ATWT Update Tuesday 9/20/05

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 9/20/05


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Boo

Proofread by Angie

At the cottage, Katie and Mike are kissing passionately on the couch.. The computer beeps, signaling an incoming message. Katie pulls back from Mike and asks if he heard something. Mike, caught up in the moment, hears nothing. He starts to kiss her again, and she hears the computer beep again. Katie decides she wants to see what is on the screen. She gets up to go look at the screen, which is flashing with a couple of messages from Byron.

Bob runs into Will at Java. He asks him why he isn’t at Casey’s party--does he have to remind Will that he is 17? He should be out meeting and hanging out with kids his own age, eating junk food and meeting ‘babes.’ Bob laughs as he says that he would go to the party himself, but Kim would kill him. They both get a chuckle out of that..

Casey wants to know who Maddie is. Maddie wants him to pretend he never saw her; she was just passing through. Casey’s friend, Lia, remembers seeing Maddie and knows she is ‘the new girl.’ Maddie sarcastically responds that she is doing research for the book she is writing, Lame Come-on Lines That Survived the 21st Century, and Casey just made the cover. This elicits a laugh from Lia. Casey just glares at Maddie.

Outside Jen’s door, Paul relays to Emily that Dr. Michaels has given Jen a sedative. A worked-up Emily mentions that Jen needs one because she knows her baby is alive, even though everyone is telling her that he is not. Paul wants her to keep her voice down. Emily reminds him that they are in this together, but they need to tell Jen--now! He says he thought she was happy; he had no clue that this was going on. He mutters that this would not have been an issue if Gwen hadn’t lost the case. As far as Emily is concerned, that is neither here nor there now. Gwen has lost the case, and Carly, Rory and Jen are going to continuously run into each other in this town. They need to do damage control, and they need to do it tonight.

Inside, Dr. Michaels and Barbara are trying to get Jen to calm down. Jen is shaking, sweating and upset, calling out about her baby not being dead. She is broken up over the fact that no one seems to believe her intuition. She is getting more and more worked up as the seconds pass. She starts to hyperventilate. Dr. Michaels and Barbara are trying to slow her breathing, which is getting more erratic. Paul and Emily race back in, hearing the commotion. Then Jen grabs her chest, exclaiming her heart is hurting. Dr. Michaels quickly advises Barbara to call 911. Barbara immediately calls, telling the operator that her daughter may be suffering from a heart attack. When she hangs up, she tells everyone that there is an accident on the freeway, and the ambulance may take as long as 10 minutes to get there. Dr. Michaels wants someone to go downstairs and get the defibrillator. Instead, Paul scoops Jen up in his arms and rushes her out the door.

Mike closes the laptop before Katie can look at it. He laughs at her nosy nature. She is not reading Maddie's private stuff, but her interests are piqued about what Maddie is writing about her. She then tries the angle that she is worried about her after having kicked Henry out and told Maddie that she is staying with Tom and Margo. Mike still doesn’t think she should look, and besides, he has other ideas to keep her interests, and he slyly smiles. Their conversation then turns to the fact that now that everyone has left the cottage, and Mike’s renovations are done, Katie will be all alone. Mike suggests that maybe Katie would like a roommate. There is now something besides Maddie’s blogging that definitely piques Katie’s interests.

Casey is not amused by Maddie’s sense of humor, but Lia tells him gently to lighten up. The girls introduce themselves, but before long Lia gets a phone call on her cell and giddily tells them one of the other girls has admitted to getting implants, and they all are going to look at them; with that she leaves to go back in the house. Maddie sarcastically tells Casey that she is sure he wouldn’t want to miss that--another comment that Casey doesn’t appreciate. Again, Casey asks her why she is there. Maddie dryly tells him that she has more of a reason to be there than him--she has been invited. Casey demands to know by whom.

Margo replies from the door, "By me." Then, light dawns on both of them when they realize who the other is.

Hal rushes into the hospital waiting area, wanting to know how Jen is. Barbara explains that they are trying to calm her down. Hal doesn’t understand why she needs to be calmed. Together, Barbara, Paul and Emily relay the story of what happened at the Lakeview with Rory. Hal is overwhelmed by what he is hearing. Paul quietly tells them she is not crazy, and it looks like he is prepared to air out the dirty laundry of his cover-up, but Hal doesn’t want to hear it now. He has to tell Dr. Michaels some information that may help save Jen. Dr. Michaels enters into the conversation by mentioning that Jen’s heart rate had been dangerously elevated. Hal tells her that it could be because she is taking meth. Barbara is very upset that he would mention this, because she is in denial. Paul is stunned because he knew nothing of Dusty’s allegations. There is chaos as Dr. Michaels goes to run some blood tests and a tox screen on Jen. Hal is talking non-stop, more to himself than to those around him.. He is muttering about how he should have known when he saw her at the ATM and she was so desperate for money. Barbara chimes in, asking why Jen, of all people, would be desperate for money.

Dr. Michaels interrupts and asks Hal if he will talk to Jen, because she is not admitting to anything she has taken. Hal approaches Jen cautiously.. He softly asks her to be honest and tell him the truth to a question he has, and he thinks she knows what he is going to ask. Jen tears up and says she just wanted the pain to end. It was hurting her too much. She turns away in the hospital bed, ashamed. Barbara, Paul and Emily are in disbelief upon hearing her confession.

Bob asks Will if he is not going to the party because of Gwen. Will bitterly mentions that he and Gwen are barely on speaking terms right now. Bob is surprised. It was not because he suggested Will distance himself, he hopes. No, Will answers, she is being irrational right now, and he was trying to be logical with Gwen. She did not appreciate it. He mentions Gwen being angry and telling him the only reason he was trying to help her was so he can feel superior when he is helping someone who is more of a loser than himself. Bob is sure she said it because she was upset and hurt.. Bob reminds Will that he is not a loser, because he stood up as the supposed father to help Gwen, and a loser would not have done that. Gwen is not a loser either, because she made a terribly difficult decision and put her baby first, and a loser would not have done that, either. He just wants Will not to forget that he is 17, and he should put some fun back in his life. Bob winks as he says that he knows about a good party.

Maddie and Casey are both really irritated to know the identity of the other and that they may be living under the same roof. Margo tries to smooth things over by saying that they should be nice, because they are practically family. Casey asks to speak to Maddie alone. They continue to bicker. He wants Maddie to stay out of his way if she even thinks about living at his house. Furthermore, he wants her to stay out of his room, off his computer and out of his business, especially when he is with a girl. Maddie shoots back that she does not like him anywhere near as much as he apparently likes himself. Margo walks outside to ask if they are okay, but Maddie leaves in a huff, and Casey bitterly tells Margo that he hopes she never comes back. Margo thinks he is being mean, but he reminds her that he just got rid of one nutcase in his life, and he doesn’t need another. Margo tells him that she promised Katie she could live there, and Casey angrily says that if they are lucky she will back out. Margo looks nervously after Casey as he stomps off as well.

Katie brings Mike a drink, and Mike laughs, saying that she didn’t really want a drink, she just wanted to think about his proposal regarding their living situation. Does she not want him to move in? She assures him that she does really want him to move in, but she is worried. What could be the problem? Mike wonders. They have always had someone or something in their way; now that there are no dramas, she wonders, will their life be boring and monotonous to him? Mike teases her a little by pretending that she is onto something, and that he should leave. When she stops him, laughing because she knows what he is doing, he tells her all he wants is to be normal, boring, happy and miserable with her. Katie is thrilled with his answer. The next thought is about where they would live. They can’t live at Mike’s because there are too many memories with Jen, and they can’t live at Katie's because she has already lived there with two husbands. The solution, they decide, is to get rid of the old memories by making new ones. With that, they fall into a steamy kiss.

Jen is tearfully relaying how she never thought she would get hooked, she was just trying to get through the pain. Barbara is devastated for her but is also wondering if her pushing made Jen too stressed. Jen assures her that she had nothing to do with her decision to take the meth. Jen asks to talk to Paul by herself, and the rest of them leave. As Hal and Emily are leaving, Emily apologizes for what he is going through. Hal asks her what she and Paul wanted to tell him before all this. Emily looks at Paul and pauses before she answers that she thinks Paul is taking care of it right now. Paul tells Jen how sorry he is that she is going through this.. He had no idea, but he wishes he had, because he could have helped her. What can he do for her? Jen assures him that he couldn’t have known because she was lying to everyone; he can help her now, though. He wants to know what it is she needs, because he will do anything. She looks at him cautiously, and quietly asks him to get her out of there. Paul doesn’t understand at first. She wants to get out, she repeats; her baby needs her. Finally, Paul understands.

Bob receives a phone call from Kim, and he tells Will that he is heading home because she is home now from her meeting. Will tells him that he will probably tag along with him. Bob stops him and orders him to go find a party or some guys to shoot hoops with. He also demands he stay out late. Again, they both laugh.

Mike and Katie are wrapped in a blanket in the living room. Katie picks up the pink sweater lying beside them. Should she return it? Mike thinks it is beautiful and that she should keep and wear it. He tells her playfully to put it on, which she does, and she models it for him. He then seductively tells her to take it off now, but Katie suggests he do it for her. They continue to kiss, but the conversation starts back up about their relationship. Katie reminds him that he is not technically divorced yet and asks if they should wait longer. Mike assures her that Jen would not contest their divorce because she was the one who essentially kicked him out. Katie worries that if Jen hears about them living together, she may not handle it well. Katie doesn’t want Mike to feel guilty about their relationship. Mike swears he never would feel negative about their relationship. The only thing he felt guilty about was putting his happiness on hold. He never wants to lose Katie again. She promises that he won’t, but Mike reminds her that they have said this before. They make a promise: from now on it is just the two of them. Katie tells a thrilled Mike "welcome home" as they kiss again. Maddie walks in on them and screeches in disgust, telling them she is scarred for life. A surprised Katie and Mike jump up, covering themselves. Katie asks how it went. Maddie tells them that Casey is a jerk, and there is no way she is living with him, as she stomps upstairs.

Paul doesn’t know what to say to Jen. She begs, telling him that she needs to go to her baby. Paul tells her that she needs to stay at the hospital and get rest. Jen turns on him and tells him furiously that he is just like everyone else. He is her brother and is supposed to believe in her. Emily comes in, hearing the commotion, and Jen orders them both to get out of her room. Dr. Michaels now comes in and asks them both to leave because they need to keep her calm. As they are leaving, Jen is yelling after them that she needs her baby and they can’t keep her away from him. Outside, Emily asks why Paul didn’t tell her. Paul remarks that she is so high she doesn’t know what she is saying or doing. Emily is sure that she knows exactly what she is talking about. Paul walks away, saying maybe it is better this way, because no one will believe her anyway.

Katie and Mike quickly dress and call Maddie downstairs to talk. Maddie defiantly tells Katie that she is not moving into Tom and Margo’s, no matter what she says. Katie pleads with Maddie to give it a shot. Casey is a jerk, though. Maddie begs Katie to let her stay with her instead. Mike tells her that they decided to move, so there is no room for her. Maddie poses a question: what if she refuses to leave? Angry, Katie tells her she has two choices: tomorrow she can go to the airport, or she can go to Tom and Margo’s. They leave to give her a moment to think about it. Outside, Mike commends her for sticking to her guns, because he was sure she would cave. Katie hopes she did the right thing. Inside, Maddie looks at the laptop and sees the messages from Byron. She remarks that he is too late, but then she seems to get an idea. She starts to write back to Byron about how she could never forget him and how much she loved the sweater. She sends her email reply with a sneaky smile.

Casey and Lia are kissing on the couch, but Margo coughs and interrupts them. She tells Casey someone is at the door for him. Casey goes to see, remarking that he hopes it isn’t that Maddie girl. He opens the door to find Will there, asking him if the invitation still stands. Both nervously smile at each other.

Barbara and Hal get home to her suite, and she starts to anxiously rummage through her stuff, looking for Jen’s hidden stash. Hal stops her, telling her that they will do this, but they have to be methodical. They will search both the home and office. Barbara wonders if Hal blames her, because she did not see what was right in front of her face. Hal does not blame her because he is a detective, after all, a trained professional, and he was in denial and didn’t really see it either. Barbara tearfully asks Hal if he thinks Jen will be okay. Hal comforts her by hugging her while assuring her Jen will be fine, because they will make sure of it. They decide they need to start looking and Hal picks up a wedding picture of Jen, saying they will start there by looking inside the frame.

Paul is talking to Emily about how no one clued him in about Jen’s possible addiction. Why didn’t Dusty come to him with his accusations? Emily doesn’t think it matters, because either way they should have told her already. Paul asks Emily how she expects him to tell her now that she is coming off of meth. He thinks they should wait until she gets better. What if she never gets better? Emily asks. Paul mumbles to himself that this all started because he wanted to protect her. That was all it was about--protecting Jen, he says as he stares off into the distance.

A nurse is taking Jen’s vitals. They are finally in the normal range. Jen asks if she can go home, then. The nurse tells her not yet. She promises to see her tomorrow. After the nurse leaves, Jen looks over at her clothes, and then towards the door. She tiptoes out of bed and dresses. After, we see her sneaking out of her hospital room and heading out, no doubt in search of her baby boy, with no thought of the weak condition she is in.

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