ATWT Update Monday 9/19/05

As the World Turns Update Monday 9/19/05


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Boo

Proofread by Angie

At the cottage, Maddie is busy on the computer as Henry is lugging their bags downstairs. He wants her to realize that the jig is up, but Maddie wants to hold on. She wants to use her money for a place, but Henry wants her to put it towards college. Mike shows up to help take the bags out to the car. Katie is saddened by how things are going down. She comments that in spite of everything, she will miss them. Henry has a thought; she may not have to miss them after all.

At Tom and Margo’s, Casey comes downstairs right before his party is about to start. Margo comments that she is happy that this is a party for his senior year, instead of a baby shower. Casey scoffs at the comment, not wanting to talk about it. Margo’s retort is that after she saw what happened in the park with Gwen, she couldn’t help but make that comment. Casey doesn’t want to get into it, so he changes the subject. Margo gets what he is doing and excuses herself. Tom and Casey talk about the fact that Tom feels guilty about not believing him. He thought Casey may have been too embarrassed to open up to them, but he didn’t mean to doubt him. The bell saves Casey, literally, when two girls show up for the party. The conversation regarding Gwen can now end.

At the Lakeview, Carly and Jack are disagreeing over how they are going to go on as if nothing happened in court through Carly’s doing. Jack doesn’t think Carly’s plan of a night out with the kids will change his feelings over what Carly did. Carly is adamant that she did the right thing by Rory, because Gwen will not be a good mother. Jack wants to know how she would know that. She says she just does, and besides, Gwen didn’t even know who the father of her baby was. Jack pointedly reminds Carly that neither did she, when she was pregnant with Sage. Carly appears resentful of that comment. The bottom line for Jack is that Carly separated a mother from her child.

Jen is holding Rory and exclaiming desperately that he is her baby. Barbara and Paul look very upset, for different reasons, because of Jen’s behavior. Jen is talking to the baby, telling him that she knew she recognized his cry. Emily walks into the middle of this, and all three stand by as Jen fawns over her baby.

Meanwhile, Carly and Jack are oblivious to what is happening not far from them. Carly wants to know if Jack expects her to go to the judge and tell him what she did. Jack thinks that would be a start, but Carly will hear none of it. Gwen will screw up sooner or later, and she is preventing Rory from being hurt before it happens. Jack believes that Carly sees herself as a child in Gwen, but Carly sees herself as following through on a promise she made to her sister. Jack thinks if that is what she is really doing this for, then she is far worse off than he thought. Their attention is turned towards the commotion and they realize Jen is holding Rory.

Jen holds out Rory towards Paul and tells him to look at her baby. Paul calmly says that he knows Jen thinks that, but she is wrong. Jen tells everyone that a nurse told her that her baby was alive, but Barbara assures everyone that she was upstairs alone. Everyone is starting to get more and more concerned about Jen’s erratic and unrealistic behavior. She tries to convince everyone that she would know her own baby, but everyone just stands there speechless, unable to decide what to do about her. Jack slowly approaches Jen and explains that Rory is not her baby, but Jen reacts strongly, saying that he is her baby and no one will take him away from her--ever!

Henry appeals to Katie’s good heart. Why should Katie blame a kid for his mistakes? Maddie needs a roof over her head, and a break. Don’t send her packing, Henry pleads. He continues to beg Katie not to blame an innocent person for her sibling’s bad behavior, such as with Craig. That hits home with Katie a bit. He asks if she will let Maddie stay there without him. He plays it up with puppy-dog eyes. Katie relents: she can stay. Henry and Maddie are ecstatic. Mike comes back in announcing the car is packed, and Henry and Maddie excuse themselves so they can talk. Mike is unhappy seeing where the conversation is going. Katie explains that Henry had valid points. She wouldn’t want things held against her because of Craig’s mistakes.

Mike thinks that Henry knows how to play on Katie’s sympathies. Katie feels she needs to do this. Mike doesn’t feel that Maddie is as innocent in this as Henry acts. She will also continue to be Henry’s eyes and ears, but Katie wants everyone happy. Mike apologizes, saying that this decision is not his to make. Just then, Katie gets an idea for the perfect solution and runs out, promising to be back in a little while.

Casey is enjoying the company of a couple of girls on the sofa, and in particular one attractive blonde. The party is going strong at Tom and Margo’s when Katie shows up. All the kids being there surprises her. Margo comments that there isn’t room for one more adolescent, and Katie responds that she hopes she can change Margo’s mind on that. Margo and Tom look at each other, confused by Katie’s words.

Maddie comes downstairs and asks Henry where Katie is. He responds that she is out running an errand. He looks concerned, and Maddie comments about that. He is worried about Maddie’s behavior once he leaves. She has to be perfect, i.e. clean her room and do the dishes. This is their last chance. Maddie wants Henry to promise he will come see her, but Henry explains he will see a lot of her, just not at Katie’s. Next, Henry wants her to end the ‘Byron scam,’ and he goes to the computer. They both smirk at the 20 messages Byron has left for ‘Katie.’ Still, Henry tells Maddie that she needs to pull the plug, but Maddie doesn’t think it is necessary. It is a virtual affair; let Byron have his dream girl via a fantasy. Henry reminds Maddie that if one more gift shows up and Katie thinks it came from Henry, they will both be done! Maddie accepts this. Maddie starts typing to Byron with the idea of ending this sham.

Outside, Katie tells Margo and Tom she knows that Margo had warned her about getting involved the way she did with Henry. She now sees the error of her ways. She just needs some breathing room, and Margo jokes that she won’t be getting that with Henry’s sister living under the same roof as her. Margo wants to know why she wants her there with them. Katie pleads her case, saying they have lots of room. Margo still thinks it isn’t a good idea. Katie tells her that if she is worried about Maddie and Casey, she shouldn’t be. Maddie is a straight-A student and is on the computer 24/7.

Margo defensively responds that she isn’t worried about Casey because they trust him. Katie tries further: Maddie hates Mike! Margo and Tom laugh, and Margo jokes that it's hard to believe there is a girl out there who doesn’t think Mike is handsome--maybe they should consider her, then. Katie further bargains that she will give free memberships for a year to all in the DA’s office. Tom laughs and tells her it’s a deal. Margo is still unsure, but Tom knows she would give in anyway. Margo finally relents, and even enjoys the prospect of having a girl in the house for a change. Margo tells Katie to bring her by tonight because the kids at the party would be from her school, so she can start to meet people. Katie happily thanks them and runs off to go get Maddie.

Maddie and Henry are starting to sever ties with Byron when Mike comes in, and they jump up guiltily. Mike wants to know if Henry is ready, but Henry stalls, wanting to say goodbye to Katie. Mike doesn’t think he needs to, but Henry insists. Katie comes back in, giddy over her solution, which is on the tip of her tongue. She announces she has great news for everyone: Margo and Tom have agreed to let Maddie move in with them. Further, they are hosting a party for Casey, who would be a classmate, and Maddie was invited over so she can meet some people. Maddie’s face drops and she tells Katie she doesn’t want to go.

Carly walks up to Emily and Paul. What can they do? They are speechless. Carly approaches Jen cautiously. They need to talk, but Jen is more interested in feeding her baby. She happily tells Carly that she can’t wait to give her baby his first bottle. Does Carly know where she can get a bottle with some formula? Carly is shocked. The baby is not yours, Carly explains. Jen responds angrily that she doesn’t know what she is talking about. Jack whispers to Carly that he doesn’t think the boys (meaning Parker and J.J.) should see this, and he wants to take them home. Carly is not leaving there without Rory. Carly solicits Emily to take the boys home. Emily, who is a little out of it, at first pauses, thinking Paul may need her because he will have to tell Jen the truth, but then she agrees to Carly’s request. Barbara tells everyone that Dr. Michaels is on the way. Jack beseeches Paul for help; can he distract Jen?

Paul tells him he will try. Jen is standing and wanting to go upstairs with her baby, but Paul blocks her way. Jen wonders if he also thinks she is crazy. Paul responds slowly that he does not think that, but he thinks that she is hurt. He wishes there was something he could say to make this better for her, but the baby really does belong with Carly and Jack. Jen is standing almost frozen. Carly moves in quickly and gently removes Rory from her arms. A moment passes, and then Jen responds by freaking out. Jen sees them as stealing her baby.

Katie bargains with Maddie, saying that Tom and Margo’s will be a perfect place for her to live because they have room and a child her own age. Maddie isn’t interested, and she reminds them she doesn’t even know them. She wants to help Katie at the cottage, but Katie doesn’t need her to. Henry tries to comfort Maddie and explains that they are great people, and it would probably be for the best. Maddie sees she is outnumbered and accepts her fate. She asks if she can at least move there tomorrow, instead of that night. Katie agrees, but she wants her to at least go back with her tonight so she can meet them and some of the people at the party. Maddie agrees, and she leaves with Katie. Mike comments to an unconvinced-looking Henry that everything seems to be working out.

Margo is shuttling a few kids back downstairs, telling them that there is much more air downstairs, and the upstairs is off limits. Tom jokes that the crime scene tape roping off the bedrooms might be a signal. Casey, who has been flirting with the blonde girl all through the party, goes to take her outside. His friend stops him and slaps something into his hand as he says, “You might need this!” Tom and Margo are right beside him when this happens. They look inquiringly at him when he tells his friend that he was smooth, and he opens his hand and shows his relieved parents the breath mint. They laugh nervously as Casey continues to walk outside with the blonde. Katie shows up with Maddie, far back in tow. She introduces her and Margo goes to find Casey. Maddie is left all alone on the sofa. She sees a handsome boy waving in her direction, which pleases her, until she realizes he is waving at someone else. Two girls approach her, wanting her to be on the cheerleading squad. She wants to know why they would want her. They hail her with a barrage of compliments, and they are joined by the attractive boy. Then we see that it is just another one of Maddie’s creative fantasies. She continues to sit alone as Margo tries to find Casey for her.

Mike would like Henry to be on his way, but again Henry would like to stick around, this time under the pretense of seeing how Maddie handled Tom and Margo’s. Mike is still upset about what Henry supposedly did. Lying wasn’t the way to get Maddie a roof over her head. Henry and Mike’s interaction seems tense. Katie returns and Henry nervously asks her a lot of questions. Katie assures Henry that Maddie was fine when she left. Henry decides it is time for him to leave, then. He says his goodbyes sadly and is about to leave when Katie tells him to wait, surprising both Henry and Mike.

Emily is nervously pacing at Carly and Jack’s. She leaves a message for Paul. Carly and Rory then show up. She is surprised to see Carly with Rory. Emily urgently asks what happened. Carly relays how she thought that Paul had gotten through to Jen so that she understood Rory wasn’t her baby, but right after Carly took him Jen had a true breakdown, it seemed. Emily half-responds by asking if Paul had told Jen those words--that Rory wasn't her baby. She then realizes she can’t finish her statement. Emily rushes out the door, even though Carly asks her to stay. Parker comes downstairs and asks if Rory is okay and home. Carly assures Parker he is fine and shows him to the bassinet, so Parker will see him. Parker was scared by Jen’s behavior, and Carly assures him that the doctors will take care of her. Parker then asks Carly if Gwen will try to take Rory as well. Jack walks in just as his question is posed, and both Carly and Jack look at each other.

Jen is lying on the couch in her suite as Dr. Michaels gives her a shot to sedate her. Jen reaches out for Paul, telling him that she wants her baby. Dr. Michaels takes Barbara aside and tells her that she is going to get in touch with an internal medicine doctor due to Jen’s racing heart. Barbara is angered with her, wondering why the antidepressants she prescribed are not working. Dr. Michaels assures her that this is not related to the antidepressants; those pills would regulate her emotions, and would not have this effect. She also relays the fact that she has called Jen twice a day for weeks to check on her, and Jen has never returned her calls. Barbara is surprised to hear this. Dr. Michaels excuses herself in order to go handle getting Jen’s vitals back to normal. Barbara sits with Jen, trying to comfort her. She wants her to take deep breaths. Jen cries that she just needs her baby. Barbara is understanding and tries to relate to her, but Jen thinks it's no longer the same. Barbara’s baby is dead, and hers is not. Paul continues to stare at Jen, unable to figure out what to do. He seems to not have known how badly off Jen is.

Maddie gets up and goes outside, and when she hears Casey and his blonde friend coming, she hides behind a bush. Casey is working the girl with all sorts of lines that Maddie is secretly laughing at and mocking. Casey is kissing the girl and continuing to try to sway her with his corny lines, and when Maddie laughs out loud he pulls her out from behind the bushes, demanding to know who she is.

Henry turns around hopefully, but Katie tells him that he should take the pink sweater he bought for her. Henry doesn’t want it, muttering that he can’t return it. He tells Snickers to hold down the fort, and with that he leaves. Katie is sad at how this went down. She wonders if she should have let him take Snickers so he wouldn’t be alone. Mike thinks that Henry doesn’t need anymore reminders of her. Katie wanted him off her couch, but he was one of her best friends, after all. Mike assures her that Henry will be fine. He holds her close and jokingly asks her if she hears that. Katie gets what he is saying. They hear nothing because they are finally alone, and with that they kiss passionately and fall to the couch. Behind them a message pops up on the screen from Byron, wondering where she is.

Carly promises Parker that Gwen will not take Rory away. She ushers Parker back upstairs, saying it is a school night and he needs to get some sleep. After he leaves, Carly asks how Jen is. Jack relays that she is heavily sedated, and clearly out of her mind. Carly remarks that it must be terrible for her to have lost a child, and Jack bitterly responds that that probably could be happening to Gwen, thanks to Carly. He then turns quickly and goes upstairs to bed, leaving Carly with a very concerned look on her face at what is going on between them.

Barbara sees that Jen is calming down. Dr. Michaels is happy because she doesn’t want to give her anymore medicine. She wants to get her back to reality. Paul can’t take anymore and rushes out the door. He is standing outside the door when Emily walks up. Paul relays that Jen is out of her mind; she has snapped. He admits to handling it wrong. He froze. Paul is amazed at how determined Jen was to fight anyone for her baby. Emily knows what they need to do. Jen is sure of her connection with Rory because she feels that mother-child bond that can’t be denied. It is too deep in her soul. They have to tell Jen the truth; they have to tell Jen her baby is alive, Emily assuredly says.

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