ATWT Update Friday 8/26/05

As the World Turns Update Friday 8/26/05


Written By Eva
Pictures by Boo

Proofread by Angie

In Chicago, Meg gets a call from the front desk letting her know Dusty has checked into the hotel. Meg informs the desk clerk not to tell Dusty she has arrived, because she wants to surprise him. Meg lies down on the bed, waiting for Dusty. Meg gets a surprise of her own when Dusty arrives accompanied by Jennifer. Jennifer and Meg say an awkward hello to each other, and Jennifer leaves to go to her room after apologizing to Meg for ruining her plans again.

At the clinic in Mexico, Lucinda has a panic attack and can’t breathe when she sees Keith and thinks he has come looking for her. Lucinda tells the doctor she wants to leave now because she can’t allow her family to know she is at the clinic. The doctor assures Lucinda that Keith is just an employee who brings them medical supplies, and her privacy will be protected because Keith won’t know she is at the clinic. The doctor leaves to prepare Lucinda’s first treatment. The doctor leaves some tea for Lucinda to drink to help her detoxify her body.

At Java, Tom and Margo try to distract Casey and keep his mind off the paternity test and the court hearing. Margo tells Casey she has tickets to a Cubs game for that night, but Casey doesn’t feel like going to the game. Margo tells Casey not to worry because the test will prove Gwen is lying about him being the father of her baby. Casey wishes that Gwen would stop lying because her lies have ruined his entire summer. Tom thinks they should have a family barbeque tonight and Casey agrees, although he really doesn’t feel like having a barbeque. Tom sends Margo to get the supplies so that he can speak to Casey alone.

At Al’s Diner, Jack tries to reason with Gwen and make her understand that they love Rory and he is part of their family now. Gwen reminds Jack that she didn’t choose them to be her baby’s parents; they only got him because of Rosanna’s accident. Gwen tells Jack she loves her baby and will be a good mother. Jack tells Gwen it takes more than love to raise a baby; it takes money and time. Gwen tells Jack that just because she is poor doesn’t mean she won’t be a good mother to her child. Gwen is determined to do anything it takes to get her child back and warns Jack that if Carly pushes her she will push back twice as hard. Jack fires back with his own warning to Gwen and tells her that if she comes after Carly personally, she will have to deal with him.

At Jack and Carly’s place, Iris asks Carly for $10,000 to keep her secret out of the court hearing. Carly is stunned and reminds Iris that she is a stay-at-home mom and Jack is a cop, and sometimes they have to struggle to make ends meet. Iris claps and tells Carly that was a good performance, but she knows about the trust fund Rosanna left to provide for Rory.

At the clinic in Mexico, Keith gets a call from the woman he is supposed to meet with to pick up the package he has to deliver. The woman apologizes for being late and says she will be there shortly. Keith gets the woman to agree to give him more money because he has had to wait so long and is running behind schedule.

In Chicago, Dusty tells Meg he doesn’t like surprises and he is very busy with work, and he won’t have time for her. Meg asks Dusty to go out and come back in again so they can do this the way she envisioned in her head.

At Al’s Diner, Jack asks Gwen to be fair and allow the courts to handle this, and not to turn this into an ugly custody battle. Gwen tells Jack she doesn’t want to hurt anybody, she just wants to get her son back. Margo arrives a few minutes after Jack leaves, looking for a chocolate cake to go. Margo starts to leave once she sees Gwen pop up from behind the counter. Gwen stops her because she wants to talk about the baby.

At Java, Casey is hurt that Tom doesn’t think he is telling the truth about not being the father of Gwen’s baby. Tom asks Casey if he is scared about what the test results will show. Casey admits to Tom that he is scared about what the test results will show. Tom explains that the tests will prove the truth; if he is the father the test will prove that 99.99 percent positively, and if he isn’t the father it will be 100 percent negative. Tom makes it clear that he won’t judge Casey for his mistakes and that he and Margo will love and support him. Tom asks Casey to be honest and tell him if there is any possibility he is the father of Gwen’s baby. Casey lies to Tom again and tells him he isn’t the father of Gwen’s baby.

In Chicago, Meg wants to have some wine before she goes back to Oakdale because it is a shame to waste good wine. Dusty refuses the wine because he needs to have a clear head for his meeting with Jennifer. Dusty asks Meg to get dressed and leave after he apologizes for ruining her plans. In her room, Jennifer gets high and turns on some music while she sketches some new designs.

At the clinic, Lucinda listens to the conversation between Keith and the woman from the clinic. Lucinda hears Keith ask the woman where the kidney is that he is supposed to deliver. The woman explains to Keith that they had trouble during the surgery, but the kidney should be harvested soon.

At Al’s Diner, Gwen thanks Margo for being so nice to her and explains that she understands Casey is scared, and that is why he isn’t telling the truth. Gwen tells Margo that Casey is the only man with whom she has slept. Margo refuses to believe Gwen’s story. Gwen tells Margo she and Casey got drunk at a friend’s Christmas party last year, and they slept together and then passed out. The next morning they both woke up with a hangover and decided not to mention their night together to anyone.

At Jack and Carly’s place, Iris makes it clear that if Carly gives her the money she will get to raise the baby, and everything will be fine. Jack walks in on the conversation and wonders what the two ladies were discussing. Jack is angry that Iris broke her promise to stay away from his family. Iris tells Jack that she decided to forgive Carly and let go of the past.

At Al’s Diner, Gwen can tell Margo believes her story because she can see it in her eyes. Gwen asks Margo to just accept the truth and tells her she doesn’t want any help from the Hughes family to raise her baby. Gwen also tells Margo she and Tom and can be a part of the baby’s life if they wish to be.

In Chicago, Jennifer runs around in a drug-induced burst of energy and tells herself she loves her sketch. Dusty tells Meg he isn’t worth the trouble, but Meg thinks he is worth the trouble. Dusty wants to set the record straight and tells Meg that he doesn’t know what direction his life is going in right now. Meg gives him a kiss and tells him to call her when he knows what direction he wants his life to go in. Meg asks Dusty if things would have been different if Jennifer hadn’t come with him to Chicago. Dusty doesn’t know what would have happened, because he still would have had to work. Meg takes his reply to mean maybe and leaves to go back to Oakdale.

At Jack and Carly’s place, Rory cries and Carly asks Jack to go upstairs and put him down for his nap. Iris tells Carly to find a way to get the money. Carly wonders how Iris knows she has agreed to give her the money. Iris tells Carly that if she'd decided not to give her the money she would have told Jack what they were discussing, but since she didn’t, it means she intends to give her the money. Jack comes downstairs, and Iris and Carly make a date to meet for coffee at Java before Iris leaves the house. Jack doesn’t believe Iris has forgiven Carly at all. Carly tells Jack that Iris is unstable and they should stay far away from her. Carly gets a call from her lawyer telling her that the judge wants to see them because the test results have arrived.

At Java, Tom gets a call telling him about the test results, and he and Casey head to the courthouse.

At Al’s Diner, Cass arrives to give Gwen the news about the results, and Gwen, Cass and Margo head to the courthouse.

At the clinic, the woman tells Keith he should take the kidney to El Paso, where someone will be waiting at the airport to pick it up. The woman gives Keith an envelope full of money and goes to get the kidney. Lucinda pops out from her hiding place and asks Keith if he is saving that money for a rainy day.

In Chicago, Dusty knocks on Jennifer’s door a few times because she doesn’t hear him, due to the music being turned up very loudly. Jennifer wonders why Dusty isn’t with Meg. Dusty tells her that Meg went back to Oakdale. Dusty asks Jennifer when she will be ready to go to dinner. Jennifer responds that it all depends on him and gives Dusty a kiss.

At the courthouse, Gwen, the Hughes family, Jack and Carly anxiously wait for the judge to read the results of the paternity tests.

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