meg tells Emma she has decided to take things slowly with Dusty because she hopes one day they will be more then friends. Emma hopes that her daughter can handle a broken heart if Dusty chooses to be with Jennifer. Meg tells her mother she has everything under control and she can handle Dusty’s decoction.

At Jack and Carly’s place, Dusty arrives for a visit and is unable to see if the baby has a stork bite because he is lying on his back. Carly notices that Dusty is only looking at the baby and asks him if he is there to see her or Rory.

At Deer Brook, Barbara tells Jennifer she believes her baby is alive. Dr. Michael’s arrives and asks Jennifer if she still thinks her baby is alive.

At the park, Iris gives the water vendor money and asks him to tell the truth the Carly set Gwen up or she will tell the truth and he will go to jail.

At Deer brook, Jennifer tells Dr. Michael’s she knows her baby is alive and when she gets out of the hospital she won’t stop until she gets her baby back.

At Jack and Carly’s place, Carly assumes Dusty is there to ask her to work for Street Jeans so Dusty goes along with the assumption and allows Carly to refuse the job. Dusty asks Carly if he can look at her new sketches. Carly is reluctant to leave the baby alone with Dusty but goes upstairs to get her sketchbook. Dusty takes the baby out of his pram and tries to see if the baby has a stork bite.

At the Park, Theater vendor gives Iris the money back and tells her he doesn’t know anything. Iris lies to Gwen and tells her the water vendor agreed to testify against Carly. Gwen and Iris hug and Iris tells Gwen Carly is going down but Gwen and Iris are unaware Jack is watching them.

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