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At the Walsh mansion, Sierra calls the spa that Lucinda said she was going to and gets more worried when she is informed that Lucinda hasn’t checked in yet. Holden arrives and Sierra shares her concerns about Lucinda with him. Sierra tells Holden she is afraid her mother is running away from the cancer instead of staying to fight it. Sierra explains to Holden that Lucinda wanted to stop her chemotherapy because she was losing her hair and having strong side effects. Sierra informs Holden that she and Lily thought they had talked her out of stopping her chemotherapy, but now she has gone to a spa--only nobody at the spa can find her.

In Mexico, Lucinda arrives at Clinica de la Vida (Clinic of Life) to consider treatment options. Lucinda tells the nurse her name is Mrs. Washington.

At Katie’s place, Henry stands up and gets ready to tell Katie and Mike he feels better, but then he looks at Maddie and grabs his back and yells in pain. Katie and Mike ease him back down on the couch and rush to the kitchen to get Henry an ice pack. Maddie is worried about Henry and thinks his relapse is all her fault. Henry tells Maddie to sit beside him and whispers "gotcha" to her. Maddie smiles because she thinks that Henry has decided to fight for Katie’s love. Henry makes it clear to Maddie that he is only faking until he can find a permanent place to live, so she can stay in Oakdale.

At Carly and Jack’s place, Carly, Parker and Rory arrive home from Parker’s dentist appointment. Parker shows Carly all the cool things the dentist gave him so he won’t get any more cavities. Parker is excited about his toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss and tongue scamper, and because he doesn’t have to go to school today. Carly sends Parker to the kitchen for some milk and one cookie while she puts Rory down for a nap. Gwen arrives and Carly takes the baby out of his carrier and holds him. Carly tells Gwen to leave because she has no right to be there. Gwen shows Carly a court order that allows her to visit the baby. Carly thinks the court order is a fake and again tells Gwen to leave, but Gwen tells Carly she isn’t leaving until she spends time with her baby. Carly makes it clear that a judge will never give her custody of Rory. Gwen informs Carly that her lawyer is on his way to make sure that she spends time with her son. Carly asks Gwen to wait outside until her lawyer arrives, if he is coming at all. Carly hears a crash in the kitchen and Parker calls her, so Carly rushes to the kitchen after putting the baby down in his carrier. Gwen takes advantage of Carly’s distraction and takes the baby out of his carrier, telling him she is his mommy and walking outside with him. The crash in the kitchen turns out to be the cookie jar, which Parker accidentally broke. Parker apologizes for breaking the cookie jar and Carly tells him it's okay, the important thing is he wasn’t hurt.. Carly sends Parker to play in the backyard. Carly panics and thinks that Gwen has kidnapped Rory when she notices they are both not inside the house.

At the clinic in Mexico, Dr. Hendrix gives Lucinda a thick folder to read through which details treatment options and includes client testimonials. Lucinda is surprised when the doctor leaves her alone to read the folder and tells her he will answer any questions when she has finished reading it.

At Carly and Jack’s place, Carly finds Gwen on the porch with the baby and escorts her back inside the house, demanding that Gwen give her the baby. Gwen gives Carly Rory and she puts him back inside his carrier. Carly accuses Gwen of kidnapping the baby, an accusation which Gwen thinks is silly because she is getting the baby back legally anyway. Carly again reminds Gwen that she will never get the baby back. Carly informs Gwen that Casey denied he was the father of the baby and has taken a paternity test, which will prove that she lied to the court. Carly doesn’t think the court will look kindly on someone who lied about the father of her baby. Gwen explains to Carly that of course Casey lied in front of his parents, because he didn’t want them to know the truth. Gwen is happy that Casey took the paternity test because it will prove he is the father of the baby. Carly again demands that Gwen leave the house but, once again, Gwen refuses to do so, and Carly grabs Gwen’s arm to take her to the door. Jack arrives and wonders what is going on, and Carly explains that she is going to throw Gwen out of the house and call the police because Gwen tried to take the baby. Gwen explains to Jack that she only took the baby outside to spend some time alone, without Carly’s judgmental looks towards her. Gwen gives Jack the court order for visitation with the baby. Jack reads it and, despite Carly telling him the order is fake, he tells her it looks real. Jack explains to Gwen that this court order is for supervised visits and she shouldn’t come alone. Jack looks at Gwen and can tell she knew the court order was for supervised visitation but decided to come alone anyway. Gwen tells Jack her lawyer is on his way, and she also tells Jack she showed the court order to Carly, but Carly didn’t believe her. Jack decides to call the courthouse to ease Carly’s doubts and make sure the order isn’t fake. Gwen tells Carly she has no right to treat her so badly because she has every right to see her child. Carly screams at Gwen that she gave up her parental rights and Rory is Rosanna’s child, and until Rosanna gets better Rory will stay with them. Cass arrives and wonders what Carly is doing to his client.

Outside Katie’s place, Katie decides to wait to tell Henry the truth because he has had a relapse. Mike doesn’t agree with Katie’s decision but goes along with it anyway. Mike and Katie walk back inside the house and Henry wants to put all the cards on the table. Henry guesses that Mike and Katie are back together, and they both respond at the same time that they are back together. Katie asks if Henry is okay, and he responds that she and Mike are meant to be together and that all he has ever wanted is her happiness. Katie gives Henry a hug before Mike takes her to work. Maddie is upset that Henry gave up on Katie so easily, since they love each other. Henry gives Maddie a hug and tells her sometimes we have to give up on certain dreams because they are too painful to hang on to.

At the Walsh mansion, Holden assures Sierra that Lucinda is okay, but Sierra worries that her mother has decided to stop her treatment and went away to die alone. Holden assures Sierra that Lucinda will return to continue her treatment and live a long enough life to boss around the next generation.

In Mexico, Lucinda thinks that these treatments are too good to be true and starts to wonder if her family wasn’t right about the conventional treatment. When the doctor asks if she has a supportive family, Lucinda tells the doctor her family is very supportive and loves her very much; they are the reason she wants to fight the cancer. Keith arrives at the clinic to pick up his usual delivery but is informed he will have to wait a while because the delivery isn’t ready yet.

At the Walsh mansion, Sierra gives Holden a hug and thanks him for listening to her. Sierra is sure she has no reason to worry because Meg would call if there were anything wrong. Holden offers to call Meg and check on Lucinda, but Sierra doesn’t want Lucinda to think they are checking on her. Holden admits to Sierra he is beginning to worry about Keith’s mysterious medical supply deliveries, since he is more involved with Luke now that Luke is taking flying lessons. Sierra wonders if Holden is concerned about Keith being involved with Luke, or Lily. Holden admits it is a little of both, if Keith is involved in something dangerous. Sierra thinks Holden is looking for trouble where there isn’t any trouble.

At the clinic, Lucinda asks the doctor if she can talk to some patients but is told that her privacy would be compromised if she talked to patients. Lucinda goes with the doctor on a tour of the clinic.

At Carly and Jack’s place, Carly again tells Gwen that she is a liar and the court would never give a baby to someone who lied in court. Carly is positive that if she digs a little she can find other things in Gwen’s past about which she has lied. Cass returns the threat to Carly, because he is sure he could also dig up some skeletons in her closet.

At the clinic, the doctor assures Lucinda that her privacy will be protected, so she decides to try one treatment to see if it works. Lucinda is tired and decides to rest.

At Al’s Diner, Mike gives Katie a cupcake with a candle to celebrate "Us Day." Katie feels badly that she hurt Henry again. Mike assures her it was best that he learn the truth. Katie wishes for Henry’s happiness and blows out the candle.

At Katie’s place, Henry shows Maddie Katie’s high school yearbook and Maddie notices a nerdy guy in a group picture who is staring at Katie. Henry and Maddie discover that the guy’s name is Byron Glass and he was a member of the math club. Henry goes upstairs to shower and Maddie hatches a plan to pretend to be Katie and contact Byron Glass. Maddie daydreams that Mike discovers the e-mails from Katie to Byron and from Byron to Katie and accuses Katie of having an affair and leaves her. Imaginary Katie is heartbroken, and Henry kisses her and makes her feel better. Maddie e-mails Byron Glass, pretending to be Katie, and sets her plan in motion.

At Jack and Carly’s place, Jack agrees to set up a time for Gwen to visit the baby, as long as Cass promises to stick to the terms of the court order. Cass and Gwen talk outside of the house after they have left Carly and Jack. Gwen wonders if it's true that it doesn’t matter who the baby’s father is. Cass assures her it's true, but as long as Casey is proven to be the father, the case is a slam-dunk. Carly doesn’t want to allow Gwen to see the baby, but Jack reminds her there are certain things they don’t want coming out in court. Jack thinks it's best to play nice with Gwen and not provoke her to dig for dirt on them. Jack promises he will supervise the visits and make sure Carly is never in the same room with Gwen, since Carly told him she loathes Gwen so much. Jack gives Carly a kiss and leaves to talk to Gwen. Carly tells Rory that he will stay with them and nobody will ever take him away. Iris arrives to ask Carly for more money, because she won’t get off cheap for killing her son.

At Al’s Diner, Mike is happy he and Katie will have a normal life again. Katie thinks Maddie will get off his case because Henry accepts their relationship now. Katie also reminds Mike Maddie will be going home soon. Mike and Katie kiss. Jack arrives to try and make peace with Gwen, but Gwen doesn’t trust him anymore. Gwen tells Jack that if Carly doesn’t stop treating her badly when she visits the baby she will tell Cass to dig up dirt on her and shove it down her throat.

At the Walsh mansion, Sierra tells Holden she wishes that he and Lily were still together. Sierra and Holden promise to call each other and talk if they start to freak out over the problems with Keith and Lucinda. Sierra gives Holden a hug before he leaves the house.

At the clinic, Lucinda sees Keith, but Keith doesn’t notice her because he has his back turned to her.

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