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As the World Turns Update Friday 9/2/05


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At the Lakeview, Carly calls Barbara to ask if she knows anything about Gwen that could help her with the custody case. Barbara advises Carly to go look at Gwen’s apartment above Burt’s garage, and she should get plenty to use against Gwen in court. Barbara tells Carly she offered to help Gwen, but she refused her help and acted like an ungrateful brat. Carly thanks Barbara for her advice and hangs up the phone.

At Java, Will thinks he and Gwen should go watch a mindless comedy to take her mind off her problems. Gwen thanks Will for the offer but thinks he would be wasting his money because she can’t think of anything else but the case. Will assures Gwen that the law is on her side because she is the baby’s mother--that is what Cass Winthrop told her. Gwen tells Will that Cass will say anything as long as she pays him money. Will thinks Gwen should stop worrying about the money because he is positive Paul will talk to Barbara and allow him to use his trust fund again. Gwen isn’t sure that she can trust Paul. Will explains to Gwen that Paul is a good guy who is going to help her, because she is his friend, and Paul would never let him down again.

At the Lakeview, Dusty arrives to talk to Barbara because he is concerned about Jennifer’s mood swings. Barbara assures Dusty that Jennifer will be okay as soon as they find the right dose of medication for her. Dusty doesn’t think the pills are helping Jennifer at all; instead, the pills are making her worse. Jennifer arrives home and is annoyed that Dusty is checking up on her.

At Paul’s place, Emily walks over to the safe, takes out her divorce papers and hands them to Hal. Hal is sad and disappointed that Emily has already signed the papers. Hal tells Emily that wasn’t what he was expecting to find inside the safe. Emily shouts that she knows he was expecting to find something he could use against Paul. Emily yells that she can’t believe that Hal broke into her home and is now interrogating her like she is a criminal. Paul arrives home in the middle of Hal and Emily’s conversation. Emily shouts at Hal that he can choose to sign the divorce papers or not, but as far as she is concerned their marriage is over. Emily gives her wedding ring to Hal and tells him she doesn’t need his protection anymore. Paul tells Hal to leave his house. Hal tells Emily she is on her own now.

At the Walsh mansion, Lily and Sierra ask Lucinda why she canceled her chemotherapy treatment. Lily wonders if that is the reason she was fighting with Meg. Lucinda tells her daughters she is considering alternative treatments. Lucinda explains to her daughters that she wasn’t at the spa, she was in Mexico at Clinica de la Vida. Lucinda tells Lily and Sierra she is feelling better and gives them her test results so that they can read them. Lily and Sierra are worried that Lucinda is stopping her chemotherapy in favor of an unproven treatment. Lucinda tells her daughters she is perfectly capable of making her own medical decisions, and this is the treatment she wants, because she thinks it will make her better.

At Gwen’s place, Carly takes pictures of everything and tells herself that no judge would give Gwen custody of the baby once he saw these pictures.

At Paul’s place, Emily explains to Paul that Hal broke into the house with Susan, using a key that she gave to Susan. Paul is proud of Emily because she stood up for herself, and now he knows he can count on her. Emily sheds a few tears as she realizes her marriage is over and Hal won’t ever be a part of her life again.

In the Lakeview hallway, Jennifer apologizes to Dusty for being so hard on him, but he can’t help her; she needs to figure out what to do to deal with her loss on her own. Dusty tells Jennifer he understands and will leave her alone. Jennifer goes back inside her room and is angry when she finds Barbara counting her pills. Barbara wonders why the pill bottle is only half full. Jennifer explains that half the pills fell down the sink drain.

At Al’s Diner, Dusty tells Meg he is worried about Jennifer because she is having mood swings and is shutting out the people who care about her. Meg thinks Jennifer is taking advantage of his protective streak and is using her situation to manipulate him.

At the Walsh mansion, Sierra and Lily decide to confiscate Lucinda’s passport and her driver’s license, as well as send the Worldwide jet to Montega, so Lucinda won’t be able to go to Mexico.

At Java, Will asks Hal to help him persuade Barbara to let him have control of his trust fund again. Hal doesn’t think Paul will help Will either, because Paul is only out to help himself.

At Paul’s place, Emily tells Paul she considered telling Hal the truth, but then she decided that she would support him 100%, even though she doesn’t always agree with his actions. Paul and Emily kiss and then make love.

At Gwen’s place, Carly tells Gwen she got help from a friend so she could get in the house. Carly tells Gwen that a judge would never allow a baby to live in such a disgusting place. Gwen explains that she is going to look for a better place to live once she gets more money. Carly shouts that she knew Gwen only wanted to get the baby back for the money. Gwen tells Carly she will call the police if she doesn’t leave. Carly tells Gwen to go ahead and call the police, because once the judge sees the pictures he won’t blame her for going into the apartment. Carly screams at Gwen to face the facts: she won’t be a good mother, because she can’t even take care of herself. Carly screams that the apartment isn’t even fit for an animal to live in. Carly and Gwen struggle for the camera. Carly pushes Gwen to the floor and takes the camera. Gwen screams at Carly that the pictures won’t matter because she is the mother of the baby.

At Paul’s place, Paul and Emily lie on the couch after they have made love and talk about how they will help Gwen get custody of the baby. Paul tells Emily they must make sure that Gwen gets custody of the baby and takes him far away, so that Craig can’t get to him. Paul decides to talk to Barbara and make sure Will doesn’t get access to his trust fund, so Gwen has no other choice but to accept his offer.

At Java, Hal doesn’t think Will should trust Paul or Gwen. Hal thinks Gwen is desperate to get money to pay for her custody case and she is only using Will to get his money. Will refuses to believe that Gwen is manipulating him and insists that Gwen is a good person who deserves a break.

At the Lakeview, Jennifer asks Barbara to forget about what Dusty said and put her first for once in her life. Barbara assures Jennifer she is the most important thing to her and gives her a hug.

At Al’s Diner, Dusty gets angry at Meg because he thinks she, not Jennifer, is manipulating him by putting down Jennifer, a woman who isn’t capable of defending herself right now. Dusty tells Meg to stay away from Jennifer and leaves the table.

At the Walsh mansion, Lily and Sierra inform Lucinda that they have confiscated her passport and driver’s license and have sent the Worldwide jet to Montega, and the jet can only return when Sierra gives the order. Lucinda wonders why her daughters have done this to her. Lily tells Lucinda they are trying to save her life. Lucinda says she has traveled around the world without a passport before, and she will find a way to get to Mexico. Lucinda is angry because she thinks her daughters want her to feel miserable and eventually die. Lucinda screams for Sierra and Lily to leave her house or she will call the police. Lily and Sierra decide to wait until Lucinda has calmed down to talk further about the subject. Lucinda calls Keith after Lily and Sierra have left. Lucinda tells Keith she must see him right away.

At Paul’s place, Susan arrives and wants to speak to Emily alone, but Emily wants Paul to stay. Emily doesn’t want to hear once more that Susan thinks Paul is ruining her life. Susan tells her Paul is only using her to replace Rosanna. Paul tells Susan to leave Rosanna out of this conversation. Susan can tell that she has hit a nerve with Paul. Susan also tells Paul and Emily it is a mistake to bring Daniel to live with them in this situation. Emily asks her mother for the key back and tells her she isn’t welcome in her house anymore. Paul is very proud of Emily because she stood up for herself against Hal and Susan. Emily admits she feels very tired. Paul gives Emily a hug and lets her know she can lean on him.

At Java, Hal advises Will to keep his eyes open and be aware of what he is getting into, before he gets in too deep.

At Carly’s place, Gwen bangs on the door until Carly opens it. Carly tries to shut the door again, but Gwen pushes the door open. Gwen screams at Carly that she had no right to take pictures of her room. Carly screams back at Gwen that she had every right to do anything possible to make sure she never gets custody of Rory. Gwen screams at Carly that she is the baby’s mother. Carly screams back at Gwen that if she has her way, the baby will never know Gwen is his mother. Gwen pushes Carly, making her trip over the baby carriage and knock it down. Carly flashes back to Iris asking her what she had done to her little boy. Carly pushes Gwen back out the door. Gwen screams at Carly that she will never win custody of her baby, no matter how many tricks she uses in court.

At the Walsh mansion, Lucinda asks Keith to fly her back and forth to the clinic for her treatment. Lucinda makes it clear that if he refuses to do so she will tell Lily about what he does for a living.

At the Lakeview, Dusty is angry that Barbara told Jennifer what he suspected. Barbara tells Dusty that she didn’t say anything to Jennifer, Jennifer figured it out for herself. Barbara tells Dusty to stay out of the situation and allow her to help Jennifer. Dusty tells Barbara she had better do something to help Jennifer right away, because Jennifer is going down fast.

At Al’s Diner, Jennifer snaps at a waitress and tells her to bring her a hot cup of coffee, because her coffee is cold. Meg orders a cup of coffee and sits at the table. Meg apologizes to Jennifer for ruining her romantic plans with Dusty in Chicago. Jennifer makes it clear that she and Dusty only have a business relationship. Jennifer tells Meg she doesn’t want to work with Dusty anymore, because he is a jerk.

At Paul’s place, Paul and Emily burn the footprints in the incinerator and toast because now there is no proof that Craig switched the babies. Paul and Emily are happy because Craig will never have a reason to come near Jennifer.

At Gwen’s place, Gwen is frantic and tells Will she thinks Carly tampered with the DNA tests. Will thinks Gwen sounds desperate and has changed her story so many times nobody believes her now. Gwen is hurt that Will doesn’t believe her anymore.

At Carly’s place, Carly flashes back to Iris asking her what she did to her little boy. Carly has an idea about how to make sure Gwen never gets custody of Rory.

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