ATWT Update Tuesday 9/13/05

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 9/13/05


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Boo

Proofread by Angie

At the cottage, Maddie is looking online, wondering when Byron is going to email Katie. While she is online, she gets a message from Byron saying that he was thinking of her and wondering if she still had that pink angora sweater from high school. Maddie scoffs at the idea of still having a sweater from high school. She starts to write an email back but Katie comes back home. Maddie jumps up and asks where Henry is. Katie tells her that Mike took him to the hospital to have him checked out more thoroughly with an MRI, to make sure that there wasn’t some worse damage.

At the hospital, Mike is wheeling Henry in the wheelchair, talking about the fact that his MRI came back clear. Mike asks Henry why he thinks he may still be in pain. Henry feigns understanding what could be his problem. Mike point-blankly asks him if he is really hurt, or if something else is wrong.

At the park, Jack has arrived to talk to Margo regarding what happened with Rory. He is amazed that Gwen would have fallen asleep with the baby when he saw her less than 10 minutes before, in broad daylight no less. He further wonders why someone would snatch a pram with a child in it and only take it across the park. Margo doesn’t have any answers, and since they can only go on the evidence they have, they are most likely going to have to arrest Gwen. Casey, who has showed up behind Margo, repeats what he just heard in disbelief--"Gwen is going to be arrested?"

At Gwen’s, Will is trying to calm Gwen, reminding her that he is on her side. He thinks that it is not out of the realm of possibility that she may have fallen asleep if she was relaxed on a warm day with her baby, having not eaten much and been working long hours. Gwen is incensed.. She did not fall asleep of her own accord. She was not relaxed; she was stressed, worrying that the baby may choke on something, etc. Then she has another thought: maybe the cops are in on it. "The police are called, and Casey’s mom is the one to respond," she suggests. "Isn’t that too coincidental?" Will stops her dead in her tracks, telling her that she has to get it together and stop looking for someone else to blame.

Carly sees Emily at Java, and Emily tries awkwardly to talk to her. Carly kind of responds, and Emily asks if she is still made at her. She didn’t have a right to put her two cents in. She is an outsider who doesn’t know the whole story. Carly doesn’t want to get into it right now, but she is sure that after the events of today, the judge will never let Gwen near Rory. Paul, who has walked in behind Carly, overhears this statement, and he and Emily exchange nervous looks.

Henry is indignant at first at Mike’s implication. Mike empathizes, saying he knows that Henry has been through a lot in his relationship with Katie, and then he fell on the stairs and off the couch. He understands that he would be in pain, but the MRI isn’t showing a problem. Mike wonders if something else is causing his pain. Henry asks, showing the perfect amount of disbelief, if Mike thinks he is faking. Mike doesn’t want to say that, but he thinks that Henry may not want to move on or forward. Henry further feigns shock over his thoughts. Does Mike think he doesn’t want to work or that he wants to be waited on hand and foot, unable to fend for himself? Mike laughs because they both know that may not be a stretch, but he gets that Henry and Maddie may be in a bind, living-wise. He offers to lend Henry the deposit for an apartment after he decides he can get back on his feet. Henry explains that Maddie has some money saved, but Mike thinks that it wouldn’t be enough. He doesn’t want Henry to feel he has to be in pain to ask for help. When Henry is ready, Mike will help him anyway he can. Henry is in awe. Why would he do that for him? Mike responds simply that he is his best friend, and he handled it decently when Katie and he told him about their rekindled relationship. He just wants Henry to be straight with him.

Maddie is immediately nervous about the news that Henry is at the hospital, and it shows, but Katie assumes that she is just worried and assures her that the test won’t hurt Henry. Katie has to run upstairs and leaves Maddie worrying about the fact that Byron is acting too slowly, and Henry is about to be found out. The doorbell rings, and Maddie signs for a package for Katie. She opens it up and sees a pink sweater and an unsigned note. She smirks and realizes her hopes are not dashed regarding her plan with Byron.

Margo doesn’t want to talk about what is going on with Gwen to Casey, so she changes the subject and asks him why he is there. He is there about the check to the caterers for his party. He wants to thank her, as well, for doing this for him. Margo wants people to see that he has come through this fiasco fine and is holding his head high, and also that his parents are supportive and behind him. She thinks it will be fun for him, and if he wants to ask Will to his party that might be nice also. Casey rolls his eyes at his mom’s attempt to reconnect him and Will. Casey leaves soon after. Jack walks back up to Margo and tells her that he canvassed the area and talked to any witnesses, and nobody saw a thing. He is amazed that, in the middle of the day, nobody saw anything. Margo thinks that it is lucky they have a happy ending, with a baby being left alone in a pram and all. Jack confirms her sentiments that someone did get lucky, but it appears that Jack has his own ideas about whom that is.

Carly is relaying the story to Emily and Paul of what supposedly happened that morning, with Gwen falling asleep while caring for the baby. Paul is surprised Carly got the police involved. "Of course I did, a baby went missing for a short time," Carly responds. Carly is thrilled at the prospect that, once the judge hears this, Gwen will never be allowed near Rory. Paul has to excuse himself, under the pretense of having a conference call, and Emily goes to accompany him. They are happy that Rory is fine, but once they are by themselves Paul is openly panicked that this has happened. What did Gwen do? He has to put this major fire out or everything is going to go up in smoke. Emily tries to calm him with a soft kiss and a promise that it will be okay, but Paul runs off quickly with a bad feeling. Carly comes out with Rory and stops to tell Emily that now she must see she was wrong about Gwen. Emily gently replies that it was just a little scare, and that Rory is fine. Carly simply poses the question of how she would feel if it had been Daniel. With that, she walks off.

Will is worried about Gwen’s behavior. "You can’t accuse the entire town of being against you! Everyone seems to be plotting against you in your eyes," Will says. Gwen is sure the judge will listen to her side and look at the facts about Carly calling her out of the blue, it being a hot day and Carly giving her the water. It looks too coincidental. Will starts to agree that the judge probably will agree to some degree, and if the water comes back spiked-- Gwen cuts him off. What does he mean, ‘if?’ Does he no longer believe her? Will tries to explain himself, claiming all he meant was that she would have a better case if she had proof. No, Gwen doesn’t think that was all he meant. Either he believes her or he doesn’t. Will starts to dodge the question a bit, but Gwen puts it to him plainly: does he believe her, yes or no?

Maddie is standing over the box, having a comical daydream about Katie, Mike and Henry. Katie is wearing the pink sweater and modeling it for Mike, who is a dumb Neanderthal. They fight about the sweater, and Mike tells her, as he is slopping down a beer, that it is the sweater or him. Henry and Maddie show up and Henry acts like a prince about the sweater, which is not lost on Katie, and then Prince Henry defends Katie’s honor from the likes of oafish Mike by miraculously getting out of his wheel chair and hitting Mike with his seat donut. Katie, of course, giddily exclaims, “You’re my hero!” and thanks him with a passionate kiss. Maddie is still in her dream when Mike snaps her back to reality by requesting her help with Henry. What happened at the hospital? Maddie asks, almost scared to hear the answer. Henry starts to tell her that Mike graciously invited them to stay as long as they wanted, but he is interrupted when Katie sees the resealed package for her. Maddie makes sure she opens it in front of everyone. Katie sees the sweater and reads the unsigned note, and they all wonder who might have sent this now.

Margo meets Emily at Java, and she immediately quizzes Margo subtly for information on Gwen and Carly. Did Gwen really fall asleep and lose the baby? Yep, Margo tells her. Well, it isn’t like she committed a crime, though, Emily comments. Well, Margo chuckles, you really aren’t supposed to fall asleep while in charge of a baby. Emily explains herself by saying that Carly acted as if Gwen had done something highly illegal. She is surprised that Carly left her alone with the baby, and besides, Gwen was probably exhausted from everything she had gone through. Margo is confused; isn’t Emily close friends with Carly?

Gwen wants Will to leave. Will wants Gwen to understand he is not trying to be hard on her; he is on her side. Gwen is starting to believe that Will really doesn’t believe her. She doesn’t need him, of all people, to stop believing in her. She can’t deal with that on top of everything else. Will is trying to diffuse the situation, but Gwen is really worked up because she thinks she is alone, and her protective defense mechanism is kicking in. She will do it alone, and now she has the money. Will questions that statement, and Gwen angrily shows him the money from underneath her mattress. Now does he believe her about this as well? Where did she get the money? Will angrily asks. Gwen bitterly asks if he thinks she stole the money. That is not what he was implying, Will counters. Gwen wonders if they really knew each other at all. Will wonders about that as well, now, because he is frustrated. He storms out the door. A moment passes, and there is a knock; Gwen opens it while belting out an apology, thinking it is Will. She finds Paul on the other side, though. "Sorry?" he repeats. Is she trying to ruin everything? he asks.

Jack comes home and finds Carly coming downstairs, ready for bed. He tells her he heard about what happened at the park. She relays that she is better now, but she didn’t tell the other children, whom she just put to bed, so as not to upset them. Jack worries about Carly. She just is amazed at how Gwen could leave Rory alone in his pram. She acted so unconscionably, Carly spits, as she looks sideways at Jack. Jack wants to hear exactly what happened. Carly asks if he hasn’t already heard it from Margo. He wants to hear it again from her. Carly nervously starts to relay the story, and the fact that Jack is a police officer who knows her well is not lost on her. She relays how it went down at the park, or should we say, how she set it up to go down. Jack listens to her story. Carly innocently, for good appearances' sake, makes sure she mentions it was Nancy’s idea to allow Gwen to be alone with the baby. She pretends to now be questioning that decision for good measure. Jack asks her if she knows that Gwen is accusing her of spiking her drink. She sarcastically replies that she did it from across the street with Nancy, with her magical powers. Carly is angered that again Gwen is passing the buck for her mistakes. Jack stops her by saying that this whole story seems too convenient, considering the case is concluding tomorrow. Does Carly not see the similarities between today’s event and Iris’s boy? Are you saying it is my fault? Carly asks. No, but he thinks they have to talk before they go any further. He knows how Carly gets when she feels threatened, and that makes Carly capable of anything. He is sure Carly felt threatened by Gwen. Carly answers that it is simply that she promised her sister. Jack is sure it is more than that. The timing of when Rory came into their lives was right on top of what came out with Iris’s son. He knows Carly saw Rory as a second chance. He doesn’t see why Carly feels she has something to prove. He has noticed that she has changed since the story of Iris’s son came out. She has been sad, quiet and moody. Carly pipes in that she should have a right to feel that way. Jack empathizes, but he wants Carly to let herself off the hook. She is not responsible. How does he know that? Carly asks. He has seen her interact with Sage, Parker and J.J. He thinks she is acting too over-the-top about Rory in some twisted attempt to make up for Iris’s son. "Rory is not your brother." Carly answers that she knows that, but Jack is not sure she does.

Paul wants to know when Cass is going to get there. Gwen replies that he said 15 minutes. Paul tells her that she needs to get it together, because he already warned her about Carly, and now look what happened. Gwen figured that she was okay because Nancy was with her. Paul smirks, saying that Nancy was the icing on the cake, because she is innocent and nobody would think twice about her. She was Carly’s perfect alibi. Gwen mentions the water bottle, but Paul is ahead of her, telling her that Carly is smart and would have covered her tracks, and the water bottle would have been switched back to normal water. Gwen is suddenly saddened by her situation, now knowing the judge will not believe her without proof. Will doesn’t even believe her anymore. She wants to call him, but Paul wants her to concentrate on Cass and her case. "I am paying for your lawyer and anything extra, so," Paul warns, "you need to now listen to what I say, and do as you are told!"

Casey comes across a saddened Will in the park. He sits down and tries to start a conversation with him. Will starts to walk away, but when Casey mentions that he heard about the fact that Gwen will be arrested, this gets Will’s attention. "They are going to arrest her?" Then he doesn’t want to talk further about her. Casey asks why Gwen has made it so that they can’t talk anymore. He reminds Will that he may have made some bad choices, but he didn’t know about Gwen’s pregnancy until the end. Then the paternity test came back not showing him to be the father, and he knew Gwen had played him. Will drops his guard and asks Casey if he really thinks Gwen slept with someone else. Casey sarcastically responds that he is the one who got an ‘A’ in biology--add it up. She is probably playing Will now, as she played Casey.

Henry is looking through the box and says there is definitely no name, and the person paid cash, so they could probably not be tracked. Katie looks at Mike and knowingly says that Simon doesn’t even like pink, answering everyone’s unspoken thoughts. Henry sourly answers that Simon doesn’t have taste anyway. Mike knows they aren’t going to get answers right now so he suggests they get ice cream for everyone, and he asks Katie to accompany him, which Henry agrees she should do.. Katie leaves with Mike, and Maddie asks Henry why he sent them off so easily. "The jig is up," Henry tells a stunned Maddie. Meanwhile, outside, Katie and Mike talk on the steps. She asks if Mike is mad about the sweater. Mike tells a surprised Katie he is pretty sure he knows who really sent the sweater. He tells Katie that he thinks it is Henry. Katie doesn’t believe that Henry would do that. Mike tells her about the MRI being clear, and how he isn’t really in any physical pain. He thinks Henry probably can’t bring himself to move out because that would really mean it is over. Katie is still unsure about Mike’s thoughts. Inside, Maddie wants to know why he says the jig is up. He flunked the MRI, he explains to her; it was clear. Was Mike mad? "No, he was gracious to me," Henry says. He wants to tell Mike the truth, though. Maddie wants to know why, at this point. Henry says Mike is his best friend.. Maddie blurts out that he can’t, because it is working. Henry stops and looks at her. "What is working? What are you hiding?" Henry demands to know. Maddie looks sheepishly at Henry, knowing she is caught. She would have told him, but she didn’t know if it was going to work, and now it appears it may be working. Henry looks at her, and then at the package. She is Katie’s secret admirer? No, not exactly, she admits, but... and then Henry stops her, fearful of the answer. Did she call Simon? No she did not call him. What did she do? She got in touch with Byron, and she set up an email account for Katie and contacted him through the account. Henry is in disbelief. Maddie tries to appease him by saying she did this because she knows he and Katie belong together. Henry reminds Katie that the sweater is very expensive, and it is not good to play people like this. Maddie relays that she knows that Byron is very wealthy, so he can afford it. Henry isn’t sure what to do, but he grabs her computer and tells her that she is banned from it until further notice.

Maddie begs him to reconsider, but Henry tells her that it is staying in the limo until further notice, and he marches with it outside and runs smack-dab into Katie and Mike, who are still talking on the porch. Henry is shocked that they are still there, and Maddie pipes in that his walking is a miracle, and Henry chimes in with a hallelujah.

Of course she is Carly’s friend, Emily tells Margo, but Gwen is also a friend of Will’s, and she is, after all, living with his brother. She is trying to stay impartial, but it is hard. Margo understands her predicament. They change the subject and Emily thanks Margo for looking after Daniel with Tom. Margo answers that it is no problem, and if it helps while Emily figures some things out then all the better. Emily’s smile fades, and she wants to know what she means. Margo wonders if Emily is sure it would be a good idea to have Daniel live with her and Paul. Emily silently glares back at Margo.

Gwen tells Cass that she is sure Carly spiked her water, and she is willing to take a polygraph test. Cass wants her to tell another lawyer, because he is off the case. Gwen is desperate; he can’t abandon her now. Cass tells her that he doesn’t like to take cases he can’t win, and this would be one of those. She is about to be brought up on child abandonment charges, and she will not win with that hanging over her head. He starts to walk out the door and he runs right into Paul. Cass is a bit taken aback at seeing him, but obviously he has respect for Paul. He decides to listen further when Paul tells him he will consider it a personal favor.

Carly admits that maybe she is being overprotective, but she knows Rory is not Iris’s son. Taking Rory away from Gwen will not bring your brother back, Jack warns. Jack tells Carly he is not going to question what happened in the park any further, because they both know what happens when Carly doesn’t want to tell him the truth. Carly pleads for Jack to just consider that it was fate interceding so they would end up with Rory. Jack tells her that fate may have been involved, but it was after Carly’s manipulation.

Emily demands to know if Margo has been talking to Hal. She has, and he is upset with what is going on, and she believes that it is for the best that Daniel is safe with them. She knows Paul may be fun to be around on a play date, but is he a good father in the middle of the night when Daniel is sick? He may look good on paper, but it is the other part they are worried about. Emily angrily asks Margo if she is trying to keep her son from her. No, Margo does not mean to sound like that. Emily wants Margo to keep her opinions to herself and have Daniel packed up and ready to be picked up by tomorrow. Emily then stomps off.

Casey wants Will to come to the party that his parents are throwing to kick off his senior year. He knows it will be fun, and he thinks it is something Will could use. He doesn’t want Gwen to ruin that for them. Can he count on Will being there so they can put all of this behind them? Will pauses, but then says that it is not that easy, and he sulks as he walks away.

Paul wants Cass to understand he is paying the bill, and he is the client. He wants lawyer-client privilege. He also doesn’t want Cass to let anyone else know he is involved or footing the bill. Cass promises to keep mum about that. Paul asks if what happened today will be a big problem in their case. Cass informs them that their case is now a challenge. Paul sweetens the deal by offering a bonus to Cass if he pulls this off. Cass leaves with promises of seeing them before the hearing. He notices how glum Gwen looks and asks why she is down. She thinks that Paul is wasting his money, because she no longer feels she will get her baby back. Paul assures her that as of tomorrow night, she will be in that apartment with her baby.

Carly wants to end the conversation. Whatever happened today is in the past, and once the judge hears about Gwen’s mistake, the judge will rule that Rory should stay with them where he belongs. She wants Jack to come upstairs with her to go to bed, and she raises her eyebrows seductively at her G-man, but Jack tells her he wants to stay downstairs because he has some thinking to do. A saddened Carly tells Jack not to stay up too late, and she walks away. Before she walks up the stairs, she glances back, concerned for Jack, who stares into the distance with a very worried expression on his face.

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