ATWT Update Wednesday 9/21/05

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 9/21/05


Written By Suzanne

Will arrives at Casey's party. The other kids are happy to see him. Casey's blonde friend Lia makes fun of Gwen, wondering why Will is not with her. Will calls her shallow. Casey is happy to see him there and hopes they can talk. Will says that Casey was right about Gwen wanting to be alone. Margo welcomes the teens and passes out punch. She tells Will that Casey missed him. She apologizes to Will for not giving him enough credit when he everyone thought he was the father of Gwen's baby. Will says that Gwen is a good person, just mixed up, but Margo says that she is no good and they should both stay clear of her. Casey tries to get Margo to stop talking. She hugs them both and tells them that they're both good guys and deserve the best. Will gets uncomfortable and walks away, so she wonders what she said that made him act that way. Casey looks upset. Some of Will's friends ask him if everything is ok. One of the teens tells Casey and Will that they are taking bets about who the father of Gwen's baby is. They joke that she slept with half the junior class. Another person calls Gwen a bad name. Casey goes along with them, but Will yells at them, saying they make him sick and they should leave Gwen alone. Casey watches as Will walks away angrily. Casey follows him outside. Will yells at Casey about how they are all putting down poor Gwen. Casey doesn't understand how he can still keep defending her. Will rants on and on, saying that they are all rich kids with no real problems, but Gwen has real problems to deal with, even if she is a little messed up. Casey tells him that he's too hung up on Gwen to see his own problems. Will chews out Casey some more. Casey wonders why Will is even there. Will says he's right and then leaves. Margo comes out and wonders what's going on. Casey doesn't want to talk about it. She watches him, knowing something is up.

At the coffee shop, Iris tells Gwen to calm down because she's very jittery. Gwen says she doesn't go out in public much any more. Iris thinks that's because Gwen is afraid of these people and shouldn't let them boss her around. Gwen tells her to back off and stop trying to give her motherly advice that's too late. She wonders what Iris' angle really is. Iris wants to help her get her baby back. Gwen is down in the dumps about Will not believing her. Iris tries to get Gwen not to put herself down. She points out that if Will was a real friend, he wouldn't have let her down. She asks Gwen to tell her about the afternoon in the park, so she can help her. Gwen tells her, reluctantly, while Iris asks some questions suspiciously. Gwen thinks the man that sold her the water is in on the setup with Carly, but she tells Iris that the water was tested and came back clean. Iris has some ideas about how to prove her story. Gwen is still wondering what Iris' agenda is. Iris swears that it's only to help her and make up for the bad years. Gwen asks her what her plan is. Iris figures that Carly tampered with the paternity results, too. Iris reminds Gwen that she used to work in the hospital. Gwen only remembers that Iris got fired for taking too many "sick days" when she was drunk. Iris protests that it was only one time. She thinks some of the people there owe her some favors. She wants to find out what Carly is up to. Iris holds Gwen's hand and smiles at her, but Gwen pulls her hand away. She says they are fooling themselves to think they have any chance against Carly or anyone else. She gets up and walks away, but iris follows. Gwen thinks they are both losers and says they both lost the fathers of their babies. Iris tells her not to put herself down and says Casey is the loser because he couldn't even stand up and do the right thing. Iris puts Will down, too, saying he was a fair-weather friend. Gwen wonders if she is being too hard on Will. She figures she changed her story so many times, she sounded like a nutjob. Iris thinks a real friend would have stayed, so Gwen comments that would leave Iris out, too. Iris pledges again to make up for lost time. She points out Gwen's pathetic situation and says Gwen needs her and they are a family. She wants to get her grandchild back, she insists, and asks Gwen to let her help. She asks Gwen what she has to lose, and Gwen knows there is nothing.

Meg phones Dusty from the hospital. She tells him that Jennifer has had some sort of breakdown, possibly brought on by the drugs. He asks what the doctor said, but she doesn't have any details. Dusty tells her that he's on his way. Paul tells Meg that no one will let Jennifer see her; she points out that visiting hours are over, but she lets him go see Jenn. They go into Jenn's room, but she's gone. They look all around for Jennifer. Paul is annoyed and yells at the hospital security guy. Meg asks Paul if he knows where she might have gone. Dusty walks in, so Paul wonders why he's there. Dusty is surprised to hear that Jenn left the hospital, but Paul accuses him of helping Jenn leave. Paul tells him it's none of his business how Jenn is and walks out. Dusty follows, so Paul tells him that Jenn is in the hospital because of him (Dusty). Paul and Dusty keep arguing about Jenn until Meg interrupts. She points out that they should be looking for Jenn. Dusty agrees, but Paul doesn't want their help. However, Paul does tell them what was happening with Jenn before she freaked out. Paul suddenly gets an idea as to where she might be, so he rushes off, leaving them wondering. Meg tells Dusty later that they have checked the security tapes but not found Jenn so far. Dusty tells her that he checked the roof and is relieved to find out that she wasn't there. He beats himself up for not seeing that Jenn had worse problems than he thought. He regrets not listening to Meg when she was trying to let him know about Jenn's problems. She says they should just move on. He thinks they both need to learn from their mistakes, and she agrees. Gwen says they should get going. Iris holds her hand and thanks her for the talk. Gwen tells her that she is going to have to prove that she is trustworthy. Iris promises that she will. She asks Gwen to keep their plan a secret for now, and Gwen agrees. Iris hugs Gwen, saying she's so happy to see her.

Carly is holding Rory and chatting with her outside on the patio. She says they've all had a rough night. Jennifer lurks nearby in the bushes. Jack comes outside, so Jenn hides more. Jack asks about Rory and then wonders why the sofa is made up like a bed. Carly didn't think Jack would want to sleep with her if he's still mad at her. He doesn't want to argue, so he tells her to sleep where she wants. They argue, anyway, about Carly setting up Gwen. Jack tells her that he's tired and doesn't want to argue, so he cuts it short by going upstairs. They are indoors now, so Jennifer peers in through the window. Carly goes to get a cup of tea, so Jennifer slips inside quietly. She goes over to the baby and looks down at him. Jenn can't believe it's really her baby. The baby cries, so Carly calls in from the other room, saying she'll be right there. Jenn looks nervous. Jack and Carly return, so Jenn hides behind the couch. Jack tells Carly that J.J. wants some milk, so Carly asks him to check on Sage while she gets the milk. She gives Jack her blanket to give her, too. Jenn picks up Rory and walks out the door with him. Carly returns and notices the baby is gone. She calls frantically for Jack; she asks him if he brought Rory upstairs, but he says he didn't. Carly yells that he's gone. Next we see Jack phoning the police about the missing baby. He says that they have no idea yet who took him. Carly gets upset and yells at him that they know who took him--Gwen. Jack doesn't think they should jump to any conclusions; he wants to do this by the book. He starts getting upset with her, but then he stops and hugs her, realizing that she's suffering. Carly frantically wonders how she could have taken him so quickly when she was only away for a minute. Jack tells her to focus on getting him back. He tells her that he's going to the station to coordinate the search. She says she will meet him there. Jack swears they will get him back. They hug, and then he leaves. Carly walks over and looks at the baby's blanket in the stroller. She is tearful; the doorbell rings. Paul asks if Jennifer is there. Carly realizes that Jenn took the baby, not Gwen. She explains to Paul that someone took the baby. Paul phones the hotel to see if Jenn has returned. He tells them to keep her in the hotel, no matter what they have to do.

Jennifer packs her suitcase as she talks to the baby, saying they have to get out of there before someone catches them. She wonders if he even knows that she's his mother. She picks him up and calls him "Johnny", explaining that he was named John Dustin after the man who helped deliver him. She debates with herself whether Dusty is really her friend or not. She tells the baby that she's confused but will figure it out later after they go. She plans to just drive until they find a place where no one can find them or keep them apart. Paul bursts in and tells Jenn that Jack and Carly are worried about the baby. She says he's fine now because he's with his mother. She asks if Paul can't tell that he's her son, but Paul replies that he can't. Jenn says that Paul is the only one she can trust. Paul tries to get her to go back to the hospital, but she only wants to stay with her baby. Paul tries to tell her that she's confused. Carly comes in and wants to take the baby back, but Paul holds her back. Jenn is annoyed to see her and shocked that Paul would call Carly. She tells them that she will never give the baby back and they should get out. She yells at them to get out. Carly tries to reason with Jenn, saying she's just made a mistake. Jenn says Carly is the one who made a mistake, by trying to keep her son away from her. Jenn is still angry at Paul for betraying her. She begs Paul to tell Carly that this is her son. He wonders how she can be so sure. She replies that "a mother knows". Carly wonders if Jenn thinks there was some mix-up at the hospital, so Jenn yells that she does think that. Paul says he thinks it's unlikely. He tells Jenn that he isn't sure. Paul tries to get Jenn to let him near her and the baby. She agrees but says Carly has to stay back. Paul still says he's not sure if this is her son or not. He asks to hold the baby. Just then, Dr. Michael's walks in. This freaks Jenn out. She starts yelling that they are there to take the baby away. Paul calms her down and asks again to hold the baby, so he can know for himself. Jenn gives Paul the baby. He assures her that the baby is safe and that everything will be fine. They look down at the baby. Paul slowly backs away and then gives Carly the baby. Carly takes the baby out while the doctor gives her a shot to make her sleep. Paul holds her down until she's out. Jennifer collapses on the couch. The doctor is glad Paul called her when he did. Paul worries about whether Jenn will be all right. The doctor says Paul needs to make some decisions in the few hours while Jenn sleeps. She wants Jenn to get into a psychiatric hospital so she can detox and treatment, but she can't commit her with her family's consent. She offers to call Hal or Barbara, but Paul says he will sign her in. Jenn awakens later in the mental hospital. Paul is there, hugging her. She notices that this is not Memorial, so he tells her that this is a special hospital where she can get help. She remembers that he took her baby and gets upset. He tries to console her, but she wants him to go away. She says she can't trust him because he hurt her. Paul signs her in. Jenn stands up to talk to the doctor, but the doc tells her she shouldn't be standing. They all sit down. Jenn wonders if they won't let her have the baby because she's on drugs and they think she will hurt him. She promises that she won't. The doctor says she has to get the drugs out of her system. Jenn is determined to get baby because of her baby, but every time she mentions him, they try to change the subject. Paul signs the papers, looking unhappy about it. Jenn asks Paul if he will give her the baby back once she gets back. She begs him to tell her that he believes her. Paul doesn't say anything. The orderly has to drag Jenn away as she gets more and more upset, screaming at Paul. The doctor tells him that he did the right thing. Paul doesn't look so sure.

Carly phones Jack to tell him what happened. He's glad they're safe. He offers to pick her up something while he's picking up a sandwich at Java, so she asks him to bring home some carrot cake and tea. She says she will put the alarm on, and he thinks that's a good idea. She says, "I love you" before they hang up, and Jack says, "Me, too". Jack gets another phone call after that, then he sees Iris and Gwen hugging. Carly promises the baby that from now on, she will never leave her and no one will take her away again.

Meg tells Dusty that Paul found Jennifer. She explains what happened. Dusty is upset to hear that Jennifer took the baby. He's even more upset when Meg tells her that Jenn is going to the mental hospital. They argue. Meg tries to console Dusty, saying that Jenn needs the kind of help that he can't give right now.

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