ATWT Update Tuesday 8/30/05

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 8/30/05


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Boo

Proofread by Angie

Jen is in her hotel room, frantically talking on the phone about how desperately in need she is of the person who is coming over with her fix. Suddenly there is a knock. She hangs up the phone and opens the door, asking what took so long. Too bad it is Dusty instead of whomever she was hoping to see. A disheveled and tired Jen, who is obviously going through withdrawal, mumbles that she thought he was room service. She quickly turns around, awkwardly saying she needs to pack. She is very edgy, which is not lost on Dusty, but she blows off his questions. He tries to look at her bandaged hand, but she doesn’t want him to. He thinks her hand isn’t healing as it should, and he wants to take her to see Bob when they get home. She is too preoccupied with wanting her fix. He tries to find out what is going on, but she is having a hard time focusing and is very annoyed by him. Dusty wants to know what is going on and says she has been trying to get rid of him since he got there. Jen realizes how she must look and tries to slow down. She tells him she hadn’t slept well. He offers to bring her bag down to the lobby so they can get going, then. There is a knock, and when Jen opens the door there is a man there who tells her that Jasmine told him she was freaking out, and it was hard to get a hold of what she wanted. Dusty looks up upon hearing this. Jen is immediately freaked out, knowing Dusty is right there and has heard everything. She covers by hugging the man and whispering to him to shut up. She tells Dusty that his name is Marco, and he is someone she used to do shows with in Paris. He is there with clippings from back then.. Dusty looks at him suspiciously and then excuses himself quickly. Once he leaves, Jen quickly whirls around and demands the ‘stuff.’

At Paul’s, Emily is sitting in the living room, lost in another world. She is staring absently at the papers with the baby footprints on them. Paul doesn’t want to get into it again about Jen and her baby. He thinks they should remember how much better she had been doing when they last saw her. Paul wants her to put the papers away. Emily thinks he is still doing this to protect Jen, but Paul corrects her, telling her that he is doing it for them. He wants them to start living a life without thinking about other people’s issues. Paul quickly runs over to the other side of the room and returns with a big smile on his face, holding a paper bag. He wants Emily to look inside. She does, and she sees it is filled with all types of toys that Daniel likes. She asks him how he knew. He admits that he asked Tom what Daniel’s favorite toys were, and he went out and bought them so he would feel comfortable when he came to live with them. Emily thanks him for the gesture but reminds him that a bagful of toys is not going to solve their problems, and she is not sure anymore if anything will.

Gwen is pounding on Carly and Jack’s door, demanding they open up so she can see her baby. Will arrives and asks Gwen what she is doing. She tells him she has to see her baby, and that way she will know if Casey messed with the test. She is not going to leave until she knows for sure. Will points out to Gwen that there is no car in the driveway; therefore, he is pretty confident no one is home. Gwen smirks a little, aware of the fact she was carrying on and no one was even around. She jokes that that is why she keeps Will around. Will thinks it is a good thing nobody is home, the way Gwen is acting. Gwen is confident, as the baby’s mother, that she would know if he weren’t her baby. Will is not sure she is going about this the right way. Gwen bitterly wonders whose side he is on. She thinks if Casey is not the father, then she may not be this baby’s mother, and she has to know. Will suggests a maternity test, then, which at first Gwen jumps at. Then she considers that Carly probably wouldn’t help her. Will jokes that she probably would help her if she thought this would get Gwen off her back. Then Gwen adds that she would probably use this against her. She may try to convince people that she is trying to back out of her parental duties. Will suggests talking to Bob, then. Gwen shoots down that idea, saying that he is Casey’s grandfather, and he wouldn’t do anything to help her now. Will finally suggests Cass. Gwen is worried because he wants his fee now, and she doesn’t have the money. Will assures her he will get her the money. Gwen is bowled over by that. She cannot believe Will would do that for her. She stumbles over a thank you and tells him that she is not sure when she will be able to repay him. He tells her that she is his friend, and he is not worried about it. She is overwhelmed because nobody has ever done anything like that for her. He jokingly tells her to remember that when she is questioning whose side he is on. She tells him she has to go to work because she can’t afford to lose her job now, and Will leaves, promising to get her the money.

At the cottage, Henry is apologizing for Maddie using Katie’s address for school. He tells her it was decided very recently. Katie worries that they won’t be able to afford it, but Maddie tells her that she applied for a bunch of scholarships. Katie tells them that she is okay with her address being used. Mike has a surprise for Henry. He tells them they hired the best physical therapist to help him get better. Henry is taken aback, knowing there is nothing wrong with his back now. He tries to get out of it, but Mike tells him that it was his pleasure, and that he wants to see him up on his feet in no time. Katie asks Mike to help her with some boxes in the car so they can steal some alone time outside. Outside, they joke that Mike shouldn’t eat any food Maddie prepares for him. They laugh to themselves and enjoy their time together. Katie laments, though, that even if the PT works, it will be a while before he is up on his feet again. She wonders about school now for Maddie and how he will be able to afford it; he needs a job, and a place to stay, as well. Mike reminds her that she can’t nurse him out of guilt 24/7. Katie wonders sadly if they create these crises. If they didn’t have any, would they still be…. but Mike interrupts her with a kiss to stop her from thinking along those lines. Inside, Maddie wants to interrupt, but Henry stops her. He tells her that he will think of something if this ‘back problem’ blows up in his face. Maddie promises Henry that she will be polite as she goes by Mike and Katie, but she has to go to buy some books for school. When he asks why she is leaving with her computer, she claims that the connection is too slow at the cottage and she needs to do some stuff on it, so she is going to use it elsewhere.

Casey shows up at Al’s as Gwen is getting ready to go on her shift. He is furious about the test results. He angrily snaps to a hurt Gwen that no baby deserves her as a mom. He spits that he is going to make sure she never gets her baby back. Gwen replies just as angrily that he has no right to get involved with what goes on with her baby. "You played me," Casey bitterly tells her. He is sure she gets around, and no wonder she didn’t know whom the baby’s father was. Gwen stands there sadly as he insults her. He won’t forget the fact that she turned his girlfriend and best friend against him. Gwen reminds him that he did that all on his own. She also tells him that he was the only guy she ever slept with. He can deny the baby all he wants, but she knows the truth. She accuses him of screwing with the tests. After all, his grandfather works at the hospital. He yells back that she is deranged. He threatens that if she doesn’t get off his back he is going to tell everyone what a psycho she is. She promises him that he can do what he wants, but she will always have Will. Casey snarls at her, "Not for long."

Paul just wanted Daniel to feel welcome when he came to live with them. He was not trying to buy him. Emily understands what Paul is trying to do, but she is not the only one who has something to say about where Daniel stays; Tom has input on Daniel’s living situation, as well. Tom is not happy with her choices recently, she explains. What is he going to do, is he going to keep Daniel from his mother? What kind of person would do that? Paul wonders. Emily sarcastically replies, "Who would keep a baby from his mother?" The statement is not lost on Paul. However, there is a knock at the door and it is Will, who is in need of talking to Paul. When he notices Emily there, he is immediately annoyed and makes a sarcastic comment. Emily excuses herself, saying she knows that Will might need some alone time with Paul, and she has some things she needs to do anyway. After she leaves, Paul admonishes Will for his behavior towards Emily. He needs to talk to Paul, though, because he needs help. He relays what is going on with Gwen and the paternity test. He mentions how the results came back saying Casey is not the father, even though Gwen adamantly claimed he was the father. The judge now thinks Gwen is a liar. Paul is extremely worried when he hears this news. He asks if this went on in open court. Will goes on to tell him that Gwen is now wondering if this baby may not be her own, if Casey didn’t screw with the tests. Will wants to get to his trust money, but Barbara is not letting him near it after everything. Paul doesn’t know how to respond. Everything he had plotted is unraveling right before his eyes. He stares at the footprints out of the corner of his eye. Will wants Paul to help him with Barbara. Paul tries to slow things down and tells him he will get him money from his own account. Will doesn’t want to put him out, but he needs help quickly. Paul wants Will to let him take care of a few things. He wants Will to trust him, and to do nothing until he calls him. Will is unsure, but he agrees. After he leaves, Paul stares at the footprints, not knowing what to do. Emily comes back in and is concerned about whether everything is okay with Will. Paul tells her that everything he has done to protect Jen is now being blown out of the water.

Jen takes the drugs and gives the man his money. He tells her it is enough for the week, but she needs more. He tells her that he can’t afford to give her more, but when she flashes more money, he gives her another small packet. The man sneers as he reminds her that she used to turn up her nose at people like him. How ironic that now she is just like him, and coming to him for help. She bitterly remarks that her life has not exactly been a party. The man admits that Jasmine told him about her baby, but Jen doesn’t want to hear anything he has to say. She doesn’t want to kill her ‘buzz’ by talking about her baby. She tells him to leave. After he leaves, Dusty shows back up, which surprises Jen. He remarks on their short visit. Where are the clippings he brought her? Jen blows off the questions and is immediately hyperactive. As she is packing she is talking fast, and the topics are all over the place. Dusty is watching her odd behavior closely. She is the polar opposite of how she was when he left. She continues to babble about nothing as her energy level is increasing. Dusty grabs her shoulder and asks her to stop. Jen pulls away and shrugs him off, claiming she is this way because of the coffee. Dusty immediately responds that she hasn’t had any coffee. Jen starts to get annoyed, asking him how he knows what she has drunk. There is no sign of room service having been there. She suddenly is moody, paranoid and angry with him. What, is he having her watched? He admits that he watches her closely because he is concerned. Jen doesn’t want his concern. Dusty wants to know why she is acting like she needs something. She hurtfully responds it's nothing he wanted to give her. She slows down, realizing a bit how she is acting. Dusty assures her that he is the last person to judge her; what is wrong? Jen admits something is wrong.

Gwen reminds Casey that he lied to his parents about having sex with her.. In Casey’s mind, Gwen used everyone to get what she wanted. He would be happy to see her lose her baby and the only friend she ever had--Will. With that, Casey stomps off.

At Java, Will is meeting with Bob. He wants to know if there is a possibility that there could have been a baby switch. Bob explains the hospital security procedures with newborns and concludes that it would be nearly impossible in this day and age for someone to be able to do it. Will thinks out loud that that was what he thought anyway.

At the computer lab, Maddie is emailing Byron, the long-lost geek from high school who had a thing for Katie. She is writing to him under the guise of being Katie. She is hoping this may be what it takes to push Mike away from Katie, if he thinks she is seeing someone else.

The physical therapist is checking out Henry, who is working the pain angle, trying to convince everyone he is still very much in agony. However, he pretends to be very much interested in what the PT has to say. The PT then offers him more exercises to do to stretch as Katie and Mike look on. Henry further pretends to be interested in a follow-up appointment. Mike walks the PT out and inquires as to how long it may be before Henry is on his feet again. The PT answers that he can’t say, because he is not even sure Henry needs to recover from anything. Mike’s mouth opens a bit in surprise.

Emily and Paul are discussing what he is going to do after Will’s story of Gwen and the paternity test with Casey. Emily is sure that people will be able to put it together, unless... Who else would benefit from false paternity results? Emily needs to leave, and after she does, Paul thinks to himself. He seems to have figured out a plan as he thinks to himself about who really would benefit from screwing with a paternity test.

Mike isn’t sure what the PT is alluding to, but Katie saw Henry fall. The PT is sure that he may have been hurt to begin with, but his pains are not consistent with anything physical. Has anything else happened to him recently that may have caused his body to respond like this? Mike recalls the conversation he and Katie had with Henry about their relationship. Henry had pretended to have had handled it well, but now Mike is sure that was a cover. The PT leaves, and Mike walks back in to find Henry trying to reach for a cup, upset, claiming that he is helpless. Mike remarks to himself that Henry is really not. Just then, a deliveryman shows up with flowers for Katie. She immediately assumes they are from Mike. He denies sending them. She then looks at Henry, who admits that, although he is thankful for her having put him up, he couldn’t afford the bouquet. There is no card, and Katie wonders who sent them. Maddie is about to walk in and notices Katie with the flowers, and she smirks to herself that Byron came through.

After Jen thinks about it, she decides she can’t tell Dusty. Then Dusty suggests that maybe her medication isn’t right and that is why she is acting this way. Jen is immediately furious that Paul told him. Can’t she have any privacy? She furiously wonders if people want her sick so they can control her. She doesn’t need him as a babysitter. He needs to act like her boss. If he can’t handle her moods, because she will have ups and downs considering what she is going through, then maybe Dusty should back off, she stingingly responds. Dusty asks her if she would be better off with him away from her, and if so he'll leave her be. She cruelly responds, "Good, then," as Dusty is left standing there sadly.

Bob is adamant that Gwen’s baby did not get switched. Will wonders then if a staff member might have been involved. Bob asks if Will is implying he was involved. Will was not intentionally trying to offend Bob, he was just bouncing ideas off of him. Bob is concerned about Will. He thinks he is too closely involved. He should take a step back from Gwen. He is so busy taking care of Gwen that he is not looking after himself. Will leans back and thinks about what Bob has suggested.

Gwen is at work recalling her conversation with Casey, and she is so worried that she may lose Will in all of this. She hears someone tell her, “Let me help you," as she looks back at Paul tying her apron up for her. He smiles slyly as she looks back at him.

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