ATWT Update Thursday 9/8/05

As the World Turns Update Thursday 9/8/05


Written By Eva
Pictures by Boo
Proofread by Angie

At the Walsh mansion, Holden tells Lily he thinks Keith may have taken Lucinda to Mexico, since Lucinda told him she was going to take a trip with Keith when he (Holden) caught Lucinda on the phone talking to Keith. Lily refuses to believe Keith would ever lie to her and is certain Keith would let her know about his plan to take Lucinda to Mexico, even if he knew she would get mad at him. Lily is sure that it was Lucinda who lied to Holden when he pushed her to reveal why she was talking to Keith on the phone. Lily thinks that Lucinda was making an effort to accept Keith as a part of her life. Holden thinks Keith is the person who is lying to Lily.

On Keith’s plane, Keith feels guilty for lying to Lily about this trip. Lucinda explains to Keith that her daughters don’t have an open mind about alternative cancer treatments and refuse to even think about any treatment that isn’t traditional. Keith tells Lucinda that her daughters love her very much, and that is why they took such drastic steps to make sure she didn’t go through with a treatment they feel puts her life at risk. Keith and Lucinda are unaware that Luke is passed out at the back of the plane, sleeping off a hangover.

At Java, Sierra is happy to find Dusty because they must talk about Jennifer. Sierra thinks Jennifer is out of control and someone needs to straighten her out.

At the Lakeview, Jennifer tries to buy drugs from a new dealer who demands more money than her previous dealer.

At the park, Carly offers to let Gwen spend time alone with the baby because Nancy persuaded her it would be a good idea to let Gwen spend more time with the baby. Gwen is reluctant to take Carly up on her offer because she fears this is all part of a plan of Carly's to make her seem like an unfit mother. Nancy assures Gwen that this was her idea, and she had to persuade Carly to do it. Carly tells Gwen that letting her spend time alone with the baby was a bad idea and asks Gwen to give her the baby. Gwen explains to Carly that she wants to spend time with her son, but she has to go to work, and she is afraid she will be fired if she arrives late to work. Nancy tells Gwen that Charlie, the manager at Al’s Diner, is an old friend of hers, and she will call him and explain the situation so she won’t lose her job. Gwen is surprised that Nancy would do such a kind thing for her, since she is Casey’s grandmother. Gwen decides to accept Carly’s offer to spend time alone with the baby. Carly buys three bottles of water, one for her, one for Nancy and one for Gwen. Carly slips something in Gwen’s water before handing the bottle to her. Carly tells Gwen she will give her twenty minutes alone with the baby, and she and Nancy will go across the street to Java.

At the Lakeview, Pete tells Jennifer he wants $500 more than her previous dealer for his best ice. Jennifer is shocked, and Pete tells her there won’t be a deal if he doesn’t get his money. Pete starts to leave, but Jennifer tells him she will go down to the ATM and get him the money. Jennifer begs Pete to stay in her room and wait for her to return with the money. Pete agrees to wait, so Jennifer goes downstairs to get the money. Pete snoops around Jennifer’s room while he is waiting for her to return with the money.

At Java, Sierra explains to Dusty that Jennifer announced the launch of a new make-up line to the press, without consulting them about the idea before she told the press. Dusty thinks that a make-up line is a good idea, but Sierra thinks it is impossible to have a line of make-up ready by December, which is the date Jennifer quoted to the press. Sierra is also worried because Jennifer keeps sending the same designs to the design department over and over when they keep asking her for five new designs. Sierra doesn’t understand what is going on with Jennifer and thinks that Jennifer is playing a joke on them, sending the design department the same designs over and over again. Dusty promises Sierra he will find out what is going on with Jennifer.

At the Walsh mansion, Lily begins to think that Holden may be right to suspect that Keith took Lucinda to Mexico, but she doesn’t tell Holden that she thinks he is right; instead she wonders if Holden dislikes Keith because he is a part of her life. Holden admits to Lily that he dislikes Keith because he is a part of her life. Holden thinks Lily is letting her love for Keith blind her to his bad points. Lily doesn’t think Keith would hurt her or Luke on purpose. Lily wonders why Holden allowed Luke to take flying lessons from Keith if he doesn’t trust him. Holden explains to Lily that it was the only thing that has made Luke happy since they told him they were going to divorce, and he loved seeing Luke so happy.

Sierra arrives and takes Holden’s side, saying she also thinks Keith took Lucinda to the clinic in Mexico. Lily continues to defend Keith by saying that if Keith took Lucinda to Mexico, Lucinda probably tricked him into taking her to the clinic.

In Mexico, Lucinda and Keith arrive at the clinic and Lucinda asks Keith to wait until she has finished her three treatments and then take her back home. Once Lucinda has gone for her treatment, Keith considers calling Lily but decides not to call her. Luke is shocked to wake up inside Keith’s plane and look out the window and read the "Welcome to Mexico" sign.

At the Lakeview, Jennifer has a hard time getting money out of the ATM because the machine keeps reading "access denied," so she bangs on the sides of the machine. Hal arrives and wonders why Jennifer is so desperate to get money out of the ATM machine. Dusty catches Pete snooping inside Jennifer’s room and demands to know what he is doing there.

At Java, Carly suggests to Nancy that Gwen could be doing drugs, but Nancy doesn’t think Gwen is on drugs. Nancy thinks Carly did a very nice thing by allowing Gwen to spend time alone with the baby.

At the park, Gwen tells the baby she loves him very much and will be a good mother to him, even though she had a lousy mother. Jack arrives and is surprised to see Gwen alone with the baby. Gwen puts the baby back inside the carriage and thinks that Jack is there to arrest her for kidnapping the baby. Gwen explains that Carly is at Java with Nancy, and she allowed her to spend time with the baby. Gwen tells Jack to go to Java and talk to Carly. Gwen gets ready to give the baby back to Jack, but he explains to Gwen that if Carly approved the visit he has no problem with leaving her alone with the baby. Jack goes to Java to talk to Carly while Gwen watches the baby sleep.

At Java, Carly explains to Jack that Nancy persuaded her to leave Gwen alone with the baby. Nancy goes to call Charlie, the manager of Al’s Diner. Jack wants to know the real reason Carly let Gwen spend time alone with the baby. Carly explains to Jack that Nancy made her realize that if she was nice to Gwen, things might go easier for all of them in court.

At the Lakeview, Hal offers to loan his daughter some money, since her ATM card doesn’t work. Hal asks her how much money she needs and Jennifer tells him $500, and Hal wonders why she needs so much money today. Jennifer covers by telling Hal that a check for a Street Jeans vender bounced and she must pay him in cash today. Hal gives Jennifer the money she needs to pay the drug dealer. In Jen's room, Dusty frisks Pete and finds a large bag of drugs on him. Dusty throws Pete out of the room but keeps the bag of drugs. Pete tells Dusty that she owes him $1000 for the drugs. Dusty is very worried about Jennifer and the trouble she has gotten herself into now.

At the Walsh mansion, Lily thinks Lucinda blackmailed Keith into taking her to Mexico, but Holden and Sierra both think that Lucinda offered Keith a lot of money. Lily decides to call Keith on his cell phone and demand that he tell her the truth. Lily asks Keith to tell her the truth when she asks him the question, Did you take my mother to Mexico?

Keith responds yes, he is with Lucinda in Mexico now. Lily is very hurt that Keith lied to her and refuses to let Keith explain his side of the story when he returns home. Lily tells Keith she will never forgive him for putting her mother’s life at risk. Lily sheds tears of sadness and anger as she hangs up the phone. Lily asks Holden and Sierra to leave her alone. Holden and Sierra go into the next room. Sierra wonders if Lucinda knows that she caused a fight between Keith and Lily. Holden tells Sierra that Lucinda wasn’t the person who lied to Lily. Sierra decides to take the Walsh jet to Mexico and bring Lucinda home. Holden goes to check on Lily; when he goes back inside the room where Lily is, he watches her as she cries.

At the Lakeview, Jennifer is shocked to find Dusty in her room instead of Pete. Dusty holds up the bag of drugs and tells Jennifer that Pete left them for her.

At Java, Jack is proud of Carly for the kind gesture towards Gwen and he thinks the kindness may pay off for them in court. Jack gives Carly a kiss before he goes back to work. Nancy and Carly go to the park to pick up the baby.

At the park, Gwen watches the baby sleep and stands up to stretch her legs. Gwen feels very dizzy and sits back down on the bench. Gwen passes out on the bench and someone stands beside the baby carriage.

In Mexico, Luke tries to use the radio on the plane to communicate with someone, but the radio doesn’t work. Luke notices the flight plan, which says, "Clinica de la Vida." Keith tells Lucinda they must go back to Oakdale right away.

At the park, Gwen wakes up, still dizzy from the drug, and asks herself, "Where is my baby?" when she doesn’t see the baby carriage.

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