ATWT Update Wednesday 9/7/05

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 9/7/05


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Proofread by Angie

Same day continuation from Tuesday’s episode:

At Java, Keith is remembering his spar with Lucinda where she told him he’d been lying to Lily since the day they met. Lily walks up and calls him such a liar! He jumps up and says he can explain, but she locks lips with him before he can say more. Then he proclaims whatever it is, he should do it again. She tells him he said he was going to take a last-minute flight, and here he is sipping coffee. He claims he was just leaving for the airport and she asks him not to go, she needs him--she’s just grounded her mother.

Meanwhile, Holden is grilling Lucinda about what kind of trip she could possibly be taking with Keith. She thinks it’s sweet that he came to see her, but it’ll have to wait for another time, because she has an appointment. But he overheard her on the phone, so he knows it’s with Keith. She gives him a cock-and-bull story until he picks up the phone and threatens to hit redial. She tells him bullying does not become him. He replies, “Says the woman who practically invented it.” She offers that she’s done nothing wrong, but she’s really, really tired. She’s had enough for now. He says fine; he’ll just call Keith or, better yet, track him down and get him to tell him what the two of them are doing. She hems and haws, stuttering that she’s really tired. She feigns spaciness and sits down, with Holden telling her to rest and he’ll get her anything she needs. She tells him she doesn’t need anything, that’s unnecessary. He tells her again to just rest and she can tell him what she was planning--and if she doesn’t, he’ll make sure that Keith does.

Meg searches through Jennifer’s purse and discovers the vial of meth. She recognizes it immediately and takes the cap off after she realizes what it is, even taking a pinch and rubbing it through her fingers. “This can’t be. Jennifer, oh, Jennifer. Crystal meth. Friend, you’re in big trouble.”

Jennifer is on the phone with Jasmine and trying to convince her she is all right, like her old self again, only better. She is so creative and can talk to the press. How many times can she say it--she is fine. She then angrily accuses her of being the one who hooked her up with the stuff in the first place, so why can’t she just get off her back. She curses as she hangs up the phone. Dusty has walked in and says this time he didn’t do it as she swings around and is startled to see him.

At Gwen’s, Carly asks her, instead of waiting and seeing Rory tomorrow, how would she like to see him today? She peeks and wonders if Carly has him in her back pocket. Carly chuckles that no, she thought it was such a beautiful day outside that she was going to take him to the Main Street Courtyard, and if Gwen wants to see him, that’s where they’ll be; just come on down. Gwen is naturally suspicious and wonders if she is going to let her see him a day before the court says she has to. Why? Carly says to just consider it a favor. Gwen nods but has that ‘yeah, right’ look on her face. Carly then says okay, if not, then it’s no skin off her nose. Gwen says good, goes and opens the door and tells Carly she will see her.

Carly offers that she doesn’t know why she expected anything from her. She says she wants her baby more than anything else in the world, but that’s just an act, isn’t it? Gwen asks if she isn’t bored with calling her an unfit mother, because Gwen is; she heard it the first 200 times. Carly fires back in kind that she’s just waiting for her to prove that she loves her son. Gwen retorts that she can’t PROVE that she loves her little boy. Are they through here? Calmly, Carly tells her she can’t stand to be away from her children for even a day and asks how Gwen can turn down the chance to see him, even for a moment. Gwen replies that she thinks she is doing her a big favor, making this generous offer, but this hurts a million times worse than those stupid pictures. Carly asks why. Gwen replies that she doesn’t want to say no; she wants to see him. Carly insists that she can, just come on down to the Courtyard, but Gwen says no. She’s adamant that it’s because Carly is planning on making her look bad again. Carly looks her in the face and tells her she is forcing herself to believe in her. Why can’t Gwen try and do the same? Gwen retorts that because if she does and she is wrong, then she loses everything. She says she wants to see her little boy for more than a few minutes, and she doesn’t want Carly there watching every move she makes and taking stuff back to the judge. She mocks, “He cried for 3.2 seconds.” Carly assures her that won’t happen. Gwen says she knows; she won’t let it happen. Carly asks if she thinks she is going to win in court. Gwen answers there is no way she can’t win. Carly says she hopes she doesn’t, but if she does, she can’t stand one of those awful scenes where a baby is crying and screaming because he is being taken by someone he doesn’t even know. Gwen answers that he knows her--she’s his mother! Carly laughs and says that’s a nice fantasy, how a baby instinctively knows his mother, and maybe that’s true just a few hours after birth, but it’s been weeks now. Gwen tells her it’s only 24 more hours; she’ll see him tomorrow. Carly reminds her it'll be in a cold room, surrounded by lawyers and social workers. Gwen scoffs that at least she’ll see him and be away from her. Carly asks if she despises her that much, to deny her son what he really needs. More than anything right now, Rory needs both of them to put him first. Gwen says she has put him first; she’s been getting things ready for him and buying books about babies. Carly chuckles again and tells her that reading about it is a lot different than actually doing it, and she was giving her the chance for some hands-on experience. She tells Gwen to do what she likes, she knows where they’ll be. Once out the door, she mouths, “Okay, Gwen, take the bait.” Inside, Gwen walks to the crib and picks up a little stuffed lamb, then throws it down and says, “No way.”

Lily tells Keith he saw how angry her mother was. He says yeah; he even hated to leave her and Sierra there, but he figured they could double-team her and get her to say uncle. Lily says she didn’t say anything near the word "uncle," so she and Sierra had to confiscate her driver’s license and passport; there was no other way. He says he believes her. Sometimes her mother leaves people with no other choice. He also says he really wanted to spend the night with her tonight. She says it’s okay, he has to work; there’ll be other nights. He says if there were any other way he could get out of this flight... She says she understands; it’s not like he’s going out of the country... is he? She chuckles and he replies not without her! She tells him good, have a safe flight and come home soon. He says he will. She wants to know how long they have. He replies, "Long enough for this," and he lays a big kiss on her.

Outside, Luke has met up with a friend, Kevin, and is telling him about his flying the plane all the way to Chicago today, though not solo; Keith will be doing take-offs and landings, but all the in-between will be him. Then he’s terribly disappointed when Keith tells him it won’t happen today.

Holden insists on knowing why Lucinda is taking off with Keith, of all people. She gushes that she's doing it because she wants to. She’s tired of people telling her what to do because she’s sick. She’s still Lucinda Walsh; she’s toppled empires and battled wind-tossed seas and that’s enough--enough! He finally gives in and says he’ll drive her. No, that’s not good enough either; he’s meddling. He starts in again, asking where Keith is taking her, then.. Lucinda responds just up, up and away, nowhere. She looks at him and tells him not to try to horn in on this thing, because it’s a two-seater. All the more reason, he says, for wanting to know where they’re going. Her comeback, complete with grand gestures, is, “Oh, you mean you think I’m so dispirited and so disjointed and so distraught that I may go up in the plane with Lily’s boyfriend and then decide to take us both down in fiery glory? Is that it?” He tells her no, that never crossed his mind, but the fact that it crossed hers is kind of scary. She nervously laughs and says she is a scary lady, just remember that. And she remarks she might just be trying to know Keith a little better. There's one more thing Holden wants to know as he’s catching up on things: why did she fire Meg? She sloughs it off, saying that they didn’t agree on certain things and she no longer could work for her. He still wants to know why. Lucinda puts her hands on his shoulders, pats him and chides him, asking if he is worried that if she spends more time with Keith Morrisey she’ll like him better than Holden. He retorts that that isn’t possible; she’s crazy about him. She tells him, “I am crazy about you. And you know why I am crazy about you? Because you have consistently, wonderfully, enduringly loved my little girl. And if you won’t move heaven and earth for what you had, then I will!” She pats him hard on the shoulders. Before leaving, she turns and tells him that she’d had Meg’s things packed up, so if he’d like, he can collect them and cart them off and be off. She throws him a kiss goodbye.

Dusty questions Jennifer on why she’s outside using her phone. She proclaims that it was private and she has company. He tells her he just came by to apologize to her. She says good, go ahead. He continues that maybe he shouldn’t have gotten her mother involved, but he cares about her and he worries about her, so shoot him! Meg puts the meth back into Jennifer’s purse and walks out. Jennifer is glad for the distraction and claims they were talking fashion. Meg slips that Jen has been doing most of the talking, and she’s glad Dusty is here. He grins as Jen invites them inside, so as not to linger in the hallway. Meg whispers to Dusty that she needs to speak with him. Inside they chit-chat, but Jen doesn’t leave them alone and Dusty finally dismisses Meg, saying that he needs to talk business with Jen. Meg tells him again that she really needs to talk with him, and he suggests Java in half an hour. She tells Jen that if she ever wants to hang out or vent, call her. She then tells Dusty it looks like she has a new friend, though he tells her Meg is not a friend.

Luke is more than disappointed, especially in front of his friend, whom he has been bragging to. He’s belligerent with Keith, who keeps insisting he’s sorry he forgot to call him, and he really was going to take him up today, but his job came up. Luke can see how ‘busy’ he is right now, and that now that he’s gotten what he wants he can just blow Luke off whenever he pleases! Well, he’s not a little kid anymore, so no more fake promises. He storms out.

Jennifer takes a big drink of water as Dusty tells her she should keep her distance from Meg. He thinks she is getting close to Jen to get close to him. They both laugh, but he says he’s serious. She states that he really has too low an opinion of himself. He wonders what they talked about. Not to stroke his ego again, but yes, they did talk a little about him. He wants to know what Meg said, but Jen says she’ll never tell. He digs further and says that he needs to know. She claims it was girl talk, and you never tell your girlfriend’s boyfriend what you said about him. Dusty wants to know if Meg called him her boyfriend. Jen points out that she was in his hotel room, in his bed, waiting for him; what was she supposed to think? They go back and forth and he still wants to know what Meg said. Jen blows it off and insists that it was just talk. She was even dramatic and told Meg she couldn’t stand him. Dusty sighs but warns her again to stay away from Meg. Too bad, Jen says, she could use a friend. Dusty suggests she has him, but she thinks of him as a business partner. He moves in and says it could be more. She wonders what, and he replies, "Maybe 'The Odd Couple.'" Before he leaves, she grabs him and gives him a big hug. She tells him to be sweet to Meg, as she was really sweet to her. Dusty says he’s not surprised. He walks out, seemingly with a purpose in mind.

Meg goes to Java and no sooner sits down than Lily comes over. Meg warns her not to start, she wouldn’t have come there except she was meeting a friend. Lily makes it quick; she just wanted to thank her for trying to help her mother. Meg states that she could not support the clinic in Mexico if it meant Lucinda would discontinue her chemo treatments. Lily lets her know she and Sierra are doing everything they can to be sure she doesn’t go back. Meg warns her that when Lucinda wants something, nothing will stop her, not even Lily. Keith is overhearing this and looking guilty.

Kevin hooks up with Luke and gives him the fake ID card. Luke is pleased and says he will stop by an ATM later and give him the $50, but right now, a drink.

Carly pushes the baby carriage and Nancy mentions she is glad she called.. Too bad that Rosanna adopted a baby and now doesn’t get to see such an adorable thing. Carly states that she really wants to raise him for her, but now that the birth mother is back, there is a real possibility she could get him back. Nancy thinks it’s very generous that Carly invited Gwen there today to see the baby.

Gwen shows up, very apprehensive and then more so when she realizes it is Nancy Hughes. She thinks Carly has set her up, but Carly explains they get a little testy at times and she didn’t want that to happen. Gwen doesn’t think it will make things better to have Casey Hughes's great-grandmother there! Nancy offers that she is only there to visit with Carly, not to make things difficult for Gwen, and she praises the baby, commenting on how beautiful he is. Gwen seems reassured and smiles and makes her own comments on how much bigger he’s getting since she last saw him. Gwen speaks to the baby and tells him she brought him a present, and wonders if she can hold him. Carly says yes, just be careful of his head.

Lily tells Meg she thinks she knows her mother better than Meg does, and she and Sierra are handling her just fine. Meg stands to face her and tells her they keep blowing it. Controlling Lucinda doesn’t work; she gets stubborn. Why can’t they try to understand her? Lily counters that if she is so understanding, why did she bail on Lucinda? Meg states that with Lucinda paying her, she thought it meant she would do things that hurt Lucinda, and she cared for her too much to do that; but even now that she is gone, Lily is finding a way to pull some power trip here. She can’t win with her! She grabs her purse and leaves.

Lily complains to Keith, who walks up, that Meg just pushes her buttons, and now she’s got her thinking she’s not doing right by her mother. Keith says one way or the other, they know Lucinda can take care of herself, but Lily is not so sure this time.

Lucinda comes back all dressed for her trip, lugging a big satchel. Holden comments on how it must be a long trip with Keith, and she tells him it’s full of her medications, and she never leaves home without it. He tells her he loves her and says she must have suspected it; she’d been his mother-in-law for a very long time, and it was only natural that he’d start to like her a little. She calls him darling and says she likes him a lot, as well. He remarks he thinks sometimes she loses sight of it--Lily, Sierra, the kids. They didn’t put up with her because she toppled dynasties and could leap tall buildings in a single bound. They did it because they loved her and were worried about her. She tells him to stop, and he wishes he could. She can trust him; what is she going to do with Keith? She gives him the story again about mortality staring her in the face, and her wanting to get to know Keith better for Lily’s sake. Whatever time she has left, they shouldn’t spend it fighting each other. Holden still wonders if that is all that it is. Lucinda sighs and just wishes he and Lily could be together; why can’t they? He says he has not given up, but if it’s going to happen, he can't force it. It’ll happen when they both want it to happen. She asks if they are just going to wait for it. He reminds her they have always made their way back together. He has to believe that will happen again. Sadly, she states that they may be content to watch their lives unfurl, but she can’t afford to do that; she has to take ACTION (as she pumps fists). She grabs her bags, throws Holden a kiss and says, "See you.” He tells her to be careful.

Holden calls Lily on her cell phone and apprises her that he thinks her mother is heading out of town. She thinks that is impossible but tells him to sit tight and she will come over; she needs to talk to him about Luke anyway. She tells Keith she has to go, and she wishes he didn’t have to. She knows she’s being selfish, though. He kisses her and says he’s glad she said that. This whole trip is costing him a lot, and this is the last run he’s going to make. When he comes back, things are gonna change.

Dusty arrives to meet Meg but doesn’t want to hear anything about Jen, because it isn’t her business. Meg remarks that that is the second time in an hour that somebody has told her to butt out. (Maybe she should listen to them, then.) He says he cares about Jennifer, but when did they get so buddy-buddy? Maybe Meg is trying to get some dirt on his so-called relationship with Jen. Is she denying that? She admits maybe she was a little curious, but it has nothing to do... He looks squarely at her and says Jennifer is going through a bad time right now. She lost her baby, and her marriage went to hell, so why is Meg pretending to be her friend? She counters that she’s not pretending, and he asks if she is going to lie to him now. She counters that they shouldn’t confuse the issue here; she found out something today about Jennifer. He says he knows: she can’t stand him. Is that the big news? Is she telling him to keep him away from his friend in need and turn him on to Meg’s needs? She punches back that they both know she doesn’t need any help turning him on. He says again he specifically told her to stay away from Jen, and here she is going to her apartment and trying to get some dirt on him. It all comes back to this obsession of hers with him and Jennifer, and it’s getting on his nerves!

Jen is coming down and is antsy and can’t concentrate. She locks the door and heads for her purse to get the meth. She pours it methodically out on her hand as room service announces itself. She’s spooked and drops it on the floor, and tries frantically to scoop up all she can back into the vial.

Lily shows up at Lucinda’s and asks Holden what he is doing. He is moving boxes and informs her that Meg has been evicted, and she’s quit. Lily wonders if that is her mother’s version; did she leave out the part of her quitting chemo? When he thought she was going to a spa, she really was going to Mexico to a clinic for alternative treatment. Meg wouldn’t agree to it, so she quit. He seems to understand a little more now about why Lucinda is acting so strange. She had lit into him about him not wanting to save his marriage, but he knew where they were. He changes the subject to Luke as Lily fills him in that he and Keith had a misunderstanding. She is sure he’s okay, though, and just somewhere blowing off steam.

Blowing off steam, my hind leg! Luke is sitting in some plane pretending to call the tower for take-off and getting a reply back to do so. He then takes a swig from a bottle of vodka.

Carly gives Gwen a blanket and asks if she’d like to sit in the grass, and Gwen thanks her as she takes it and says she wants to move to where it is a little quieter. It’s hard for Carly to see her move away, and she tells Nancy she’s glad she is there with her. Nancy says the girl seems to be doing okay and she pats Carly to reassure her. She remarks that sometimes they forget that young girls her age and even younger have been doing this for centuries. Carly remarks that Gwen really needs some time alone with him to connect, but does Nancy think she should?

Lily and Holden trade stories about why Luke is so disappointed and that it was because he was going to fly pilot today to Chicago, until Keith got this job at the last minute. Holden says no, not today. The argument he got into with her mother was because she was flying somewhere with Keith today.

In the plane, engines running, Keith tells Lucinda to buckle up. She dons her sunshades, lightly complaining about whether he couldn’t afford a bigger plane. Gruffly, he shows her the door and tells her to use it if she doesn’t like it. He calls the tower, "C2-42, requesting take-off." Lying on the floor in the back under a blanket is a passed-out Luke.

Dusty and Meg continue sparring. She says this isn’t about them, it’s about Jennifer--she’s not what she seems. She’s in over her head and she needs more than his friendship. She digs in her purse to show him something, but he stops her and tells her that what is going on with Jennifer right now is much more important than him and her. She agrees. Emphatically, he tells her to stay out of his business. If it has something to do with Jen, he doesn’t want to hear it. She makes her point: okay, if he doesn’t want her meddling in Jennifer’s life, he’s got it! She walks away.

Jen is down on all fours, trying to salvage what meth she can. The bellboy rings again and then comes on in, causing her to reach for something and spill/break a glass. He has Barbara’s dry cleaning, and Jen is short with him as she tells him just to go put it in her room. He asks if he can help; she refuses and says she’s fine. When he returns, he asks again, and again she is short with him: NO! He asks her if she needs some ice and she declines, but then he tells her he meant another kind of ice; he has a friend... She is frantic and desperate, and she begs him to wait.

Carly confides in Nancy that she’d like to give Gwen and Rory time to be together, but he’s so young... Nancy points out that if she does win custody, it would be better if he already knew her. She suggests they go to Java for a few minutes, leaving Gwen with Rory, unless Carly thinks she will run away with him. Carly thinks not, especially if she is trying to win custody. She wouldn’t blow her chances like that. Okay, she says, Nancy has talked her into it.

They call Gwen over and Carly tells her that Mrs. Hughes suggested they take a walk and leave the baby with her. She is amazed that Carly would do that and not suspect she would run away. Sweetly, Carly tells her, “I trust you.”

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