ATWT Update Wednesday 8/24/05

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 8/24/05


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Proofread by Angie

At Katie’s, Henry is sleeping (or pretending to) on the couch as Mike and Katie sneak downstairs. They peek at him, and Mike thanks her for letting him stay the night. She says it's okay; she couldn’t let him stay at his own place with all that water damage. Mike mentions that he could have stayed at a hotel, but Katie says everything is all right. Nobody heard them come in last night, and it was soooooooo wonderful spending the night in his arms. He looks like he wants to devour her again, but he says they'd better go get some breakfast. She says yes and adds that she feels like a teenager, sneaking around her own house. As the door quietly closes, Henry’s eyes pop open.

Emma is with Meg at the diner and asks about Dusty. Meg begins to tell her that she’s going on a business trip with him. Emma thinks that is fine until she finally gets the idea that Dusty doesn’t know about this yet. She shouldn’t just invite herself along. Meg says that, actually, it was Lucinda’s idea. Emma takes the menu out of Meg’s hands, looks her in the eyes, and warns Meg not to do this.

At BRO, Jen frantically searches through her purse for the vial of meth, until she remembers she stashed it quickly in the desk drawer. Now she must retrieve it before Emily or Paul finds it. Paul is on the phone and Emily opens the dreaded drawer to get a piece of paper for a note. Jen sees this and turns in a panic, only to run smack-dab into Dusty, who startles her. He notices her strange behavior. She manages to talk her way out of everything and barrels into the office, heading to the open drawer. She finds the vial and puts it quickly into the pocket of her jeans without anyone seeing it. They comment on Jen’s first day back, and Jen says it's good to feel better. Dusty asks Paul how she’s been, and Paul remarks that she’s like a new woman--the psychiatrist prescribed some anti-depressants and they seem to be working really well. Dusty says good and that he’s going to be out of town for a few days, and he asks Paul to make sure her mother doesn’t drive her crazy.

Maddie descends the stairs just as Henry wiggles his stiff back and gets up. She asks what he’s doing, and he tells her his back is better, he thinks it’s almost healed, and he’s ready to take it for a test drive. She admonishes him that he’s not ready to do that alone yet, and he remarks that yes he is, he is sooooooo ready. He takes a few practice steps in walking, but she tells him they need more time. He smells a dead fish. Maddie says she knows it’s taking a while for Katie to get her focus back on him and it bites that Mike is there, but they can work around that. Mike does have a job, and he’ll have to leave soon, and then Henry can make his play for Katie. He says the only move he's making is out. Katie and Mike are back together, and they need to leave there and get out of their way.

At Java, Katie orders two chocolate croissants and a sticky bun and cappuccinos to go. Mike chides her for overcompensating. Next thing he knows, she’ll be buying Henry a flat screen TV to watch the poker tournaments, or a pony. Katie nips him in the ribs and tells him that right now she’d settle for some rent money and a live-in nurse. The waitress hands her the shopping bag and tells her it’s $48 (geeze, I thought she only wanted to buy some rolls, not the entire diner!). Katie admits she is overcompensating and it has to stop. They both know that Henry knows; they just need to get it out in the open.

Meg knows Emma is not mad, just disappointed in her. Emma asks why shouldn’t she be; did she want to pretend she wasn’t throwing herself at Dusty? Meg doesn’t know why she bothers to tell her anything. Emma states it's because she is the only person who will tell her the truth. As SHE sees it, according to Meg. Exasperated, Emma says they don’t have to discuss this any more if she doesn’t wish to. Then she asks if she needs money for the trip. Meg thinks that IS talking about it. Emma wonders why she even invited her here, that’s all.. Meg tells her because she wanted to spend some time with her and asks if that is so hard to believe. That’s why she came back to town. Emma states she knows why she came back to town; it’s why she’s staying that is worrying her. Meg tells her it’s not all about Dusty. Emma wonders why else is she staying, then. Meg waxes poetic about the farm and some old rooster tea towels Emma was saving for her, for later; even if they were butt-ugly, they were treasures. Meg says everything in Emma’s life, and in her kitchen, has a story, while everything she owns is in a storage locker in Waco. It could stay there forever and nobody would miss it--not even her. She really wants things in her life to mean something, and the people. Mother Cub says that is exactly what she wants for her, too, and that is why she is so worried about this Dusty business. Meg is being desperate and throwing herself at him. She deserves better than that. Meg states that she has exactly what she wants with Dusty. Emma questions that. Meg says she understands Dusty, and for now they both want the same thing.

Jennifer tells Dusty she honestly feels better; is that acceptable? She gleefully shows him a bunch of sketches she did last night when she was on a roll. He is surprised because there is about two weeks' worth there.. He tells her to take the rest of the day off. When she yawns, he says at least go take a nap. She finally convinces him she’d like a regular old donut, and no designer latté, but a regular coffee. He says he’ll go for the run if she’ll stay and take a nap. She agrees.

Paul and Emily return home and discuss Jen not being the same woman who said she was listening to her dead baby a few days ago. Emily says she did a complete 180 and asks if anti-depressants work that fast. Paul pours them each a glass of water and says he guesses they prescribed the right ones, and Jen wants to get better, so that has to count for something. Emily makes mention of how Jen seemed driven, like she couldn’t stop talking or moving. Paul says obviously she’s still hurting, but there’s improvement, and if she’s this much better in such a short amount of time, just imagine how she’ll be in one week or two. He tells Emily she knows he’s right and that’s why she didn’t say anything about the baby. She warns him not to tell her what she saw, much less what she’s going to do. He says he doesn’t want to fight and makes a move toward her, but she walks away and says she’s going to get Daniel to take him to the movies tonight, and she needs to let Tom know what time she’s going to pick him up. Paul comments that Daniel’s been with Tom and Margo since he got back from camp; is he ever going to move in with them? Emily rationalizes that it’s a big adjustment and she wants him to get used to his routine first, and then they’ll talk about it. Paul says to give him his love.

At the diner, Dusty spots Meg and Emma and walks over to their table.. They comment on him being up and about early. He mentions an early job and a new schedule and says he was going on a coffee run for Jen, who had been designing all night. Emma asks about her, and Dusty says she's all cylinders this morning, and doing pretty well. They tell him to wish Jen well. As he walks off, he offhandedly tells Meg, "Nice dress." Emma comments too, agreeing that it is a nice dress. Meg can’t wait to gloat and tell her Dusty gave it to her and that it was one of the samples--first of its kind to hit the streets. Dusty walks back by with his coffee and says bye, and Meg follows him by turning her neck, then turns back to Emma to say, “See?". Emma says she does see something, she's just not sure it’s the same thing Meg sees.

Henry slowly walks from the kitchen, with Maddie close behind. He tells her he knows she doesn’t want to hear this, but it’s over. She refutes that and says she knows Katie still loves him, she could tell. But, he says, not as much as she loves Mike. She tells him he can’t give up; what’s he got to lose? He remarks perhaps a chance to win his best friend back, but not if he’s sitting around hoping for the impossible, or if she's arranging another bizarre gardening accident for Mike. He laughs and knows she’s teasing because anything else would cost bail money, which they don’t have. She says she knows they need her money now to rent a place, but he’s adamant: no, no, no, not her hard-earned donut money; he’d be fine in the limo. She asks what about her, and he says school is going to start soon. She seems disappointed that he wants her to leave. He says it’s not what he wants, but what has to be. He sips his orange juice as she says maybe it doesn’t have to be. She lays out this grand scheme to play the ponies and get them set for the year. Henry shouts for her to stop, stop, stop, he’s appalled. But she thinks he’s impressed and she begs, insisting he needs some fun. He says, “Maddie C., little sister of mine, you are still the light of my life. First break you get from school, you come back here, and I promise you we will have some fun.” She remarks that that means "go home now," so she’d better go pack. She jumps up and starts up the stairs, but he catches up with her and twirls her around and says he realizes she doesn’t want to go home.

Mike and Katie discuss their situation and why she’s dreading this, but things will be better when everyone knows and they get it out in the open. Katie tells him she knows he’s right. Mike even thinks Henry will be better; if he’s holding on to any thought that the two of them will get back together, he needs to know so he can move on. She wonders if Jennifer will be able to do that. He says yeah, from him, and he hopes from the baby and everything else; he hopes so.

When Dusty returns, Jennifer is all atwitter with a new sparkly dress on. He mentions the nap, but she says she got her second wind. She’s delighted with the coffee and the donut with sprinkles. She kisses him and tells him bless him; when she was modeling, it was only lettuce and fish. Then she changes subjects, saying the new line will be about this, she’ll show him, he’s going to love it. He seems more amazed at her new-found energy.

Paul brings out two orange juices and says breakfast is ready. Well, technically, it’s being ordered, but they didn’t have to wait. Emily walks out of the bedroom with bag in hand. Paul asks where she is going. She says she doesn’t know, she just has to get out of here. He says he thought they’d toast to new beginnings, and this isn’t exactly what he had in mind. She says she’s not walking out on them. Paul retorts of course not--only on him. She replies she's just leaving the situation. He says he knows it’s difficult for her, what they are doing to Jennifer right now. She stammers that she can’t go there right now. This is about her...her life...her little boy back from camp and school about to start. She doesn’t know where she fits in here, let alone her son. Paul says she is with him. She wants to know as what. As Emily, he states. She doesn’t think that’s good enough for a seven-year-old boy. She takes a drink from his hand and gulps it. He says he’s clear; he wants her HERE. She quickly looks at his eyes and asks if that is really what he wants, or does he just want to be sure she doesn’t walk out the door and tell his sister about the baby. He states she can always do that. He’ll always try to convince her, he’ll always fight with her, he’ll always argue with her and always put up with whatever she can dish out. She shrugs and asks why. He replies it's because she gives so much, and because she makes him want to learn to give back...and because he doesn’t want this to be about anyone else, just them. Emily contends that it always is about someone else. He says, “So we’ll change that. I don’t know what this is supposed to be, but, we’ll figure it out if you’re here. PLEASE....STAY!"

Hal is drinking coffee at the diner when Susan spots him and walks up and says she is glad she ran into him. He seems happy to see her; in fact, he tells her he was going to call her that morning, really. She seems relieved that he wasn’t ducking her. She says she knows he’s washed his hands of Emily and she would never try to get him to take her back, and she wouldn’t bother him at all, except that she is afraid for Emily. Hal asks what she means. She says, “This thing with Paul--it’s dangerous!” Hal asks what she knows for sure. She doesn’t know anything, she admits, it's just that she can feel it. She’s not always been great at protecting her daughters, but she can smell trouble, and she’s afraid that if she stays with Paul she could be in for a lot of trouble. Hal agrees.

Maddie tells Henry he shouldn’t have climbed the stairs. He tells her she shouldn’t have run off like that, and she agrees that she doesn’t want to be a drama queen (could have fooled me!). He tells her not to chew the furniture, then, and asks if she can tell him why she can’t go home. They sit back down on the couch. She tells him it’s the same; he remembers. Yeah, he replies, he thought once Deirdre got settled, then their mom would pay attention. Maddie reminds him that if she went back, their mom probably wouldn’t even have missed her. She hasn’t called one time to check up on her since she’s been there with Henry; it seems safe to say she’s not the light of her life. He cups her face, pulls her to him and kisses her on the forehead, and then envelopes her in his arms. She tells him that when he looks at her, he knows who she really is. He replies, “Maddie, you are the star of any room. If I had a roof I could put over our heads, you could stay here forever, I swear.” With the little wheels working in her head, she says there is a roof on this house....and if he would just stay injured a little longer, Katie would find her way back and the two of them could be together. “And you and I can stay here as long as we want.”

Katie seems ready at one moment to go tell Henry, then she changes her mind and decides that she can’t. She and Mike decide on a plan to go back and give it a try. If she gives him the signal, he’ll get lost.

Jennifer is all excited and commands Dusty to come take a photo, by the window’s light, of a new fabric she has entwined around her wrist. He’s not sure how to do it and doesn’t move fast enough, so she takes the camera and throws a backdrop on the floor and flops down to show him how. They end up almost like in the old school game, red foot blue, giggling and acting silly. There’s a knock on the open door and it’s Meg, who apologizes for interrupting. Dusty makes notice of this being twice in one day. Jennifer gets up and notices Meg’s dress and says "wow" about five times; she twirls Meg around and says she’s hot! "And that is great advertising; wear it at all times!" Her mouth is going a mile a minute that this is what they need for their campaign; they need a woman, not those fourteen-year-old zippers, but a woman with curves, just beautiful, gorgeous. Meg is smiling, pleased with herself in front of Dusty. Jennifer answers the phone. Dusty says Meg has a fan, and she coyly asks, "Does she?" He says if it’s okay with Jennifer, they’ll make all of their samples for her. Meg tells him no, he’s been more than generous. As a matter of fact, that’s why she’s there, to give him a little thank you. He opens the box with something silver inside. She tells him she thought he could use it with his traveling on the job. He tells her he will tonight as he’s going to Chicago. They make a little cute talk and then Jennifer comes back and she has to talk shop with Dusty, so Meg says she will leave them to do that. She tells Dusty to have a good trip. He says, “See you,” and, walking away out of sight, she says he will!

Henry tells Maddie that even if they stay there, she has school, remember? She tells him she had sent for her transcripts and applied to Oakdale Latin. Henry is aghast; Oakdale Latin is very hard to get into, and very expensive, too. She says she will use the money she’s saved, and she has applied for every scholarship they have. She’s been a straight-A student since the 5th grade, so she doesn’t think that will be a problem. He sighs and says he was hoping she was happy where she was; won’t she miss anybody? She asks, “Who? The popular girls hate me because I’m smart and don’t care about designers and clothes. The geeks hate me because I actually have some normal friends, and I don’t do the quasi-goth thing, and, well, the jocks, they just want to get into my pants.” He covers his ears and goes, "Whoa, whoa, whoa! La, la, la, la.." He asked, but don’t tell. He stammers that’s hard on his blood pressure, and as he said before, they don’t have bail money, so if he has to strangle some lust-crazed teenager, they’re in big trouble. She tells him not to worry, she just says no. He tells her good, just keep saying no. She offers that she is sure there are plenty of guys at Oakdale Latin that are mature young men who would never do anything crude to make either of them feel uncomfortable in any way. He chuckles and asks who she is and where she came from; seriously, how did the Coleman family produce someone as marvelous as she? She jokes that Deirdre said she was on his doorstep, so too bad; he is stuck with her.. He tells her he’ll do what he can. He’ll get some money together and get things set up, and she can come back. Rather disappointed, she says okay, she’ll go pack.

Susan and Hal sit in a booth and she tells him it’s like Emily is shutting herself off from everybody who loves her. Allison hasn’t heard from her, and Emily said she was going to move in with Susan, but she hasn’t, and now she’s taking days to return her calls. Hal asks if she knows of her plans for Danny now that he’s back from summer camp. Susan shrugs and says so far he’s just at Tom and Margo’s. Hal wonders if that’s because Emily doesn’t want to put him in the middle of something that’s not safe. Susan seems concerned; does he think Emily is not safe? He shakes his head and says he doesn’t know; he’s the jilted husband! At first he thought she was with Paul because she really had a thing for him, but the last time he’d seen her he thought something else was keeping her there; he felt the threat between them.

Paul gently touches Emily’s face and leans to kiss her. She succumbs for a moment, then pulls away, insisting that he’s not going to change her mind, not this time. He pulls back in shock and asks if she wants out. He opens the door and tells her to get out, then!

She tells him not to be that way. He retorts, "How do you want me to be?" He told her he wanted her there, he wanted them. He sighs, “I trusted you. I trusted you when I didn’t think there was any more trust in this world, and you made me think it was possible.” She comments that it is. But, he replies, not if she walks away. What can he do, what can he say to convince her? He says they are real, and they can be whatever it is she wants them to be. She says she wants them to be everything, and so does he. “Believe in us,” he pleads. She tells him she doesn’t want to walk away, so he says, ”Don’t.”

Mike and Katie return home. They kiss quickly before bracing themselves to go in and tell Henry. He tells them he wasn’t worried; he figured they were out together. Is that breakfast? he asks. He’s about to tell them he can stand and walk when he spots Maddie on the stairs, glaring at him. He fakes a bad pain, groans terribly and lowers himself to the couch in a prone position.

Meg is talking on the phone, putting a bottle of champagne aside and holding up a sexy black teddy. She tells the person on the other end that this is Worldwide Industries, and she’s an add-on for Dusty Donovan; she’ll probably be checking in first, so if he calls no one should say anything--it’s a surprise. All the while she's smiling like a Cheshire cat.

Dusty tells Jennifer he can’t believe how much she got done in one day. She comments on how much she loves to work and says maybe they can work on the color swatches tomorrow. But, he tells her, he’s going to Chicago. She rattles that her friend, Jasmine, just was in Chicago, and she says it’s a real big party town now. Dusty chuckles that it's not for him; he’s going to be with marketing guys all day. She invites herself along; she NEEDS to go to Chicago. Then she has to explain that she means just for a change of scenery, and she has some old modeling friends to catch up with. How about it? she asks.

Susan wants to hear more about this threat. Hal will only say that she tried to tell him something, but Paul showed up and she clammed up. But it was more the way she got quiet, like she was afraid. Susan asks if Emily could ever come back; she isn’t pushing, just asking. He tells her the divorce is on hold, by his choice, not Emily’s. Susan shakes her head and says for a bright girl, she’s not very smart. Hal says she finds her way, but it’s a problem when she thinks people are judging her. They can’t go at her head-on; both have learned that. He recommends that Susan just keep tabs on her and find out what she can. She asks him what he is going to do, and he says he’s going to poke around about Paul and see if anything shakes loose, and if it does, he’s going to take Paul Ryan down himself.

Paul returns to his apartment and puts two brown grocery bags down. Emily’s bag is still on the floor and she’s sitting on the couch. He joins her, puts his arms around her and pulls her to him. He tells her that he’s glad she stayed; they will make this work. She wants him to put his arms around her. He does, until he’s squeezing her tightly. He tells her they’ll just stay like this. Nothing ever has to change; they just won’t let it.

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