ATWT Update Tuesday 8/23/05

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 8/23/05


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Boo

Proofread by Angie

Lily goes to see Lucinda at home, but walks into an empty study. All she finds is the scarlet hat that she and Sierra bought for her the day before--in the trash. She takes it out and looks sadly at it as she recalls the conversation between her, Sierra and Lucinda, when Lucinda said she no longer wanted to do her chemo treatments. Lucinda walks in, talking on the phone about wanting to be ready to leave for the airport in less than an hour. She sees Lily standing there holding the hat and goes over to Lily, grabbing the hat out of her hands and claiming she had been looking for that as she puts it on her head. Lily stares her mother down as she tells her she knows that she is lying through her teeth.

Margo is standing in the kitchen and holding Casey’s baseball glove close to her face, almost trying to drink it in. Tom comes downstairs, wondering if they should get Casey up, but Margo suggests that since he had such a hard day yesterday they should let him sleep. Tom’s phone rings, and Margo looks concerned. Meanwhile, we see Casey on his phone outside, talking to someone and telling the person not to hang up and to please meet him in ten minutes. Inside, Tom has gotten off the phone and is telling Margo that was the lab tech for the DNA test, and he will be over to conduct the test. Margo immediately goes back into defensive mode over Casey. She reminds Tom he looked them right in the face and promised he was not the dad. Why was that not good enough? Tom replies straightforwardly that it's not enough because all of this has now ended up in the courts. What kind of message are we sending Casey? Margo wants to know. Tom again bluntly tells her to tell that to the judge. Margo is sure Gwen is lying, since she already named Will as the father. Tom thinks the way they are handling it is for the best, so it won’t play out in front of the whole town. There is a knock at the door, and they find Carly there. She hopes it isn’t too early and apologizes for making the call about Casey yesterday. Tom tells her that she did the right thing to keep them in the loop. Carly starts to go on about the fact that Tom and Margo are Rory’s grandparents when Margo interrupts her, pointedly saying that they are not, because Casey is not the father to Gwen’s baby. Carly is a bit surprised by this latest bit of news.

At Street Jeans, the music is on high and Jen is full of energy, running to and fro about the room and dressing a mannequin with her designs. Her friend, Jasmine, walks in and turns down the radio, jokingly saying she could hear it from the elevator. She is on her way to New York and wanted to stop by and see how Jen is doing. Jen is full of energy when she responds that she is doing great. She is so happy, and she just needed a jolt to be free again to go on with her life. Jasmine thinks her designs look great as Jen flies around the room, but clearly she looks worried about her behavior.

Paul comes out of the bedroom and notices Emily already up and at the window. She tells him she couldn’t sleep, and they immediately get into a conversation about Jen. Paul thanks Emily for supporting him and his decision to not tell Jen. Emily responds that while she understands that Paul loves his sister and wants to protect her, no matter how she looks at this scenario, they are keeping the truth from her, and it is plain wrong. It is her child, and she has a right to know. Emily tells a frustrated Paul that she thought she could do this, but she can’t, and she is going to tell Jen the truth today!

Lucinda admits that she threw away the hat, but Lily is more concerned with what that means. She thinks that Lucinda was lying to them and is really going to stop her chemo. She feels that yesterday when Lucinda told Sierra and her she would not stop treatment, it was just to appease them. She wonders if Lucinda did some research on the Internet and thinks she has found a miracle cure, and now she is off and running. She demands to know where Lucinda is going. Lucinda recalls the conversation she had with her masseuse about the Clinic of Life in Mexico. Lily threatens Lucinda when she doesn’t get a response. Does she have to call Bob? Lucinda is livid. She will not be treated as a child, nor will she be forced into doing something she doesn’t want to do. She settles down after this outburst and tells Lily that she is taking her advice and going to a fancy spa. She needs to pull herself together. She will then come back and restart her chemo treatments. She just needs to get away from her life, an exasperated Lucinda tells Lily, who is now clearly more sympathetic. Lily offers to go, but Lucinda quickly shoots down that idea, reminding her that she had promised to take her kids to an amusement park. Lily suggests Sierra then, but Lucinda wants Sierra there to handle Worldwide. She then tells Lily that she is taking Meg so she will get off her back. Lily is not amused, but Lucinda reminds her she is her nurse, and that is what she is paid to do. Meg walks into the middle of the conversation and is surprised to find out she is accompanying Lucinda to a spa, supposedly.. She plays along. Lily gets a phone call and is sidetracked talking to Keith. He wants to meet up with her because he has something for her, and he wants to see her because he has to leave for work again that night. She arranges to meet him in a little while at Al’s. Lily continues to be suspicious but leaves, promising to be back before she leaves for the airport. After Lily leaves, Meg whirls around toward Lucinda and asks why she is a cover for Lucinda to lie to Lily. She demands straight answers, because she won’t let Lucinda lie to her like she is doing with Lily..

Paul is adamant that Craig won’t stop harassing and coming after Jen until she is also in the hospital. Emily is empathetic to Paul because of what happened with Rosanna, but his sister is dying inside, and that is the bottom line. Paul thinks that if they give the medicines a week to work she will be okay. Emily doesn’t care. She feels that deep down Jen knows her baby is alive--and she is right. "You are robbing her of the joy of being with her son," she explains. "She lives for nothing anymore. She used to find passion in her work, and now she can’t even find that. Losing her baby has extinguished her life. The only way to save Jen is to tell her." Emily wants to know if Paul can live with himself if he destroys his sister. Finally, Paul gives in, but he tells Emily he wants to be there when she tells her. He has a right because he did this to her. Emily wants to know why, because he is not really to blame for this secret. She can explain to Jen that Craig was the reason that he did it. Paul wonders if Emily really thinks that he might double-cross her and that is why she wants to get to her first. No, Emily replies in a concerned tone. So they decide to go tell Jen together.

Jasmine is surprised that Jen ended up trying the meth, because she seemed so opposed to it at first. Jen thinks that the more chemicals there are in her helping her to feel better, then the faster she will be able to get through this. Jasmine needs to caution Jen that there is a downside to this. It wears off, and then you feel like yourself again. Jen is too busy buzzing around to even contemplate her words. The feeling of conquering the world will fade, Jasmine assures her. Jen is sure this is helping her; look at the new line she is designing. Jasmine reminds her that the line is her work, not the meth. She has only given her enough for the day. Jen snaps at Jasmine because she is on such a high, and she doesn’t want to be brought down. Jasmine thinks she should leave for the airport, but Jen apologizes. Jasmine feels guilty, though, because she offered it to Jen. However, it was only meant as a brief break from reality. It is not an answer for her problems; she needs her shrink for that. Jen shoots back that she thought she was talking to a friend. Jasmine doesn’t want her to pull that because she has always been her friend. She is trying to tell her the truth. Jen wants her to be a friend and give her just enough for the day. Jasmine doesn’t know what to do.

Carly doesn’t understand; in court Gwen named Casey as the baby’s father. Margo replies that she lied. Tom tells Carly they ordered a paternity test to determine the truth once and for all. They just need a swab from Rory’s mouth. Carly agrees and tells them she will get the nurse/nanny to bring him by. Carly is angered that Gwen would be putting them through this. She is acting so irresponsible, Carly says; she would probably leave the baby at home alone to go to the mall if she were to get custody. Carly feels so protective of Rosanna’s boy. Tom and Margo ask about Rosanna, and Carly tells them she is holding her own. She will wake up and come back to her son and her; Carly is confident. They will straighten this mess up as soon as Casey gets back, Carly assures them. Tom and Margo look at one another and then tell Carly that he is not out, but upstairs. Carly looks back at them nervously as she tells them that she saw him leaving as she was arriving. Tom and Margo are visibly upset by this news.

Casey is tearing apart a napkin when Will arrives at Java to meet him. He jokes that people are sent away for acting like that, and Casey responds that away is where he feels he should be these days. Will tells him that Gwen told him about her telling his parents. How did they take it? Will inquires. Pretty badly, Casey admits; as bad as Will's mother did, no doubt. Will corrects him that nobody could react the way his mother does. Casey figures that is why Will might be inclined to help him, because he has already told his mother once about being a dad. Will straightforwardly says, "I am not the father, though." There is money in a trust fund for the kid so he would be set up, so why not, Casey asks. He never slept with Gwen, that is why not. Casey pleads. He just has to show up in court and say he is the father. Gwen gets her baby back, and he can step up like he did before, and everyone is happy. Will is in disbelief.

Margo is sure that Casey just went for a ride to clear his head. Tom is going to owe her the biggest steak when they prove that Casey was telling the truth. Tom doesn’t want to be right about this. He has to remind Casey to change the oil in his car; he is not ready to raise a baby. Carly gets off the phone and comes back over. She feels that it wouldn’t be good for Gwen to be lying to a judge. She doesn’t want them to worry. The DNA tech shows up and Tom explains that there has been a slight delay but to go ahead and set up over on the kitchen table. He whispers to Margo that their kid had better show up soon, as Margo’s face shows more concern.

Will is angry now. "You got Gwen pregnant," he tells Casey, "this is your responsibility." Casey shoots back that he didn’t know she was pregnant, didn’t know she was having trouble and didn’t know she was giving it up. He was never a part of the equation, and he doesn’t feel it is his fault. Will is not going to lie under oath for him. Casey begs. He has never lied to his mom. He plays on Will’s guilt as his best friend and family member. Will isn’t falling for it, though.

Jen is desperate to get more meth. Jasmine only has a little more left. She cautions that Jen is not supposed to be using this regularly. Jen claims she understands, she simply wants the energy and joy back that she felt after she took it. She has lost so much, including her husband and son. She changes gears quickly, claiming maybe she could just pace herself. Her mind is racing and all over the map. Jasmine gives her the vial containing what she has left and leaves, after a friendly farewell and a caution to take care. Jen steadies herself as she goes to sit down and decides to take just a little meth from her stash, but as she is about to, she hears Paul’s voice in the hallway. She panics as she is sitting there holding the vial. She quickly hides it in her drawer. Paul asks how she is doing as she whips around and tells him that she is great. Emily tells her they stopped by to talk about the baby. Jen tries to divert the topic by saying she is busy with her new line. Her energy level is back up to hyperactive levels as she prattles on about her new line. Paul and Emily can’t help but notice how she is acting. Emily interrupts, mentioning they were worried, especially after the other day when Jen thought she heard her baby. Jen thanks them for being so good through that. She figured out that she had been running on empty; she hadn’t slept in days. She feels more at peace now. She explains how she woke up this morning and felt as if a weight had been lifted from her. Emily is skeptical that, just like that, Jen is over it. Jen suggests that it might be hormones or the medicine finally working. They had told her that would happen, as if the fog would lift. Emily is curious as to why she is acting like it was meant to be with her son. Jen explains that she is not happy about losing her baby, obviously, but she wonders if it wasn’t meant to be better for her baby and her. When she had slept with Craig, it had been the biggest mistake she had ever made. Emily is not sure what to think.

Will starts to leave and apologizes for not being able to lie for him. Casey lashes out. He is not really sorry. He spits that Will is just glad he is not the father. Will tells Casey if he needs to talk, then he could call him, but Casey angrily tells him that if he needed to talk, he would not be calling him.

Lucinda hands Meg a fistful of cash, claiming she is paying her as her nurse, but really it is a bribe to stay mum about Lucinda leaving town on her own. She thinks she should take the money and go to Chicago and meet up with Dusty where she sent him. Meg doesn’t think it is a good idea. Then Lucinda tells her to go anywhere, say Vegas, just leave town, but leave her cell phone on. Meg wants to know why Lucinda is trying to change the subject. She wants to know why she is lying about where she is going to everyone. Lucinda doesn’t feel Meg needs to know; she should just do as she says.

Keith meets Lily at Al’s and proudly hands her another installment of his loan. Lily looks at the money and comments that it is a lot of money to be paid for one flight. What does he exactly do again? Keith laughs and tells her that she reminds him of Holden. Holden doesn’t think Keith is good enough for his family and was inquiring as to what his job is, as well. Lily apologizes for him butting in; he had no right. Lily half-jokingly says she would not be surprised if Keith hopped on a plane and never came back, with all he has to deal with. Keith laughs as he says there are two reasons, J.J. and the pretty girl, as he leans in to kiss her. Lily then surprises Keith by offering to go with him on this job. He is at a loss.

Tom continues to try to reach Casey by cell and, to his dismay, he is unable. The nurse/nanny shows up with the baby, and Carly offers to have the baby go first, since Casey is not back yet. As Carly coddles the baby, Tom and Margo watch from across the room, unable to look away from the baby. Margo comments about how beautiful the baby is, which Tom readily agrees with. Just then, Casey walks in and Tom demands to know where he has been. Casey snaps that there was something he needed to take care of. Tom wants to know why he wasn’t answering his cell phone; the reason they got the cell phone for him was to make sure he would be reachable. Casey blows him off, telling him that he is here now. When he hears a baby cry, Casey turns his attention to Rory. He can’t take his eyes off of him. He walks up to Carly and asks to see him. He comments about how little he is as he continues to gaze at the baby. Tom walks up behind Casey and asks him if they still need to do the test. Casey pauses for a moment, but then Margo comes up behind him and tells him that he doesn’t need to worry, because once he takes the test and gets the results they can put this behind them. Casey looks torn up.

Keith regroups and asks Lily if she isn’t supposed to be hanging out with her mom. Lily tells Keith how she is going to a spa with Meg, not trying to hide her disapproval. Keith tries to appease her by saying that once he gets back to town he will treat her to her own spa treatment. Lily gets aggravated and goes to leave, but Keith stops her. Lily remarks that every time they seem to get close he has to leave. Keith explains the only reason he is leaving is for work, and he always comes right back. He mentions how when he is around she always has a lot going on with her mom and kids, and he is just hanging around. She should use the time when he is gone to do what she needs to, so when he gets back they can spend all the time together they can. Lily feels better and tells him she has to go see her mom off. Keith sends her off, telling her he will miss her and giving her a passionate but gentle kiss. After she leaves, Lily looks back at Keith, and his face shows strong emotion that seems to be part guilt and part pain.

Jen tries to justify her words. If her baby had lived, Craig never would have left her and him alone. She saw what James did to Paul, and she does not want that for her child. He is at peace now. Craig is so over the top about his kids; it would have been terrible for her son. Bryant was a prefect example. When Craig needed money, Bryant was guilted into emptying his account for him. When Craig needed some cheering up, Bryant would put his plans on hold. Bryant felt responsible for his dad, when it should be the other way around. No wonder he drove into a tree, Jen laments. She doesn’t even want to get into Lucy, whom he handled far worse. Paul seems to be looking relieved at Jen’s turnaround. He mentions that he forgot how close she and Bryant were as he hugs her. Jen’s rattling on about so much seems to disturb Emily.

Lily is looking at the front of Lucinda’s plane tickets when Lucinda comes back into the room. She asks why she is flying commercial when she has a jet. Lucinda claims it is being serviced, but Lily shoots back that it wasn’t a week ago. Lucinda assures her that it is now. Lucinda doesn’t want Lily to be like this. Lily asks how she is supposed to act when she is worried about her mother's cancer and chemo. Lucinda grabs Lily’s shoulders and promises her she will not die. She just needs a little time by herself, and then she will be back, good as new and ready to take on her treatments. She jokes to lighten the mood that she will do whatever Lily wants--including playing canasta with her. Lily laughs but then immediately pouts about her being gone at the same time as Keith. Instead of taking a pot shot at him, though, Lucinda simply says he is the luckiest man in the world. Lucinda further jokes that she has a new book to read on the plane about how everything that is bad for you is now considered good. Lily jokes back that Lucinda may realize now why she likes Keith; it gets them both giggling.

Paul thinks they should celebrate Jen’s new-found feelings. Jen agrees and quickly excuses herself to go get freshened up (supposedly). Emily wonders if they are not putting the cart before the horse; Jen has only been feeling like this for one day. Paul is sure the medicine is doing its trick. Emily thinks Paul is just happy because he doesn’t have to admit to what he has done. The phone rings and Paul goes to answer it. He explains that Jen is busy, and he will have to take a message. Meanwhile, in the back room, Jen realizes the vial is not in her purse, but in the desk drawer. She is frantic about how she is going to get to it without them seeing. She looks back through the window at Emily, who is rummaging around the desk for a pen for Paul to take a message. She looks on in horror as Emily starts to reach for the drawer the vial is in.

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