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Outside the cottage, Maddie tells Henry she got the paper. He tells her great, leave the want ads and put the rest inside. She comments that she thinks Katie believed him last night. He shakes his head and says maybe, if she believes in miracles, but he hasn’t been to Lourdes lately. He’s the con who cried wolf, and the only reason that Mike and Katie hadn’t thrown them out last night was they were too shocked to go to Plan B. But, Maddie insists, it’s because Katie still loves him. He admits that, in her fashion, she does, but the jig is up. Hey, look on the bright side, he says; the next place they have will have a stunning view of the turnpike. She doesn’t believe they will be shipped back to the limo. She bets him another cup of coffee and he says great, it’ll be the last one that isn’t in a paper cup. They head inside and meet up with Katie and Mike. She tells them she’s glad they are up; Henry wants to take them all out to breakfast to celebrate his recovery. He gestures that that’s right, the sky’s the limit. Al’s, anyone? Mike retorts, "Look at the big spender. Has he sold his miracle cure to the tabloids already?" Henry chuckles and says he can hardly believe it himself; one minute he’s flat on his back, and the next he’s strong as a horse. Katie tells him no more lies, please. Was he ever really hurt, or was it a con to keep her away from Mike?

Dusty is on the phone, calling for Detective Munson. It’s an urgent family matter, he says, as he leaves a message. Meg walks up and asks if he’s visiting the infirm, and says his good deeds never end. He says Emma told him she’d gotten a job here. Sarcastically she says, oh, so he thought her first day would be a good time to give her a dire warning to steer clear of Jennifer. Well, relax, she’d not go near her again. She stalks off, but he grabs her to keep her from leaving. He tells her to wait a second, he needs her help; she’s the only one he can turn to.

At Java, Paul sits with Emily as she asks where his brother is. Paul replies that he’s on the way. He wanted his take on what happened with Gwen yesterday. She says she needs to get to the courthouse to figure out what happened also, and she’ll let him know when she does. Will walks up looking pretty dejected and sits down when Emily says she’s got to split. He wonders what Paul wants to talk about. Paul says he heard something happened with Gwen yesterday. Will is concerned about how he found out. Paul informs him that Carly and Emily are still friends. He asks if Gwen is okay. Will wants to know why he even cares. Paul replies that he cares because she and Will are friends. Will says they were friends. Paul then has to probe to dig it out of him that they had a fight. Gwen had had a visit with the baby, and then in the middle of it she had fallen asleep. She hadn’t meant to, but when she came to, the baby was gone. He is okay now, but Gwen thinks it’s a plot against her. Gwen thinks Carly drugged her and that Casey’s mother and great-grandmother are in on it, and that’s just crazy. Now the only person on her side is her attorney, and Will sometimes thinks Cass is more interested in money than the baby. Paul thinks he’s probably most interested in winning. Will tells Paul he really should go to the courthouse and see what’s happening. Paul asks him not to go near the courthouse, saying he should do himself a favor and put more distance between himself and Gwen.

Cass is at Gwen’s and is coaching her on her statement for court. He wants her to end with, “and from now on, I will devote the rest of my life to raising my son.” She tells him she wrote something herself she’d like to tell the judge. He tells her she will tell the judge what he tells her to tell the judge, forget about yesterday and forget that Carly drugged her; but she insists that the judge has to know. He warns her that if she opens her mouth about what happened yesterday, there’s not a judge in Illinois who’ll let her walk out of that courtroom with her son.

At Carly’s, she is holding Rory when Jack walks in. She asks if he wants to cuddle a minute before he gets his bath. Jack says he really should wash up. The nurse comes and takes Rory for his bath. Carly asks about Jack’s day and asks why he doesn’t shower before court. He seems concerned and says he was up nearly all night trying to figure out what happened yesterday. She promises they will talk about everything after the hearing. He won’t let it go; he says he wants her to go to the judge before the hearing and tell him what she did.

She walks away and says she isn’t going to have a private meeting with the judge. She can’t do that. He tells her if she does, when they end up with Rory it will be because of the right reasons. Her sister would not want them to win custody with dirty tricks. They argue because she knows her sister wouldn’t want Gwen raising the baby; she doesn’t know a thing about being a mother. And look at her defiance, her anger; she knows that girl, how she thinks, how she’s wired. She’s fighting for the baby for purely selfish reasons. She just doesn’t want anybody else to have what is supposedly hers. But in a few months, she’ll start to resent him for getting in her way of having fun. Carly just knows that in her heart. They argue more. Jack doesn’t like the example it's setting for their own boys and Sage. If they ever find out what she pulled... She tells him she will tell them she did it to keep Rory safe, and she’d do it for them, too. She tells him she knows he wants her to be sorry, but she’s not. It’s not his style, and she knows he thinks she crossed the line, but she really needs him to come to court with her today. He looks at her and tells her he just can’t do that, and he dismisses her by saying it’s getting late and she’d better get going.

Maddie acts perplexed with all the accusations. Isn’t Katie just happy that Henry’s better? But Henry jumps in and says this is a lot to take in all at once. One minute he’s a slug, and the next he’s donning his tap shoes. Katie finally says to just forget it; so much for trying to get him to come clean. Henry tells her to wait. She asked an honest question, and she deserves an honest answer. He had fallen, he was hurt, and he got better. Katie asks when, and he replies that it was before yesterday, but pretending seemed a lot easier than getting down on his knees and begging for a roof over his head. Katie reminds him that if he needed a place to stay, he could have asked. Maddie remarks that he was too proud. Mike quips, "But not too proud to pretend to be an invalid." They ask about the rest of it--the flowers, the sweater.... It’s clear they think it was him, not Simon. Mike says to give him one good reason not to put him back in the wheelchair. Maddie steps forward and says, “Me, I’m the reason.” They look at her with stunned expressions.

Meg says to Dusty, he’s found something she might actually be good for--she can’t wait to hear this. He tells her he needs information about a drug. She begins to walk off and sarcastically says he can call a pharmacist. He catches her and tells her wait a second; he's not talking about the legal kind. He asks if she’s ever treated anyone on crystal meth, and if so, he needs a quick run-down. She relates that meth makes hell look like a five-star hotel; what you think you know doesn’t even come close to how bad it really is.

Emily is leaving and she runs into Jen, who is just coming in. Jen has on shades and is looking a bit disheveled, but she attributes it to being up late and working until about four. Emily tells her she is all for creativity, but she needs to give herself more rest. When she leaves, Jen sits outside and pops a couple of pills.

Will tells Paul that if Gwen would just admit she’d made a mistake, he'd get it. But, Paul tells him, he wouldn’t point fingers at innocent people. This is a pattern with her. When things get rough, she points at everybody else. Will comments that she used to be straight with him. Now she’s not making sense, and she has a lot of cash and he doesn’t know where it came from. He thinks something is going on, but she won’t tell him. How does he get her to trust him again? Paul says it’s a tough call, but sometimes when things get this bad, you just have to walk away from the friendship.

In court, Carly is late and she informs Ms. Todd that Jack is home with the kids, so he won’t be there. This is not ideal to Ms. Todd, but it’ll have to do. They start by revisiting the issue of paternity, and Mr. Winthrop has told them his client would like to make a statement. Gwen tells the court she wants to apologize for any confusion she may have caused. She honestly thought Casey Hughes was the father of her child, and she obviously was mistaken. She does not know who the father is. Ms. Todd wants it on record that Miss Norbeck was promiscuous, which is inconsistent with good parenting.

Cass defends her and says there is no basis for questioning her abilities. All the while, Carly is throwing her smug looks from her side and she takes a great deal of satisfaction in it when the judge brings up the most recent matter. Gwen jumps up and looks at Carly and says she was set up, and she implores Carly to tell the judge what really happened.

Henry tries to shove Maddie out of the room and tells her, "Sweetie, this isn’t your fight." But she keeps insisting he isn’t the secret admirer. Mike wants to know who else could it be, then. Henry babbles that she’s a beautiful woman; pull out the yellow pages and look under ‘guys with great taste.’ Katie asks him if he swears. Henry says yes, as a gentleman, she has his word. He is not the one who sent the gifts. Katie says she believes him. Henry says his money, if he had any money, is on Simon. Just because he doesn’t like pink sweaters doesn't prove anything; maybe he got a personal shopper or saleslady. Mike thinks he might be on to something. Looking directly at Maddie, he says perhaps it wasn’t a guy at all. Her eyes begin to shift.

Jen walks in and says she’s so lucky to be having coffee with the two handsomest guys in Oakdale. She hugs Will, and Paul offers her a seat. She asks Will about Gwen and getting her baby. They seem surprised that she could mention babies, but she admits she’s getting better all the time without having a meltdown, and she prattles that she can think about other people’s babies, even their mothers and grandmothers and cousins, and that she is doing a lot these days, hanging out with friends, even working. Paul comments that Dusty must be pleased. She says not really; she quit Street Jeans. She needs something new, a fresh start. Paul is amazed and tells her she can’t give up on a company she created. She built that line from the ground up. But she vows that she will build something else new from the ground up. She is partnering with her mom. Will is aghast, but she tells him not to say it like it’s some disease. Paul thinks she is joking, but she repeats that she is serious. Paul tells her that "Barbara" and "fresh start" don’t go together. What the hell is she thinking?

Back and forth, the lawyers argue the point of Gwen’s carelessness and who corroborated whom. Gwen still points fingers and maintains that Carly drugged her. She wants the report to be read so everyone will know what she did. Jack walks into the courtroom at this point.

Gwen gets even more upset when the judge says they checked the bottle and there were no drugs found. Gwen yells that it is a lie and to check it again. Carly looks on, again with that smug, knowing look. Calmed down, Gwen tells the judge she remembers holding the baby and that he was happy; she remembers his smile. She continues that she wasn’t tired at all, and the last thing she’d do is fall asleep and miss a moment. Carly is asked if she would like to make a statement. She looks around, mindful of Jack being there, and says she would. She stands. She makes a lovely, thoughtful statement, but in the end says as much as Miss Norbeck wants her to: she doesn’t think she can be the mother the baby needs.

The judge announces that he will render the decision shortly and asks all parties to remain where they are. Jack slips out, as does Emily, who approaches him in the hall. He turns on her and asks if she was in on this; it’s something right out of her playbook. Emily says she has no idea what he’s talking about, and Jack replies that she can consider herself lucky.

Henry is incredulous that they would think his kid sister could pull off this scam. Mike points out that she's a kid who hates his guts, and who’d love to get him out of Katie’s life. Katie reminds her how she opened up her home to her; this is how she repaid her? Maddie replies that she is sorry. Mike says sorry isn’t good enough; they need to know if Henry put her up to this. Henry speaks up and says no, his sister is innocent; he is the secret admirer. Maddie tries to suppress him, but he says he wanted to confess last night, and now he feels a lot better that he has unburdened himself. Mike and Katie look at each other, astounded, as does Maddie.

Jen tries to convince Paul and Will to be happy for her. Starting a new company is a good move. Will says he’s cool if she is, and he’s late, so he has to run. Paul continues to probe Jen about why it wasn’t fun anymore at Street Jeans. She becomes a regular drama queen, telling on Dusty and how controlling he was, not just as a buffer, but wanting to make decisions about everything from fabrics to what she ate for lunch. He was driving her nuts!

Meg tells Dusty the symptoms are pretty obvious: paranoia, anxiety, confusion. The person can seem euphoric and then turn and crash without warning. Dusty wants to know if, physically, it is lethal. She says it can be. It amps up your blood pressure and gets your heart racing. It can cause damage to your blood vessels, causing clots to go to your brain and induce a stroke. He asks if it is addictive, and she replies yes, sometimes after only one hit. And, he replies, tough to kick? She nods yes, saying it's very nasty and there are a lot of repeat users. She asks when he found out about Jen. He glances at her and asks when she knew. He wants to know why she didn’t tell him. Was she hoping she’d self-destruct before he could help her? She tells him she knew yesterday, but he made it personal and shut her down--broke his number one rule. She hands him a paper and says she tried to give that to him. He says he’s sorry. She asks, "Is that an apology?" He tells her he didn’t realize and he read the signals wrong. She tells him she read him loud and clear. No one gets near Jen without going through him first, so she went through him. He lets her know she can get rid of the sarcasm. She rebukes that he can get rid of the ego. She’s not jealous, she doesn’t care what he and Jennifer are about. He asks if she is sure about that. He grins, almost snickers, when she replies that yeah, she is sure. They are a good time; she gets that. He doesn’t want a relationship--fine, she’ll deal. But at least she knows what he gets from her; what does he get from Jennifer? He asks why he has to get something from her. She laughs as she says, "Because that’s how it works in the human race--one gives, one takes. What does Jen give?" He really wants to know what her problem is. Jennifer is in a bad place. She asks if the crystal meth is helping. He keeps on, asking again why she didn’t tell him, didn't pin him against the wall and make him listen. She leans in and teases that when she pins him up against the wall, it won’t have anything to do with Jennifer Munson. She tells him to talk to her. He says he has talked to her. He’s talked to her mother, too, but she got to her first and covered all her bases. He doesn’t know what else to do. Meg says, “Oh, you mean you tried helping, had the best intentions, and you got shot down? Welcome to the club, Donovan."

Jen is fidgeting, telling Paul that her feeling better was a problem for Dusty. In the beginning, he helped her when she lost the baby--helped her cope, got her on her feet again. But then he started watching her like a hawk, micromanaging Street Jeans first, and then micromanaging her. Every single thing she did, he was worried about--what she did, how she felt... Maybe he had some hero complex or something. Paul replies by asking if she wouldn’t rather have a hero on her side than a walking head case. She laughs that Mom deserves a second chance, too. Paul remarks that she’s run through a dozen second chances. Where did Jen leave things with Dusty? She explains that she tried to remain friends, but he already was undermining her, spreading rumors by telling her mom and anyone who’d listen how worried he was about her. Barbara blew him off, but she wouldn’t be shocked if he came around and tried to talk to Paul, too. Paul thanks her for the heads-up. She tells him he has been there for her for her whole life, and she needs him; please, she asks, work with her on this.

It soon becomes a free-for-all with Henry, Maddie, Katie and Mike. She asks why he couldn’t just be honest with her. He says he wanted to, and she can call Margo, call the feds, he’ll confess. Mike says that bottom-line, he took advantage of Katie. Henry admits he was a rat. Katie says in all fairness, they all had made mistakes, and they’d all lied to each other. She was as guilty as anyone else. But she thought they had gotten past that and could be friends again. Mike says, "And now he pulls this stunt." Henry admits he doesn’t have any defense. Mike also admits Katie was right, they hadn’t been up-front about everything either, but Henry had crossed the line. He’d sat there every day, looked her in the eye while she cooked for him, took care of him... He’d used her. He’d used her for her compassion. Did he hate them that much? Maddie breaks in, insisting that it’s her fault, but Henry pulls her back to shut her up and says she has the most to lose. She was the reason he stooped so low--to provide a roof over her head. He was her older brother and he let her down. She denies this, saying he’s the greatest. Henry grovels: Maddie’s happy here, he’s happy having her here, and if Katie throws them out she would ruin the rest of her sweet, innocent life. All he can do is throw himself on her mercy and beg forgiveness. Mike says sorry, they are all out.

Carly walks out of the courtroom and asks Emily if she’s seen Jack. She replies that he just left. Carly asks what she is doing there and if she is rooting for Gwen. Emily tells her to cut it out, they’ve been friends way too long. Carly goes back to asking if she has talked to Jack or not. Emily wants to know what’s going on. The things Gwen said--are they true? Carly only relays that she is desperate. Emily says that right now, it’s hard to tell who is more desperate.

Carly rushes back in just as the judge appears to render his findings. He says other factors must be considered, and he’s reluctant to make a final decision until he gets a further evaluation. In the meantime, he thinks it’s in the best interests of all involved that the baby remain with Mr. And Mrs. Snyder. Gwen wonders how long it will be before she gets the baby back. The judge tells her that based on this file, it is seriously questionable whether she will ever get custody; court recessed. Almost in tears, Gwen springs up and rushes out. Emily follows. Ms. Todd congratulates Carly, who can barely say thanks.

Mike brings some luggage and stuff from upstairs. Henry says he sees the no-mercy rule is in effect. Maddie is still trying to take blame. Mike tells her he knows where she is coming from, but Henry’s not a kid.. He knows how long he and Katie have been in love, and he knows how much they value his friendship. They’d done everything they could to get the three of them to a good place, but he blew it. Katie says she is sorry it didn’t work out; she thinks they should leave now. Mike says they will be upstairs while they pack. He watches so sadly as she ascends the stairs, asking Bubbles not to stay mad at him long. Mike deadpans not to slip on something while they are gone. Maddie remarks again that this is all her fault. Henry says, ‘Fault, schmalt; here, pack your jammies.” She wants to know why he didn’t let her tell the truth. He quips, “Because, honey, falling on the sword is about as much fun as it sounds. Don’t worry about it, it’s going to be all right. We’re all going to be laughing at this through our gums at the nursing home one day.” He admits he’s not laughing now, but neither are Katie and Mike. Trust him, they are up there now hating themselves. It’ll work out. He tells her to pack her toothpaste, and he’ll get his martini kit; let them stew.

Meg is busy filling out some records and Dusty wants to know if she’s still talking to him. She wants to know if that’s his version of a heartfelt apology. He says he needs to know what to do before Jen ends up dead. She replies that Jen needs to want to stop, and if she doesn’t, then she doesn’t. He thinks that’s wrong, but she says it’s reality. She says she knows her vices; does he want more than fun and games? He replies no, not anymore. She wants honesty, and that’s being honest. Meg asks who she was, adding that she sure did a number on his heart. He says he doesn’t go there. She says he lives there, and she lays down her chart and starts to walk away.

He asks her not to walk away and says they do have their moments. She asks him not to do that, with his voice and his eyes; don’t go there. He tells her she wants something from him that he doesn’t have to give.. She counters by saying that he wants to save a woman who doesn’t want saving, and God forbid that life should just feel good, 'cause that would mean letting her in. So he can go ahead and fill his life by helping people like Lucinda and Jennifer, and fighting bad guys like Craig, but that’s not living. He asks if she is going to tell him how to live now. She rebuffs him, saying that for a bright guy, he is so clueless. Go, she tells him, go on to Jen; she has work to do. Feeling like he's being dismissed and lifting an eyebrow, he walks off.

Paul laughs and tells Jen he’ll never go back into business with Barbara again, and he urges Jen not to commit or sign any pieces of paper. Jen says okay, but she is their mother, and right now she needs the people who love her the most to circle the wagons. Paul says he’s not so sure his wagon belongs in that circle. He says his fuse with Barbara is short right now, and then there’s Emily and Will. She says this will be perfect for Will; he’s always talking about getting the family together. Jen thinks it could be fun, but Paul remarks that she has a really bizarre sense of fun. Emily walks up and joins in, saying that Jen has a point. She knows all about mothers who drive you nuts, but most of the time they’re coming from a really good place, so maybe it’s time to make peace. Jen tells her she appreciates her vote of confidence. Emily says she has caused enough trouble in this family, and she would like to do everything she can to get it back together. Jen looks at Paul and asks if he’ll do it. He hesitates but finally says for her, he’ll try it. He tells her he just wants her to be happy; that’s all he ever wanted.

Gwen is at the baby’s crib, standing over it and sobbing. Will knocks on the door but she says, "Go away." Then she opens it, and he asks if she is okay. What happened? She says no, she is not okay. He got his way, Carly got her way, and she got no baby. He says he’s sorry, but she snaps that no, he’s not. He wins; everybody wins but her.

Carly sits in court alone, shell-shocked, almost contemplating whether she had done the right thing or what to expect next. Her attorney comes in and asks if she has shared the news with Jack, and she replies that she hasn't yet. Ms. Todd tells her to enjoy that baby, and she’ll be in touch as soon as she gets the temporary custody agreement. As Carly hesitates and then follows, she bumps into Iris and wants to know what the hell she is doing there. She wants to know how it went, and Carly tells her that she and Jack are keeping the baby. Iris thinks that’s good, and she came through for her by keeping her mouth shut like she promised. When Carly wants to scoot past, she stops her, saying that they have a little business to discuss. Carly tries to dismiss her by saying it’s over, but Iris says it’s never too late for her to march into the judge’s office and tell him what Carly did to her baby.

Strong, Carly looks at her and says, “No more threats. The past can’t destroy me anymore. You get the hell out of my life!”

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