ATWT Update Friday 9/16/05

As the World Turns Update Friday 9/16/05


Written By Eva
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Proofread by Angie

At the Lakeview, Jennifer takes a few minutes to snap out of her shock. Once she recovers, she tells Paul that she can’t remember what made her scream. Jennifer remembers her hallucination, though, although she doesn’t tell her family. Hal wants to take Jennifer to the hospital, but both Jennifer and Paul agree that she isn't equipped to face the trauma of the emergency room. Jennifer tells Hal she is okay, and Hal asks to speak with her alone. Paul doesn’t want to allow Hal to be alone with Jennifer, but Jennifer tells Paul she wants to speak to her father. Barbara and Paul start to go and tell Jennifer they will meet her downstairs at the restaurant. Jennifer whispers to Barbara that she doesn’t want her to tell Paul about Dusty’s accusations, because she wants to tell Paul herself.

At Jack and Carly’s place, Jack arrives home and Carly tells him that she made reservations for the family to eat at the Lakeview that night. Jack thinks Carly should have asked him first, because he is tired and doesn’t feel like going out to dinner. Jack is angry because Carly made false statements to the police, whom he works for, and he also feels Carly should admit the truth to the judge. Carly tells Jack she does anything she has to do to protect her family. Jack thinks Gwen is just a child who will learn to be a good mother, just like any mother does with her first child. Carly points out that because Gwen is a child she isn’t capable of raising a baby yet. Jack thinks what Carly did is wrong, no matter what reasons Carly uses to justify her actions.

At Gwen’s place, Gwen refuses to let her mother inside her apartment to talk because her mother never cared about her before, and she feels her mother has an ulterior motive. Gwen allows her mother inside the apartment after a few minutes because Iris tells her that she needs a friend by her side now. Iris walks in and is worried because it looks like Gwen isn’t doing too well right now. Iris takes a long look at her daughter and cries because her little girl is a grown woman. Gwen doesn’t believe her mother has had a change of heart.

At the clinic in Mexico, Dr. Hendrix tries to help Lucinda, but Lily screams for him to stay away from her mother. Lucinda awakens after a few minutes and thinks she passed out because of the stress. Lucinda feels hot, so Lily feels her forehead and thinks she has a fever.

Lily and Holden help Lucinda into the doctor’s office and Dr. Hendrix follows them. Lily informs Dr. Hendrix that she is taking Lucinda home to a real hospital. Dr.. Hendrix advises against it and asks Lily to let him continue treating Lucinda. Lucinda also wants to continue her treatment with Dr. Hendrix, but Lily tells the doctor she must speak to her mother alone. Holden takes the doctor into the hallway so they can have their own little talk. Holden demands that Dr. Hendrix tell him where Luke is, or he will make sure his whole clinic falls down around him. Lucinda tells Lily she won’t go back to Oakdale until Luke is safe. Lily insists that Lucinda go home now because she looks pale, is weak and has a fever.

At Gwen’s place, Iris wants to make amends with Gwen for being such a bad mother, and she feels helping her get the baby back will make them closer. Iris wants Gwen to tell her the whole story so they can figure out a way to get her baby back. Gwen thinks Iris knows about Rory’s trust fund and that is why she wants to help her get her baby back--so she can get some of the money. Iris tells Gwen she knew nothing about Rory’s trust fund.

At Jack and Carly’s place, Carly tells Jack the judge gave them custody because he thinks Gwen is an unfit mother. Jack thinks the judge wouldn’t have made such a quick decision if Carly hadn’t stacked the deck against Gwen. Parker and J.J. rush downstairs and ask Jack if they can sit next to him at the restaurant.

Jack tells the boys he’s tired and doesn’t feel like going out to dinner. J.J. thinks Jack won’t be tired once they show him the surprise they made for him. The boys run upstairs to get Jack’s surprise. Carly asks Jack not to disappoint the boys, who are excited about going out to dinner. Jack thinks the boys will be able to sense the tension between them. Carly thinks there wouldn’t be any tension between them if he would just drop the subject of Gwen and enjoy his family.

At the Lakeview, Jennifer tells Hal that Dusty is going around spreading lies about her because he is angry that she left Street Jeans. Jennifer gets defensive and angry because Hal believes Dusty instead of his own daughter. Hal doesn’t buy that story because it doesn’t explain why Meg found drugs in her purse. Jennifer tells Hal that Meg would say anything that Dusty wanted her to say, because she is in love with him. Hal doesn’t think lying about her drug abuse would help Meg get closer to Dusty. Hal says that he can recognize the signs of drug addiction, and she has most of them. Jennifer tells Hal she is a wreck because she can’t sleep, and she is tense because everyone is pulling her in different directions. Jennifer tells Hal that she is only taking antidepressants, and no other drugs. Hal is still suspicious, but he tells Jennifer he hopes she is okay and gives her a hug.

At Jack and Carly’s place, the boys run downstairs and show Jack that they added Rory’s name to the mailbox. Jack asks the boys whose idea it was to add Rory’s name to the mailbox, and the boys tell him it was Carly’s idea. Jack decides not to disappoint the boys and takes them and Sage to the car while Carly goes to get Rory.

At Gwen’s place, Gwen is still reluctant to believe in her mother’s change of heart. Iris cries and tells Gwen she just wants a chance to get close to her, but she will understand if Gwen wants to fight this battle alone. Iris starts to leave, but Gwen tells her not to go.

At the clinic, Dr. Hendrix tells Holden that he is doing everything he can to find Luke. Holden doesn’t think so, because the doctor doesn’t want anyone to know he is selling human organs. Dr. Hendrix explains to Holden that a former employee was using the clinic to meet with Keith, but he has nothing to do with the sale of human organs. Dr. Hendrix leaves because he has patients to see. A Mexican man and his daughter arrive and talk to the nurse in Spanish. The man tells the nurse they are there for an appointment with the doctor. The nurse tells them that they don’t have an appointment and must leave the clinic. The man and his daughter are confused because they were there last week and were told everything was fine. Holden, who understands Spanish, overhears the conversation and asks the man if he has seen his son, who is missing. Holden shows the man and his daughter Luke’s picture, but they tell Holden they have not seen Luke. Holden also asks the man what kind of appointment he had at the clinic. The man tells Holden he doesn’t know what he is talking about and leaves the clinic. Holden asks the nurse why the man was asked to leave the clinic when he had an appointment. The nurse explains that Dr. Hendrix sometimes treats people for free, but he didn’t have time to see any more patients today. Holden asks the nurse why there is a locked room in the clinic. The nurse tells Holden that that is where they keep patient files. Lily calls her pilot and tells him to be ready to leave for Oakdale the next time she calls him. Lucinda tries to persuade Lily to allow Dr. Hendrix to examine her, but Lily tells Lucinda that she is worried because these so-called treatments didn’t work, and now she must go home so she can get treated. Lily explains to Lucinda that her family loves her, and her illness is a family problem they must deal with together. Lucinda smiles and gives Lily a hug. Lily and Lucinda head outside and tell Holden they are ready to leave. Lily tells Holden to call her if he has any news about Luke, or even if he just needs to talk. Lily and Lucinda leave for the airport.. Holden breaks into the locked room and finds something on the floor that Luke dropped.

At the Lakeview, Hal gets a call from the station and has to leave. Jennifer remembers her hallucination and also recalls that she dropped drugs on the floor when the bellboy scared her. Jennifer gets down on the floor and searches with her fingers for traces of the drugs, and then sniffs her fingers.

Paul tells Barbara he is planning to take Jennifer on a vacation for a few months to get her away from memories of her child. Paul thinks Jennifer needs a rest before she falls apart. Barbara wants to go too, but Paul informs her that she isn’t invited to go with them.

At Gwen’s place, Gwen tells Iris she lost custody of her child because Carly set her up to be alone with the baby and then put a drug in her water to make her fall asleep. Iris pretends not to know Carly at first, but since she told Gwen she had been following the case, Gwen notices her mistake.

At the Lakeview, Carly waits for a table with the boys, and Parker wants to know what Rory’s real mommy did that was so bad. Carly explains to the boys that Rory’s mother didn’t watch out for him. Jack hears the explanation and grows even angrier at Carly because she is lying to the boys. Jack can’t stand it anymore and goes to the hotel lobby to get some air.

At Gwen’s place, Gwen is hurt when she thinks her mother doesn’t believe her. Iris insists she does believe her and swears they will get her baby back from the high and mighty Carly.

At the Lakeview, Carly asks one of the waiters to watch the kids while she goes to the lobby to talk to Jack. Paul notices Jack and Carly in the lobby and decides to take a walk over that way. Jennifer steps off the elevator and notices Parker and J.J. sitting with the baby, and she stops to take a look at the baby. Jack is angry at Carly for lying to the children. Carly thinks Jack doesn’t want to honor Rosanna by raising Rory. Jack tells Carly that isn’t true at all; he just feels that Gwen shouldn’t have lost her child in that way. Paul overhears Jack and Carly’s conversation. Jennifer asks Parker if she can hold Rory, and Parker allows her to take the baby out of the carriage and hold him. Jennifer holds the baby, looks at Rory and says, "That’s my boy."

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