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As the World Turns Update Tuesday 9/6/05


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Boo

Proofread by Angie

At Lucinda’s, where Keith has been summoned, they talk (actually, argue) about whether Keith should fly Lucinda to Mexico. Lucinda feels getting to her second appointment at the clinic is something she definitely needs to do. Keith is not so sure. He has already promised to take Luke up for more flying lessons. Lucinda is sure that Keith will think of something to tell Luke to get out of it this time so he’ll understand. She tries to be subtle and tactful, but when Keith continues to balk at the idea, she tells him to take her to Mexico or she will tell Lily the whole sordid story of what he does for a living, and then some. Keith is clearly in a quandary.

At Java, Jen and Meg talk about Dusty a bit. Jen is angry at Dusty for his recent nosing around into her life. She tells Meg he is driving her crazy, and she wishes he would leave her alone, which surprises Meg. Then Jen changes her story and tells Meg that she is just frustrated with him. He did save her and her baby’s lives, after all. Suddenly, Jen is onto a different subject just as fast, thanks to the meth. She wants to talk about the sample dress Meg was wearing of hers. Before they can get further into the subject, Jen suddenly has visions of a red dress that Meg should model, and she wants Meg to accompany her to help her. Meg is a little overwhelmed by her erratic changing of topics. Jen wants to drag Meg out of the coffee shop so she can help her, but Meg is unsure of whether she should go and of Jen’s behavior. She decides to accompany her after she pays the bill.

Emily and Paul are standing next to the fire where they threw the baby footprints in. Emily is glad it is over, but Paul, the eternal pessimist, is not so sure. No one will be able to figure out the pieces of the puzzle, Emily is sure of it, because the evidence is now in cinders. Paul reminds her of Craig, but Emily is certain that Craig wouldn’t say anything, because it would mean implicating himself in a crime--it is over! But Paul thinks there is still one more loose end: Gwen..

Gwen and Will are talking at her apartment. She promises Will that she only had sex once, with Casey. She would never lie to him. She reiterates that she believes either the test was fixed or they tested the wrong baby. Will is not sure what to believe anymore because of all the stories Gwen is coming up with. He looks at her, hopeful that she is not lying to him. She tries to get him to believe that Carly could have messed with the test results by telling him that she found Carly in her apartment, taking pictures of her place to use against her. Will wonders if, if that really happened, maybe there might be something to what Gwen is saying. He wants to talk to his mom instead of going through Paul, because he is getting anxious about the money. He leaves to go see what else he can do.

Carly is standing on her front porch, frozen, as she stares at the overturned baby carriage. She has the same memory of Iris yelling at her as she stands beside an overturned carriage. She is still in a fog when Jack comes home and asks her if she is okay. She responds that she isn't, but she will be, as she comes out of her fog. She explains the carriage overturned when Gwen stormed out of the house. Jack is cautious with Carly as he tells her that he is worried about her, because Gwen does have a case as Rory’s mother. She changed her mind within the 30 days. Carly reminds Jack that they are talking about a living, breathing baby, not a piece of paper. Jack understands, but he worries that the law is still on Gwen’s side, and he doesn’t want Carly to get too attached. Carly is adamant that she will not be giving Rory up, no matter what. She is going to care for Rory until Rosanna recovers. Jack can appreciate the loyal and loving side of his wife. He jokes that he is glad she is on his side. Carly stares him down and asks which side he is on. Jack laughs, hoping that is a joking question, as he responds that he is obviously on hers. She wonders if that is the case, asking how far he is willing to go.

Emily wants to know why Gwen is a problem. She is asking a lot of questions, and will not let this drop, Paul explains. Emily is sure she won’t get custody without Paul’s help, but Paul is not so sure. If she gets custody there will be a lot risks, especially if she stays in town. She may want to run another paternity test because she wants to get to the bottom of why Casey was not found to be the father. Then there is the possibility that the baby could start to resemble Jen or, worse, Craig. What would happen if Rory got hurt and needed a blood transfusion, and the blood types didn’t match? There are so many what-ifs. Paul decides he needs to put an end to his worrying, and he goes to call Gwen. At her apartment, a worried Gwen is sitting on the floor contemplating her options. When the phone rings and she realizes it is Paul, she tells him that she was just about to call him. He is pleased that it seems she is considering his plan. She tells him she needs to talk to him first, and he suggests that she come to his apartment, but he tells her he wants her to come alone.

Holden arrives at Java and sees Jen and Meg’s friendly interactions.. Jen excuses herself for a moment, and Holden asks Meg what she is doing--checking out the competition? He thinks Meg should back off of Jen because she just lost a baby, and she is fragile. Meg admonishes him for judging her. She tells him that Jen invited her to hang out, and that it is really none of his concern whom she hangs out with. She is right, but he doesn’t want her to come running crying to him when it blows up in her face. Meg assures Holden he is making a mountain out of a molehill. He mocks her words by handing her his cell and telling her to call Dusty and tell him that she is spending the day with Jen. How do you think he will feel? All right, Meg says, and gives in. She is not trying to hurt anyone. According to Jen they are not even an item. If they are, she wants to know to protect herself, though. Jen returns, and they start to leave. Holden chides Meg jokingly about it being nice to be able to take off the afternoon. Meg tells Holden that she is no longer working for Lucinda. She hopes, in fact, that he asks Lucinda specifically why she isn’t. With that, the women leave, and Holden is standing there with a worried look on his face.

Keith doesn’t want to further argue with Lucinda. He tells her that she could make this trip without him. Lucinda is sure, at this late date/time, that she cannot. He is furious that Lucinda wants him to lie to Lily. Lucinda laughs as she tells him that there is really nothing new there. He has been lying to Lily from the first day he met her. He reminds her that he is trying to save lives. Lucinda is sure that Lily wouldn’t see it that way. She does not think outside the box, and that is why she and Sierra are doing everything to discourage her from going to Mexico for these alternative treatments. Lily’s thought process would kind of be similar to how the police would think. Keith smirks, knowing where she is going with this. He tells Lucinda that he has to think about it, as he turns to walk away. She orders him to only take one hour, or she will ‘gleefully’ tell Lily the whole truth.

Paul opens the door and Gwen walks in, as if on a mission. She wants him to understand that if she accepts his help, then it would be a loan. Once she gets the baby, she will pay him back, as she is on her way out of town. Paul is secretly happy with Gwen’s words, but he is cautious, wondering why she has done an about-face. She would be giving up so much. Gwen smirks about how she could live fine without Oakdale and the people in the town. What about Will? Gwen is sure he will understand because he is her friend. Paul wants to make sure that she tell Will she is leaving town because of Carly and not because of Paul. Gwen doesn’t understand why she can’t tell him the truth. He is Paul’s brother, after all. She doesn’t feel comfortable keeping the truth from him. Paul wants to know the difference, when she hid the truth initially of her baby’s paternity. She explains that she was trying to protect some people. Paul tries to reel her in now. He turns away from her as he says that Will may have not told her about his past, specifically about the volatile relationships he has had, i.e. with Paul. He can’t risk Will's reaction upon hearing Gwen tell him the truth about how Paul helped her leave town. He can’t do it; he has to reconsider now. With his back turned to Gwen, he smiles, wondering if he has reeled her in enough.

Carly and Jack talk about how she feels as if she has to make up for what happened with Iris’s son through Rory. She has to make it count. She has responsibilities to a baby, and she will not mess up this time. Carly informs Jack that Tom mentioned shared custody to her. She will never settle for that. She is sure that Gwen is immature, unfit and reckless. She wants Jack’s thoughts on what he thinks their chances are. Jack dodges the question, and Carly calls him on it. Is he not answering because he doesn’t know, or is he trying to protect her from the truth? Jack knows Carly wants desperately to keep Rory, but he feels that the law is on Gwen’s side. He doubts they will ultimately win. Carly turns and thanks him for his honesty, because now she knows what needs to be done in order to prepare. Jack wonders what she is talking about. She quickly covers her cunning thoughts by saying she is now equipped to better prepare herself. She needs to learn how to accept what is ultimately coming. Jack wonders if she is going to drop the suit. Of course not! she exclaims; Rosanna would never forgive her. Miracles happen, though.. Jack holds Carly as he comforts her by telling her that he wishes that there were something he could do for her. She looks at him lovingly as she tells him that is part of why their marriage works; he does what he can do, and she does what she has to do, as she sneers sinisterly. She is going to be happy that today they have Rory, and tomorrow will work itself out. As Jack prepares to leave, he turns back and reminds her that tomorrow maybe they will have a miracle. Carly walks over to her camera, takes out the film and smirks as she says, “One miracle coming up!”

Paul baits Gwen further by recalling how Will was before he was hospitalized. Is he cured, or could he act out again? She remembers his fight with Casey and can’t deny that he can be volatile. Paul poses this scenario to Gwen: she tells him the truth, and he seems to handle it fine. Then a month or two passes, and then Will starts to miss Gwen, and he gets mad and moody. He would lash out at Paul because he concocted the plan, and even Emily, because she is with him and because she hurt Hal, as well.. People would start to get hurt. What if Will went to Casey and even told him to get back at the people who wronged him? He would tell his mom, who would tell Carly, and Carly would tell the judge, and then there would be another legal ball game. He reminds her that she agreed to stay quiet about their conversation and coming to his apartment alone; what is one more secret? He taunts her by holding the envelope of money in front of her. After a moment more, Gwen takes the money from Paul and agrees that she will keep quiet, as she leaves. Emily walks out from the bedroom, applauding his performance. Does he think she will keep quiet? Paul isn’t sure. After another rough week in court, he wonders, she very well may tell Will, or even try to convince him to come with her. Emily reminds Paul that they are best friends. Paul walks to the phone and starts to make a phone call as he mumbles, “Not for long.” He tells Will that he needs to see him at his apartment ASAP.

Jen is still talking a mile a minute as she and Meg go over some designs at her suite. Meg tries to talk about Dusty, but Jen wants to talk about a bunch of other topics. Jen receives a cell phone call from Jasmine and excuses herself. Meg looks around to make sure Jen has left. She talks to herself about where she would be if she were a love note from Dusty. She looks generally around her place, and then notices Jen’s purse. She picks it up but stops before looking in it.

Will has arrived at Paul’s per his request. He tells Will he talked to Barbara about his trust, and it was no dice. He thinks it is for the best; they shouldn’t involve their mother anyway. Will is upset about Gwen and doesn’t know what quite to believe, because her story changes everyday. Paul acts incredulous of Gwen’s behavior. He wonders if Gwen is embarrassed to tell Will the truth. Will doubts that, but he feels she always wants him to agree with her thought process, which can be farfetched at times. Paul starts to plant the seeds of doubt. He suggests to Will subtly that he is in an awkward position. He understands Will caring for Gwen, but she is lying a lot, and Paul feels that a lie between close friends can change everything. He would personally never feel the same about the person. He sees Will wrestling with what he is saying.

Gwen is at her apartment, looking at the envelope of money, when there is a knock at the door. It is Carly. She doesn’t have anything to say to her. She tells her that she will ultimately get her child back, now that she has the money she needs, and she is going to leave town and Carly will never see her baby again. Carly acts contrite. She holds out the film and tells Gwen that it is the pictures she took of her apartment. Gwen is suspicious. She tells Gwen she and Jack had a heart-to-heart. She realized what she had done and that how she was acting was not fair. Gwen continues to be suspicious. She asks Carly what she wants. Carly admits she wants something.

Keith calls a thrilled Lucinda to say that he will take her to Mexico. He wants her to understand that after this trip, though, she is on her own. Lucinda genuinely thanks Keith and promises this is a new beginning. She will see him for their trip. She hangs up and finds Holden standing there, wondering what trip she and Keith are planning.

Jen is talking to Jasmine, upset with her that she may think she is acting like an addict. She just needs something until the antidepressants kick in. Jasmine is obviously worried about her. Meanwhile, Meg can’t decide what to do about looking in Jen’s purse. Maybe Holden is right; is she pushing it too far? She starts to put the purse down, but quickly changes her mind again and starts to rummage through it. She doesn’t find the nonexistent love letter she is looking for, but she finds a vial of drugs instead.

Paul pretends to know that Will may feel overwhelmed by everything, but he wants Will to hear all sides before he gets further involved. He further pretends to be playing devil's advocate. Paul thinks out loud that maybe there is someone else in Gwen’s life whom she just doesn’t want to tell Will about, but is it fair of her to expect everything from Will when she doesn’t seem to be 100% honest? Her number-one priority is her baby, not Will or their friendship. He reels Will in further with his subtly negative talk about Gwen by saying if her actions are okay by him, then that is fine, but if they are not, then he should figure out what he is doing.

Carly acts as if she is letting her guard down to Gwen. She reminds Gwen that she still feels that she and Jack can provide for Rory better than her, but she now recognizes that she did give birth to him. She claims that she is trying to accept the fact that they may lose custody of Rory, which Gwen assures her is on the verge of happening, because she has rights as his mother. Carly assures Gwen she will not give up on Rory, but she has made a decision for Rory’s sake that she hopes will change everything.

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