ATWT Update Monday 9/12/05

As the World Turns Update Monday 9/12/05


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Boo

Proofread by Angie

At her hotel room, Dusty confronts Jen about what Pete left for her, referring to the baggy of meth. Jen tries to deny his accusations by claiming that she has no idea why he would think she would need drugs. She explains away her mood swings and bizarre behavior with the fact that she is still grieving for her baby. Dusty doesn’t buy it and thinks she is insulting his intelligence by thinking he would fall for her story. He demands she admit to this, because she needs to stop before she gets in way over her head. Jen has worn out denial and so she becomes outraged, asking Dusty, “Who the hell are you to tell me what to do?”

At Lucinda’s, Holden walks back into the room, where Lily is sitting dejected in a chair. She looks up at him and sarcastically tells him that he can tell her "I told you so" about Keith. Holden takes the understanding approach, saying that is not why he stuck around. Lily is in disbelief that Keith would betray her this way by taking Lucinda to Mexico behind her back. She repeats out loud that she should have paid attention to Holden’s lack of trust in Keith. Holden chuckles that he understands why Lily would be less than impressed with Holden’s take on Keith; he is a little biased, after all. Lily is less understanding of how her mother, who greatly dislikes Keith, would turn to him. Holden attempts to not accuse Keith of all the wrongdoing. Maybe Lucinda convinced him the clinic was legit, he suggests. It doesn’t matter in Lily's eyes. Keith knew how Lily felt about the clinic, and he did this behind her back; he flat-out betrayed her. Holden apologizes to her that she was lied to. Lily is, right now, more concerned for her mother’s well-being in Mexico. She hugs Holden tightly.

At the clinic, Keith tells Lucinda that it is time to go. Lucinda looks at him and defiantly tells him that what she is doing there is, for her, a matter of life and death; she will tell him when it is time to go.

Luke is in the cockpit of Keith’s plane and stops suddenly when he hears a couple of men speaking Spanish.

Gwen is panic-stricken, running around the park and calling out to Rory. She stops a man who thinks she is a scam artist, and he leaves her standing there frantically looking for her baby. Carly and Nancy show up and immediately demand to know where Rory is and why she is not with him. All Gwen can manage is that she doesn’t know. She is confused as she answers that she somehow must have fallen asleep. Carly screams that they had just been gone for half an hour.

She goes to call the police. She explains what happened in the park, and how she had actually not been the one with the baby. Gwen is standing there frozen, unable to make sense of what is happening. Nancy apologizes to Carly, thinking it is her fault that Rory is gone because she made the suggestion. Carly stops her and asks her if she will help her look for the baby, while Gwen stays behind to see if the baby shows back up. Carly sneers as they walk away. Gwen immediately calls Will and begs him to come meet her at the park because there is an emergency.

Dusty pleads with Jen that the way to handle all she is going through is not to abuse meth. Jen continues to deny his accusations. She just put her baby in the ground, and if she is not handling it or getting over it on Dusty’s timetable, then she can’t help it. She is just trying to get past her loss, as everyone is urging her to do. Crystal meth is not the way to do it, Dusty repeats. Jen is getting angrier that Dusty won’t let it go. He assures her he is just trying to help out. Jen tells Dusty she doesn’t need his help, so he should butt out. Dusty tells her that if she doesn’t want him involved in her personal life then he won’t be, but he is going to tell her family what he knows. Jen stops in her tracks and yells at Dusty that if he breathes a word of this to anyone, then they are through!

Lily pulls away from her embrace with Holden, explaining that she shouldn’t be burdening him with this about Keith. Holden assures her that no matter if they are married or not, he will always be there for her. Lily wonders again how Keith could put her mother at risk like that. Holden plays devil’s advocate and suggests that maybe Lucinda made Keith do this for her. He thinks maybe she suggested Keith could get on her good side if he did. Lily still is sure of how dangerous Keith knew this clinic was--she told him! Holden suggests that Lucinda probably swore him to secrecy. He probably was torn between scoring points with her, finally, and telling Lily what she was up to. Lily wonders how she can ever trust him again. Holden suggests she just wait and hear his side of the story. Right now, he needs to go find Luke. Lily apologizes for waylaying him by falling apart. She is worried about Luke because he was so looking forward to his flying lessons, and then when Keith cancelled, supposedly for business, Luke was crushed. He accused Keith of trying to use him to get closer to Lily. What does she know of Luke’s accusation now? She has to believe Keith was offering these lessons out of the goodness of his heart. Holden asks if she wants to come look for Luke, but she wants to stick around and wait to see her mother. Holden promises to call her when he knows something.

Lucinda reminds Keith of their agreement. She will not tell Lily of Keith’s illegal involvements in organ transporting if he keeps her secret about her treatments at this clinic. It is too late for that, Keith tells her. He has already told Lily all about their trip. Lucinda can’t believe he would do that. Keith could not keep it from her anymore. Lily was worried and asked him point-blank; he could no longer keep this from her.. Lucinda stares angrily at Keith as she inquires as to whether he told her the whole sordid tale, including his role in transporting organs. No, he admits, but he plans on telling her when he gets back home. Lucinda decides she doesn’t care because she is glad that Lily will learn all about her paramour’s secret life, but she is staying until her treatment is complete. Keith doesn’t really care about Lucinda right now. She has ruined his life, and for all he cares she can ruin her own life with these treatments, but he is going to the airport and will be leaving in an hour--with or without her!

Holden calls Lily to ask if she has seen Luke yet. She hasn’t, and is upset to know Holden hasn’t come across Luke yet either. None of his friends whom he has talked to know anything yet, either. Then Holden sees some of Luke’s friends and he wants to go talk to them. Lily asks where he is, and when he tells her that he is at Java, she tells him she will be right there.

Keith gets on his plane and notices a backpack there. He looks through it and finds an ID with Luke’s name on it. He is beside himself, not knowing how Luke got there or where he now is. He rummages through the bag further and finds a vodka bottle. Now he is really concerned. He wonders out loud about what Luke did now and where the hell he is.

Jen begs Dusty to let her live her life without his interference. Dusty tells her if she doesn’t want her family to know, then he will help her through this. They will get through her drug addiction together. Jen doesn’t want his help. She tells him the meth is helping her, not hurting her. It helps her forget her sadness. She can function in her life now, her life is bearable now, and she is full of ideas for work. Dusty is agitated at her belief that the drugs are actually helping her. "You can’t do anything without them! They aren’t helping you!" he yells. He picks up her designs and tosses down each sketch as he tells her that this one is last year's look, this one is last year's design with a different color, next one, same as last year, just off the shoulder. Jen screams back that he doesn’t know anything about fashion. She doesn’t need him, or the company. He doesn’t respect or get her anymore. That is the drugs talking, he tells her; what about when she needed him so badly in Chicago? Well, she got over that quickly, she bitterly yells. He is just trying to help, he insists. No, she yells, he is not; he is trying to control her, and that is why she quits! She appreciates what he did for her before, and while she recognizes that he used to be a stepping stone for her success, now he is just someone who steps all over her. She is done with him, their partnership and their friendship. Does she want to make this decision when she isn’t ‘jonesing?’ No, she says, she is done. Dusty goes to leave, and Jen tries to grab the baggy of drugs, but Dusty pushes her away and slams out the door. Jen falls to the floor, grabs her purse and swallows some pills down.

A guy shows up with Rory, and Gwen yells for Carly that her baby is back. Carly runs over to Rory and cradles him. Nancy recognizes him as the vendor who sold them the water. They are all fawning over the baby when Margo shows up, responding to Carly’s call. She still wants to know what happened. Carly explains how she decided to let Gwen see the baby and she and Nancy went for a short walk to give her a moment with Rory, and when they came back Gwen had lost him. Margo asks Gwen what happened.

She relays how she was waiting for Rory to wake up, and then she started feeling sick and a little dizzy, and the next thing she knew she woke up and the baby was gone. Margo asks her what she had to eat that day. She tells her just a bit. Margo wonders if that, combined with the heat, may have contributed to her feeling lousy. By now Will is there. Then, when Gwen remembers feeling the worst right after she drank some water, Gwen immediately starts freaking out and making accusations of something being put in her water.

Behind Margo, Carly is starting to look a little concerned. Gwen accuses Carly of spiking the water. Nancy reminds Gwen they all had the same bottled water. Carly is bitterly angry, yelling about how Gwen is unfit and is again trying to shift the blame elsewhere. Gwen starts to lunge at Carly, but Margo and Will intercede. Margo asks where the water bottle is. It is in the pram, and Margo goes to get it and tells Gwen she will have it analyzed. Carly pipes in that because of this she will never let her near Rory again. She is negligent and can’t be trusted with all her lies, with her supposedly falling asleep, someone supposedly spiking her drink, and Casey supposedly being Rory’s dad. Gwen yells back that she will get her baby back no matter what, and she will not stop her. Margo tells Gwen that as Rory’s custodial parent she can stop Gwen, at least temporarily. She can press charges, which Carly decides to do. Carly declares that she wants Gwen arrested.

Barbara shows up back at the suite, and Jen is nervous and on edge after her altercation with Dusty. She plays on her mother’s desire to be a huge part of Jen’s life. Jen tells her that she has been thinking about how much her mom means to her. She is the only one who truly understood what she was going through. Barbara is so happy to hear Jen talk like this. Jen turns the conversation to work, and how she misses working with Barbara. She would love to draw from Barbara’s experiences, as well. Barbara eats up what Jen is throwing to her and tells her that she never dreamed that Jen would want to be partners again. Jen asks her what she would say to that proposal. Barbara replies that she would like to know what brought this turnabout on.

Lily and Holden are talking to Luke’s friend, Kevin, at Java. Kevin explains that Luke was upset, and he was just trying to cheer him up. He pauses before he finishes the story and asks, "Will he get in trouble?" No, Holden and Lily assure him, they just want to find Luke. He finishes by saying that he got Luke a fake ID to get some vodka. Lily is trying to hide her anger so Kevin will give them as much information as he can. What happened after? Kevin tells them that Luke got quiet and wanted to be by himself, which is normal for Luke these days. He left him alone. He apologizes to Holden and Lily, who tell him that they will give him the opportunity to tell his parents before they call. After he leaves, Lily is beside herself with worry about Lucinda being in Mexico and Luke being who knows where with alcohol.

Lucinda chuckles as she boards the plane and says to Keith that she knew he would wait. Keith sets her straight when he explains he wasn’t waiting for her, but rather for her grandson. Lucinda stops, confused; what did he mean about Luke? Keith explains that apparently Luke stowed away aboard his plane. Why didn’t Luke say anything? Keith holds up the vodka bottle and explains he was probably out like a light. Immediately Lucinda wants to know how Keith could let this happen. Keith is amazed that she could blame him for this. She is the reason they are in Mexico. He was supposed to take Luke flying, and when he had to cancel because of her, Luke was very disappointed. Lucinda is prepared to go find Luke, but she feels lightheaded. Keith tells her to stay there, and he hands her a gun and tells her to shoot and asks questions later; she is in another country, on an abandoned runway that involves illegal activities. He is going to find Luke and bring him back.

Margo tries to diffuse the situation by reminding everyone that the baby is back safely and that everyone should relax, and if they want to press charges they could do it the next day. Carly is adamant that she wants Gwen to be held accountable, but Margo reminds Carly of all the baby has gone through and that maybe he would be better off getting some rest. Carly relents and decides to go the next day if she thinks she should, but she will make sure that this will come out in court. Margo also reminds Gwen that she can press charges as well. Margo will run the test on the water in the meantime. Gwen laughs that she doesn’t have much faith in tests these days, after how it turned out with Casey. Gwen is sure she is getting railroaded with all of the people involved on Casey’s side. Margo suggests that Will take Gwen home before she gets in further trouble. After everyone leaves, Carly cuddles the baby and says to him that it was touch and go for a few moments there, but now she knows he will be all hers.

Jen is understanding of Barbara’s uncertainty over Jen’s words.. She says she just needs her family around her. She has been so up and down emotionally, and she wants to be around someone who understands her.. She starts to spin her web of lies to reel Barbara in. Dusty and she are no longer on the same wavelength, she has noticed more and more. She let things get out of hand with him. Barbara is nervous as to how she has done that. Jen assures her she doesn’t mean like that. She explains that after the baby and how he helped, Dusty became more and more possessive. Jen thinks she may have sent mixed signals, as she looks away guiltily. Barbara empathizes with Jen. They went through an intense situation, and it would be natural that they feel gratitude, but she needs to cut her losses, then. Jen further adds fuel to the fire and pretends to be worried about how Dusty would be if she did that. Barbara figures Dusty just wouldn’t appreciate a strong-minded woman, but Jen continues by saying that Dusty could lash out at her. She has seen how he gets when people don’t give him what he wants. Barbara assures a sly Jen that her friends and family will support her. They are interrupted by Dusty, who calls wanting to see Barbara. She tells him that Jen is asleep and that he can come to the suite. After she hangs up, she turns to Jen and tells her they are about to find out what Dusty has to say. Jen nervously stands there, not knowing if she has planted enough seeds of doubt with Barbara against Dusty.

Lucinda is waiting at the plane and decides to call Lily. Lily is happy to hear from her, but upset that she is down there. Lucinda cuts her off to tell her about their surprise stowaway. Lily is shocked that Luke would sneak aboard and immediately wants to talk to him. Lucinda has to break worse news to Lily when she has to tell her that he has gone missing. Lily is beside herself. Lucinda is guilty, saying she just wanted to be in charge of her own treatments, but the phone cuts out. Lily whirls around to tell Holden that their son has stowed away on the plane, and he is now missing in Mexico.

Carly is sitting with Rory on the park bench when the vendor who brought Rory back shows back up. "You kept your end of the deal, and now I will keep my end," she says. She wants to make sure he made the water switch back so the bottle Margo takes to the station will be normal. The man assures her he did. He remarks on how he felt bad for Gwen when she passed out. Carly assures the man that he saved her baby’s life. She gives him his money and tells him he did well. After he leaves, Carly tells Rory that no judge will let Gwen near him.

Gwen is furious. She knows that Carly set her up. She wonders out loud to Will if Nancy was involved, since he is Casey’s grandmother. Will assures Gwen that Nancy would never be involved in something like that. Gwen will give him that, but she is sure Carly set her up; she is going to tell the judge, and he will give her baby back to her, and Carly will never get near him again. Will looks uneasily at Gwen.

Jen listens behind the door as Dusty tells Barbara about Jen’s drug use. Barbara is shocked that Dusty would go so far as to bring props into her room to try to convince her that her daughter is doing drugs. Maybe the drugs are his? She knows that he and Jen are no longer involved in business, and that Dusty is probably trying to get back at her. She knows that these are not Jen’s drugs because she didn’t even want to take anti-depressants, because she doesn’t like drugs. While most models got involved, Jen never did, so Dusty’s accusations are farfetched. She is simply grieving over her lost baby. Dusty tries to convince Barbara he is on the up and up. He reminds her that Jen is not eating and has been experiencing mood swings, but Barbara won’t hear it.. Jen continues to listen, half feeling guilty, and half nervous that she will be found out. Dusty tries to convince Barbara further, but she hears nothing of what he is saying, and Dusty tells her that choosing to remain ignorant about Jen’s problem is a big mistake. Barbara replies that it's not as big of a mistake as him thinking he could use her to get to Jen. She practically kicks Dusty out. Jen comes out, thanking Barbara for siding with her. Barbara slowly raises her head with concern in her face. Jen wonders if Barbara believes her. Of course she does, she says, but she is concerned that Dusty would go as far as he did to claim she was using drugs. Jen declares that she never should have trusted him, especially with what he is obviously capable of. Barbara hugs her, promising that they will get through this together.

Lucinda is waiting on the plane and thinks she hears a noise. She grabs the gun and aims it as she calls out Luke’s name.

Lily is more concerned than ever now that she knows Luke is in Mexico as well. She can’t believe she trusted Keith, and now all of this is happening. A concerned Holden asks if Keith may wash his hands of them both and leave them there. Lily is convinced that with everything he has done, he cares about her family and would never let anything happen to Luke.

Keith is in the darkened clinic. A man stops him, asking him what he is doing there, since it is closed. Keith wonders why it is closed and all the lights are out. He says he is looking for a kid. Just then he hears Luke yell from a distance. He demands to know what they are doing with the boy. Suddenly, Keith is hit from behind, and everything goes black!

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