ATWT Update Thursday 9/15/05

As the World Turns Update Thursday 9/15/05


Written By Eva
Pictures by Boo
Proofread by Angie

In Mexico, Holden and Lily arrive at the clinic and become even more worried when Lucinda informs them that Keith went out to look for Luke, and now they are both missing.

At the police station, Dusty arrives to talk to Hal about Jennifer’s drug use. Hal doesn’t have time to talk to Dusty, but he makes some time for him because he wants to talk about Jennifer.

At Java, Jennifer thanks Emily for pushing Paul into working with her and Barbara on their new company. Jennifer gives Paul a kiss on the cheek and thanks Emily before she leaves. Emily explains to Paul that Gwen fell apart in court and may never get custody of the baby. Emily thinks Paul should work with Jennifer as a way to keep an eye on her, so she won’t go near the baby.

At Gwen’s apartment, Gwen explains to Will that even though the judge didn’t make a ruling against her, he gave Carly temporary custody of the baby. Gwen feels like she will never get custody of her child because the social workers will decide that she isn’t fit to raise a child.

At Carly and Jack’s place, Carly arrives home and goes upstairs.. Iris gets in the house because Carly left the door unlocked. Carly comes back downstairs and wonders what Iris is doing there.

Iris demands that Carly give her more money, or she will make sure the baby is taken away from her that night. Carly tells Iris to go ahead and tell the judge about her baby brother; she doubts that even that story will change the judge’s mind, because Rory’s birth mother isn’t fit to raise him. Iris thinks that the judge will place the baby in foster care after she tells him what happened to her little boy. Carly fires back at Iris with her own threat: if she goes to the judge, she will go to the cops and put her in jail for extorting money from her.

At Gwen’s place, Gwen wants Will to say he believes that Carly set her up, but when Will doesn’t say a word Gwen yells at him to tell her what he thinks and to not just stand there quietly. Will tells Gwen he will say whatever will make her feel better. Gwen gets even more angry at Will’s comments and tells Will she thought they were friends, but he let her down by not believing she is telling the truth about Carly. Will is hurt and admits that Gwen should have been honest with him about where she got the money. Gwen yells at Will that the money doesn’t matter anymore, because she used it to pay the lawyer. Will yells that he didn’t want to have Barbara as a part of his life, but he was willing to help her get the money to pay for the lawyer because they are friends and he wanted to help her. Gwen thinks Will was so involved in her life because it is even easier than dealing with his messed-up life. Gwen thinks their friendship can’t work because they ignore important things about each other.. Gwen says she ignores that he was in a mental institution, and he ignores her when she thinks that she was set up by Carly. Gwen tells Will she is tired of his help and tired of always feeling like she let him down, and most of all she is tired of him not believing she was set up by Carly. Will tells Gwen a person would have to be crazy to believe her story. Gwen lays down on the bed and starts sobbing.

At Java, Emily tells Paul about her suspicions that Carly put a drug in Gwen’s water so she would fall asleep while she was taking care of the baby. Emily also tells Paul that the tests on the water came back negative, and she is sure Carly covered her tracks by switching the water bottles. Paul decides to focus on keeping Jennifer away from the baby by taking her on a long business trip for a few months. Emily gives Paul a kiss and accepts his invitation. Paul asks Emily to talk to Carly so she can help keep Jennifer away from the baby.

At the Lakeview, Jennifer leaves a message for Barbara to call her back or come home, because she has some wonderful news. Jennifer finds a trace of drugs in a plastic bag in her purse.

Jennifer puts her finger inside the bag, takes out the small amount and sucks it from her finger. Jennifer picks up the phone to call Jasmine but quickly puts the phone down, because she thinks Dusty bugged the phone. Jennifer calls Jasmine from her cell phone and leaves a message for her to call her back. Barbara arrives, and Jennifer jumps because she is startled that her mother arrived just as her cell phone began ringing. Barbara wonders why her daughter is so nervous.

In Mexico, Holden asks Lucinda to tell him every detail of what's happened since she found out Luke was gone. Lucinda explains that after her treatment she went back to the plane, and Keith told her Luke had been hung over and passed out in the back of the plane, but he wasn't in the plane then. Lucinda tells Holden that Keith left her with a gun and went to look for Luke, but now they are both missing. Lucinda thought it best to return to the clinic and call the police. Lily blasts Lucinda, saying that if she hadn’t forced Keith to come to Mexico for her treatment he wouldn’t have cancelled Luke’s flying lesson, and Luke would not have stowed away on the plane. Lucinda asks Lily if her boyfriend told her the reason why she was able to force him to come to Mexico with her.

Lily refuses to hear Lucinda bad-mouth Keith while he is risking his life looking for Luke. Holden, however, does want to hear what Lucinda is holding over Keith’s head. Lucinda tells Holden and Lily that Keith is a smuggler. Lily refuses to believe Keith would ever smuggle drugs. Lucinda explains that Keith was smuggling human organs into the United States. Holden thinks Luke probably saw something he should not have seen, and that is why whoever took him did so.

At the police station, Dusty tells Hal that Jennifer is doing drugs to forget the pain of losing her child. Hal doesn’t believe Dusty until Dusty tells him he saw the dealer and took drugs away from him while Jennifer was downstairs at an ATM machine. Hal remembers seeing Jennifer at an ATM at the hotel and also recalls giving her $500. Hal thanks Dusty for telling him and asks Dusty to let him handle it now, and not tell anyone. Hal goes over to the Lakeview to talk to Jennifer.

At the Lakeview, Jennifer tells Barbara that Paul has agreed to work with them on their new company, which she thinks should be called Ryan designs. Barbara is ecstatic and thinks that she will finally have her family back together. Jennifer is sad because her baby isn’t a part of the family, because he is dead. Jennifer takes a pill and gets defensive when Barbara asks her why she is taking it so late in the day. Jennifer says she will not be watched and is capable of making her own decisions. Barbara goes to the hallway and runs into Hal, who demands to see his daughter because Dusty told him she was on drugs. Barbara tells him Dusty is just angry because Jennifer left Street Jeans, and he is seeking revenge on her. Hal demands to see his daughter, but Barbara doesn’t allow it because Jennifer is resting. Barbara begs Hal not to ruin her chances to have a family again.

At Jack and Carly’s place, Carly tries to reason with Iris by telling her she will be a better mother to Rory than Gwen could be to him. Iris asks Carly to repeat what she said, so Carly repeats that she could be a better mother to Rory than Gwen Norbeck could ever be to him. Iris is shocked and drops the family picture she is holding, breaking the glass from the frame. The baby cries and Iris asks Carly if that is Gwen’s baby; Carly says he's not anymore and goes upstairs to check on the baby. A stunned Iris leaves the house.

At the Lakeview, Jennifer finds her baby’s death certificate while looking for more drugs. Jennifer hallucinates that a nurse from the hospital is holding her son. The nurse tells Jennifer her baby isn’t dead, and Jennifer holds out her arms to hold the baby. Jennifer stretches out her arms to hold her baby. In the hallway, Paul arrives and tries to keep Hal away from Jennifer. Hal demands to see Jennifer. Jennifer screams, and we discover that what she is holding is a blouse. Barbara, Paul and Hal rush in, and a stunned Jennifer doesn’t respond when they all ask her what is wrong.

In Mexico, Lily refuses to believe Luke was taken by anyone and thinks he is in a bar, drinking. Holden and Lily are introduced to Dr. Hendrix, and Holden grabs him and demands that he tell him what happened to Luke. Lucinda begs Holden to let the doctor go, and Lily blasts the doctor for giving cancer patients false hope. Lucinda passes out and Lily rushes to her side.

At Jack and Carly’s place, Emily arrives to talk to Carly and apologize for not supporting her. Emily admits that she felt jealous of Rosanna’s memory and doesn’t want Paul to be reminded of Rosanna by being with Rory. Emily is afraid that Rosanna’s memory will take Paul away from her. Emily asks Carly to keep Jennifer away from the baby, because Jennifer had a breakdown and is taking antidepressants.

The baby cries and Carly picks him up to calm him. Emily cries as she looks at the baby and tells Carly she doesn’t feel it's right to keep a baby away from its mother, even though she is a good mother. Emily tells Carly she must go.

At Java, Dusty bumps into a pregnant woman and recalls helping Jennifer give birth.

At Jack and Carly’s place, Carly tells Rory that she will always take care of him because Gwen doesn’t deserve to have him.

At Gwen’s place, Gwen continues to sob on the bed. She hears on knock on the door and opens it because she thinks it is Will. Gwen opens the door and asks Iris what she is doing there. Iris tells Gwen that that is no way to talk to her mother.

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