ATWT Update Wednesday 8/31/05

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 8/31/05


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Proofread by Angie

At her house, Carly is talking on the phone and frantically writing down information and finally adds up to $10,00, enough to pay off that horrible witch so she’ll be home free.

Susan is knocking on Paul’s apartment door as Emily walks up, wanting to know why she’s there. Susan thinks she’s always so suspicious and says she came for a visit. Does she always have to have a reason? Emily states that yes, she always does. She unceremoniously pushes her out of the way so she can open the door, and they enter. Susan spies bags of things that Emily has brought for Danny, and in the bat of an eye they are going at it about whether or not Danny is being neglected. Emily deliberately puts down a bag on the footprint cards to hide them from Susan’s eyes. Susan even accuses Emily of being rude to her for no reason. Emily apologizes but tells her she has a lot on her mind. Her eyes dart to the footprint cards, which Susan has now uncovered. Susan says she knows something is going on with her, she can sense it, so she might as well tell her what it is.

At Al’s Diner, Gwen faces Paul and repeats that he’s going to help her out, asking how. He smiles and states he’s going to help her out by taking care of this whole custody-paternity thing once and for all. She asks if Will put him up to this, and he replies that Will did tell him about it, but he knows nothing of his talking to Gwen. He knows the paternity test came back negative and that she still swears that Casey is the father. She tells him Casey IS the father. She doesn’t know what happened to the tests; somebody either messed with them or that’s not her baby, because Casey is the only guy she’s ever slept with. Paul tells her to just calm down and says he’s only trying to help. He sits at the counter and she asks why he’s wanting to help all of a sudden. He gives her the "any friend of Will’s is a friend of his" speech. She asks how he plans to help. He tells her first of all, the odds of babies being switched at the hospital are pretty remote, so she needs to get that right out of her head. And secondly, she needs to ask who would benefit the most from her losing her baby. Gwen tells him Carly, obviously; that’s why they are in court--so she can keep the baby. He agrees. Gwen asks then if he is saying that Carly messed with the tests. Paul replies that if anyone is capable of it, it would be Carly. He tells her believe him, he’s seen her in action, and “that woman will do anything to get what she wants; anything!”

Carly brings the baby downstairs only to be surprised by Jack sitting at the desk. She asks why he’s at home. Nevermind that, he says as he holds up the notepad; what is she doing raiding their accounts? She puts the baby down, takes the pad from him, pats him lightly on the cheek and on the chest and says she didn’t want him to see that. She tries to talk her way out of it by saying she wasn’t raiding, she was calculating--calculating how many pennies they’d have left after paying for the lawyer in this custody battle. He questions her: $10,000? Is that what would be left? She tells him no, no, that’s what they were going to have to pay her, and she just wanted to make sure that they could cover it. He approaches her closer and says they knew it wasn’t going to be cheap going into all of this, but she seems like a reasonable lady and they’ll work something out, some sort of payment plan. Carly agrees, saying she is sure they will. She just wanted to get a jump on it so there wouldn’t be any surprises down the line. He says he loves her; she is always thinking. But he doesn’t want her to panic or worry or anything. They’ll manage; they have faced worse. She says yeah, yeah, she knows, but she’s a worrier when it comes to money. Then she changes subjects and asks why he is home. Cutely, he says he was hoping they could grab some lunch together. Just as sweetly she says she’d love to, but she can’t. She has so many errands and she wants to beat the lunch rush at the bank. He teases her about making this trip home for nothing. She points to her cheek and says that he can kiss her, that’s for nothing! He does and then says he’s going to grab a sandwich, asking if she wants one. She declines and makes noises to leave. She starts to tell him something, but her cell phone rings. It’s Iris, and she tells Carly she’s at Java and Carly’s not. Why not? To shake Jack off, she calls Iris Emily. Iris picks up on this and is amused; "So Robocop came home early for the afternoon?" Carly shoos Jack off and tells Iris that unfortunately she doesn’t have $10,000 just lying around the house. She can’t just pull it out of a hat; she needs more time. Iris spouts, “Tell it to someone who cares. Now don’t make me call the judge and tell him what you did to my son. If you want to keep that little baby, you get here pronto and you bring me that cash!" Jack is back, so Carly calls her Em again and then tells Jack that Emily wants to see the baby, so she has to go quickly and get all of this done.. He is anxious to find out what she wanted to tell him earlier. She shrugs it off as her just worrying about the money, and she feels badly that keeping Rory is costing so much. Jack tells her she never has to apologize for wanting to keep Rory. They are in this all the way, together. He gives her a big hug.

Emily takes Susan by the hand and escorts her over to the couch. She smiles big and says Susan was right, she is a little out of sorts today, she has a lot going on, and of course her mother would be the first to notice. Susan agrees and asks what’s wrong. Emily says it's nothing, really. It was something good--she was excited. She tells her that Paul has agreed to have Daniel move in. Emily is ecstatic and asks, "Isn’t this wonderful news?" She'll have her son with her all the time. Susan is a little less than ecstatic and asks her if she is sure this is the right thing to do. Emily jumps up and, in one fell swoop, scoops up the footprints and tucks them in the drawer while telling Susan that she needs to give her a key in case she needs to pick him up from school or baby-sit, “so here goes, Grandma.” She slaps the key into her palm. Susan thanks her. Emily wants to know if she thinks this is a good thing; is she happy for her? Susan is concerned and wants to know if Hal or Tom knows about this. Emily states that Hal has nothing to do with this decision. He’s not Daniel’s father. Susan says okay, but Tom is, and she bets she has not even talked to him about this yet. “You really think he’s going to like the idea of Paul being Daniel’s new role model?” Emily retorts that she thinks he’ll be a lot more accepting of it than she is. Susan doubts that. Emily is offended and jumps up and says she doesn’t care what anyone thinks. Everyone is telling her how she’s supposed to be a mom, and frankly she’s sick of everyone telling her how she’s supposed to live her life, starting with Susan! Susan gets up and tells her perhaps she was right, this was a bad idea. Emily agrees that, yes, it was. Susan says maybe she should go; again Emily agrees. Susan points her finger at her and tells Emily that she hopes one of these days she will understand she really only cares about “YOU and my grandson.” Emily snorts that, well, nobody asked her to care. Susan shoots back that she has a newsflash for Emily: she’s not the only mom who’s prepared to fight for her child. She turns and leaves. Emily heads straight to the drawer and takes out the two footprint cards and reflects as she compares them.

Gwen opens her door with Paul behind her. He looks around and tells her that if she really wants her baby back, she should do herself a favor and move as soon as she can. She quips that she wants to, but anything worth moving to is so damned expensive. Paul retorts that they can talk about that later; all things are negotiable. She asks if he really thinks Carly messed with the tests. He wants to know again if she’s still saying that Casey is the only guy she’s been with, and she replies yes, she’s telling the truth. He replies that in that case Carly is the only explanation to him, and once Carly gets her mind on something, forget it; nothing stands in her way. Gwen says she’s not getting her kid, so what can she do? He tells her for one thing, she needs to get her act together. Her story has changed too many times; no wonder no one believes her. She tells him she was just trying to protect people. He tells her it doesn’t matter what she was trying to do. She’d cried wolf so many times it's no wonder no one wants to hear what she has to say, and she needs to pull herself together and act smart, or she could kiss this baby good-bye.

Sitting around at Katie’s discussing the flowers, Katie hangs up the phone and tells them that the florist doesn’t even know if it was a man or woman who ordered them. There were no records; they paid cash. Maddie utters, "How odd." Henry chimes in that yes, it is odd indeed. It’s not Katie’s birthday or any special occasion that he can think of. He asks again what the card says, and she reads it: “Katie, how could I ever forget you?” Henry surmises that it sounds like he’s responding to a question. Has she reached out to anyone from her past lately, or asked someone if he remembered her? She replies that there's no one. Maddie remarks it seems Henry was right about that whole secret admirer thing. Katie thinks that is a little weird. Henry, too, thinks it’s a little scary; it could be a stalker. Maddie say no way, stalkers don’t send flowers. This isn’t scary; it’s mysterious, it’s romantic. Mike is standing, pacing around and thinking. Katie finally gets his attention and says he’s being quiet, and asks if he has any ideas. He says yeah, he thinks he knows exactly who sent those flowers--Simon.

Hal joins Susan at the diner. She tells him she feels like a rat, but there are some things she thinks he needs to know. She fills him in that Emily plans to move Daniel in with her and Paul, and she thought he should know. Hal is overwhelmed, but not surprised, and he thinks it was probably Paul’s idea--just another way for him to keep her close. Susan doesn’t think they can blame this on Paul; she feels Emily is not being manipulated and that she is making her choice to prove a point, and that scares her most of all. It's kind of like the time with her and Rick Decker; the more Allison and Emily pushed her to stay away, the more she dug her heels in. Hal agrees that Emily may be as stubborn as Susan is, even more so.

Emily calls and leaves a message for Paul and then takes the footprint cards and puts them in the wall safe. Gwen tells Paul she doesn’t appreciate being called an idiot. She’s made some mistakes but she did what she had to do; so what? Paul assures her he’s not trying to tell her what she did wrong, just to help her. He tells her to stop with this theory that it’s somebody else’s baby, it makes her sound crazy and desperate. And forget about Casey; that’s dead in the water, no matter what the truth is. She counters that Casey IS the father, and if she doesn’t try to prove that everyone will still think she is the liar. But he also counters that that doesn’t matter. The truth can’t help her now. What’s the point if she loses her baby? She feels helpless because nobody believes her. She’s broke, she can’t afford her lawyer, and now Paul is telling her she’s messed up so badly she might lose her kid.. She doesn’t know why he wants to do it, but Paul offers to pay the lawyer whatever she owes him. She needs to do exactly what he says, though, and exactly how he tells her to do it.

At Java, Carly brings the money and plunks it down in front of Iris. Iris wants to check it out. Carly is surly; she says it’s all there and she wants her out of her life, ASAP. Iris screws up her face and says, “Awwwwww, can’t we just be friends?” They banter back and forth about this being their last encounter, because Carly has her limits. Emily walks in and says hello to Carly, who’d like to slink under the table, especially when Emily looks at Iris and says she knows her. Iris ducks out of that by saying she must be mistaken and that Emily doesn’t look familiar to her. When she leaves, Emily sits down and says her friend looks like a woman Susan used to know at the hospital. Carly lets her know this lady is no friend and says it’s funny, she actually used Emily as her excuse to get out of the house to Jack, and now she’s run into her. The baby cries and Carly asks Emily to watch him while she gets the bottle heated up. It's just long enough for Emily to be able to check out his tiny feet.

Susan tells Hal that Emily asked her to baby-sit and she’s going to volunteer as much as she can. She wants to keep an eye on Danny. Hal convinces her to do him a favor and call him the first time she does that, so he can just conveniently stop by and check it out for himself. She asks him, “Why wait?” and holds up the keys.

Paul tells Gwen he’s doing this for Will. He’s let him down a lot lately and he wants to make it up to him. Plus, he knows he cares a lot about her, and helping him means helping Gwen. She wants to know what he has in mind. Before he can answer, Will knocks on the door. Paul motions that he shouldn’t be seen there, so she directs him out the back window while stalling Will.

Katie puts the flowers away and tells Mike she can understand why he might think Simon sent them, but she’s telling him, it’s not something he would do. Maddie wants to know who Simon is. Henry blurts out that he’s husband numero uno. Maddie is shocked that Katie has been married before; she thought Henry was number one. He proclaims that no, he’s further along on the food chain. Maddie wants to know all about him, but Henry chirps that he’s someone from Katie’s past whom she’d like to forget. Mike wants to talk to Katie privately. She thinks he’s making way too much of this, but she does step outside with him. Maddie kerplunks Henry for not telling her about Simon; after all, he could have been the love of Katie’s life. Henry assures her he wasn’t, any more than he is. “Well, maybe a little more than I am. I think maybe for a little while Katie thought he was, but for a very short time. For a very infinitesimal amount of time, but he wasn’t, not any more than I am. The man standing outside is the love of Katie’s life.” He gets up and Maddie wants to know where he’s going. He tells her he's off for his daily sob, and if anyone wants to know she can tell them she helped him to the bathroom. She tells him not to lose faith and he calls to her, “Oh, you young, young thing.” He goes upstairs and Maddie goes to front door to peek out and eavesdrop on Mike and Katie. Katie asks Mike who cares if Simon sent the flowers; she doesn’t ever want to see or have anything to do with him again. Mike laments that the last time he came back into her life he made her life miserable, and she does not deserve to have to put up with his mind games again. She assures him he won’t get close enough to try. He replies, “You’re right about that, because nothing is coming between us this time, Angel, you got that?” She says she likes it when he gets tough. He asks how she feels about it when he’s gentle. They kiss as Maddie peeks through the glass-paned door. Katie and Mike continue to talk about Simon, but Mike says maybe he was wrong; maybe he’s just being a little overprotective with her. Simon Frasier will not be coming anywhere near her, no way, no how.

Maddie sits beside Henry and also wants to discuss Simon, the First. Henry says it’s a long story. He showed up from Australia with larceny on his mind and he ended up sweeping Katie off her feet. Maddie comments, "A scoundrel with an accent; dangerous!" Henry doesn’t think that’s funny. Simon has a selfish streak the size of Wyoming and he’s hurt Katie more than once. Maddie says she doesn’t get it. Katie manages to fall for two guys long on charm, short on scruples, and then what happens? She falls for a snooze like Mike; this makes zero sense to Maddie. Henry tells little sis to let it go and let sleeping ex-husbands lie. And at that, he lies back himself and says goodnight.

Emily looks longingly at Carly feeding Rory, remembering how it was with Daniel at that age. Actually she was staring, but she tells Carly she is very happy for her, and she likes the road that she and Paul are on..

Will tells Gwen he thought he heard a guy’s voice in there, and she jokes that she has a guy stashed under the bed. Will says he talked to his brother about getting some money out of his trust fund, and he doesn’t consider it a waste; it’s something he wants to do. Will senses she is stir-crazy and invites her out. She declines, and then he refuses to go because he thinks she’s acting weird.

Maddie wastes no time getting on the laptop and leaving a message for Byron about the flowers. She gets a reply just before Katie comes back in. Katie tells her that she knows she must find it hard to see her with Mike and feel as if it’s some sort of betrayal to Henry, but she and Henry weren’t going to get together the way that Maddie wanted; they are very good friends, but she loves Mike. She thanks Maddie for arranging the flowers and says whoever sent them is wasting their time; she’s already taken. Later, alone, Maddie says they’ll see about that.

At Paul’s, Susan and Hal slip in and Hal says he is going to forget for the moment that he’s a cop and just be Emily’s ex-husband, because he’s worried about her. What are they looking for? Anything that looks out of order or suspicious. He opens a few drawers.

Carly reveals that Gwen was lying and Casey is not the father of Rory. Emily wonders why she would lie. Carly simply says she probably doesn’t even know who the father is. It could be any one of those guys running around Oakdale Latin. Emily tells her that must mean she gets to keep the baby. Carly hopes so. There is another hearing scheduled, and there's no telling what Gwen might have planned, but she promises that next time she’s going to be one step ahead. She’s going to dig up every little thing she can, all her dirty little secrets; she’s going to make sure she doesn’t have a leg to stand on. Emily doesn’t think she should do that. Carly wonders why. Emily just thinks she has so much already to worry about, and besides, Gwen seems to already be burying herself. But Carly says no, no, no, she can’t take a chance. She promised her sister she would keep the baby, whatever it takes. Emily still thinks the whole thing is wrong. "You may not like this girl," she says, "but she has some rights, and if she wants her baby back, she should have him."

Gwen challenges Will and wants to know if he’s asking if she is okay. She says she is fighting a losing battle trying to get her kid back. Casey is lying about being the father, and somebody set up the test results so that she looks like a big fat liar in court, so no, she isn’t okay--who would be? Will apologizes when Gwen says she really needs to be alone. She’s sorry that she blew up at him, too. He’s pretty much the only person in the whole world who cares about her. He asks her to call him and she agrees. As soon as he leaves, she sticks her head out the window to look for Paul, but he shows up at the front door. She’s suspicious as to why, if he wanted to help Will, he didn’t just tell him and not jump out the window. Paul tells her she’d have to have grown up in his family to understand, but she tells him, “You know what? Don’t give me that. You’re up to something. Maybe Carly’s not the only one trying to play me; maybe you are, too.”

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