ATWT Update Thursday 9/22/05

As the World Turns Update Thursday 9/22/05


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At the Hughes house, Maddie isn’t happy to be moving in with Tom and Margo, no matter how hard Henry tries to make her see it will be good for her. Maddie would rather live with Katie or with Henry inside the limo. Casey isn’t happy Maddie is moving into the house today either, because Lia is coming over to visit him and he wanted to be alone with her.

At the hospital, Barbara arrives with a bouquet of flowers to visit Jennifer but discovers she isn’t in her room. Meg informs Barbara that Jennifer was transferred to Deer Brook Hospital because she had a psychotic break and tried to steal Carly’s baby because she thought the baby belonged to her. Meg also tells Barbara that Paul signed the papers to commit Jennifer because she needs treatment immediately. Barbara calls Will and asks him to contact Hal and meet her at the Lakeview because Jennifer is in trouble and needs help.

At Deer Brook, Dusty arrives to visit Jennifer, who thinks Dusty will leave her, too, just like everybody else has, because they think she is crazy. Dusty promises Jennifer he will never leave her, even though she once told him to get out of her life.

At Jack and Carly’s place, Carly is surprised that Jack brought her the tea and carrot cake she asked him for, since they are fighting right now. Jack tells Carly that he saw Iris and Gwen together at Java and got an uneasy feeling because they seemed to be having an intense conversation.

At Iris’s place, Gwen arrives to talk to her mother and wonders why she has pictures of her displayed everywhere when she never displayed pictures of her when they lived together. Iris tells Gwen she hopes they can make a fresh start together, and the pictures are just the beginning of the things she will do to get closer to her. Iris informs Gwen that she has already started working on a plan to help her get her baby back. Iris tells Gwen she has been unable to find out any information about the paternity tests yet, but she has spoken to the man who sold her the bottled water. Iris tells Gwen he is opening up to her because she has been flirting with him. Iris is sure the guy will talk because she intends to give him a lot of money. Iris shows Gwen a roll of bills, and Gwen wonders how her mother got so much money when she has never had two nickels to rub together. Iris explains to Gwen that she closed her retirement account so she could have enough money to get her baby back.

At Carly and Jack’s place, Carly wonders why Iris would be interested in Gwen, but Jack thinks he knows a possible reason for Iris’s sudden relationship with Gwen. Jack tells Carly Iris knows about Rory’s trust fund and intends to take a part of it once she helps Gwen get her baby back. Carly tells herself Iris is doing this because she stopped paying her. Jack hears part of what Carly said under her breath, so Carly decides to come clean and tell Jack that Iris was blackmailing her. Carly asks Jack to remember that sometimes she does the wrong things for the right reasons.

At Deer Brook, Dusty wonders why Jennifer got committed if she was only trying to get off drugs. Jennifer doesn’t want to tell Dusty at first because she thinks he will think she is crazy. Dusty asks her to tell him because he would never think she is crazy. Jennifer tells Dusty that she took Rory from Carly and Jack’s house because she knows he is her child. Jennifer makes it clear to Dusty that she isn’t on drugs; her baby is alive and living at Jack and Carly’s house.

At Tom and Margo, place, Henry tries to help Casey and Maddie get along by telling Maddie Casey is a nice guy who will help her make friends at school. Henry tells Casey his sister is smart, funny, and very sweet. Henry is sure that once Casey and Maddie spend time together they will become friends. Casey tells Maddie Lia is coming over, and Maddie makes fun of Casey by saying Lia is the girl he said smelled like autumn. Lia arrives and quickly decides to leave when Casey tells her Maddie will be staying there for a few weeks. Casey chases after Lia but is unable to catch up to her, which makes him even more upset that Maddie is staying at the house.

At Jack and Carly’s place, Carly admits to Jack that Iris blackmailed her so that she wouldn’t reveal her secret. Carly tells Jack she gave Iris $10,000. Carly promises Jack she will find a way to put the money back into their account. Jack tells Carly that the money doesn’t matter; he is just upset that, after all the time they have been together, Carly doesn’t feel like she can come to him when she needs help. Jack once again makes it clear to Carly that he might disagree with the things she does, but he will always help and protect her. Jack thinks Carly paying Iris the money won’t do any good because she will tell the judge her secret anyway in order to get part of Rory’s trust fund. Carly cries because she knows that by not going to Jack so he could put Iris in jail, she made things much worse for the custody case. Jack agrees to help Carly keep Iris under control by telling her that if she spills Carly’s secret to the judge he will put her in jail for extortion. Jack and Carly decide to go have a talk with Iris.

At the Lakeview, Barbara tells Hal and Will that Paul had Jennifer committed because she stole Rory from Jack and Carly’s house, because she thinks the hospital made a mistake and gave her baby to Carly. Barbara and Will both try to persuade Hal that they must get Jennifer out of Deer Brook now because she doesn’t belong there. Hal thinks Paul must have had a good reason for committing Jennifer to the hospital. Hal proposes they go to Deer Brook and talk to Jennifer’s doctors and get the whole story.

At Deer Brook, Dusty tries to make Jennifer realize she must accept that her baby is dead. Dusty tells Jennifer that he was there when her baby was born, so he knows the pain she is going through now. Dusty’s words give Jennifer an idea; she asks Dusty to go to Jack and Carly’s and look at the baby so he can come back and tell the doctors she isn’t crazy, because her baby is alive. Dusty thinks he will make things worse for Jennifer because he isn’t helping her accept the death of her baby. Jennifer is hurt because she thinks that Dusty is one of the many people who think she is crazy. Dusty assures Jennifer he doesn’t think she is crazy, he just doesn’t want to cause her any more pain. Jennifer tells Dusty he is the only person who has understood her since she lost her baby. Jennifer tells Dusty she needs him to help her prove her baby is alive. Jennifer once again asks Dusty to please help her get out of this place, because she thinks she will go crazy if she must stay there the rest of her life. Dusty hugs Jennifer and promises he will get her out of that place. Dusty tells Jennifer he will be back to see her soon and she shouldn’t worry.

At Iris's place, Gwen is reluctant to get Iris's help with the custody case, but she decides to do anything she must do to get her little baby back. Gwen tells Iris to go ahead with her plan and not to call her until she has proof that Carly set her up.

At Tom and Margo’s place, Maddie is convinced that Mike feels threatened by Henry because Katie still has feelings for him, and that is why Mike kicked Henry out of the house. Henry asks Maddie to forget about all of this and concentrate on school and making new friends. Henry has to go to work, so he tells Maddie he will call her later. Casey is still upset with Maddie because she ruined his date with Lia, but he reluctantly takes Maddie’s suitcases to her new room.

At Iris’s place, Jack and Carly arrive and tell Iris that if she reveals the truth about Carly he will put her in jail for extortion. Iris tells Jack the truth will come out one way or another

At Deer Brook, Will advises Jennifer that they can’t force her to take any medication. Will also tells her he will help her get through this, because he has been in the same situation. Dr. Michaels tells Barbara and Hal that she had thought Jennifer would stop being psychotic after she withdrew from the drugs, but she is still suffering from psychosis, so she can’t release her from the hospital. Barbara tells Dr. Michaels that since she has been in the same situation, she knows exactly what to do to help her daughter.

At the hospital, Dusty thanks Meg for alerting him about Jennifer’s condition. Meg tells Dusty that, despite the fact their relationship didn’t work out, she hates to see Jennifer suffering. Meg tells Dusty they will always be friends. Dusty asks Meg to tell him how to get Jennifer out of Deer Brook. Meg explains to Dusty that sometimes a psychotic person may seem rational, but Jennifer took Rory from Carly’s house because she thought he was her baby, and that isn’t rational. Dusty asks Meg if she thinks Jennifer’s maternal instinct could be telling her Rory is her baby. Meg thinks it could be possible, but she doubts Jennifer is being rational. Meg asks Dusty if he thinks Rory could be Jennifer’s child. Dusty nods his head yes.

At Tom and Margo’s place, Maddie tells Casey her new room looks great, and Casey is happy that Maddie said something nice. Maddie tells Casey he should stop pretending to be a doormat with girls so he can get close to them. Casey is offended by Maddie’s remarks and goes upstairs. Maddie wonders what she said to upset Casey.

At Deer Brook, Barbara promises Jennifer that she will get her out of there. Barbara wants Jennifer to tell the doctors that, despite everything she said to them earlier, she knows her baby is dead.

At Iris’s place, Jack and Carly tell Iris she is only after Rory’s money. Iris tells them she isn’t helping Gwen because of the money, but because after what Carly did to her little boy she doesn’t think she deserves to have a child. Gwen returns because she forgot something and wonders what Jack and Carly are doing visiting Iris.

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