ATWT Update Thursday 9/1/05

As the World Turns Update Thursday 9/1/05


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At the Walsh mansion, Lucinda gets angry with the massage therapist who recommended she visit Clinica de la Vida (Clinic of Life) because she thinks the therapist knew that the clinic is selling human organs and is involved in recruiting patients for the clinic. The therapist assures Lucinda she knows nothing about the clinic being involved in illegal activity. The therapist tells Lucinda that she only wanted Lucinda to get better. Lucinda is so angry she tells the massage therapist that she won’t need her massages anymore. The massage therapist tells Lucinda the clinic just faxed her latest test results. Lucinda tells the therapist to throw the results in the garbage on the way out of her house. The therapist tells Lucinda she should look at the results first, because they are very good. Lucinda puts on her glasses to read the test results.

At the Lakeview, Carly wonders why Emily is advising her to give Rory back to Gwen. Carly asks Emily if she knows something that could affect her chances of keeping Rory. Emily flashes back to when she put the baby’s footprints inside Paul’s safe.

At Paul’s place, Hal and Susan use her key to the apartment to get inside and search for clues about Paul’s secret. Susan wonders if this is legal, and Hal doesn’t say anything for a few minutes and then tells Susan not to ask him that question. Hal explains to Susan that when he and Emily married he promised to protect her, and he intends to keep that promise, even though they will be getting a divorce.

At Gwen’s place, Gwen demands that Paul explain why he sneaked out the window when Will arrived and why he doesn’t want Will to find out about his offer to help her. Gwen tells Paul she trusts Will, but she doesn’t trust him, and she opens the door so Paul can leave. Paul tells Gwen she is making a big mistake by letting him walk out the door, because he is offering her a chance at a good life. Gwen closes the door and decides to let Paul explain his offer.

At Al’s Diner, Lily is annoyed when Meg won’t answer one question for her. Meg orders a cup of coffee and a cup of green tea to go. Lily gets more annoyed by Meg’s silence. Keith arrives and wonders why the two ladies are arguing. Lily gives Keith a hug and kisses and asks Meg why she didn’t call her to tell her Lucinda wasn’t going to the spa. Meg admits that she wasn’t with Lucinda and has no idea where she went; she probably just wanted to spend time alone. Meg tells Lily it isn’t her life or her treatment, so she should just let this go. Meg grabs her order and leaves. Lily decides to call her mother and talk about the situation, but Keith reminds her that Lucinda would see her number on the caller ID and not answer the phone. Lily thanks Keith for keeping her sane and gives him another kiss.

At the Walsh mansion, the therapist explains the test results to Lucinda, since she can’t understand them. The therapist tells Lucinda in simple terms that the results mean that her body is attacking the cancer, and after one week she is already a little better. The therapist advises Lucinda that if she suspects something illegal is going on at the clinic she should report it to the police. The therapist leaves without giving Lucinda her massage, and Lucinda asks her to return for their next session.

At Paul’s place, Hal finds the safe and decides to open it, but he needs to go get some equipment from the station so he can hear the safe tumblers click. Susan asks if her stethoscope would help him, and Hal says it’s just what the doctor ordered.

At Gwen’s apartment, Gwen wonders what price she will have to pay for free legal help with the custody case. Paul offers to help Gwen pay her legal bills, pay for college, and give her and her baby a place to live if she takes the baby and leaves Oakdale for good. Paul tells Gwen she knows the right thing to do; it's just a question of doing it.

At the Lakeview, Emily tells Carly she doesn’t know anything about Gwen, she just doesn’t want Carly or Rory to get hurt by a long custody battle. Carly thinks that Rory is Paul’s last connection to Rosanna and a reminder to Emily that she will always be second-best in Paul’s life. Emily admits that might be true, but by the same token Rory is Carly's last connection to Rosanna, and Carly thinks that by holding on to him Rosanna will someday get well and things will be like they used to be. Emily tells Carly that Rosanna is gone and Carly can’t change the past by keeping Rory. Carly has a flashback of Iris asking her what she had done to her little boy. Carly tells Emily to stop talking because she doesn’t know what she is saying. Emily apologizes for upsetting Carly but tries to persuade her to move on with her life, because she won’t win this fight. Carly thinks Emily may have trouble keeping the promise to protect Rory that she made at his christening, but she made a promise to take care of Rosanna’s little boy, and that is exactly what she intends to do. Carly tells Emily that if she has any more advice for her she can keep it to herself, because she isn’t interested in her advice anymore..

At Gwen’s place, Gwen wonders what Paul will get out of this deal if she decides to say yes to it. Paul explains that maybe he and Jennifer will be able to move on with their lives, because Jennifer won’t be reminded of the baby she lost when she looks at Rory. Paul also thinks he may get past the pain of losing Rosanna forever.

At the Walsh mansion, Meg arrives with the green tea for Lucinda and also tells her that she had to tell Lily she didn’t go with her to the spa. Meg wonders why Lucinda is looking through medical journals but says it's better than surfing the Internet. Lucinda stuns Meg when she tells her she isn’t going to do her chemotherapy.

At Paul’s place, Hal finally gets the safe open, which took longer than it was supposed to because Susan kept talking to him and he couldn’t hear the safe tumblers. Hal is about to look inside the safe but has to close it quickly when Emily arrives home and wonders what Hal and Susan are doing in the apartment. Susan tries to cover, but her lie is weak, and Emily notices the stethoscope Susan is hiding behind her back.

A newsbreak pre-empted the last thirty minutes of the show today; below is a summary of the last five minutes.

At Paul’s place, Hal is positive Emily knows Paul is doing something wrong, and since she has a strong sense of what is right and wrong she won’t be able to hide it much longer. Emily admits to Hal he almost had the proof in his hands, and she walks over to the safe to take out the proof just as Paul arrives home.

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